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  • vahdam
    11-01 07:39 PM
    i guess the theory sounds feasible, but practically speaking, it cannot be executed at this time.

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  • swami_nag
    02-15 06:46 PM
    I agree with the increased demand, but again this isnt a result of the booming economy all these years

    This is a result of the same bodyshoppers luring these wives to a profession their MS specialization wasnt based off, why would someone majoring in Electrical Engineering need to be a QA engineer and also get

    Weed out these consultants or alteast adjudicate cases carefully to clear the clogged up system

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  • desi3933
    08-10 10:43 AM
    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: CA

    I have worked with a company on h1b from 1st jul to 12 nov in 2007 on h1b visa. They did not pay me for last 45 working days. My employer is telling about the following clause in in my offer letter:

    SALARY: You will be paid an amount equal to a 70% basis of your bill rate based on the understanding that you will work with us for a period of at least one year. If you leave Company before completing 1 year of employment your compensation will be adjusted to a $55,000 per year basis and the excess amount paid to you will be deducted from the last two months of your salary.

    Please let me know whether this is legal to have this kinda clause in offer letter. Is there any way to get my salary?

    Thanks much!

    What is your salary on H1 LCA? Is it 55,000 year?

    If you're paid > LCA Salary, then probably nothing much can be done.

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  • a1b2c3
    01-13 05:26 PM
    I don't think you're following it too closely.. every year it creeps up a few early 2005 months, becomes unavailable the last quarter then in October jumps back to late 2003
    completely unexplainable monkey business !!

    If that is the case, I stand corrected. This whole country quota is unfair, that was my only point.


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  • vishaal
    05-11 12:41 PM
    The IV wikki does not address this point.

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  • pappu
    10-12 02:08 PM
    Thanks NYC gal for taking inititaive on this. your help is very much appreciated. i have changed the name of this thread to include 'contacting media'. members can use your letter template/modify it and contact news organizations they list on this thread.

    this is a great resource to find all news org contacts


    just enter a zip code and it will show you web addressed and media contacts of all people in your area. I suggest members NOT USING the form and submission on this site. the submissions might get filtered by AILA. However you can pick up the web addresses and email addresses of all editors and imp reporters from this tool. use these addresses in your own personal mail id and send emails via your own personal email ids and not via this tool..

    Lets Roll !!


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  • sachuin23
    04-20 11:45 AM
    Obama has done something. He made sure that we are in this pell mall because democrats are not getting additional 12 million supporters. Had he been only 50% passionate towards immigration as he was towards Health Care, we as well as millions of others would have been out of this mess. Lets see :). I am expecting a surprise before 2012 elections.

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  • casinoroyale
    07-01 04:28 PM
    I have a I131 (AP) renewal question. My first original AP was issued on Nov/2007. I understand that it expires in 1 year( I do not have the AP doc right in front of me right now). Also I traveled to Mexico in May 08 using AP and was stamped on AP as paroled until May 2009.

    Is there a 120 day rule to file AP renewal (like the one for EAD)? Do I need to file for renewal of AP now (120 day before) or close to May 2009? I have filed for EAD renewal 1 month back and am still waiting for approval, will it cause any problems if I file for renewal while EAD renewal is pending?

    120 days before expiration of AP not what is stamped as paroled until.
    EAD renewal will not interfere with AP renewal.


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  • TomTancredo
    01-15 06:26 PM
    I have been thinking for a long time to own a gun but due to my H-1B status could'nt own one. My I-140 was approved last year and now I am working on EAD.

    I am wondering if anybody else in a similar situation purchased a gun; I mean after he/she started working using EAD. I tried to research the issue but the law is not clear on the subject.

    I think this is a wrong forum . you might want to get in touch with NRA (most of the members of NRA are very conservative ) .... They might help you or make you a plaintiff in a lawsuit.. Supreme court may very well favor you given their recent second amendment rulings :)

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  • yabadaba
    06-28 01:17 PM
    yea...this is effective july 2nd...so if you I140 reaches then...you cannot use premium processing


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  • Macaca
    10-05 09:35 PM
    To their credit, the editor has added a comment for further reading on the legal limbo faced by foreign-born scientists from a page one story written last year.


