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  • go_guy123
    06-29 03:39 PM
    Publicity stunt before the elections ?

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  • h1b_slave
    08-16 04:51 PM
    I never understood this "exploitation thing". This is America...

    Exploitation is employer(i.e consulting company) takes 30 - 40% cut from billing from people on H1 but is ready to work on 5-10% commision with people with EAD or GC . (this is no exaggeration talk to EAD/GC guys & you will find many)

    If someone is exploiting we all have a choice. We can change employers; go back home, etc.

    It may not be a totally open market but it is not like you have handcuffs around you. This type of talk of exploiting, slavery only hurts everyones cause.

    Changing employer means start over GC process again unless you have 140. with 140 too many people are not very comfortable switching.

    see reply inline in red

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  • doknek
    05-10 09:26 AM
    Try Tri Valley

    I hope you guys didn't try Tri-Valley Univ. President indicted of visa fraud Bay Area university president indicted for student visa fraud scheme (

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  • floridasun
    12-31 06:35 AM
    AmitKhare77... apparently, the job title and job responsibilities have to be same as whats on labor until we get GC. otherwise no promotion.
    SGP.... you made my day ! As I did not want to ruin my friends's mood on on new year's eve, I was planning on dropping new year party plans and stay back home.... but your post just put life back into me...
    one more qn - after I change to Company B, what happens if Company A revokes I-140 ?


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  • kumara121
    04-19 01:01 PM
    What can Obama do when most of the Republicans are dead against the immigration reform. They didn't allow their own party president to pass the CIR. Do you think they will allow Obama to do it?

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  • gcnirvana
    06-18 12:36 PM
    I agree that EAD renewals will take longer than usual because of our sheer volume. And there is no interim EAD. Do you guys think its safer to be on H1B (mine is valid till 2010) rather than EAD/AP?


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  • yebo123
    05-02 06:01 PM
    Great ideas in this thread :D. How about purchasing the nation of Mumbambo mentioned in the following news report:

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  • immigrant2007
    07-01 11:04 AM
    Do you really agree with multi-national managers(via L1A). This is the area wherein the interpretation is pretty loose. If you dissect EB1 data you would find that EB1C used bulk of it except for this year due to bad economy and tightening of screws. There should be some very clearly defined guidelines for EB1-C, somebody being an onsite coordinator or managing 5 people should not be eligible. This category should be reserved for those who are managing at least 100 people or control business in several millions. I agree that EB1 should be just for the exceptional.

    I support you, most of the guys L1A/Bdon't deserve to be in EB1. If L1 (especially the offshoring companies) are that good then all of us are eligible for honorary greencards....
    the whole L1 rule for GC and L1 visa is just exploited to its limit.


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  • Legal
    07-11 11:12 AM
    We need more friends, not less.

    USINPAC has been NOT helpful so far. It doesn't mean we should protest to them angrily and antagonize them. We can continue to seek their assistance (if they would offer any)

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  • jackisback
    03-04 04:33 PM
    I had a question on the experience at POE if one has used AC-21 and working for an employer who is doing the W-2 but the person actually works at the client site.

    All the posts I see here have been that people were randomly questioned on POE about whether they are still working for their sponsoring employer or not?

    What about my case? I had filed I-485 during July fiasco, had an approved I-140 then. Changed jobs on EAD using AC-21 in Oct 2008, and again changing now second time.
    The first change I did was when I was working with the same employer who had given me
    the EVL.
    I never travelled out of US during this time.

    Now I will be working at a client site, which is different from the employer's address. Just want to know if there could be any issues?
    Or is it advisable to not go to India until GC comes... which could be infinite number of years...


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  • senthil1
    04-29 04:37 PM
    Best way is some of the provisions in Durbin bill to restrict some abuse. Only bad thing in Durbin bill is it is banning consulting with H1bs. Other than this provision everything is good. Instead of opposing the entire bill it is better to oppose only that section.

    no matter what , H1 are for employers for them to be competitive, how come all of a sudden employers are talking about illigal immigrants these days, because they have found out that they can get them at a very cheaper rates, the moment you try to put wage garuntee in any of the immigration bills, this what kenndy wants, republicans run by big business are not longer interested in the immigration. perfect example of modern day enslavery. if they make 400K H1B's as per the strive ACT, Green card will lose much of its significance, because most employers will find easy to hire H1B raher than paying 20% or 30% higher to somebody on green card, that is the reason employers are after H1B.


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  • rockstart
    08-03 01:50 PM
    Knowing about future, or predicting what is to come, would help if we ought to do something in preparation; an advance action, such as nailing our windows shut if we are predicting a storm. That is not the case here. Therefore, sure shot 'prediction' is just to wait and see. It is only a few days away. If new cutoff date encompasses your PD, pray and check your email every day (or every hour or even minute), and hope for the best.

    I agree with you. Next week we will see the bulletin and then some people will be elated if their predictions come right and some will be disapointed. Again in 20 days we will start a new thread for Oct bulletin and FY 2010. I guess it is just that we are keeping alive our hopes.


