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  • rock945
    10-11 09:57 AM
    Remember, 245i cases were the NOT the same as the mexican illegal aliens that are being spoken of in relation to CIR .. lots of educated, legal H1-Bs lost their jobs (and their legal status) during the dot com burst of 2000 - 2002. Some of them stayed on even after going out of status, and then became eligible to file for GC under 245i.And needless to say, many more of those H1s came from India than mexico.
    There are also Non-RIR cases that were applied in apr 2001 still pending in BEC. I personallly know few of my friends whose labor is still pending in BEC with PD apr 22 , 2001.

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  • sc3
    11-15 01:09 AM
    let us not be moral police here.

    Its illegal for an employer to charge for H1B. You cannot expect employee to know and enforce the law. Employers know its illegal to charge money and in this case his employer is in violation of law.

    I wasn't moral policing, I was just laying out the legal stand that anybody can have under these circumstances. I am sure that the so called "Desi shop owner" is not so dumb to so flagrantly violate the law when his employee is going by the book, unless the employee is seriously gullible.

    I agree it is illegal for employer to charge for H1B, and of course the employer is in violation of the law, but one needs to ascertain that the employee is not a willful accessory to that violation.

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  • v2neha
    07-09 12:36 PM
    Sent flowers to Gonzales to be delivered on July 10th with IV's prescribed signature message.

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  • sanju
    07-11 01:41 AM
    These USINPAC folks are shameless creatures who will take credit for the sun shining tomorrow morning. Lets send this guy Sanjay Puri, Robinder Sachdev and his fraudsters team a dictionary so that he knows how to spell IMMIGRATION correctly even if he has some malicious thoughts and actions in his mind. All they are good at is to do photo oppotunities and do these frauds where they claim to have worked or be working on an issue. I can also do the fund raisers and get photos taken. But there is where it stops with USINPAC. The politicians walk away with the money and turn their back on them and these guys start looking for the next politician to do a fund raiser for and get photo opportunity. How much more foolish can this get?

    I agree with you 100%. I think Anti-Immigrants like NumbersUSA and Tom Tancredo is better than USINPAC. For Anti-immigrants atleast we know where they stand and we know what to expect from them. usinpac is the worst kind of disease for the community where they can trick you anytime and you will not even know when they are stabbing you at your back. They just want to do photo-ops and claim the credit for the things they didn't even know. I live in VA and most people in Indian community in northern VA know about the inside story of these scamster. Initially a few lawmakers got the impression that usinpac represent the Indian American community, maybe that is what the con-artist at this org conveyed to a few lawmakers. Now everybody in DC area, including the lawmakers, know the truth about this group. A journalist friend in MD told me that even press and reporters know about this totally useless org called usinpac.

    It is one thing if they do something and then claim credit for doing it. The problem is first of all they claim to represent entire Indian American community; on top of that they do not do anything about the any issue including green card issue. But when they see something happening they will try to take ownership of anything moving and will try to make a show that things are moving because of them. Just as in this case, all the members of IV sent flowers and these guys are releasing press release to tell to the world that they are the once doing this drive. Such press release from them is extremely damaging as the basic intent of the ENTIRE flower campaign was o draw media attention. In this case usinpac did not spare all the people spending days and nights to coordinate, Nixtor and English_august and thousands of people who sent flowers. How can someone stoop so low? Now they want to get media attention and that is why they have sneaked in this press release. IV core must come clean on this and clearly renounce these consistent immature acts of these con-artists. This org with extremely bad reputation and we must stay as far away from them as possible.


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  • gcnotfiledyet
    02-28 07:15 PM
    If the amnesty bill passes, you are better off pointing immigration violation and perhaps tearing you passport and claiming being illegal

    Before you tear up passport just remember that you were fingerprinted/ photoed multiple times before coming here and they can easily retrieve your records. Also if you change your names your degrees/experience will be worthless. Be careful while throwing out such comments.

    Is GC worth becoming illegal? If nothing works then leave it on fate and go back. India is not a worthless country. It gives huge oppurtunities. Sometimes I think that if westerners can go there and make money then there should be something wrong with me that I am so scared to go back.

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  • learning01
    04-26 07:32 PM
    The dogs may bark, but the caravan passes on. Just ignore. Read and be informed; but don't post. Don't mention.


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  • acecupid
    07-19 01:39 PM
    I was under the impression based on some posts I read on other websites that even if your I-485 is approved before you applied for I-485 for your spouse, you can still add her if you were married before your I-485 approval date. Can someone confirm this ?? I feel the best way to handle the situation would be to apply for the I-485 of spouse on the date the PD becomes current. Keep all documents and applications ready and file on the first date. Since visa bulletin comes out 15 days in advance its good lead time to make preparations even if the movement of date is sudden.

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  • chansek
    08-28 06:54 PM
    I am happy to share good news, today My EAD status changed to CPO.

