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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 02:48 PM
    From the above link: "Police say the suspect fits the description of a gunman who robbed another man earlier this morning on Michael Road, and shot him in the leg. The victim in that incident is expected to recover".

    Indian news sites are saying the guy is dead! donno what to believe

    The news item was posted on January 13th and it appears at that time the guy was only wounded in the leg. I think he was declared dead in the hospital.

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  • genscn
    06-25 09:38 AM
    I have a same question regarding travel on existing AP when AP renewal is pending. According to the statement on the form, we can't travel.


    We have several sprinkled threads on AP Renewals so this is an effort to create a thread which can capture all AP Renewal Questions & Concerns.

    To begin with, i have posted the following question in one of the other AP-threads but did not get much response. So lets beging with clarifying this issue - Gurus please give your 2 cents on this aspect.

    Previoud Post begins here:

    I just read this in the I-131 instructions, so if i hold a valid AP now and apply for renewal and go to India and enter back using the existing AP, does it mean my pending I-131 renewal will be abondoned? :eek: (page 4)

    If you travel before the advance parole document is issued, your application will be deemed abandoned if:

    A) You depart from the United States; or
    B) The person seeking advance parole attempts to enter the United States before a decision is made on the application.


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  • gauravsh
    07-03 10:28 PM
    all though I have a permanent job and valid h1 till 2012, with i140 cleared. I am planning to move back to india. I am all supportive for this law suit.
    I also wish to add a clause to add SSN and medicare to be returned back in this law suit.

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  • bsbawa10
    01-14 11:48 AM
    This process is a mockery of the PD cutoff dates, but that's how it works. If you sent your case on June 28, 07, with July 2, 07 as the printed Receive Data on your receipt, but the case where it finally rested, was entered in their database on Oct. 28, '07 (with a Notice Date soon thereafter), you case will not be looked at, no matter what the PD cutoff date is, unless all cases received before Oct. 28, '07 have been reviewed.

    Exactly, it is a mockery, they are playing with carrers, time and our money on H1 extenstions , EADs and Advance paroles.


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  • rajuram
    05-27 12:20 AM
    Time to wake up and push this bill. IV should motivate members to write to law makers. Also have a funding drive.

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  • pappu
    10-11 10:58 AM
    currently we have 39 members online on this forum. can we expect 39 mails by EOD to the economist and science magazine?


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  • floridasun
    12-30 09:45 PM
    thats the problem.... I cannot switch to another job as I am in the 7th year of H1B and I-140 approved but did not apply for I-485 yet. friends told me its risky to switch jobs now as I may be out of status.

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  • knnmbd
    04-03 10:59 AM
    I understand that you guys have done a lot with limited resources, but trying to isolate yourself from the issue of illegal immigrants issue is not going to help us either. We need to use the momentum of illegal issue to sneak in our provisions (which we already have with the advance degree provision, exception of spouses from cap,capture of unused visa numbers).

    I think you are wrong in stating that I do not grasp the issue that AILA is only interested in illegal immigration issue and not in EB3 retrogression. I know that more than you can imagine, which is why I have been urging the forum to stop asking every one to fax the senators with requests to remove hard limits by country or even concurrent filing of I145 when visa numbers are not current. I read on post by a junior member where that person DID GET A CALL BACK FROM ONE OF THE SENETORS OFFICE AND THAT GUY COULD NOT ARTICULATE THE ISSUE WHEN THE SENETOR ASKED HIM IF THE ISSUE WE ABOUT INCREASING H1-B�S.

    Exactly what happens when thousands of people contact senators instead of one fax from one organization with one point of contact just so that if some one actually calls back from the senator�s office we at least have some one who could explain the situation in a way that makes sense?

