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  • ivgclive
    10-19 06:21 PM

    Is it possible to apply for both PIO and Indian visa simultaneously. My problem is that my son born in US has to go to India in 60days. If I apply for PIO and if it will not come in 4 weeks is it possible to apply for Indian visa and then go to India on Indian visa ?

    Thanks !

    You can do that, if you are applying in Indian Consulates and not in Embassy in Washington DC.

    1. Washington DC still requires ORIGINAL US PASSPORT (At least, they make it clear)

    2. New York : Existing (valid) passport in original, along with a photocopy (Skeptical)

    3. San Francisco : Existing valid passport in original, along with a photocopy (In the application form, it says for minors, send Photocopy of US Passport) (Still skeptical)

    4. Chicago : The copies of first two and last two pages of foreign passport should be enclosed. (Nothing skeptical as in New York)

    5. Houston : A notarised copy each of his/her birth certificate , his/her parent's latest Indian passports (either expired or not yet expired ) and his/her current US/Foreign passport and a copy of the parent's valid passport. (Guess nothing is skeptical)

    Bottom line, for a US born minor, with the birth certificate + copy of US passport (notarized) are enough to give a PIO card. But the above offices of same agency follow different rules.

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  • tooclose
    08-11 10:48 AM
    Hopefully they might be waiting to approve both AP and 485 together. (I am thinking they might have taken the amount on AP already)

    Take an info pass appointment to get more details if it is close to you.

    I am in Mar first week PD and hence dont know whether my PD is current yet (Aug VB). Planning to wait for the first week of September before taking an infopass appointment.

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  • rkay
    06-03 12:25 PM
    Then why do you want to stay here. Just move out.
    When did you start owning America ? Can I see the deed please ?

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  • slowwin
    03-23 04:35 PM
    Guys shx, boreal and others,

    stop this mindless ranting... and pontificating....

    The OP wanted an advise, so please give one , constructively. As far as consequences for anyone's actions they will suffer from it. There will be no escape whether in this issue or in any other issue in life.

    I have noticed many posts in the recent past wherein the forum discussions degrade to personal battles real quick. The persons involved feel the need to respond to an irky post by upping the ante. Stop this game of one upmanship....

    peace............., all of you.

    Isnt the goal of Education to make a person a better person, morally and otherwise? Is this what your education got you to? All of your Education (I am assuming you have four MS degrees, two PHd, as you have twice mine, and about 300K salary) is a total waste, if you stick up your head to support someone who does shop-lifting and have no qualms about it ( i have definitely not seen any statement to that effect from the OP, just seeking "immigration" advise). I can only think of a myriad number of reasons why you want to support this guy..maybe you yourself might have sticky hands my friend? Or maybe you are the same guy posting with two IDs and supporting your shop-lifting by such BS? I have no idea and am not interested either.

    Try browsing the anti-immigrant nut websites and try answering their type-casting immigrants by the acts of few, and then you will understand what i am talking about. Till, then, probably, you can take all of your fancy-a** education, fat salary and shove it up!


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  • Administrator2
    06-30 12:20 PM
    "There have been some discussions on administrative fixes on immigration. " - Anything that is of interest for Legal immigration such as visa recapture?

    Visa recapture cannot happen with an administrative fix. Anyone who is telling you that visa recapture can happen by some admin fix or through a lawsuit is simply lying, possibly just to grab your attention. We have been repeatedly told by the administration that recapture cannot happen by an executive order.

    A few days back a group of disorganized folks were writing to USCIS Director asking him to recapture. That is just a waste of time because CIS director cannot do recapture. Even Presidential executive order cannot recapture unused visas. It has to be done legislative because recapture will require change in the law.

    We do not mean to dampen your enthusiasm but please do not expect for something that cannot happen. Recapture cannot happen with an administrative fix. In this admin fix initiative we are working on other possible good provisions that are possible.

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  • miththoo
    11-05 08:06 PM
    Can the wire transfer be requested online using ICICI's(or HDFC's) website ? Or do you need personnally do it from India ?


