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  • ski_dude12
    06-03 12:36 PM
    On a lighter note- "motorize"... at the DMV?


    One quick question. Appreciate your response!

    If I submit my application in person, do we need to motorize the copies?
    For address proof, submitting DL copy.

    Please let me know.

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  • 485InDreams
    03-17 07:14 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient. Fed measures such as interest rate cut and pumping money into the banking system is causing the dollar to fall thus further weakening the economy.

    I say, we all write to Bernake that some 10, 000 immigrants will buy homes if we all get a GC. 10, 000 may or may not buy a home, but let us just polish the numbers a little bit. 10,000 * 300,000 (average home price) = 1 million billion dollars . Actually the total figure is 3 billion $$; enough to give a massive jolt to the sagging economy. I think we should also write to Wall Street journal and all major news paper organizations about this.

    In America, people gets recognized when they offers a solution for a problem faced by the country. Whiners are (who write to Bush or Senators) do not get noticed nor are respected.

    I can understand your anciousness in getting green card,,but the problem now is to make existing home owners to pay off their mortgage bills and tied to their home than giving to the bunch of immigrants aspiring to buy out from them in a give away price....

    Honestly speaking, we are indirectly responsible for this credit crunch...

    I blame more on the Onsite/Offshore model.....

    wait for some time...time is the good medicine and it will heal by itself....

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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-08 01:48 PM

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  • champu
    03-12 02:39 AM
    All EB3 and EB2 dates will be current next month for all of you except Mexico. Mexico will be current after drug cartel - law & order situation will be stablized. Stimulus Bill also has performance enhancing drugs for USCIS.

    My bottle is empty now. Good Night Good Luck...


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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 02:20 PM
    Just my 2 cents.

    No. It is worth 2$ write up... not 2 cents :)

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  • getgreened2010
    10-18 12:56 PM
    Can anyone tell me how to open an SR so that I can expedite my application on the basis of financial loss. I have applied for AP in august 2010 and I have travel plans in 1st week of December. Thanks in advance.


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  • prem_goel
    07-31 07:05 PM
    Of the hundreds of thousands of July 07 filers, who paid a mere $325 for their I-485 application, do you think USCIS will devote the time/effort to constantly keep track of the applicant's eligibility of 485 over the next several years???? It will take atleast 4-5 years for several of us to finally get a visa number. Several of us will move/have address changes during these years.

    It took them 2.5 years to process these...imagine the nightmare if they were to try doing subsequent rounds....

    Keep in mind that 485 eligibility is not just tied to employment but also FBI name checks etc. Do you think USCIS will keep on doing name-checks every other year, or issue EVL's every other year if/when they see for instance, an address change?

    Dude...USCIS is already on its way of bragging to the congress that it has pre-adjudicated all these 485 applications. I think if they touch these pre-adjudicated applications, then someone has to answer to someone of what is going on...why haven't you still worked on this? why are you devoting your time to these old 485 applications when there are new ones yet to be processed.

    I think once the application is pre-adjudicated...that's it!! I don't believe USCIS will spend anymore time and resources to these applications again...until a visa number is available from DOS and they apply the number to the pre-adjudicated application....my 2 cents!

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  • ameryki
    08-26 05:46 PM
    i just saw this on sahara one..the commisioner of DOT of NJ is a desi.....


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  • perm2gc
    08-23 09:21 AM
    unless I am egregiously mistaken, I 140 is totally employers and not employee's. How can you invoke FOIA on that? I mean freedom of info doesnt mean a breach of privacy or disclose "compny/personal" documentation. Nixstor..i have only same view but i dont understand how USCIS is proceeding...As per gc_in_30_years it seems possible..but never trust Customer Support at USCIS..Many Dont know the rules..

    gc_in_30_years..let us know when you got the copy.