    Also, I know how difficult it could be to get an amendment in just as well as you and I also know the fact that the real interest is in solving the illegal immigrant�s issue. The reason for that is the issue that the U.S has is with ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION. The EB retrogression is really our problem, not some thing that is going to raise alarms in the senate. Which is why any amount of hue and cry is not going to change the situation? We should be glad that the advance degree provision, recapture of unused visa numbers and exemption of spouses from cap will make way for a few people and in the process clear up the backlog in EB3 category. We need to back this unanimously instead of trying to introduce new amendments in the last minute. No offence but


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  • The7zen
    04-16 02:21 PM
    Is the donation link broken? I clicked on the donate one time button, and it takes me to smiley page. Did anyone else have this problem.

    If anyone knows the link that works please post.

    I just tried and it works, can you try again....also make sure you log in.

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  • memyselfandus
    08-14 07:17 AM
    This is my first message after so long time...
    USCIS stoped issuing interim EAD before years... We just been to local office this Monday and they said they don't issue it any more..

    Do you have offical link to this memo??

    Here is the official link


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  • saimrathi
    07-11 11:42 AM
    I second that motion :)

    I dont think we need to waste our time about such non competent organizations , let them take the credit , it just shows that this was a great idea. Looking at their website it does look like they have some good contacts .

    I think immigration voice should write them a formal letter and ask them to publicise this to their "contacts" ..

    If they got themselves into this picture well,lets put them to work!

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  • arnab221
    04-25 10:32 PM
    The problem here is not the immigration system it is sheer number of people who want to become permanent residents . The queues in Canada and Australia are far far far smaller so the point system works smoothly. The main disadvantage of the point based immigration system is that if the people in the line increase, the points will be immediately be increased so that fewer qualify .Then there will always be people like Lou Dobbs who will say that "potential immigrants will get points only if they make 240K a year and are 25 years of age". The UK is also restricting people by increasing the point based system. Now people who make 35,000 GBP a year do not get any points in the HSMP. The age also has been decreased in HSMP. So the point based system works where the queues are smaller unlike the US. The risks of point based system getting changed everyday are far larger than the US based system , which gives Green cards without any hard and fast numbers like salary , age and qualifications .


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  • gc_mania_03
    02-15 05:41 PM
    Take a look at option from Colorado State Univ Distance Education website. They have a MS(course option), where you need 10 courses to obtain a MS. Each course approx. costs around $1600. So, you are looking at a total of ~17k.

    They will also waive GRE requirements if you give evidence of your experience in the industry which looks like is not a problem.

    The degree certificate they give you is no different from the certificate one would obtain if one was to attend school full-time and complete the same MS course plan.

    Some courses could be completed in summer as well. So, if you can take 4+2+4 over one year during spring-summer-fall semester you could be done in 1 year. I am assuming you don't care about grades, and hence taking 4 courses should be manageable to just get a pass grade.

    Best of luck with your search


    I have 3 yrs degree + 1 yr PG diploma. I have been working in industry for past 17 years, and don't think any degree or even doctorate would add much to my qualification for the job that I am doing.

    I am currently filed in EB3 category, and new company I am changing job to are ready to refile my GC. But they won't file my GC in EB2 category, as I don't meet the 4 yr BS requirement.

    My son will be in the highschool in 4 years, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on getting MS to myself. But for the GC I am looking for fastest and cheapest way to get MS program. I have no idea how it works, what qualifies me for a degree, what can I get credits for. Any inputs would be appreciated.


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  • iheartindia79
    09-08 02:07 AM
    Delivered on July 2 thru Fedex.


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  • augustus
    07-19 04:29 PM
    My documents reached USCIS on July 19th 2007.

    EB3, PD- August 2005.

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  • at0474
    03-21 04:28 PM
    "1) Name of the City where Visa was issued: ( Did you write Advance Parole ?)"

    --I put USA.

    "2) Date of Visa Issued: ( Did you write Date of issuing Parole ?)"

    --Did not write anything.

