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  • JunRN
    12-19 01:09 PM
    You will also see "Approval notice sent". It means the card is on the way to your mailbox.

    I feel for all of you whose EAD is not yet receive. When my EAD was pending for more than 90 days, I wrote an email to the Ombudsman. I don't know if it helped or not. I just got RFE notice 4 days after sending the email. After replying to the RFE (photos), I got my EAD with no problems.

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  • av2004
    07-02 10:45 AM
    Friends, I read this article which is an opinion about President's immigration speech and loved most of it (coz it was quite unbiased and straightfoward opinion): Obama Fails to Square the Illegal-Immigration Circle - Victor Davis Hanson - The Corner on National Review Online (

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  • inskrish
    02-23 12:54 AM
    �All my life, I had the option to choose between hate and love. I chose love. And that is why I am here today.�
    AR Rahman after winning his 2nd Oscar on Feb 22, 2009.

    That truly is the thought of an average indian, outside India.

    Yes, Congrats ARR! Now, the entire USA, Hollywood, and the world will start looking at the skills of Indian artists and their abilities. Soon, we will see ARR's presence in Hollywood.:-)

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  • venetian
    01-04 07:56 PM

    Thanks for the sequence, it is helpful.

    Hello Everybody,

    I know many of us are frustrated because of EAD delay. I am one of them and today I called up USCIS.

    Here is the sequence.
    1) 1 800 375 5283
    2) 1,2,2,6,1 receipt notice# 1,3,4
    3) you will have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes and one of the officer will come online for you.......


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  • hpandey
    04-14 10:39 PM
    Hi Luckysiri

    There are two things in play here.. first of all don't worry about the insurance since you can get covered under Cobra.

    Secondly I think what your employer did was obviously illegal. It looks like you have been made a target for layoff due to your maternity leave coming up. I am quite sure that I have read about this at couple of places that it is unlawful to do so . I will try searching for it and you also go through your company's employee booklet. There are laws for protection in this kind of situation to protect the employee ( the employee can't be terminated while on maternity leave , disability leave etc ). Search for it and maybe you can come up with something.

    You have worked hard for six years .. no reason to stand for the discrimination.

    Best of luck

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  • himu73
    09-05 04:38 PM
    Recently I returned after a one month trip to India. At DC airport the CBP secondary inspection officer grilled us rough. First he called my wife and asked why did we leave US. She told that since my parents are old and not in good health we visited them. Then he started asking for documents proving it. And told us that without documents he won't let us enter. He went on to say that AP is only on humanitarian basis and unless CBP officer is satisfied with proof they cannot allow AP holder to enter. Finally after convincing him for another 30 min he let us in.
    This was a really shocking experience. Are employment based GC's AP supposed to be treated like humanitarian AP? or was the CBP officer over reacting? Gurus please throw some light.

    I have used AP at least 4 times this year while coming back from Europe,India.I came through New York(JFK),Newark(EWR). Only once I was asked a question about whether I have EAD. The officer didn't even see it,otherwise the only exchage with any other officer was 'Here are your documents.Have a nice day'.
    I think you might have been a one off case where the officer didnt know what he was doing.


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  • amitjoey
    05-18 04:40 PM
    I hope there are new members signing up for the monthly contribution. Most of it I am hearing are the questions about why IV needs the money.
    If you are a new member or recently signed up for contribution, please write here.

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  • tejonidhi
    01-04 03:37 PM
    MY wifes EAD is approved today after following the procedure that I have written today. I am hoping that mine will be approved soon.I guess the Officer did take the necessary action to bring the documnt from Storage.


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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 03:29 PM
    How can you judge God's intentions when you don't know Him? Can you prove that God does not exist?

    a 20 year old girl had injuries because of acid attack on her and she was in hospital praying god to save her life.But she died finally(

    If god exists , he/she should listen the prayers and save people.

    This is just one example.There are millions of incidents which proves that GOD doesn't exist.

    It's just out belief that GOD will do some good for us.

    problem is that if we believe in GOD , we'll start living with false hopes.

    No Hope is better than false HOPE

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  • tcsonly
    07-21 04:28 PM
    I guess our members need some education about different things like how the senate functions, voting system, & etc. Read more guys before commenting and bashing the politicians.

    There is a lot of information related to legislation, and political matters posted by one of our members, Macaca.

    That will save a lot of time for you and the other members.

    BTW, this amendment was not ignored by IV. There was post on 7/18 alerting about this (the voting was 7/19).

    If my guess is right, currently IV core is busy working on something bigger than this that they cannot disclose at this point.

    So, to support the core, contribute as much as you can now, and in future. Once you get the EAD, after receiving the GC also.



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  • chanduv23
    10-10 07:36 PM
    Sounds like a plan... pick up the phone and call them right away, you have committed to some serious dead lines over here :D

    BTW Slate ( 54 W 21st St) is also a good place to hang out... they pool tables/ping pong good music too

    I wish they had blackjack and slot machines too - not a problem i will take them to Mohegan Sun or Trumph Taj before they baord their flight :D:D:D

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  • mikesin
    04-07 06:08 PM
    Thanks Karthik but I am just an MS :)
    But one thin I enjoy is problem solving and this is one of the hardest out there as it is dynamic.

    With Eb3 India the Horizontal spillover methodology kills most hope as there is the large Eb2 India backlog. In 2007(I think) the vertical spillover methodology was followed and Eb3 India got 17000 or so visa numbers. So with Horizontal spillover and no number increase I am sorry to say movement is limited.

    Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on ROW EB3?


