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  • pmpforgc
    02-14 07:02 AM

    It is really frustrating that some people instead of volunturing for effort tries to find loop hole or excueses in the IV's efforts. If you can not volunteer atleast support those who are doing that with lots of energy and determination for our cause.

    Utlimately at a one day WILL WILL FIND A WAY.

    If we are willing to help ourselves than only this thing will happen.

    So keep faith in IV core and its efforts and be supportive to their efforts whenever you can.

    IV CORE- Please ignore messages from some of the members and KEEP your ENERGY and EFFORTS towards our ULTIMATE GOAL AND MISSION. You all are doing an excellent work.

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 10:17 AM
    Contact WWJ and let them know your views.

    Be polite. Don't make personal attacks on Lou Dobbs and WWJ. Don't threaten them. Nicely but firmly let them know that their one-sided coverage of "Populism" without covering the views of Immigrants provides a biased view to their patrons. Let them know that such anti-Immigrant coverage has the potential of provoking/inciting attacks against foreigners. WWJ would be responsible indirectly and liable if "Lou Dobbs show" leads to such attacks by misguided elements fired by Mr. Dobbs rhetoric.

    Ask them -
    1) What actions are WWJ taking to provide coverage of the other point of view, in the interests of fairness?
    2) What actions is the network taking to ensure that Lou Dobbs verbal attacks on foreigners do not translate into physical attacks on foreigners living in Michigan?

    Contact -

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  • baleraosreedhar
    11-04 11:47 AM

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  • addsf345
    10-08 03:04 PM
    I had H1B valid up to 2010 (3 years extension because of I-140 being approved). Then I traveled abroad and entered US last December using AP. My new I-94 said "paroled in" and had an expiry date of Dec 2008 (till the date the AP was valid). Last week my company applied for transferring my H1B to one of it's subsidiaries as my position was transferred to the new subsidiary. They applied using premium processing and got an approval this week. My new H1 is valid for the next three years now (till 2011) :)

    Also, although I entered US using AP I continued working using my old H1B. I did not use EAD. I talked to my attorney and according to them entering on AP does NOT automatically switch you to EAD. You can still keep on working on your original H1B. Since my H1B transfer was approved later I believe they are correct in this regard.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for sharing this useful information with the rest of us.


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  • never_giveup
    09-17 02:00 PM
    Looks like we have some more amendments coming.

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  • foobar2001
    01-03 12:38 AM

    my parents will be travelling to the US in a couple of months, and I was looking for health insurance for them. Based on various forums, looks like US companies are preferable to insurance bought from india (and as per forums, ICICI lombard seems to have the most negative reviews among the indian firms).

    Anyways - has anyone used insu buy .com to buy medical insurance for their parents, and had to make a claim? They seem to be an insurance broker -- so the insurance company will be a third party, but they (insu_buy) seems to claim that they will also help out with claims in case of any issues.

    Anyone have any experience buying + claiming insurance via ? (and if so, what was the insurance company that sold the claim via ?)

    I searched immigration voice forums for "insu buy" but though there are many threads about medical insurance for parents, there doesnt seem to be any mention of -- so any experiences shared will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Looks like the IV forum is automatically filtering out [insu buy] and [buy american insurance] if i remove spaces from the words -- probably an anti spam measure. Hence i've put spaces between the "insu" and "buy" & between "buy" and "american insurance" -- without it, when i preview my message before posting, the words seem to get auto filtered out of the message!! (anyone seen anything like this before?!!)


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  • snathan
    04-20 05:30 PM
    seems like you can not resist... dont know what are you proving here..... :mad:

    Why do you bother so much...?

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  • gcwait2007
    07-22 11:16 PM
    I work for a medium sized (employing about 500 employees in USA, another 2000 ouside USA), public (New York Stock Exchange) listed, business technology consulting company, which has been making losses for last 3 years. My I-140 was filed last month. Do I have to start worrying?


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  • skdskd
    01-30 05:12 PM
    Voted....It's Question 22 Now

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  • carbon
    09-13 03:34 PM
    This might sound weired..but I think we can get some support from Housing Market !
    The housing market is slowing down significantly and there are millions of unsold homes out there.

    More than 1/2 million people are stuck in the green card process. I am sure
    most are waiting for green card before they buy their house and make longtime commitment.

