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  • ak_2006
    04-22 05:12 PM
    I donated $25 on Friday. How do I become a donor? I sent email to info@immigrationvoice.org but no response yet

    You can see Donate button on menu (TOP) while you are on this thread. Click it and it will guide you. Or you can click this link DONATE (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/misc.php?do=donate).

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  • StarSun
    05-14 08:52 AM
    I will be there! To contribute my efforts for the big cause.

    Thank you for the offer. Please register for the event through the form available at http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum85-action-items-for-everyone/1437978-iv-announcement-advocacy-days-in-washington-dc-7th-and-8th-june.html .

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  • ssingh92
    03-15 10:44 AM
    Thanks xlr8r!! I am filing today. Dont have I140 receipt number.

    Did your luck shine !!!!

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  • rcr_bulk
    06-25 04:17 PM
    It will be like attending for a H4 visa and prepare documents required for H4.

    Did you had the paystubs or the immigration officer did not ask for it?
    No, She don't have pay stubs and office just asked her husbands pay stubs ( for whom she is a dependent) and she didn't mention about her H1 and not attached H1 release in the visa documentation. She just attended for H4 visa with only documents that required for H4.

    What did you mentioned at line # 30 and # 38 of DS-156?
    I don't know but I can check my friend tomorrow.

    How long was your wife out of status? Please respond. I am unable to get the paystubs from the employer. He is not picking up the phone.
    I can check with my friend, but I remember she was out of status for more than 1 year.


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  • ashwaghoshk
    04-19 03:54 PM
    And everybody knows that nothing is going to happen. he will say "our immigration system is broken.... we need to fix it.... borders need to be secured.... blah blah blah.. "

    Somebody knew already....

    Obama to hold meeting on immigration reform | AP Texas News | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/7527577.html)

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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 04:54 PM
    That's your conclusion , You are comfortable with word "nature" Some like to call it "god" , Some like to call "Bhagwan" Some like to call it "Jesus" Some like to call it "Allah", Some "Buddha", Some "Guru nanak"

    Same goal different Name

    OK my conclusion:nature exists but not GOD.

    For you
    it's nature = GOD
    I mean
    nature = Rama/Krishna etc..(If you are a Hindu)
    nature = Jesus(If you are a christian)
    nature = Allah(If you are a Muslim)


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  • rav_234
    09-22 03:28 PM
    Hello To the IV Core Committee,

    Thanks to you all for the tireless efforts in pushing the immigration reforms forward .

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to give my thoughts on this important Bill HR 5882 that is due for hearing on the 23 Sept'2008 after several postponmetns / adjournments.

    I guess that we are fortunate that our Honbl Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting the USA during this week and is scheduled to meet the President George Bush to discuss various issues related to US - Indai Relationships / businessess etc.

    I feel that if the IV Core committe makes use of this golden opportunity to meet up with our PM and request him to also discuss on the pending immgt bill that would help several of us.

    I'm not sure how best this advise of mine sounds,but i think there is nothing wrong in trying out.

    Hope the IV core committe consider this view of mine.

    Thanks again to one and all and in particular to the IV folks.



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  • tonyHK12
    05-06 09:06 AM
    Hi GC_rip,
    I am as well in the similar situation as you are in. I am looking to do MS from Aspen University. Its is full online program and it costs approximately $4000 to complete masters program. I have been trying to know more about that university and until now I did not hear anything bad about the university except that the univerisity is Nationally accredited university. I am trying to know whether USCIS accepts Masters from Aspen University. Please let me know if you have got any information regarding this.

    $4000 sounds like a good deal for a Masters degree. Do you know which company hires people from Aspen though?


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  • kevinkris
    11-03 12:24 PM
    I know this is not releated with Immigration. If you dont want to answer, that is fine. Just ignore this.

    I have money crunch in US. I have accumulated huge debt in my CC. In past I have sent some money to India, but now when I ask my parents to send it here, they tell it is not possible without losing 30%. This is what they heard from my bank. Any Idea on how to get money from India from my own account to which I have sent from here.

    It's simple.. Find some one in your friend circle who wants to send money to india and tell him that you will transfer rupees to his bank account in india and ask him to transfer dollars to ur account here.

    Simple.. that's how i did last time..

    good luck to get our of debt..

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  • eb3retro
    10-15 10:12 AM
    Anyone? any updates on their pending AP renewal from Nebraska?


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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 01:53 PM
    This is wrong. EAD can be issued when both of the following conditions MUST meet:

    I140 has been approved
    I485 application is 180 days old

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-20 12:07 PM
    Since, last august DOL has become weird with even approving eb3 labors. Generally, attornies will put language in the eta 9089 that they will accept three years of experience for each year of bachelors degree missing (this is in line with education evaluators and uscis).

    These days USCIS is trying to stick to the rules, so all people who are trying to beat the system by using wrong credentials are getting stuck. Lawyers have nothing to lose, they will make more money from you.....one from your eb3 application and two from your high risk eb2 application which will eventually be rejected.


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  • nikh
    11-06 03:35 PM
    As I mentioned in my post, I had a resident Indian A/C - account that was opened when I was legally a resident Indian (salary a/c incidentally). No way it can be confused with one of N/RE/O accounts. I had INR in my account. It was wired over to my account here in the US, I got $s. Simple. If you look through the link that I posted, ICICI's instructions are quite clear - you can say family maintenance as a good reason.

    As a couple of people commented in subsequent posts, it is straightforward to send money, INR to $.