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  • aadimanav
    08-22 12:21 PM
    just a routine bump

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  • CADude
    05-28 01:26 PM
    I oppose the Senate immigration deal in current form.

    Immigration Reform unfair to the legal high-skilled. Legal First

    We are always told, �Break the law, and you will be in trouble�. But, the recent �Immigration Reform Grand bargain� proposes to send a message that is precisely the opposite.

    We are being told that no undocumented immigrant will get ahead of those in backlog. While the backlog of Family-based petitions has been highly publicized, the petitions of individuals (engineers, scientists, doctors and other professionals) are being left in legal and bureaucratic limbo. About half-a-million highly qualified professionals and their families have put their faith in the legal immigration system and due process of the United States, while working to enhance the US economy. These people have pending petitions either with the Department of Labor, or with the CIS, the final adjudication of which will enable them to work with a US employer, with consequent ripple effect on the US economy.

    In the old system, employment-based petitions were limited to 140,000 per year, but the proposed system, �in order to reduce backlog�, reduces them to 90,000 per year only! On the contrary, Family-based cases used to be limited to similar numbers, but now have been increased to 567,000 per year! In addition, close to100,000 of these applicants with pending petitions are being asked to start from scratch in the new system. In effect, it is similar to changing the �rules� or rather, the �Laws� after the fact! Innocent high-skilled prospective immigrants are being penalized due to bureaucratic delay in the DOL.

    Highly skilled doctors, scientists, engineers, and computer professionals have been stuck in backlogs since the last 3-4 years. They had hoped to get relief from the �Immigration Reform�, but have been let down badly. They are being forced to renew their H-1Bs yearly now, while the old system allowed 3-yr incremental renewals while their Green Card petition was pending. Seems like a fitting reward for following the Laws, isn�t it?

    Per washintonpost report, USCIS on purpose delays the process and keep backlog to earn the extension and renewal fee as 20% of their budget. THIS IS CALLED SCAM.

    Your attention and help requested on the matter.


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  • gk_2000
    04-19 03:45 PM
    Would this be a good time to launch email/meeting campaign on Lofgren? Since she is on the defensive

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  • Openarms
    06-02 05:40 PM
    We got heavy weights here supporting this bill... Kennedy and Schumer.. IV fights for all immigration issues, but not for this... then whom IV fighting for???


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  • webm
    05-21 01:19 PM
    What are the conditions required for processing the 485 application.

    1. Are all applications which have a 485 RD within the processing date, are processed? or
    2. Only applications which have a RD within the processing date and whose PD is current, are processed.

    As per the uscis approvals it was all happening randomly,,sometimes they stick with rules and sometimes not..ofcourse PD should be current but ProcessingDates vs 485 RD its still stands a mystery.

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  • techskill
    06-23 09:56 PM

    Section 11 has been created for you to tell them abt last EAD APPLICATION.
    Keyword here is "application".
    So in the Date I wrote the EAD application date and not the recept date.
    This can be found on the last EAD receipt notice.
    You are already sending them a copy of front and back of current EAD, where they can find on which date the EAD was approved etc.

    Most cases Ideally current immigration status is "I-485 ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS PENDING".
    I entered on an L1 5-6 years back. so I wrote manner of last entry as "TEMPORARY WORKER (L1)". Yes I have not reentered USA since then. Ha Ha.

    My office mate reentered recently using AP and he wrote, also as per our lawyer, to use the word "PAROLEE"

    I have a Question on the "Date" after the "Which Service Center?" in the EAD renewal.

    My 485 & EAD original application was sent on July 26th 2007 and my notice date was Aug 28th 2007. (i.e USCIS cashed my check on Aug 28th 2007).

    Based on the original application date i have pay the filing fees for my renewal. So what date shud i mention in that column.. Notice Date or the Receipt date?.
    Because if i write the notice date then what about the filing fees.

    My application was sent before the fee hike on July 30th 2007.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • chanduv23
    10-05 11:52 AM

    06-21 05:44 PM
    Actually, I dont know how to tackle your issue but I went ahead and certified my 131 efile without putting MI as I dont have it. I am waiting for my receipt now. I think, its an USCIS application issue.

    I have heard that USCIS is going to bring a law. Which states that if you have used AP you have to use your EAD. Or After using if you extend your H-1B than you have to go for a visa stamping. I am confuse how true is this rumor is?
    any comments

    04-20 02:28 PM
    The 3 year experience = 1 year education towards degree is used for H1 NOT for GC. It has never been for GC.

    For EB3 GC, there is a classification for skilled workers which do not require a degree.

    USCIS in eb3 used to allow the langauge "combination of educatoin and experience is acceptable to meet bachelors requriement" in eb3. This was before they broke out the different classification of professional and skilled worker in eb3. now they have broken it out separately on the form. If labor allows combination, then person is supposed to file as "skilled worker".

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