    I think we are a "Frozen" pool of customers for the Housing Market.

    500000 H1B X 300000 (average house price) = 150 billion dollar market is just
    inaccessible just because of retrogression.

    I think we should convince them to help us FINANCIALY


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  • BharatPremi
    03-13 12:23 PM
    I seriously hope that this is correct even though it doesn't apply to me : (

    Anyway, IIRC, in past there have been incidences where VB posted in mumbai Consulate's website actually did not turn out to be true. Couple of years back - after the retrogression - it predicted huge forward movement which 2 days later turned out to be false hope...
    so keep your fingers crossed...
    : )

    That is exactly I was thinking. My first confusion was why the hell people want to check CP dates and create the false thread but then I realize they must not be around/ in the process to realize that CP dates != AOS dates. Some times CP ones equals but not always. Let's hope those equals to AOS dats this time.

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  • whitecollarslave
    01-31 12:08 AM
    Of the top 22 most popular questions -

    1 about Katrina
    1 about Darfur
    1 about EB immigration
    19 about NASA


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  • kushaljn
    09-17 02:34 PM
    Another one. Please wait. Still 6020

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  • prashantc
    01-31 07:46 AM
    Hello I got a yellow form 221(g) during my interview. Got my passport and approval back during the interview.
    Are other people in PIMS getting this yellow form/ 221(g) stating that "when administrative processing is completed in your case we will contact you"?
    This will allow me to decide if I am stuck in PIMS or something else.
    **** 28 days since interview, visa approved today****

    Dear Vamsi, SVK, NK, Shahuja, Abuddyz, lost_in_gc, and all eligible visa aspirants:

    I just got an email from the Chennai consulate, 29th day from the interview, stating the visa was stamped today:

    "Thank you for your e-mail.

    Our records show that your visa was issued today, January 31. You
    should be receiving your passport/visa soon.

    Visa Information Unit
    American Consulate General

    Chennai 600006, India
    Telephone: 91 44 2857 4242
    Fax: 91 44 2811 2027


    This means there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please have faith in your abilities, and in your God. You will hear back soon.

    Moral of the story: "Never use a Consulate in India for visa re-validation again."

    Please learn from this story, and never again trust Consulates in India for extension purposes.

    God bless you all.


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  • Seek_Gc
    07-17 05:49 PM
    The link provided in the front page shows
    H.R. 6938 [110th]: Reuniting Families Act ( (

    This bill never became law. This bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress. Sessions of Congress last two years, and at the end of each session all proposed bills and resolutions that haven't passed are cleared from the books. Members often reintroduce bills that did not come up for debate under a new number in the next session.

    Then why are we still talking about sending fax etc to senators ? am i missing current link

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  • mirage
    10-06 07:42 PM
    What you are seeing right now in US, you'll see that in India begining next year. Indian Property market is ripe for a crash. I wouldn't invest a penny until the dust settles...


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  • chanduv23
    01-29 07:21 PM
    I know a lot of people using pre approved labor certs waiting for GC. What happens to them? I think this rule will affect only those who are trying to do Labor substitution in future.

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  • english_august
    07-14 12:30 AM
    Good job San Jose. Make the rally a smashing success

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  • lonedesi
    06-07 08:34 AM
    You have expressed your thoughts so wonderfully on this issue in such a simple and sensible manner. In fact, I am enlightened with some of the things you have mentioned in your post.
    I am proud that we have such a thoughtful and knowledgeable person as part of our core group at IV. Keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts.

    06-06 06:23 PM
    so, is skinning the click wheel ok? because i don't think ipod skins have that....

    03-31 11:49 AM
    It is hard to believe that someone can suddenly change policy internally and not talk about it. In my case the officer id who issued denial is different from the officer id who issued NOID.

    UNITEDNATIONS - for some reason, I think you are trying to spread unnecessary fear with your conspiracy theories. Agreed that USCIS is going tough on consulting companies and that stuff, but "internal policy change" seems to be more of a conspiracy.

    UN probably didn't realize that the officer id. was different. The id. being different is a good thing, it makes the likelihood of the IO not having noticed the old NOID higher.

    I am sure you are under a lot of stress, and I feel your pain, but click on UN's profile and look at his old posts carefully, he knows what he is talking about.

    Again, hope things work out in your favor, keep us posted.

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