    I read somewhere that according to RBI rules an NRI is not supposed to maintain any regular account in INDIA. One can only ve NRO/NRE accounts.
    You said yu got the money from the old account. Do you think it was all according to RBI regulations

    here is the link

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  • pappu
    05-06 08:09 AM
    Immigration Voice Advocacy Days in Washington DC: 7th & 8th June, Announcement:2010

    With the continued success of the high skilled community to create more awareness for Employment Based green card backlogs, Immigration Voice will hold Advocacy Days, Press Conference and Congressional Reception in Washington DC on 7th June & 8th June.
    Every member must participate in these Advocacy Days events in DC. Congress will be back from Memorial Day recess in early June and there will be a fresh look at the Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which includes high-skills immigration.

    After having favorable consequences from our past effort, it is now time to have a bigger event in the front-yard of Congress in Washington DC, so that the long ignored issue of visa backlogs (retrogression) is addressed. This event will be hugely consequential as it will help our issues get much more coverage in the media and much more attention of Congress because of 2 reasons: It will be a really big crowd and secondly, it will be in Washington DC. Immigration Voice will arrange for meetings, advocacy material, and other logistics necessary for all the events during the Advocacy Days. All you have to do is show up.

    Please plan to take two day off on 7th & 8th June to attend these events. If you do not live within the driving distance of DC, then there is ample time for you to book travel by air or by train ahead of time. 7th & 8th June is Monday & Tuesday, and if you book your travel and accommodation ahead of time (and there is plenty of time still) then you can participate with minimal expense.

    Immigration Voice wants to do something as consequential as the flower campaign and the San Jose rally but only this time, it will be much bigger and much more consequential aimed at Congressional action on immigration reform to address visa backlogs and broken system of high-skills immigration. We aim to resolve this issue but we cannot do it alone and therefore it is imperative for everyone, and by that we mean EVERY ONE to show up. If you wanted to be a part of the past events but couldn’t, then now is your chance to make your voices heard and fight for a fair system and just process.

    Always remember, we are in United States at the invitation of our employers and our employers have filed our green card petitions in order to retain us. It is only fair and only just to ask for a system that achieves that objective without delays and without putting the immigrants in probationary limbo for 6-12 years. And it is your obligation to yourself and your family to stand up for your rights and ask congress to legislate and fix the system so that it works the way it was originally intended to work. Just ask a participant of September-2007 DC rally how proud and how satisfied everyone was after the rally – not just due to impact – but just because they have stood up and spoken up for their issue.

    In the two days, we plan on having over 400 meetings with the Administration (for both Admin and Legislative fixes), Office of Senators and Representatives.

    As we are beginning to take appointments on your behalf but we need your confirmation before we setup Advocacy day meetings for you. Please fill in the online form (in less than 1 minute) to let us know about your plans. We will need this basic information to setup your meetings with the lawmakers.

    Link to fill in the online form: ImmigrationVoice.org - Advocacy Days - 7th & 8th June, 2010 (http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=98&Itemid=132)

    As one would imagine it is extremely demanding project to setup, coordinate, plan and execute 400 meetings for members coming from all 50 States. It will very much help us if you could please let us know about your plans to attend the Advocacy Days in DC, sooner rather than later.

    Please stay tuned for more updates about other updates. In the meantime, please plan to travel with friends and family and let your friends know about this event. If you plan to carpool with local IV members, or book travel or hotel reservation in groups for group discount, please go here : Sept 18th Rally: Car-pooling, Group Reservations for Air travel, hotel etc. - Immigration Voice (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum90-sept-18th-rally-car-pooling-group-reservations-for-air-travel-hotel-etc/)

    Please take a look at the videos of some proud IV members who participated in events organized by IV like DC Rally, flower campaign and the San Jose rally.

    Link to videos:
    YouTube - immigration voice (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=immigration+voice&aq=f)

    See you in DC on 7th and 8th June!

    Team Immigration Voice


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  • sparklinks
    09-25 06:33 PM
    My wife has a H1 since oct 2006 till date she hasn't worked and hence has no pay stubs. her passport has a F2 visa. I want to convert her visa to H4. Her employer is asking for 6k to generate 3 paystubs for 3 months. I dont want to pay so much. if we go to canada to get H4 stamping will they ask for her pay stubs or just my pay stubs are enough.

    Is there any chance of rejection. also can I go to canada for stamping or do i have to go to home country.

    is there any site or posting that explains the process of applying for H4 in canada.

    Thanks for any help

    status change from H1 to H4 when she is in US, she need 2 latest pay stubs. If she is directly going for H4 stamping (India), then she dont need pay stubs.

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  • grupak
    09-23 10:39 AM
    Call! Lets do what we can.


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  • funny
    09-22 04:26 PM
    one member voted on the Third option on this Poll...

    I didn't call last week and i did not call even today....

    Well this is dis-heartning to see these kind of responses, Whats the point of spending time on IV if you are not willing to work on the Action Items...are you here to just collect information...Sad.

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  • logiclife
    07-09 11:37 AM
    The flower campaign is apparently working as far as the attention the issue is getting.

    If we can manage to send at least 500-700 flowers to USCIS, that will create the kind of attention we want and it will bring the issue of retrogression again on the forefront in Washington DC.

    PLEASE PLEASE send the flowers to USCIS director Emilio Gonzalez. For details on sending, address and the message on the message card, read this thread :



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  • belmontboy
    01-15 04:03 PM
    When I posted that reply I didn't for once think it could be taken as anything other than a joke! If you are going through a debate in your mind whether its a joke or not, then I will have to revisit what I wrote to see what it is I am missing :)

    :D thanks for clarifying, i was planning to shoot you :D

    09-13 07:55 PM
    vote and reply..... I am glad you took a chance and bought house.... when I created poll I thought it is clear enough..... GC Pending (485)? Already own a house? But thanks.

    07-09 02:24 PM
    I just spread the news about flower campaign to my 5 collegues. They are interested to send. I already sent mine which will reach on 10th July .

    That is great!.

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