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  • trueguy
    08-16 01:45 PM
    I got a reply for these letters from my local Senator. She just said thank you for expressing my opinion about this bill and she gave me the latest status on it.


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  • cygent
    07-17 07:52 PM
    Thanks aadimanav,

    I have emailed & faxed Rep. Henry Waxman, CA 30th District
    Also 2 legislators here - Senator Sheila Kuehl and Senator Mark Ridley Thomas
    Update: Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer as well

    I will send more tomorrow, and will post here. Come on People. The time is NOW.


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  • Macaca
    06-17 09:59 AM
    In November 2006, Secretary Chertoff discussed a risk-based approach to homeland security threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences:

    [T]he core principle that animates what we do at DHS . . . is risk management. It is a recognition of the fact that management of risk is not elimination of risk. There is no elimination of risk in life, and anybody who promises every single person protection against every threat at every moment in every place in the country is making a false promise . . .. What we do have to do is identify and prioritize risks -- understanding the threat, the vulnerability and the consequence. And then we have to apply our resources in a cost-effective manner, using discipline and common sense in order to minimize the risk without imposing undue cost on our communities and our families.

    Despite Secretary Chertoff�s continuing emphasis on risk management, USCIS performs FBI name checks without the benefit of risk management modeling. In recent visits to USCIS field offices, a number of leaders have questioned the usefulness of the FBI name checks citing some of the same concerns discussed here. The process is not working and consideration should be given to re-engineering it to include a risk-based approach to immigration screening and national security. The U.S. Government Accountability Office recently noted in a report that �[w]hile the Secretary of DHS has expressed a commitment to risk management, DHS has not performed comprehensive risk assessments in . . . immigration and customs systems to guide resource allocation decisions.�

    Every effort should be undertaken to identify and remove persons who pose threats to the United States, which would include rescinding immigration benefits after USCIS has granted them. It would be irresponsible for law enforcement entities to stop their investigation of a potential crime merely because the person who is the subject of their investigation has obtained a green card or U.S. citizenship.

    Similarly, it would be illogical to think that delaying issuance of a green card or U.S. citizenship will prevent a criminal from committing a crime. Considering the protection the FBI name check provides, the cost of government resources used, and mental and actual hardships to applicants and their families, USCIS should reassess the continuation of its policy to require FBI name checks in their current form.

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  • dba9ioracle
    09-08 01:55 PM
    Do you know many of the deals/contracts are done in a golf course ? That's why your account manager has marketed you with higher rates. Rate is not always based on skill sets.

    You should start playing golf and you can market yourself too..


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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 01:01 PM
    Most of the folks are missing the point about the prior years approval numbers. All the approvals from 2004 - 2008 are padded with huge visa number from FB spillover and the recapture provision of AC21. From this year onwards we have to live with the usual ~3K per country per category limit. This is the reason why Charles Oppenheim is predicting decade long wait for EB2 I/C and all EB3's. We continue to beat down Oppenheim claim with our own numbers, but he knows more about visa numbers than any one of us.
    Let us dream about recapture being a panacea to the problem. There is only limited amount of visa's to be recaptured (~180K) even with that not all categories can become current. Also during that last recapture debates there where lots of suggestions to stagger the usage of recaptured visa over a long time frame like 5 yrs. Even with recapture, the date movement will not be rapid, but it will be remarkably better than what it is now.

    Yeah you are right. 180k visas will clean almost will 2006 end but then those 2007 and 2008 onwards has to live with 3k apps. removing counrty cap along with Recapture helps all ..

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  • kittu1991
    08-26 02:53 PM
    Even if its multiplied by 100 we should be ok, if the USCIS does a good of not waisting visas by doing their best in the month of Sep. Say we have 6500 * 2 .25 (Family) = 15000people waiting from EB2 2004. Looking at the spillover numbers from last year, we might be lucky enough. Just trying to be optimistic for the next 35 days.

    We received our 2nd biometric appointment notice for Sep 11th. Our Notice date is Sep 19th 2007. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for something good. :)

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  • singhsa3
    05-02 09:16 PM
    Just curious. what is your definition of "upper management"?
    Please note , it is NOT a sarcasm

    Buddy, your tone sounds hostile and as I said we're staying here by choice - but let me tell you this, after getting an MBA (with financial aid) from a decent school here, staying here for a decade, getting into upper management of a large company and having US born kids, I'm relocating to India after the summer. I've just secured admission for my first born from here and it went without a single glitch.

    So, YES, I've tried it, I'm pretty darn willing to and I got a strong pair of balls!


    04-02 02:34 PM
    EB3I will move to 2005 in coming months

    03-19 03:32 PM
    We could not even pool $10K for FOIA. For lobbying, one needs lots and lots of money in the range of 100K -200K. What can IV do? Can you explain what you mean by "something'? if all of us EB3's can pool 100K, then we can request IV to do "SOMETHING". Hope every one understands this.

    How is anybody sure that by spending 5K or 10K, you will get what you are looking for? Just because somebody quoted 5K fee for such an information (which may be their standard response to such custom information extraction requests), it does not mean it can be readily found. If it were that easy, USCIS/DOS would be using it. The fact remains that PD related information does not exist other than in physical paper applications/files related with LC, I-140 and I-485. There is nothing on the system based on PD's. Don't we see it in guesswork used for advancing and retrogressing PD's. Note that for most immigration applcations PD's do not play any role. Only when at adjudication time, birth country is noted to be India/China, the officer has to check PD with respect to current cutoff dates. Systems are not designed for handling any processings based on PD's, so quick access to such information is not available - with a fee or without a fee

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