    Dr Ona (= DrOna = drona) :D

    WSJ could find 1 article in 1+ year but have 4+ articles on undocumented workers per week, with a CIR dead for ever. I tried to post this but they closed the blog.

    Only a forever ignorant can continue to post that media (and everyone else) is ignorant about the distinction between legal and illegal. They closed this blog because the blog was getting filled with EB GC issues which are not of interest. Here is a 4+ day open WSJ blog (http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2007/10/01/that-was-fast/) on H2B.

    BTW, blog post has more effect then email because others can read a post and hence puts more pressure.

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  • ita
    11-08 05:18 PM
    Happy Deepavali to everyone.


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  • miranda-kerr-and-orlando-loom

    07-14 06:12 PM
    We should this opportunity to get the USINPAC to join our fight for timely immigration benefits. Now that IV is an established voice for the immigrant community, hopefull USINPAC will be ready accept IV and join the us.

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  • kittu1991
    08-26 04:32 PM
    Forgot to mention "Good luck with your GC in Sep..

    Same to you. Do you have any update on your case or do you know the status of your case?


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  • singhsa3
    08-12 09:29 PM
    Thank you guys, I will compile this sometime tomorrow.

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  • nrk
    08-11 01:17 PM
    Don't worry rangaswamy, most likely your date will be current in the coming months (before december 2010 for sure)

    good luck

    Thanks for the info. I went and pulled up the 9089 filing and just saw that the filing date was 15th may 2006, the expiry date was 3/31/2008 and hence i might have incorrectly assumed that the filing date was 2 years before that.

    Sucks! i missed the cutoff by a week


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  • raju123
    04-09 01:59 PM
    Gandhiji has a kind of magic, which can't describe in words. I don't agree with a logic that people wanted good leader and they accepted him without question.
    At that time, returning British viceroy always advising incoming viceroy not to personally meet Mr. Gandhi, otherwise he will emotionally trap you. He had real magical power.

    Gandhi was a great man no questions, he had the all the intellectual, personal and spiritual qualities required to lead the nation. With those qualities alone, he could not have convenced more than half a dozen people. The nation at that time was in need of a leader like him. When they found the right man, the followed without questions.

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  • sanjay
    07-06 11:11 AM
    Even my papers were filed on 2nd july before revision of VB. My questions:

    Since VB is revised, my application would be rejected and sent back to Attorney's office. But when? How much time does it take USICS to send these application back?

    What if it goes beyond October bulletin? If by chance (which I doubt), my dates become current then how would I be able to file my papers again, since medical reports are still with USICS, they had not returned it yet?

    Any ideas?

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  • dpp
    11-04 03:14 PM
    There is nothing to discuss on this. Just take the cash to any national bank SBI or ICICI or UTI and ask them i want to wire trasfer to US bank account. They ask you to fill up wire trasnfer form by giving US bank accout and routing numbers. They just do it by taking some fee for wire transfer. Thats it. You will get into your US bank account in a day. Thats for sure. I did this number of times. I don't know, you guys make it complex everything, by saying NRE/NRO/RBI etc. It just damn simple, do wire transfer.

    I know this is possible although I did not try this. I think you need to get a certified letter from CA. But can you give the money from your account and again have them gift you ? I mean wouldn't the bank check this is the same money that you gave to your parents previously.
    Btw, you can get upto $100K from your NRE account without RBI's permission. Also you deposit your Rent, interest etc that you get in India, into the Repatriatable NRO account and repatriate here in USA.

    05-06 12:59 PM
    Please go and take some english writting classes first. Your english is very poor. Taking some classes will help you in longterm. MBA in US is taught in english not telgu. An MBA from a shady univ is not going to help you anyway and USCIS is cracking down hard on bogus porting these days.

    Can you take some writing classes first? Your English is full of typos and grammatical mistakes.
    How do you know if that person knows Telugu?
    Why do you have so much hate against Telugu people? Are you an anti-immigrant?

    09-15 02:41 PM
    Now that you have seen 'good' results, what have you decided? Buy or Rent?

    we have close to 200 votes... I never imagined the % will so much higer..... around 80%...

    Thanks again.

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