    "My wife has gone to India. She has her Passport with her two Parole Approvals and her new extended H-4 Approval. Does she need anything else other than these documenys ? "

    --That's about it. Doesn't need anything else. If she is not getting her visa stamped and planning on returning on AP, she should just give AP to the officer and say that she is seeking entry on AP. Officer would direct her for secondary process where she will get her AP/i-94 stamped.

    I guess you gave a copy of your documents to your wife. Even if you did not, you shouldn't worry much. She should be ok.


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  • hunkuncontrolled
    04-01 04:41 PM
    I haven't applied for green card yet. Is IV only for GC purposes or it addresses other issues too which makes life of H1b holder hell?

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  • sachuin23
    04-19 03:48 PM
    The best thing we can do is to support IV on their action items. The core is more informed about what would be best for the entire community.

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  • sanjay
    07-06 11:11 AM
    Even my papers were filed on 2nd july before revision of VB. My questions:

    Since VB is revised, my application would be rejected and sent back to Attorney's office. But when? How much time does it take USICS to send these application back?

    What if it goes beyond October bulletin? If by chance (which I doubt), my dates become current then how would I be able to file my papers again, since medical reports are still with USICS, they had not returned it yet?

    Any ideas?

    09-26 12:07 PM

    i say great post! i actually was very happy in aug/sep this year and counted chicken much earlier than the eggs hatched... my eggs have not hatched... anyway, i set up an s-corp and got going... i did on my own name and with just me in it... the purpose of my s-corp was to do some non-IT work i.e. not consulting... though my day job is IT. my immigration lawyer warned me against being self employed for the GC sponsoring job... basically, if the USCIS ever becomes interested in your small business, they can ask any questions... including whether there is enough work to justify a full time employment and the burden of proof will be upon you... so if you plan to use AC21 to switch to your own company, i'd say think about it a little hard...

    as for legal formalities with the state... that was a breeze... i incorporated with the state of illinois... filled out the form (2 pages). put it in the envelope with the check and sent it out... there are some other formalities too... i read the book "inc yourself" which had a bunch of easy instructions and things to watch out for... that was one amongst many books i read... did not consult any lawyer other than my immi lawyer... i use quickbooks for record keeping and have a free business checking account with national city... (i am in the midwest)... dont have cpa or lawyer yet... primarily, i want to learn the law and accounting myself before i outsource to lawyers/cpas...

    all the best, let me know if i can help.. i would enjoy it...


    Back in those exciting/nail biting days of July 2007 ( I think all, who filed their 485, would remember that month throughout life) . There were couple of thread that got started to collect information on how to be our own BOSS and STOP being a slave of your Employer.

    I think it would be a good idea to start a thread (pls forgive me if you think its not such a good idea after all to stat a new thred) and collect some fresh/new/interesting information from people who did try to live thier dream of be their own BOSS. I think it will help other people as well to start thinking about the important steps in the life given the fact the GC is still little too far.

    Please post any information that is relevent to the topic of starting your own company while the 485 is still pending.

    Start the company on Primary's Name?
    Start the company on Spouse name?
    W-2 with the Vendor?
    Independent Consulting?

    07-30 04:58 PM
    Hello there ,

    From now onwards visa dates will be stable. I mean little or big but most of time forward jump .. Not a big swing that we saw for couple of years.

    What bothers me is SPILL OVER. CIS told that EB2 India and China is under their annual limit.EB2 ROW has very less labor compare to last years. For first quarter they had approx 700 LC. if you apply same math then 2800 ~ 3000 LC and 7500 visa needed for all EB2 Row.

    Total EB2 has 40k. India and china consume 6k together. Now there should be SPILL of 24k visas to Eb2 India and china.

    I am not talking about EB1 Spill ( Which is current till date ) . VO told that EB4 will have cutoff date for Still there can be spill from Eb5.

    If no SPILL THEN DATE WILL NOT MOVE SINGLE DAY IN SEP. IF SPILL FROM EB2 only then it will move till MID 2004 . and If more spill then I see we will crossing 2004.

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