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  • wizpal
    02-25 01:00 PM
    I don't know how to open a thread to run a poll to track the number of people ready to send flowers to white house/president to highlight our case to buy houses if there is a a provision to approve GCs on a fast-track basis. With a substantial fast track fee (>4000 dollars) and 20% down payment toward house payment, we have a strong case. If we get hundreds of people ready to send to flowers, may be IV can make it an action item.

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  • jayleno
    09-05 02:59 PM
    You are absolutely right. Thanks for correcting me. Its a really stupid law...I hope the officers are not very strict with this.

    You are absolutly incorrect. Unfortunatly most lawyer or their web sites do not explain the limitation of "parole". Because most of the CBP at POE are flexible; that does not mean that the law is flexible. This is what the instruction for AP in the form.

    "Advance parole is an extraordinary measure used sparingly to bring an otherwise inadmissible alien to the United States for a temporary period of time due to a compelling emergency. Advance parole cannot be used to circumvent the normal visa issuing procedures and is not a means to bypass delays in visa issuance."

    Read more about AP at


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  • laborchic
    10-15 12:07 PM
    Oh no wonder this guy was sitting quite.. Probably he was waiting for everyone to leave... :D:D

    Oh I forgot to mention.. I reached home at 11 and found several envelopes laying on the floor at my doorsteps..

    I received my receipts, FP notice and EAD all at same time.. YAHHHHHOOOOOOOO

    USCIS found out that I attended IV Social Event and sent me my EAD ;)..

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  • FinalGC
    09-08 12:05 PM
    I believe sanju is right to a certain extant. However, I believe it depends upon how much of a close relationship you have established with your clients or per say other clients. Have you done good networking...check out LinkedIn, if not. I can guarantee that if you were to go could easily ask for at least 110-130/hr, however you may not be able to get the $180/hr, since the companies like IBM, Accenture, Deloitte have an established brand name.

    This is something these firms have developed over the years. You will be competing your skills and your relationships versus their combined skillsets and knowledge database, their legal backings, their relationships (not just money) and their history. People are ready to pay for a Cadillac because it is a brand name, while for a Ford they willl not pay that much money.

    The key is the relationship and the trust that your client will have with you, rather than your current company....if your company has a bigger and better relationship, you will have a herculean task of removing that and replace that with yours, by proving that you are worth the money. Once you establish the brand name and expertise and the legal too could get may be $140 or so, but will never be able to reach the $180 level.......This is the industry.


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  • dilbert_cal
    04-11 12:46 PM
    One of the immigration lawyers I talked to said that photocopy should be fine.

    Photocopy of your I-140 approval is the only document required. One of my friend is going for a PD transfer next month - will keep the forum posted on how it goes.

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  • javaconsultant
    02-04 12:07 AM
    I signed up for recurring contribution for IV for 20/month.
    Guys and Gals--------pls contribute to IV as much you can.Even little amount would help it....its our only hope to get out this GC mess.


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  • dilipb
    06-23 01:41 PM
    Current processing for 765 at texas shows April 28th.
    So I guess at this rate I think we should get it in 2 months.

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  • vrkgali
    02-08 01:38 PM
    When I applied for my labor , Even though , Ad is given for B.S and 7+ years of experience, My employer told me that My labor is applied on Eb3.

    After my labor was cleared, when applying for I-140 , we had to change the attorney.The new attorney applied I-140 in EB2 category.

    when I asked the new attorney about this , she informed me that , since I have got B.S and 10+ years of experience, I am eligible for EB2.

    since I did not get to see the Labor clearance certificate, I dont know on what basis Labor is cleared.

    Now I am confused whether I am in EB2 or EB3.


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  • met3259
    10-12 05:00 PM
    Nelsonagn / or anyone else:

    Can anyone with some indepth knowledge predict availability for EB3 Rest of world (Canada). Here is some of what I understand - although I know it may be wrong (some infor from Shusterman site)....

