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  • at0474
    03-21 11:37 AM
    I just wanted update this thread with my experience. Could be helpful to people like me who searched many forums frantically. I have 10th year h1b extension valid upto 2010. Instead of going for stamping at US consulate in India, I decided to use advance parole. Most troubling thing about my history was that I had one dwi (Driving While Intoxicated with Alcohol) offense. It is not a deportable offense. However, I was concerned that it would show up at port of entry and they could ask me to go back for consulate processing. I kept all my case related court documents handy. This is very important for anyone travelling with dwi or other serious charges against them.

    Officer directed me to the secondary inspection. Another officer there entered my information into the computer and after making gazillion keystrokes, he stamped my advance parole document/I-94 with 1 year validity. I got up from the chair when he called my name, walked upto his counter and took my documents from him. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO BIOMETRICS.

    Hope this helps others.

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  • EB-VoiceImmigration
    07-29 06:16 PM
    free psychiatric counselor section

    Good one..

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  • gaz
    08-26 04:22 PM
    i do wonder if the poll results from earlier polls if used to compare with the current one would help get an idea of the trend - kind of overlaying the snapshots in different points in time and then determining what the situation was and what is and then extrapolating based on data that is already known/ published by uscis applied to the trend. question is if we have the poll data from earlier polls?

    I have also been wondering how to extrapolate this to total numbers. Its probably a good reprsentation of spread. (ie. 1% is 2003 and earlier, 20% are in 2004). but actual numbers???
    if you choose to multiply 2004 by 10, we should also multiply the total votes (300) and assume that wehave only 3000 pending485 applications... that does not seem right. More like x75 or x100 based on whatever we have been hearing...

    Note that in some cases this is just one person who responded to the poll in a family of 2 or 3. Their PDs are the same (most probably) but the count of cases would need to be adjusted.

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  • cnachu2
    02-23 01:29 PM
    The way i see it, they've asked for past emp letter with tax forms and some w2s.

    None of those would indicate that you were on the bench.

    The emp letter should basically just indicate your dates for employment - start/end date, designation, duties and perhaps salary. that's all.

    Yes, they asked just employment letters, W2's and tax returns. Thank you.


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  • mpadapa
    10-12 11:02 AM

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  • bobzibub
    05-21 03:29 PM
    Interesting ritual one has to follow :)

    1. Copy the link on your clip-board (highlight and Ctrl+C). E.g., the following is the link for TSC


    2. Close *all* your browser windows. Perhaps you might want to open the task manager and kill the "process tree". But simply closing *all* the browser windows was sufficient in my system.

    3. Open your browser. Paste the link (Ctrl+v) on the browser and voila!

    They could be using some distributed web caching like akamai.



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  • manusingh
    06-21 05:44 PM
    Actually, I dont know how to tackle your issue but I went ahead and certified my 131 efile without putting MI as I dont have it. I am waiting for my receipt now. I think, its an USCIS application issue.

    I have heard that USCIS is going to bring a law. Which states that if you have used AP you have to use your EAD. Or After using if you extend your H-1B than you have to go for a visa stamping. I am confuse how true is this rumor is?
    any comments

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  • funny
    09-22 04:03 PM
    All the Calling Threads need to be on Top today..


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  • mikesin
    04-07 08:26 PM
    Till 2007 that was how it was being interpretted and then suddenly DOS realised it should be by category and not by country of chargebility.
    The earlier Eb1 ROW>Eb2 ROW>Eb3 ROW spillover is called vertical spillover
    The current since 2008 spillover Eb1>Eb2>Eb3 regardless of country is called horizontal spillover.

    However see in Horizontal spill over Eb2 India backlog takes of the numbers (14k in 2008)
    In vertical spill over Eb3 India backlog takes the numbers(17k in 2007)
    So either method wont help Eb3 ROW. Its a double whammy.

    Thanks for the clarification. So under the horizontal spill over, how would they determine which category would get the visas first - EB1=>EB2=>EB3 : I or C or ROW?

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  • survivor007007
    09-09 09:55 AM
    Did you get copy of approval notice for I-140? I mean I-797 approval notice for I-140.

    I got only I-140 application copy with labor and not the approval notice with the help of FOIA.

