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  • drona
    07-10 10:30 AM
    Location Date Local Time Description

    LANDOVER, MD 07/10/2007 6:30 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY
    LAWNSIDE, NJ 07/10/2007 5:00 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
    LAWNSIDE, NJ 07/10/2007 2:29 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    LAWNSIDE, NJ 07/09/2007 11:39 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
    SADDLE BROOK, NJ 07/09/2007 9:48 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    SADDLE BROOK, NJ 07/09/2007 8:57 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN


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  • CADude
    07-06 12:47 PM
    All you guys in DENIAL mode. Like Home seller in todays market. take chill pill and enjoy the life (what ever left after fisaco). :)

    If the USCIS cashes the checks and then returns the packets (total $1490 in my case), is there any legal recourse to get a refund from them? Since they are pretty much doing whatever they want, this thought just occurred to me.

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  • theOne
    05-15 12:03 AM
    Yes you are right. We need patience till you get your GC...I know its hard but there is no other way but swallow that pride. Its very hard to do that..speaking of which this anti-indian guy who sits next to me at work was making life horrible for few weeks. Things are sorted out now... I have a great Manager.
    I really feel sorry for Neelima's family... wish I could have helped them.

    Can you explain how you sorted the issue ? I had a similar issue once though on a lower scale. I let it simmer down without actively working the issue.


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  • needhelp!
    04-02 01:24 PM
    Seems as though every time there is a funding drive there are always people who come with questions that have been answered so many times before. It almost seems that these inflammatory posts are deliberate. All the answers to such questions are already on the forums and it takes less time to search than to post.


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  • delhiguy
    07-06 01:24 PM
    Even if we concentrate only on getting our money back, USCIS will be scr..d big time. The total money will be in Billions.

    They would just increase the fees , and we will paying them that money back.
    State never looses...

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  • akred
    04-15 05:57 PM


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  • a.j.2048
    10-02 08:01 PM
    His child is born in USA and thus his child is US Citizen and so he can only apply for US passport. He can not apply for Indian passport for his child.


    You have to register the birth with the consulate (to get an Indian birth certificate) within a year using this form (see part II) (, following which you should be able to get an Indian passport. The USA will not issue a visa on this passport since it considers the child to be a US citizen. However, US policy in this regard does not matter if the child never travels to the US.

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  • gcwanter
    06-28 01:57 PM
    I live in Tx..If I file today...would it help if it reaches tommorrow....for PP-I140??...Where is tjhe form for applying PP-I-140...somebody plz answer....

    I907 is the form for PP


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  • rockstart
    08-03 09:36 AM
    The only thing that can help us predict Sep bulletin is how many visa # have been used so far from 2009 quota. Since USCIS will be rushing to use up all visa # the quantity can least give us an idea if dates will move few months or few years. USCIS should not have trouble with either since they have so many pre-adjudicated applications to take care of both scenario's. I am pretty optimistic (realistically confident) that there will be a forward movement.

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  • mugwump
    12-11 09:14 PM
    We should do 10 & 11 irrespective of the awful VB - all look good

    i am not sure if any one of you has tried donating blood in the US, i have, and have been refused a couple of time for reasons ranging from

    you have been to india too recently, need 12 months of continued presence in the US


    our records show that last year India had an outbreak of Malaria and unfortunately you mentioned that you were in India then...


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  • JulyFiler
    09-22 02:31 PM
    and yes education. The difference between Legals and Ilegals has to be constantly highlighte. Illegals take and take and take from the society. Legals give and give and give.

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  • nixstor
    10-10 04:21 PM
    True! People with PD's closer to the current PD's can anxiously wait on the next bulletin to see if their PD will become current. It doesnt make sense to discuss the same point over and over when aplicants PD is far away from being current. Does it? It doesnt help to have a prediction thread for the next 2 months on the forum's mostly discussed topics. Does it? The worst part is it is infecticous and every one does it.


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  • superdoc
    09-23 07:50 AM
    I think your plan may work out just fine. I would make a couple of suggestions:

    1. If you are taking LOA from original employer, for practical purposes (for USCIS), you are not employed with that employer any more (they go by pay stubs). But if doing so helps to avoid revocation of 140, go ahead and do it that way.

    2. Because you will actually get your pay check from new employer, you are employed by them (and you will work on EAD with them, make sure that this is mentioned on your I-9 form). No matter how much ignorant your employer is, they will have to have I-9 on file and it must have your EAD (not H1).

    3. After doing this, you will be on I 485 pending status (no longer on H status), and so make sure you have current EAD and AP all the time.

    4. If something goes wrong with your I 485 (very unlikely); you will have to leave the country and enter back on H visa and work for H visa sponsoring employer (probably your old employer).

