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  • skp71
    10-11 08:06 PM
    EB3-ROw will continue to move like now or will it slow down in the future? My PD was Sept 13, 2002. Desperately waiting for that. Any idea?

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  • sprajulu
    08-26 04:10 PM

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  • ivgclive
    05-09 04:41 PM
    USCIS has a list of colleges in their database.

    So before paying money, make sure that it is worth. USCIS web site has the list, you can search and find.

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  • apb
    07-25 01:48 PM
    Delivered on July/19th.


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  • sunil2312
    02-01 04:26 PM
    HAs anyone seen this.
    How is this going to effect our efforts for lobbying

    Check this out


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  • gcisadawg
    02-23 11:13 PM
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    does that mean one can't wear armani and carry curd rice and chicken curry? Try it, you wont be sorry! :cool:


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  • rsharma
    07-03 01:45 PM
    Thanks lazcis. I would like to know if a person who has H1 valid until jan 1, 2009, files for AOS on oct 5, 2008 and then goes out of the country in Dec 08 and get paroled into the U.S as "AOS" in his/her I-94, using AP. What happens to this he/she still deportable even though that person is now officially on AOS.

    Gurus, please comment as I am sure there are a few of us in this category.

    I am not a lawyer and not a guru. However I am stating my understanding from this new memo.

    Based on the example Sunny has provided, this person will be under parolee status till (whichever occurs earlier)
    1. End of the date mentioned in the I94 when peroled in to US.
    2. Decision is made on his/her I485 petition.

    From then onwards he will be deportable if his/her I485 is denied. Then his illegal presence will be counted from the next day of either 1 or 2 (mentioned above) whichever occured first.

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  • desi3933
    06-24 10:29 PM

    May be you're right. for the benefit of the others, can you provide more info, and any basis for your statements. This would be useful information to have for a lot of affected individuals. Is there any reference to INA or CFR that one could look up?

    the following are desi3933's comments:
    - sertasheep:Accruing over 180 days will entail a bar of 3 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    - sertasheep: Accruing over 365 days will entail a bar of 10 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    - desi3933: 3/10 year ban applies to unlawful presence only and NOT for out of status. If I-94 date is passed, only then person starts accumulating unlawful presence. There is a BIG distinction between unlawful presence and out of status.

    Yes, there is a distinction between if the I-94 date has expired, or if it is valid

    Sertasheep -

    Here is a link that has details about both both Out of Status and Unlawful Presence. Please note that 3/10 year ban applies only for Unlawful Presence case only.

    As per memo -
    Aliens Admitted Until a Date Certain: In general, an alien admitted until a specified date will begin to accrue unlawful presence either:
    * when the date on the I-94 (or any extension) has passed, or
    * if INS or an IJ makes a finding of a status violation, whichever comes first.

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

    desi3933 at


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  • senthil
    02-23 01:45 AM
    ARR - great inspiration

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  • sachuin23
    04-19 03:48 PM
    The best thing we can do is to support IV on their action items. The core is more informed about what would be best for the entire community.


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  • garybanz
    11-29 02:01 PM
    Thank a ton for the help, Can you please tell in more detail what i need to do/say there? I have heard that people are being turned back pretty rudely at local offices. Also do i need to fill any forms before i go there?

    Thanks Again,

    Is this what you were mentioning?

    Field Offices
    Local Offices will no longer accept and adjudicate Form I-765 for an Interim EAD. The Service Centers or NBC will be responsible for adjudicating the pending I-765 and issuing interim or non-interim documentation. Upon receipt of Form I-765 requesting an interim EAD, local field offices are required to perform the following tasks.

    � CLAIMS Verification
    o Underlying application remains pending
    o Determine if RFE has been issued, thus tolling the 90-day adjudicative requirement
    o Form I-765 remains unadjudicated
    o Biometrics have been captured�if not, refer to ASC
    � Contact NBC or Service Center to initiate EAD production�either Interim or Non-Interim
    � Provide Notice to applicant acknowledging status inquiry.

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  • dagabaaj
    12-17 02:57 PM
    we have professional lobbyists. and they cost the erath.
    and that is why we need contributions. as long people "don't believe" we don't succeed. it's up to you, it's your issue as much as mine. professionals cost a lot of money, and this thread is quibbling over 20 and 50 bucks. anyway who is the knight on the white horse coming to rescue us? it's just us buddy, and we have to do our best. i like your analytical thinking. we need you to join in and help. any number of volunteers is less imho...

    .....if ppl want to contribute lesser amounts all they need to do is find some like minded friends pooling their resources and making it into a big one time contribution. I have tried to convince some of guys I know over here but to no avail....less said the better...also tried using the charm of a good bottle of scotch to do the good.....but we need to keep trying......bickering will not lead us anywhere....


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  • knnmbd
    04-03 10:59 AM
    I understand that you guys have done a lot with limited resources, but trying to isolate yourself from the issue of illegal immigrants issue is not going to help us either. We need to use the momentum of illegal issue to sneak in our provisions (which we already have with the advance degree provision, exception of spouses from cap,capture of unused visa numbers).