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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-22 11:14 PM
    Just Thought

    There is 200k application without 140 approval, this is including july filers.

    there is lot of chnace for those who got their I-140 approved, even their PD '2006.

    you can see people getting approved PD'2005 EB2 cases, even then VB says now 2004'apr for EB2.They are not processing based on PD now and in future also i gues.Since we have already filed.PD will restrict only to File I-485 in future.

    - satish

    TSC approving old PD I140 first and that is suffient for demand supply ratio. no approval possible with PD'2005 EB2 cases for contries like India.


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  • saimrathi
    07-10 09:25 AM
    Yup, Gandhigiri will work.. We have lots of time in our hands.. British enjoyed their 300 year stay in India.. Lets enjoy our stay in US also.. at the hands of our employers, lawyers etc.. :o

    Lets not hope for results just act. If Gandhi could drive Britishers out of India using this approach, USCIS is also made of human people and sure they will do something to lessen our pains.

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    03-19 11:38 PM
    BTW, i'm curios as to what u shoplifted and where...? :(

    I second you on it, I am curious as well.


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  • pappu
    10-16 08:07 AM
    H1b humane-hear my story..it cannot be as inhuman as it can be..(i have written the story in one of the forums before also..)

    My PD-Oct 2001..Eb3..My wife RIR-almost making it thru I140when all hell broke loose in our lives...my wife was pregnant and because of stupid gynaecologist..she ended up in hospital with complicated premature preganancy..guess what..as if it was not bad enough..her company got acquired just when she was admitted in hospital...imagine wondering about health insurance when she was kept to bed rest with no mobility allowed..we filed for insurance by mistake..which said that 20% in patient.....we were so shaken that even human resource did not advise us..guess what..baby was born..and it was surmised that baby will have long stay in hosiptal...2-3 months(eventually it was 4 months!)..somwhere around the first month..I realized that her insurance..will rip me off..I called right at the end of the first month..and tried several times to put my wife and baby on my insurance so that i don't end up paying 20%..it was lot of efforts until I found some desi in Blue cross insurance who put the whole family from the first initial month..when normally people get the policy for the following month at that time.

    one down --and then another came..my wife was called to her office from hospital saying that..since there was lot of work in her office..she could come for some days..guess what..she went back..thinking..she could finish work and then take extended leave....guess what..she was laid off..and with baby in hospital..and lay off..plus a rush to change her status to H4 visa..imagine the workload.....finally got her status changed..to h4 visa..with GC and labor in trash...

    I was so disgusted..that I started writing to Governor Shwarzenegger' office..who put me with Senator Diane Fienstein..and of course labor secretory Chao..after all the correspondings..all I got was my D number listed from Dallas..their sympathies...ALL I WROTE to them..Hey I want to change jobs because in those days I was commuting between LA to San Diego..where my baby was hospitalized...I wanted to be with my baby..and not work..but it was not possible..if I did..then I could get out of status...I even wrote to Department of Homeland security...and got no reply...they don't care..I ahve to be illegal to get sympathies..I guess!

    Situation was bad..finally baby was out of hospital and I weathered all with help of Almighty...and now I am so disgusted with system..that I am moving to vancouver...

    But I have another pleasant surprise..my boss wants me to work from vancouver and visit office once in a month...I don't know...whether it is possible...stay in vancouver and visit LA for 2 weeks and then go back and still maintain H1 status..

    what do you say..after all the stress!


    Sorry to hear your situation. There is you and several other members who I have had a chance to speak to, are going through a tough time in life (both on personal and professional fronts) due to not having a greencard. Such experiences are my motivation to work as a volunteer and core member for IV and do something to solve problems faced by several thousands of people like me. IV is currently the only organization in USA working for the cause of legal high skilled immigrants. This IV forum has brought all of us together on one platform where we can share our views and pain. Members have come up with ideas and helped this community in any way they could. Some members decided to join this effort as core members and pledged more time and effort in order to bring relief to all of us. It is not an easy job. There is nobody else to work on the issues we face. You have yourself seen how the govt. and lawmakers responded to you and still did not do anything when you tried yourself as an individual. When we try to raise such issues collectively as IV, lawmakers do hear us. With greater membership numbers and resources we can certainly do much more to influence them and get the laws changed. Members pls. help us increase our membership and funding so that we can all collectively bring about a change and provide relief to everyone in our community. desibechara, If you have decided to move to Canada, good luck to you and your family. Do keep in touch with this forum. Hope we all members of IV can collectively work soon enough to get something done for ourselves to end our miseries.