    Efiled EAD on June 23, 2008
    FP done on July 18, 2008,
    Card Production Ordered On Aug 28, 2008.


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  • gcdreamer05
    02-02 01:50 PM
    Hi Diptam and others, few questions about FOIA,

    1) My employer does not want to share the original I-140 either, so i too want to apply via FOIA, do you know what is the cost of applying ?

    2) If we apply, will the employer get to know ? does uscis send some notification to the employer that the employee requested a copy of I-140 approval notice?

    Thanks, has anyone successfully got it back ?

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  • defrag40
    11-02 05:24 PM

    I just renewed my DL (9/06) at a local DMV here in NJ, I brought with me my bank statement/insurance, SSN card and EAD card. A nice lady just asked for my SSN and EAD. The whole process took 30 minutes. My DL has one year expiration. I am just waiting for my GC so I can go back and get a 5 year DL. Cheers.


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  • stucklabor
    01-16 03:10 PM
    One question i have and many others like me would be interested in knowing is a clear description on how the money collected will be spent. I understand by reading your posts that it will be totally transparent and will be detailed out every week. But its more important for people to know before hand on how and why money is needed, before they can open up their purses generously.


    We have posted several times that we need the money to hire a lobbyist. We got some financial quotes: it will cost up to $100K to hire a lobbyist for 4 months.

    Why do we need a lobbyist:

    1. We can meet Congressmen's staff on our own but it would be difficult to get appointments. Lobbyists tend to be former Congressmen or staffers with connections who can help to get apppointments.

    2. With the S.1932 debacle, last minute deals were cut and the immigration provisions were removed from the conference report of the Senate and the House. We need someone who can use their contacts and find out what is going on with the bill that has our provisions in it. We need to make sure that our stuff doesn't get thrown out in another backdoor deal. During S.1932 we never got to the actual Congressmen or Senators to plead our case.

    3. We need someone to tell us what exactly to tell Congressmen. We were saying all along that we need green cards because we can't buy houses, can't get promoted etc. But the one lobbyist pointed out that Congress would be much more receptive if we said we wanted to immigrate and the delay in green cards was holding up our immigration.

    Does this make sense?

    Please post and let me know.

    I can understand that people want their money to be used effectively. But please also realize that in the bigger scheme of things, $100 is the average cable bill for 2 months. Even if we don't succeed, it is a far better use of my money than cable.

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  • saileshdude
    07-04 12:22 PM
    I have been a big fan of IV and have been a visitor to IV for a while. I now plan to become a volunteer and join my state chapter and also contribute in all possible ways to IV because I think IV is the best thing to happen to this community.

    Dear gurus - here is my issue and I need some real concrete help.

    I was working for a New Jersey based consulting company on a percentage basis ie 80/20 and all costs towards GC and h1b were by me. I found my own projects and negotiated my own billing rate.
    I worked for this company for 3 years and filed for 485 in July 2007. I am EB2 India with a priority date of March 2nd, 2006. My 140 was approved in June, 2006.
    In March, 2008 my project got over and I started looking for new projects. Market conditions forced me to take up a fulltime job using my EAD and I had to move into a fulltime job.
    As it is safe past 180 days, I used AC21 portability and moved.
    I had been having excellent relationship with my desi employer and in fact also payed up some money to the employer because the client did not pay for last 2 months of my project and my desi employer held me responsible as it was me who negotiated with the client and said it is my issue - for which I agreed.
    I already sent a AC21 letter to USCIS through my Attorney - I am not sure if my file got updated.
    My desi employer wants to withdraw the 140 petition now. He says, he cannot keep 140 petitions of employees who leave the organization and not on w2 and he will have "ability to pay issue"
    I have heard horror stories of USCIS issuing denials and NOID because AC21 letter never reached the file even though it was sent in time and I guess this is exactly what my desi employer thinks - teach lesson by withdrawing 140.
    I spoke to my Attorney and she says "your file may not be updated but we will keep a record that we sent" useful in case we want to respond to NOID or RFE.
    Folks - please post your AC21 success/horror stories when previous employer withdrew the 140 petition.
    What are my options to avoid a NOID or denial
    Thanks in advance

    I am in a similar situation , though not exactly the same. In my case I was laid off and my company is going to revoke the I-140 because the position is not there any more. I pleaded them not revoke the I-140 but they said they have to withdraw it as they do not want any liability. My company has about 30,000 employees. I also have the same question as to how I should avoid NOID or denial.

    I have seen lot of people switch using AC21 but most of their employers do not revoke I-140. I have yet to see cases where a person's I-140 was actually revoked after 180 days and they were still safe and got their GC approved.


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  • xyzgc
    10-16 03:43 PM
    Well said! This is exactly why even I hate such ppl...If they're real patriots they have sooooo much to do in their countries and for their countries. Why migrate elsewhere and contradict themselves like fools? The pblm is...they dont have a clear direction...Like they say "...Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka" (dont belong to a home nor waterside) :D

    buddysinfo the muslim terrorist sympathizer is back with a vengeance! :D this time using this original id. good good good.
    what's cooking buddysinfo? 26/11 repeat??