    I think you are wrong in stating that I do not grasp the issue that AILA is only interested in illegal immigration issue and not in EB3 retrogression. I know that more than you can imagine, which is why I have been urging the forum to stop asking every one to fax the senators with requests to remove hard limits by country or even concurrent filing of I145 when visa numbers are not current. I read on post by a junior member where that person DID GET A CALL BACK FROM ONE OF THE SENETORS OFFICE AND THAT GUY COULD NOT ARTICULATE THE ISSUE WHEN THE SENETOR ASKED HIM IF THE ISSUE WE ABOUT INCREASING H1-B�S.

    Exactly what happens when thousands of people contact senators instead of one fax from one organization with one point of contact just so that if some one actually calls back from the senator�s office we at least have some one who could explain the situation in a way that makes sense?

    Also, I know how difficult it could be to get an amendment in just as well as you and I also know the fact that the real interest is in solving the illegal immigrant�s issue. The reason for that is the issue that the U.S has is with ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION. The EB retrogression is really our problem, not some thing that is going to raise alarms in the senate. Which is why any amount of hue and cry is not going to change the situation? We should be glad that the advance degree provision, recapture of unused visa numbers and exemption of spouses from cap will make way for a few people and in the process clear up the backlog in EB3 category. We need to back this unanimously instead of trying to introduce new amendments in the last minute. No offence but

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  • Chris Rock
    01-22 01:38 AM
    I sent to PM to some of you.



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  • zico123
    06-25 07:18 PM
    Does visa means stamped in the passport or even the approval notice?
    I think visa means stamp on passport. Approval notices indicate that you have legal status as an alien.

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  • neel_gump
    07-19 03:51 PM
    My friend posted his 485 on June 17th and he got a receipt date of July 14th. At this rate, I am thinking I am thinking atleast 3months for July2nd filers..

    So, October 2nd-Gandhi Jayanthi (Birthdate) seems to be more realistic..


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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    11-08 08:53 AM
    A quick analysis of election results and its relevance to us:

    As of 11:45 PM PST, House has gone to Democrats in a landslide; the Senate is on its way depending on outcome in Montana and Virginia. If Democrats win MT and VA (Jon Tester in MT, Jim Webb in VA), the Democrats would control the Senate too...

    Thirdly, Jon Kyl almost lost his Senate seat in Arizona. If it’s any indication that anti-immigration noises are no career-savers, this may be it.

    I agree with everything as you said. Darn, but certain Congressmen from Wisconsin and Colorado made it back - of course, without the clout.

    As Fareed Zakaria pointed in a recent article, (I cannot find the link, somehow) Immigration reform is the only issue that George Bush, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Rudy Giluiani and Nancy Pelosi agree on! How many such issues are there? I cannot really think of one!

    But, would like to point out something about Senator Kyl, who may have voted against CIR finally. But, he has not been against legal immigration. In fact, he had co-authored the Cornyn-Kyl version, that was a variant of the final compromise version being floated in the House. As far as I know, he opposes only certain aspects - but does not have an anti-immigrant stance, as such. He is, of course, better known for his work in healthcare legislation, where he has been very close to what most doctors have supported in terms of Tort Reform, to reign in rising Helathcare costs. In other words, he is more balanced - that may have been the saving grace. But, your analysis is also correct - voting against CIR did not bring him a landslide!

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  • jayZinDC
    04-02 01:04 PM
    Your motivation is very simple, lets say there are 10 people in line with one service counter, the service counter processes only 10 apps at a time, but if you are an Indian in line your time taken to process is longer. Now what are the solutions? We can speed the Indians in line by opening up new counters to service them, for that we need more money (aka contributions). Now 2 people are processed in parallel . So new people can enter the line (in the past they could not until the dates got current). I hope you get the message very akin to what you would do in the semi conductor industry. I am guessing your dates are not current and hence you are unable to apply, now more people in line getting processed means dates move and you will be current, then apply get an EAD now your wife can work. Then the US starts to become like heaven.

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  • aditya
    11-10 01:56 PM
    game over for lame duck

    Michael chertoff
    12-30 08:49 PM
    I always loved this board for what it does - especially the Gurus who always spend their precious time giving input to member's queries. Well... this is not query. I just want to vent my frustration, helplessness to fellow friends in this board. In spite of graduating from a reputed univ with a Masters and very good GPA and also having 7 years of professional experience, I am bound to be a slave to my current Employer without any promotions, career growth or anything remote to that for next (God knows how many Decades) several years. ppl who are junior to me in every aspect are growing left and right and are also getting brighter opportunities. I dont care if you guys think I am jealous of them.... But does God really exist ? sorry for wasting your time with this depressing note. I guess there is a limit to how unlucky I can be !! call me a cry baby but I am one real unlucky individual !

    How old are you my dear friend?


    10-10 04:49 PM
    Here is what I dont understand..
    245(i) cases are supposed to be hindering forward movement of EB3 cases because of Apr 2001 deadline. I would guess that majority of those cases are from Mexico (I am sure there are some from India as well). Now if that is true, then how come Mexico dates have moved to the month of May 2001 while India EB3 is stuck in April 2001 for the last so many months?

    Just wondering..

    This question has been bugging the HECK out of me as well. I mean the only way this makes sense is if 245(i) + EB3 for India >> 245(i) for Mexico. Now from all that i have read/heard/seen, it seems like 245(i) is the major hurdle. Then how is it that EB3 India is stuck and everyone else is moving? The above equation must mean that there is a SIGNIFICANT number of 245(i) cases from India as well. Any thoughts anyone? :confused:

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