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  • boreal
    03-23 03:22 PM
    You most probably have half the education that I have, your salary is most likely half that of mine, and your moral standard is probably half that of mine. If I start ridiculing you more, you will suffer sleepless nights. So I won't do it (after this post, I mean).

    You don't post bullshit in a public forum, just because you can't see the people you are talking to, infront of you. Would you dare call the original poster 'thief' if he is standing infront of you? Would you call him that, if he is a friend of your roommate and your roommate brings him over to your house? The internet must be a new technology for you. Please learn how to use it to spread some love.

    Isnt the goal of Education to make a person a better person, morally and otherwise? Is this what your education got you to? All of your Education (I am assuming you have four MS degrees, two PHd, as you have twice mine, and about 300K salary) is a total waste, if you stick up your head to support someone who does shop-lifting and have no qualms about it ( i have definitely not seen any statement to that effect from the OP, just seeking "immigration" advise). I can only think of a myriad number of reasons why you want to support this guy..maybe you yourself might have sticky hands my friend? Or maybe you are the same guy posting with two IDs and supporting your shop-lifting by such BS? I have no idea and am not interested either.

    Try browsing the anti-immigrant nut websites and try answering their type-casting immigrants by the acts of few, and then you will understand what i am talking about. Till, then, probably, you can take all of your fancy-a** education, fat salary and shove it up!

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  • snathan
    03-15 10:58 PM
    �He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.� - Christ, in John 8:7

    Comtting a crime and trying to blame it on others for that....

    is that what you are supporting?

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  • seeker
    05-24 11:47 AM
    let us vehemently oppose the bill

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  • bindas74
    03-17 10:57 PM
    No matter whether you are in EB2 or EB3, if you lose job then you are going back to stone age. So we are all in the same boat. The only hope is to fix the leak.


    I see your point. But, that's completely different scenario.....job loss would hit the same way to each and every category, I guess.
    What we are talking here is to reduce the EB3I backlog atleast a little bit...may be a year or two behind EB2
    Take me for example.I have been waiting for 6 years now...just because of a stupid decision I made at that time to go with EB3 instead of EB2. ( just FYI, like many other EB3 guys, I am very much eligible to apply in EB2 ) I am paying the price now::((( Ofcourse who would have dreamt in 2003 that it would be so bad....and it hurts to see people who have applied at later stages cruise by while we wait watchig the VISA bulletins month after month..and now when I want to port the econom is so bad...everyone is being audited....so dropped that idea as well


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  • paskal
    07-20 02:08 PM
    if you are trying to sense the relative number of juk 2 vs later filers this poll is totally skewed becaus eyour thread says July 2 filers ONLY.
    others will not visit it as much.

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  • kondur_007
    02-22 08:29 PM
    Hi All,

    I filed my I485 in 08/05 and my labor date is 07/05 in perm. My I140 got approved in 2007.
    I was in bench for around 6 months in 2008 starting from Jan 1st to 06/20th. I took full time position in last week of 06/08 and continuing in the same job. I got RFE on my I485 and asked for employment verification in 12/09. My attorney replied with presnt employment letter and applied for AC21 also at the same time. Now i got another RFE asking for last 5 years employment letter, w-2 forms and tax returns.

    Can some one please let me know how i can handle the period that i was in bench in 2008.


    Follow the advise of your lawyer.

    Following is my take on this (I am not a lawyer):

    - I dont think you need to have "continuous employment". (I am assuming that you were not any employement visa (H1) during the "bench period"
    - You already have EVL letter that states that "a permanent job -same or similar- is ready for you once you get your GC"--that is your AC21
    - Your 485 was filed way before "bench period".
    - During the bench period if you were only with "pending 485 authorized period of stay" (ie. not on H visa), you were not "required" to maintain employment any way. (If you were on any employment visa, you are out of status during that period).

    So my advise: Just submit all the documents related to your employment history. Do not lie or falsify any information. You will be just fine.

    Again, this is just my opinion. Follow the lawyer's advise.

    Good Luck.


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  • pappu
    07-06 11:01 AM
    If you are interested in the lawsuit please contact AILF now and send them your details in the form provided on IV homepage. IV spoke with AILA today and currently they are screening the cases of several people who came forward to become plaintiffs. They will try to showcase the most compellinig stories in their suit.

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  • senthil
    04-03 04:13 PM
    folks. lets keep ourselves focused and acheive what we all want. i cant find the right work to congragulate / appreciate the time and effort of core-team members and the sacrifices, coz without them we wont be where we are now.

    I dont know if they work on a job OR do IV stuff full time ...
    IV - core team. do you sleep :-)

    my2c. cheers. sen.


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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 10:36 PM

    What are you going to do with my info? run queries on state criminal record database??
    or do u have access to database that IO's use??

    You have to agree that either of us have the facts to prove the other is wrong. If you have, then Fed's are looking for you :D

    Is not paying a traffic ticket is state or federal record? If it is state, jut get a ticket do not pay it and just for the sake of it after 2 months go to Canada or Maxioco and try to come in. This will answer your own question when you re-enter..Wake up.. some has not to fax the entire case to feds.. this just automatic.. i m sure u r in IT and know how easy it is to get the records these days.. and no i do not have any access to any systems but everything is a public record if one has any..

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  • GCBy3000
    04-12 02:12 PM
    We can keep on asking and one day or other some free riders feel to contribute. Let us see how it turns.

    Keep this thread up. Let us leave the core team alone and let them focus on major issues. As memebrs let us do the beXXing daily ot ther other free riders.

    How do you know IV is doing just fine?
    What should be our focus?