    You're welcome.

    Yep. Got copies of labor, I-140 forms and approvals via FOIA. :)


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  • Madhuri
    06-13 04:44 PM
    I am posting mine. I think we need to craete an action alert for this.
    NOTE: Go there, log in with your hotmail or msn account. Go to bottom and Edit Settings. You can give a display name. I choose 'newMFpilgrim'. Your email is not displayed. Go there now and participate.
    This is what I posted over there are at:
    MSNBC message boards>Code of Conduct>Gut Check America>Employment Based (EB) Skilled Immigration Applicants board: (http://boards.msn.com/MSNBCboards/thread.aspx?boardid=1042&threadid=314286)

    Since the beginning of this century, USA has been a leader in innovation, technology and products & services. In contrast, there is total inefficiency and red tape in government departments dealing with immigration (is it because '?them').
    The immigration issues revolve around the DOL, UCCIS and DOS etc. They should grow and mature, showing efficiency and productivity. For that a new mindset is needed fortified with human resources and budget appropriations. My labor clearance was stuck in SWAs and backlog centers for 3 years. I talked to the SWA officer in charge in my state of CO. He said, this is federal work and there is no money appropriated.
    Here is the showcase of how the USCIS works on legal ALIENS(from reliable Ombudsman report):
    FBI Namecheck status (pg. 37 of the report)
    As of May 2007, USCIS reported a staggering 329,160 FBI name check cases pending, with approximately 64 percent (211,341) of those cases pending more than 90 days and approximately 32 percent (106,738) pending more than one year. While the percentages of long-pending cases compared to last year are similar, the absolute numbers have increased. There are now 93,358 more cases pending the name check than last year. Perhaps most disturbing, there are 31,144 FBI name check cases pending more than 33 months as compared to 21,570 last year � over a 44 percent increase in the number of cases pending more than 33 months.
    It is easy to see how border fence, employment verification, Border Control, DOL, FBI, USCIS will TOTALLY fail when you bring in 12 to 20 mil. I see no hope, eihter for anybody. No wonder, many are shouting at the top of their voices voicing strong objection.
    USCIS Ombudsman Annual Report 2007 (http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/CISOMB_Annual%20Report_2007.pdf)

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  • jkays94
    04-26 01:42 PM
    BTW, I want to use this opportunity to thank IV members virtual55, jkays94, and cpolisetti for setting this whole ball in motion.

    You're most welcome, a big thank you to the core team for having followed up and for doing what was necessary to turn this into reality. I have shared the article with some of my colleagues, and they all agree that the article hit the nail on the head in as many words in regards to the problems that we all undergo as GC and LC applicants, problems that the public at large does not know about and would not otherwise not have knowledge about were it not for IV. Lets keep up the team spirit, the momentum and steer IV to even greater heights! We can do it and we certainly will.


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  • Sri_1975
    03-18 11:55 AM
    You people have no right to judge anyone. If you can offer some help respond else dont bother to respond.

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  • bluekayal
    12-07 05:26 PM
    So EAD is screwed for lots of people, in our case its the E-filed AP. Filed on July 12 and booked tickets to India on Dec 26th and no sign of AP. Looks like we'll have to postpone or cancel the ticket. Thanks to friendly IO in TSC we heard that the photos (sent later thru snail mail) were not attached to the applications...So on the IO's suggestion we sent off a 2nd batch of pics...

    Well, I've got all my fingers crossed...but I kind a know there may not be sights of lush green fields and beautiful kayals--aka backwaters in my immediate future...urgh..


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  • Leo07
    09-23 08:02 PM
    We Can Blame All We Want After We Are Sure That We Have Done Everything We Possible Could....


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  • champu
    03-12 02:39 AM
    All EB3 and EB2 dates will be current next month for all of you except Mexico. Mexico will be current after drug cartel - law & order situation will be stablized. Stimulus Bill also has performance enhancing drugs for USCIS.

    My bottle is empty now. Good Night Good Luck...


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  • mundada
    05-29 12:31 PM
    This whole spelling bee thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. By any standards, it is pure and simple torture to subject the kids to memorizing thousands of words and their stupid spellings. And what use is that? Have they never heard of something called SPELL-CHECK in Microsoft Word and other email services ?

