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  • atul555
    06-10 02:56 PM
    for self protection.. I can Jackie Chan anyone's ass if they mess with me.. :D
    Yet if unemployment reaches 20-25%, I will need a glock.. or if the NWO opens up the fema camps ;)

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  • EBX-Man
    05-06 05:42 PM
    Agree on ur second point, however I was surprised with the context that "ok lets see how much we can buy the MS course and how soon can i finish it" as supposed to it will be great to do MS and lets see how I can furtherey ar my career with an added benefit of getting C in case of GC process.

    Again just my thoughts.

    How can some one further their career if they cannot take a higher qualification job because of AC21 constraints. MS or not i am sure that these people are qualified for better jobs, but they cannot advance their career because of lack of green card. To rectify that situation they are planning to do MS. So they are planning to do MS to further their career as you suggested which according to you is the right and moral way. I don't see any reason for surprise

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  • vagish
    04-28 09:41 PM
    I tend to think a point system is better than what we have now. One thing though is that the points should be allocated "properly". For example, more points should be given to people with higher education, who earned a US degree, who have worked in the US for more years, who have paid more taxes, etc.

    Someone mentioned a good point is about the visa number limits. If the per country limits are not eliminated, the points system won't solve the problem. Of course, they should also give more points to people who have passed Labor and I140 and allow them to adjust status right away. Otherwise, we will further get stuck in all the backlogs. Poor us. :(

    I think if all the above issues are solved/cleared, probably a point system is good for us (i.e., EB based immigrants who are now stuck due to backlogs and retrogression). :p
    Once you have a point system , a whole lot of people will be qualified, many more than currently on H1B from other countries , it will again clog the system, remember for canada the waiting time in india is 5 years now for skilled people who have enough points.

    Again it goes to the basics how many skilled ot semi-skilled people they want in this country.


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  • syzygy
    07-10 09:13 AM
    Lets not hope for results just act. If Gandhi could drive Britishers out of India using this approach, USCIS is also made of human people and sure they will do something to lessen our pains.

    I seriously hope that the Director of the USCIS understands our "Gandhigiiri".

    We dont want the Americans thinking, "hey lets keep screwing these immigrants and getting stuff like free flowers and free blood from them"


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  • chanduv23
    10-05 05:55 PM
    I am a "she" by the way and perfectly capable of walking back after 1 paid for and 2 free drinks:cool:

    Do they have good food too?

    Heard snacks are good - good enough for the sides when you do your 1 to 3 drinks - well get an alcohol meter with u, just to make sure u r doing fine.

    laborchic - is doing a chic dance for all of us

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  • xlr8r
    05-14 04:39 PM
    You've hit the nail right on the head, buddy!

    4) Be positive in your attitude, improve your communication skills and dont act servile.
    5) Most desis are hard working and responsible people - nothing should hold them back - not certainly the need for an image makeover.

    All fellow desis take care and enjoy your life here - life is too short to be depressed about the green card everyday. Most important thing is you stay happy everyday - here or in India.


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  • niklshah
    08-24 08:28 PM
    can some one pls list the documents which we need to sent for renewal of AP and do we need to sent photographs too with the application?

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  • pappu
    08-22 03:55 PM
    What's Next After 485 Receipt?

    trackers for EAD and AP :)


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  • Marphad
    04-15 12:23 PM
    Thanks ilikekilo for the information. My husband medical coverage will start on the same day of his joining date. There is no waiting period. We need to find out what kind of healthcare plan they are providing and check whether my hospital and OB is under there network.

    Would you like to expose the employer's name?

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  • she81
    09-27 02:23 PM
    I guess using our degrees to pass on a message is a fool-proof idea. That can immediately catch on with media like flowers did. If not stoppers, we can write our message in bold colors on the degrees.

    Indeed thoughtful. I'm all in for it.


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    10-22 12:45 PM
    While this question may sound redundant, I want to make an honest attempt to understand it. How does creating media awareness translate into making politicians understand the complicated issues suffered by legal immigrants? Further do they give any weightage to the fact that the stories are in the media and therefore they need attention?

    I am biased towards the opinion that we might have already run enough media stories. I believe that the real fight now is to convince the politicians to do something about it. Propaganda and lobbying is the only thing that works with politicians in this country. And you have to choose a medium that politicians directly refer to. Meeting politicians and their representatives in person is most effective I believe. With due respect to your views, Pappu, can we discuss some of these questions?

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  • kbsyed61
    08-15 09:20 PM
    Applied for EAD extension on July 18-2008 (expiring on Sep, 2008), less than 90 days. Today (Aug 15, 2008) received an email saying "Current Status: Card production ordered." for self and wife. No idea whether it is 1 year or 2 year extension. APs are still spending.


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  • stormlake
    10-01 12:09 AM
    yahoooooooooooooooooooooo :D:D:D

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  • srt57
    02-09 04:03 PM
    My wife applied for LC as Business Analyst with Bachelors and 5 years of Exp.

    My wife has done her Bachelors in Engineering from Bombay. She had more than 7 years of exp at the time of filing. The job required 5-7 years of exp with abachelors Degree.