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  • sorcerer666
    04-19 08:24 AM
    Thanks for the link, planets !
    Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh........... :(

    haha !! Totally agree! Nothing is going to happen

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  • logiclife
    01-31 10:58 AM
    If you could send checks instead of paypal, it would help us save transaction fees. Every penny counts. We are getting about $1000 a day on weekdays and as high as it may sound, its not the best we would wish as Sam Alito's confirmation gets the senate closer to other items on agenda one of which is Comp Immigration bill.

    Call you other H1b friends waiting in line for GC and ask them to contribute after you are done contributing.



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  • sunny1000
    10-05 12:02 PM
    I agree, I was so upset when I read it... Thank you Logiclife for bringing that to our notice.
    I just wrote an email to the editors with the email address provided by walking_dude. My email says this:

    Dear Editor

    You mention in an article dated today that "HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers". And in the same breath you say that "In a poll 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship." Do you know the difference between highly skilled legal immigrants and illegal immigrants?. Why do you have to imply that all highly skilled are illegal, infact 99.99% of highly skilled workers (Tech workers) came to the USA legally and continue to live legally. They are here at the behest of their employers.
    So please correct your article to reflect that.


    An Upset highly skilled worker

    I don't think they mean to say that High tech workers are illegal. They say that their poll indicates Republican voters who earn more than $75000 would like a candidate who opposes illegal immigration. Atleast, that is the way I read it.

    They have to say they oppose illegal immigration because it is the WSJ. Republicans read it and they like bashing the illegals and it increases circulation.

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  • geniousatwork
    08-24 11:01 AM
    Seems to be a substantial number of 2004 cases.
    Hopefully we should see approvals to all of them next month. This would guarantee progressive movements in the Oct bulletin when the new quota begins.


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  • homerli
    08-11 09:13 AM
    You don't need to worry.

    Your PD will be current in Oct or Nov for sure. With the current way of USCIS handling visas, there will be no big retrogress or big advance. Oct bulletin will stay the same or move forward.

    Very Disappointment for me.....as i missed it with couple of days.

    Visa Bulletin for September 2010 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5113.html)

    I'm not sure if they are going to move dates in Oct or not...

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  • svgupta
    05-22 04:15 PM
    Contribute folks.

    Go IV!


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  • sledge_hammer
    07-10 12:14 PM

    07/10/2007: Response of USCIS Director to Visa Bulletin Fiasco Related Flower Campaign

    We reported yesterday that foreign professionals have been sending flowers to the heads of involved agencies with a message of protest for the ongoing visa bulletin fiasco. Dr. Emilio Gonzalez responded to such flower campaign in the USCIS site. The flower campaign appears to be a gesture from the community of foreign professionals to thaw out the tension created by the fiasco and at the same time calling the agency leaders' swift attention to the problem and sufferings of the foreign professionals and their family members. This camapaign has been initiated and pushed ahead by the immigrationinvoice.com group. Salute to the members of this group for the job well done.

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    05-28 09:03 AM

    Quite the same text in WP ...MSNBC has used WP text.

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  • gunsnkars
    07-18 04:13 PM
    Guys who r going 2 get married after August 17th and have their PD after Dec 2006 and have atleast 2 years of H1-B period left!!Y apply 485 now and wait for atleast 3 to 4 years to apply your spouses. The way I see it you can only apply your spouse's 485 when the PD becomes current again!!Instead y not wait 3 to 4 years and apply simultaneously!!Atleast give the guys who have older PD's a break!!

    02-04 05:27 PM

    Please review this thread:


    What are your thoughts now?

    See how this guy is harassed at POE with AP travel.

    07-19 01:57 PM
    My company lawyer addressed this part. The way it works is that they will work on your file only when your PD is current. So even if you apply now, they most likely wont work on it after July as your PD wont be current. Then when next time (say in Jan 2008) when your PD becomes current, they will pick up all the files for that month and start working on it. It might be that they will work on your file on Jan1st or Jan 31st. You can send your wife AOS the moment your PD becomes current. So you want to make sure that it reaches there before they approve your AOS. In case you are extremely unlucky, then they would start working on your file on 1st day of the month and finish it before end of that day, making it impossible for your wife's application to go through. Thats rare though. So if you can make sure that her app reaches on 1st day of the month in which PD is current, then they should most likely add her to your AOS and work on those together and make your life go forward....its a chance which you will be taking...But again life is a chance

    If you are single and are in a position not to get married b4 August 17th please think b4 applying for 485. It is of no use to you unless you want to switch jobs on EAD which is a HUGE RISK!!My guess is you are going to get married at some point of time(Barring guys who are already in their midlife crisis b4 marriage) and would apply for your wife's Adjustment of Status. Please apply 485 togather when the PD bcomes current again. Bear in mind that even if you apply now b4 marriage you have to maintain your H1-B status. It will only make it worse when one had already applied for I-485 coz you could only get 1 year extensions as opposed to 3 years when you have an approved I-140 and have not filed for 485. Don't get overzealous and apply now and regret later!!

    gunsnkars/raj2078 or anybody,

    Can you please read Raj3078's response earlier in the thread and then your suggestion? As I understood them they are mutually exclusive things. One is apply for 485 and one is wait. I want to know one thing among other things.

    Is the ONLY benefit for applying 485 , for me, is to get EAD? I mean, if I don't apply for AOS now, I am assured that me and my spouse can file together when PD becomes current and they will approve ONLY if my PD is current. Isn't that right? That could be five years away, but, my spouse will be able to piggyback on my GC processing.

    Please remember that my fiancee is already on H1-B currently in India. I am from India too.

    Thank you,

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