    5. It is perfectly fine to not file AC21. AC21 is needed only if you do not plan to join original sponsoring employer after GC approval. However, if you do want to file AC21, you do not need much documentation from your new employer. It just needs the simple letter stating your job position as a "physician" and brief job duties (briefer the better!) and salary (should be proportional or higher). If you do not file AC21, you may just keep that documentation on file with your attorney (which I would do to be on safe side). The implication of having this is as follows:
    --If you have this documentation (even if not filed with USCIS), at the time of approval of your GC you will have the option of just staying with new employer or going back to original employer.
    --If you do not have this, you will have to go back to original employer after GC approval with a "good faith intention of permanent job".

    PM me if you have questions about what I said above, and I will be happy to talk to you.

    Good Luck.
    FYI -- what is I-9 and what does the employer need to do for that?

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  • hmehta
    10-16 06:25 PM
    Probably your lawyer is correct that you cannot take advantage of family leave (maternity act) with less number of employees in the company than required for that.

    From what I understand about H1-B, you CAN take leave without pay - no problem with long as you are on your company payroll i.e. your employement is not terminated.

    Does any of you know what rights for maternity leave has a pregnant H1B visa holder? I want to stay home next year for 3 months to take care of my baby, then start working again.
    From what I know I can only have the 6 weeks of short term disability.
    The Maternity Act does not apply in my case because the company I'm working for has under 50 employees.
    I asked my lawyer if I can take any unpaid leave without loosing my H1B status and her answer was that I can change my visa to H4 or become a part time employee for a while. I do not like any of this options because I'm in my I140 stage with my green card and I do not want to lose it at this stage, after waiting for years to get my labor cert approval.
    Your answer would be appreciated.



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  • Almond
    01-02 07:47 PM
    Thanks Almond. At this point, I am hoping USCIS will at least allow me to change jobs (remember - I am on 7th year H1b - approved I-140, did not apply for I-485 due to retro). some members here said this is possible and some other members said I cannot do this. so I am confused if I can do this or not. If at all USCIS lets me do this, it would be great if I can find a new employer who can do EB-2. I am praying to God to help me while I try this route. I am not asking too much here... am I ?

    No, not at all. It's perfectly normal to want to advance in life and to want to move on to better things. I think the best thing to do right now would be to go for a consultation with an immigration lawyer. Or, if you cannot afford it maybe you can schedule an InfoPass appointment and ask the rep there what your options are. But I'd say a lawyer would be the best option.

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  • vikramy
    12-30 01:17 AM
    This Russian guy is a Crazy, Sick, Day dreamer


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  • unitednations
    04-20 11:57 AM
    Same case was with me. They picked on my 3 year bachelor degree. Can i do appeal after 2 years ?

    Not appeal but rather re-filing as a fresh 140. The labor doesn't expire as long as you had filed an i-140 in the past when the labor was valid.

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  • casinoroyale
    06-24 09:49 PM
    Anyone got their AP renewal approved? How long it is taking these days?

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  • h1techSlave
    03-17 02:25 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient. Fed measures such as interest rate cut and pumping money into the banking system is causing the dollar to fall thus further weakening the economy.

    I say, we all write to Bernake that some 10, 000 immigrants will buy homes if we all get a GC. 10, 000 may or may not buy a home, but let us just polish the numbers a little bit. 10,000 * 300,000 (average home price) = 1 million billion dollars . Actually the total figure is 3 billion $$; enough to give a massive jolt to the sagging economy. I think we should also write to Wall Street journal and all major news paper organizations about this.

    In America, people gets recognized when they offers a solution for a problem faced by the country. Whiners are (who write to Bush or Senators) do not get noticed nor are respected.

    05-02 05:15 AM
    GDP - per capita: India $2,700, US - $46,000
    GDP total: $1.09 trillion v. $13.79 trillion
    Inflation rate: 5.9% v. 2.7%
    growth rate: 8.5% v. 2.2%

    It may make sense for you, I am not completely aware of the situation in India. I agree that the situation with GC is bad for EB3 India, but I think there are plenty of opportunities here as well. Just do not base your decision on emotions, keep your cool...comparing India and US by GDP does not make sense.(it is like comparing heaven and earth ..but though US may be rich ..the question is are you becoming rich here ..which varies from person to person) actually when you make a decision to go back ..the question to ask if do I have a better future in India or US. India is growing but you have rotten, stupid, dumbF, (you can keep adding adjectives here) politicians ..just see the recent quota policy endorsed by none other than Manmohan singh.
    but if you feel family ties are more important, children will get better education in India //then make a move. but it is one way street as far as US is concerned ..because it is next to impossible to come back and start over again ..the good thing is US is losing its sheen while India is getting better in terms of jobs and other countries are becoming more welcome.
    for many ..quality of life in India is much better (in terms of social / party life) ..and I guess they know how to play the system. one of my friends who is a US citizen completely relocating to Pune ..taking with him 20 years of savings / investment ..

    03-01 10:42 AM
    Hi Buddies,

    I got the offer from GTSS inc NY for H1B, is that a good company? how do they treat their employees, Please reply its urgent.


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