    She applied to Atlanta center and it took around 5 months and no audits that we know of. thenshe applied for her I 140 which took around 3-4 months. There was an RFE for exp letters since the lawyers did not give it during her I 140 filing. After the lawyers responded to her RFE, her I 140 was approved in 15 days. Now she is waiting to apply for I485.

    I hope this gives u an idea that u can apply for EB2 as BA if the job requires Bachelors and 5-7 years of exp.

    Thanks for the info. Do you know which ONET occupational profile was used on the PERM application. The closest one I could find for "Business Analyst" was "13-1111.00 - Management Analysts" which has a JobZone of 4.


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  • ronhira
    06-03 10:27 AM
    just becoz u'r kid is not good in spellings.... it doesn't make it mandatory for some folks to be jealous in demeaning way...... maybe you feel bad that a 10 year old has better english vocabulary than you at 40..... whatever it is.... u'r not always in competition with u'r surroundings........ grow up and appreciate the effort & dedication that breaks human limits..... even if it is a 10 or 12 yr old.....

    software can write software too...... then y do we need programmers.... y do we need eb2 and eb3?

    y do we have 100m race if we have cars? y do we have swimming contest if we have boats & ships that can go lot faster....

    have an appreciation for things around u..... just becoz u'r not good at something..... or just becoz u don't think its important to u..... it doesn't mean that it doesn't have any meaning...... there is lot more to this competition that meets the eye..... u'll value it only if you open u'r eyes and make an effort to see.....

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  • TheGreatMan
    07-06 02:29 PM
    Its a question.. THIS IS NOT A RUMOR ...

    Are they even filing a lawsuit ?? If they are SO READY, where is the big press release saying USCIS SUED !!!!!!! :cool:


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  • nozerd
    07-22 12:39 PM
    Here is what people forget in this debate. They point out disadvantages of Canada over US. Fewer jobs, High taxes, extreme cold etc.

    No doubt US is better than Canada for most people. That is why US is our first choice and Canada is backup - not the other way around.

    We arent talking about people who have a choice here. If you had choice between US GC and Canadian PR we would always choose US blind folded.

    But we are people without much choice. Yes we have choice to go back to India, and it may be a good choice for thoise who have come recently and have work exp in India. But some of us have spent 10 plus yrs in the US, have US degrees, never worked in India etc. For us it is extremely difficult to move back to India when we dont have a days work exp there. Ofcourse if you are SC/ST or OBC o reserved category your kids have great future there but not for other "normal" people.

    So what other choice do we have. Well English speaking countries you can migrate to and who are taking people as PR's are:

    1) CANADA
    5) UK.

    UK is very difficult to go to as PR. The points required are extremely high. Unless you have MBA from top 10 school or make over 100 K it is difficult.

    Singapore is a good option also, but cost of living is high and you can only apply for PR after working in Singapore for 3 plus yrs. Also Singapore is not a democracy.

    New Zealand economy is 10 times worse than Canada

    That leaves Australia and Canada. Well Canada is closer to US, but Australia has better weather. Canada is less racist but Australia has cricket :).

    So bottom line is conduct this discussion as if US is not the option. If we could stay here with PR for sure we wouldnt even be having this discussion.

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  • franklin
    09-12 02:42 AM
    How the hell can all the catagories after EB3 be current yet EB3 be back logged???? By rights they should be unavilable until we are current.

    This is just so unfair.

    i can not put in to words just how anoyed i am right now.

    It really should not have been a surprise to anyone.

    Why not put your money where your mouth is? Come to the rally to help make a big change!

    Donate to the cause!

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  • gunsnkars
    07-19 02:05 PM
    // you are right on the money!!But i don't see any use for guys with PD>2006 coz anyway they would have to wait for more than 3 years to file their spouses bcoz of retrogression. y not wait for PD's to bcum current at a later date and apply together..GET IT!!! //

    Only use applying for 485 now single is to be eligible to apply for EAD anytime. And if your spouse decides to study (F1) or work (H1), you can apply and get your EAD and use it. Once the PDs become Current, you can add her case (AOS) and her EAD too at that time.

    If you think that your spouse would remain on H4 no matter what, then you are correct, there is no use filing 485 alone now.

    What say ???

    "you can apply and get your EAD and use it" what does that mean???your wife can still change her status after coming here on H-4 irrespective of whether you have applied/not applied your 485. EAD is of no use to you coz u r already working...It is only of good use if your wife can work!!!

    11-08 04:59 PM
    Hey, I'm about as Anglo Saxon as you get, and I wish all Hindus here and their families a happy Diwali. I also sent a Diwali card to a friend earlier this week.

    Just a matter of respect for others and their cultures.

    There is a point that we are viewed (incorrectly) as an Indian group.
    However, let's not ban Diwali, or Christmas, or any other celebrations.

    I don't think it is very popular when ACLU sues local governments that put up certain Christmas decorations.

    04-18 04:19 PM
    Enough. Please close this thread.

    No insult meant, but pl don't close this thread: it is indeed a comic relief to read thru some mails. Points like 'what would fix India's problem?' in a
    supposedly-multinational forum, somebody complaining that they could not recurit new donors because of mails pertaining to India and rupees, hi tech programmers asking for exchange rates while they could google it or visit wow, the comedy is getting better ever since people let go the prediction threads. Pl don't stop guys.

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