    - 300,000 applicants in BEC
    - assume 200,000 get through
    - assume 1/2 have a spouce and 1 child
    - therefore need 400,000 visa numbers (Shusterman had 300K here, I think they are wrong??? - pls check my math)
    - now most EB immigrants are from China & India (half?????) - restricted to 7% of the annual 140,000 EB visas annually
    - all* applicants up to first half of 2002 are "gone" - *except for ones in BEC = how many????????????
    - AND if rest of world is 200,000 people in line for 120,000 visas annually (140,000 - 7% China - 7% India)
    - now people in line go from 2001 - mid 2005 in BEC??????; but very few 2001 & 2002s left????
    - thus: rest of world with PD of March 2004 - should get visa availability within this fiscal year - e.g. by Oct 2007????

    Anyone correct / comment / add indepth thoughts / logical predictions

    ALSO - my attorny just wrote me this:
    FYI: I was at an immigration meeting yesterday where we were told that
    CIS is considering the possibility of granting a work permit to H-4
    spouses. However, I don't believe it will happen anytime soon, but if a
    new policy comes out that will enable your wife to work, we will get in
    touch with you. In terms of the visa number availability, it's simply
    difficult to say when that will happen.
    ETA Case Number: D-05193-15XXX
    State : CA
    C of O: Rest of the World
    Processing Type : RIR/EB3
    Priority Date : 03/04/2004
    RD: Never got there
    Case Source : State
    Processing Center : Dallas Backlog Elimination Center
    Case Status : Data Review 7/12/05 (From screen shot 10/13/05)
    45-Day Letter Received: 04/18/2006
    45-Day Letter Replied: 04/19/2006
    Final Determination: Approved:letter dated 05/09/06
    Labor Cert received 05/15/06

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  • drirshad
    03-13 12:07 PM
    This is from a Jagjit Singh Ghazal for the current situation:

    Ronay walon sey kaho unka bhi rona rolay
    Jinko majboor yeh haalaat ne ronay na diya
    Warna kya baat thi jis baat ne ronay na diya


    Ask the people who are complaining to also complain for those
    Who are in circumtances that do not allow them complain
    Otherwise every situation is worth a complain ............


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  • karthkc
    09-05 05:13 PM
    The hard part about a consulting position in your scenario is the ability to keep your project pipeline flowing.

    If you are in a field like say SAP where the demand is always there, its easier to market yourself without too much effort.

    My personal opinion, note your skillsets, see if they are hot in the market and if so, keep your options flexible and try to market directly. If you are not comfortable networking or being in constant touch with resources that can help you with an opportunity, then consult under a firm...

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-15 12:57 PM
    Any link between being a "legal immigrant" and getting jumped by a bunch of thugs and being killed while trying to resist?

    I agree - these are things that have to be taken very seriously.

    I am also hearing that desi houses are being targeted in New Jersey as ZDesis have jewelery in houses.

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  • willgetgc2005
    11-09 10:49 AM
    AC360, CNN

    John King, CNN happened to mention yesterday on AC360, that CIR can be passed in the blink of an eye. He seems to think it is the easiest thing to do for the president and the Dems in the current situation.

    Any thoughts ?

    10-05 12:19 PM
    The immediate reference to illegal immigrants right after mentioning high tech workers does convey a link between the two, no matter how you slice and dice the semantics.

    This is what I wrote to the editor, in response:
    Hello, Susan,

    This is apropos of an article by John Harwood on the Washington Wire (October 5, 2007; Page A4), section High Tech Employers.
    (See link here: )

    In the article, John wrote, (I quote)

    �HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.�

    The article strongly suggests a link between high tech employees and illegal immigrants. That is very far from the truth!! Almost all high skilled employees are employed legally, and there are stringent and complex rules and procedures for gaining employment legally for a high skilled person.

    The woes of high skilled workers � delays of 7 to 10 years to get permanent residence in spite of following all the rules and contributing to society and taxes - are ignored by the media as well as politicians on left and right, allowing ill informed demagogues to set the agenda.

    Sloppy journalism by the likes of Mr. Harwood does not help matters either. It would do him well to research the subject well before writing in a story just to beat an editorial deadline.

    See ( to see more on the issues faced by legal immigrants.

    07-09 04:24 PM
    Please send english_august's pdf to your local newspapers.

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