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  • ags123
    04-07 08:23 PM
    Till 2007 that was how it was being interpretted and then suddenly DOS realised it should be by category and not by country of chargebility.
    The earlier Eb1 ROW>Eb2 ROW>Eb3 ROW spillover is called vertical spillover
    The current since 2008 spillover Eb1>Eb2>Eb3 regardless of country is called horizontal spillover.

    However see in Horizontal spill over Eb2 India backlog takes of the numbers (14k in 2008)
    In vertical spill over Eb3 India backlog takes the numbers(17k in 2007)
    This is because Eb2 India or Eb3 India have older cases and spillover is given seemingly according to PD order.
    So either method wont help Eb3 ROW. Its a double whammy.


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  • axp817
    06-10 09:34 PM
    Thanks for your informed comments. Like you, I am also surprised to find many people in this forum, who are interested in fire arms.

    I don't own a fire arm and not planning to while the immigration status is not yet Citizenship. I don't want the authorities to give another reason to look into my case. I just go for fishing once in a while.

    But our family owns two guns in India and have worked with guns from childhood.

    Another point is I am very much impressed with how the Americans manage wild life and the nature in general. They enjoy it while preserving it. India does neither. We just destroy it, and write eloquent speeches on nature protection.

    Thank you, always glad to help. Many years ago, I was looking for answers to these questions and had to do my own research, internet forums weren't as big then.

    I am a hunter as well, and when I went through hunter education, I was amazed to learn how serious the west was about wildlife and nature conservation. Hunting is a very important part of nature conservation. Every country that legalizes hunting, does so in a controlled manner in order to prevent a biological surplus in a species' habitat.

    I don't fish that often, except for the odd deep sea fishing trip when the weather is nice, but anything that can get one outdoors breathing fresh air wins my vote.


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  • arc
    07-19 01:54 PM
    Best 485 Tracker:


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  • CaveMan232
    10-22 12:46 AM
    Any hopes in EB3 India priority date movement? Hope they work on some legislation
    Are you serious? Maybe we need to request tips from whoever it is that got a GC with 2006 PD.

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  • himu73
    09-05 04:38 PM
    Recently I returned after a one month trip to India. At DC airport the CBP secondary inspection officer grilled us rough. First he called my wife and asked why did we leave US. She told that since my parents are old and not in good health we visited them. Then he started asking for documents proving it. And told us that without documents he won't let us enter. He went on to say that AP is only on humanitarian basis and unless CBP officer is satisfied with proof they cannot allow AP holder to enter. Finally after convincing him for another 30 min he let us in.
    This was a really shocking experience. Are employment based GC's AP supposed to be treated like humanitarian AP? or was the CBP officer over reacting? Gurus please throw some light.

    I have used AP at least 4 times this year while coming back from Europe,India.I came through New York(JFK),Newark(EWR). Only once I was asked a question about whether I have EAD. The officer didn't even see it,otherwise the only exchage with any other officer was 'Here are your documents.Have a nice day'.
    I think you might have been a one off case where the officer didnt know what he was doing.

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  • Macaca
    08-13 07:45 PM
    They started blaming Aman Kapoor saying that he is rubbing his idealogies over already stressed immigrants - this was ridiculous and I am so sad that people have such thoughts.

    Only a person with more contributions (and achievements) then Aman can blame Aman for his idealogies.

    If anyone else throws shit at Aman, the shit does not stick on Aman. The shit falls back on the person's face.

    Only a lower single digit IQ person is not wiping the shit that fell back on his face.

    02-10 12:01 PM
    Any Ball park amount I should expect as attorney fee for the MTR ? I know some one mentioned about a CA attorney who does it for $500 but since I don't have H1 as backup , incase if I need switch back to the 2nd employer it is better to keep the current attorney ( 2nd employer ) . looks like he may not come cheap . they asked whether I want to file for Adv parol and it will cost attorney fee $800 . ( I don't have a clue why asked when my I485 is in denial stage) .

    I looked at the I290B form and looks not so complicated.

    But in this situation I do not want to take the risk of filing myself .


    I-290B is pretty straightforward and I helped my friend with his filing and we were successful in getting his I-140 approval. Having said that, whether to self file or hire a lawyer will depend on the complexity of the case and the reason for denial. If its a straightforward case/denial (wrongful) and you have all the documents to prove it otherwise, you can go ahead and file I-290B yourself. Otherwise, hire a lawyer. Did you get the I-485 denial notice yet and whats the reason for denial?

    07-10 09:08 AM

    I seriously hope that the Director of the USCIS understands our "Gandhigiiri".

    We dont want the Americans thinking, "hey lets keep screwing these immigrants and getting stuff like free flowers and free blood from them"

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