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  • WaldenPond
    01-25 12:58 PM
    contibuted $100 today thru paypal. its good that you added a link on this site. its much easier to pay.

    Thank You for your contribution us-alien. Every penny of the money you contributed will work for you. Would you like to take up the responsibility to educate your friends or other people you know may have pending GC applications. Request your friends to contribute and tell their friends.

    Thanks again,


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  • xu1
    04-26 08:47 AM
    Let's do it..

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  • sasidhar79
    05-10 06:00 PM
    wow he has contributed , he deserves a better answer.
    we are here to share our experiences and overcome our anguish not to poke fun at each other.


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  • CaveMan232
    10-22 12:46 AM
    Any hopes in EB3 India priority date movement? Hope they work on some legislation
    Are you serious? Maybe we need to request tips from whoever it is that got a GC with 2006 PD.

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  • hebron
    04-22 03:35 PM
    although this doesn't fit 100% to your case. You may want to look at the attached administrative appeals office decision.

    Essentially, a person was denied in eb2 because they had a 3 yr bsc and 2 year masters. they had education evaluationstating that masters indian degree was equal to us masters degree.

    nebraska service center stated that 3+2 is not equal to masters degree. Admininstrative appeals office decision approved it saying that it didn't matter how long the combined study was. As long as foreign masters equals us masters then that is all which needs to be proven.

    My experience has been that texas service center sends an rfe for this 3+2 education. I know of 8 cases where thie decision was shown in the rfe and they all 8 got approved. I know of one case in nebraska where this case was shown and they still denied it stating that it wasn't a precedent decision (person already had another 140 denied and there was some history in his case which i believe caused nebraska to deny it). Odd part was that the appeals office decision was from nebraska service center

    The above mentioned case was later denied. AAO withdrew the approval. See this link -
    http://www.uscis.gov/err/B5%20-%20Members%20of%20the%20Professions%20holding%20Ad vanced%20Degrees%20or%20Aliens%20of%20Exceptional% 20Ability/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Apr282009_01B5203.pdf

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  • Sri_
    03-17 02:01 PM
    My friend recently came through EWR, he had no issue other than more waiting time (approx 1 hr). He just showed his AP & Passport. He was sent to other counter, upon which they asked only one question 'Are you the same person that it is displayed in the AP document' :)

    Everything went cool with him. His I-94 is valid for 1 year from the date of entry.


    09-11 06:23 PM
    Yes.. I own the house since 2003.. Some time love it some time ... don't know..


    10-11 01:54 PM
    I can categorically state that once a category retrogresses, any I-485s with PDs later than the cut-off date DO NOT get approved.

    This happened to 1000's of us in EB3 in 2005 when EB3 RoW became 'Unavailable' after we had concurrently filed I-140.

    Now, this does not mean that processing stops (I got 2nd fingerprinting, etc), it just means that the I-485 cannot be approved until PD is reached. Since my PD (03-may-02) has now been reached, my approval is mere weeks away --- because processing continued up to the point of approval.

    Now, Schedule A's of course, benefit from being able to look at TWO categories (Schedule A and either Eb2 or EB3, depending on how their I-140 was slotted). Whichever of these has a cut-off after their PD, will be the category they get approved under.

    Assuming you get your 485 approved in a week or two, can you tell us how long it took for them to process your 485? If you tell me your receipt date of 485, that will be sufficient. Thx.

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