    Or are they afraid that their kid will go to a job interview and someone might ask them to spell the word that no one on the planet ever uses and is only present in the Oxford Dictionary.

    Those who subject their kids to such a regimented, rigorous, scripted childhood are preparing a next generation of work-force that would only know how to follow the orders and accept directions.

    85 % of the fortune 500 CEOs are not MBAs. And the other 15% that have an MBA, only 3 of the 15 have done MBA from an IVY LEAGUE school.

    What that tells you is that too much education and scholarly childhood increases your job security, in that sense that you will never be unemployed, but it decreases the chances that you will be on the top or you will be a billionaire.

    The biggest prize goes NOT TO people who can follow directions and know everything, but who can GIVE directions and get things done.
    It's like saying if I owned only one company's stock then I could be the richest person in world. Why do people diversify among stocks and then bonds? The moment you diversify you lose your chance to become the richest person in world.

    A higher education betters your risk assessment. Your statistics may be correct but what your numbers don't say is the opposite side of coin? What is the percentage of people who don't have high school degree and earn less than $100,000 at the age of 35? Now what is that percentage for MBAs? What is the percentage of people who don't have at least a bachelors degree and are better than Project Manager by age of 35? Now what is that percentage for those who have at least a bachelors? The reason Sachin Tendulkar cannot hit fastest century but can score many centuries is because he is properly trained. He can assess risk better than Shahid Afridi can. Even though Shahid Afridi once had fastest century he was nowhere close to Sachin. Finally, a look at GM and Ford history from 1920 to 1940reveals the reason behind a need for a better risk assessment.

    I don't see why everyone should strive to be the richest person or C-person in the world. Everyone has different value system. Some may like 9 to 5 job because they can enjoy other things in life... like lying down on beach, watching your child take first few steps, etc. Some moments never return in one's life.

    I work with different Managing Directors, they earn a decent $250+ salaries but none of them even want to become CEO or for that matter any C-titled manager. I know one MD, in early 50s, who passed the C job because he wanted to go fishing with his 4 sons at his vacation home in New England... At that time he told me, "Once these bastards leave me I guess I will cherish spending time with them fishing at my vacation home more than counting big dollars in my bank account".

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-09 05:15 PM
    i tend agree with you, most of our forum topics start sensibly and then meander on...

    The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve.

    Alot of times the comments in this forum are completely irrelevant and very insulting to the Americans. And here, we are asking them to please change your laws so we could live happily in their county. And if they say no, that's their right.

    I am as frustrated as anyone here and I know people from other countries including Australia, Philippines, UK and China who have been waiting for years as well.

    If we could please make our comments "not country-centric", I am sure more people will join this forum.

    I know several people are not participating in this forum anymore because they are turned off by these country-centric comments.

    It hurts, but that's the truth.

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  • praveenat11
    10-24 01:27 PM
    hi guys,
    The PD current for EB1 in the month of Oct.
    I have filed my I-140,I-485 on Oct10 2007 in the category of EB1.
    But until now i did not receive any confirmation notice..
    Can anyone say what should i do now or have to wait for some more weeks?

    Thanks in advance...

    10-13 11:21 AM
    It was a great meeting. I was blown over by the enthusiasm of the folks. It was intended to be a casual get together, but beyond a point it became more serious:D We did have action items and we will communicate it through emails, we cannot post such things on public forum. We are working on the next event planning once we finalize the place and time we will get in touch with U.

    Yeah there were few glitches we can rectify it in future.

    laborchic, thanks for taking the lead and organizing this event. U'r IV handle certainly helped to pull some additional members to the meet:D:D

    The party was mostly good. I only regret that sometimes, I could not hear what people on the other side of the table were talking about. The room was too dark and not quiet enough. It might have been better if we had a round table.

    The most important thing is that we need to come up with an action plan after the meeting. We were not just having fun. We had some serious discussions on various issues.

    08-15 09:28 AM
    Are there any implications of leaving my employer now who sponsored me for GC? I got my GC on the first week of July. I plan to leave on the 1st week of September. Thank you very much.

    Addendum: I applied for AOS for my spouse this July. Will there be a problem with her AOS?

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