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  • oliTwist
    01-14 07:48 PM
    When I click on the link does not work, gives me a message that says...
    "The page you requested is not available right now"

    how do I get there folks ?

    :) I think the link provided by @sri is something that can be traversed from here
    I have logged in and voted for the Immigration Reform, link there. (Searched for Immigration as mentioned by @sri) But, again we have many other posts which are against legal immigration due to financial constraints.

    Please avail this opportunity to vote and highlight our plight, by voice your opinion in the right posts.

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  • indigokiwi
    03-30 08:02 AM
    Thanks for the tip. Posted to FB.

    Shared on my Facebook page.

    Freinds, Its easy to share from Pappu's post. Just use bookmark at the bottom of the post and it will give you options to pick.

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  • yetanotherguyinline
    07-13 01:31 PM

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  • munnu77
    03-08 05:09 PM
    desis will never change


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  • pitha
    07-12 11:41 AM
    If you heard what the restrictionist lawmakers have said about what to do with illegal�s, this retrogression makes sense. The restrictionists want to make life miserable for illegal�s by making it difficult for them to get jobs, this way the illegal�s would go back on there own.

    They are trying to do the same thing with us legal�s (without saying it aloud). If you are from India it will take you at least 6 to 8 years (if you are lucky) to get a green card. Frankly in the fast changing technologically advanced world how many people can hold on to the same job for 8 years straight, they cannot. People lose jobs because they are laid of, the company has run into bad times, the technology has changed and the company wants to move you to a different role or position etc, this way a lot of people have to switch jobs which invalidates thete green card process. They are making your life miserable so that you are broken down psychologically and finally will go away either on your own or because of some arcane rule, example the labor should be applied more than one year before h1 expiration etc, a living example is that Indian guy who posted recently that he is leaving US to work for Microsoft in Canada. This way they get the best of both worlds, you have young people in the prime of there life without any diseases who do not burden there medicare system, working hard and paying social security taxes and medicare taxes (which they will not get back) and in the end they are kicked out or go away on there own.

    I smell a huge conspiracy behind all this USCIS, DOS mess. I believe the only reason they did is to make legal immigrants life miserable. They did all this so they waste EB visa numbers again this year and make legals wait for years before they get LPR. By the time the an individual numbers comes for the green card some of them might become illegals and some after years of frustion have gone back home.

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  • nixstor
    06-11 04:24 PM
    what if Obama does not win :) ..if something has to pass it will pass during this term. things and priorities change after a person gets elected. this is politics 101. I appreciate your optimism and if there is no spill over then EB3-I faces the worst case scenario. as usual the truth is somewhere in between. i.e. be ready for a long road ..if you get before that ..then good.
    as others mentioned ..the only other thing you can do is support IV.
    I follow politics too and politics is very complex for mortals like us. there are many obstacles for Obama ..his tax policies, some of the controversies and mr Rezko ..why do you think Clinton only suspended her campaign but did not close it completely ?


    It doesn't matter what the president wants to do as far as CIR is concerned. As far as CIR is concerned, George W begged it to be passed in both houses well before he became a lame duck. I don't see how the lawmakers on far right can come and align with the far left or even the lawmakers who are in the center. For the CIR to pass through without issues, Dems should control both houses with a big majority. Also, if you are thinking that Obama is going to win this, you are very well underestimating Mac. watch out for the GOP machine in the last 2 months and it will be a different ball game. Clinton lost because her campaign was over confident and by the time they realized they had a string of 10 bad states whose background does not suit her. Mac's campaign can't be over confident after they saw what happened. GOP is going to do its best to further divide the badly bruised Democratic party. Its few states that will decide this election and its difficult to carry states winning only the metropolitan areas. Obama won 5 counties of 90 some counties in OH. If his performance in general election is going to be the same, forget OH. Same situation in WV.

    For now, I feel Obama is a great visionary and ideologue. No one knows whether he will achieve most of the things he is promising to do if he becomes the president. But he has been very logical and rational esp with the gas tax holiday. All said, he looks like a destiny's child. Imagine where he would have been if the Rev wright wreck came before the Iowa caucuses.

    There are so many ifs and buts. our interests are best served with out the big vehicle CIR. If thats the only vehicle, we possibly are going to be held hostage.


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  • GotGC??
    01-30 01:16 PM
    I remember the interim rule saying that:
    - the process of labor substitution itself will be eliminated
    - I-140 applications based on approved LCs (now, only in your name only) need to be applied within 45-days of LC's approval.

    Does someone have the (official) link to this news that DOL has submitted this rule to OMB.

    No, 45 days condition is not for "to file 140 within 45 days of labor approval"
    But it is for the company to substitute the LC for some other employee within 45 days.

    There is no time limit set to file I-140 for the employee for whom the LC was issued.

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  • pdx_Soft_Eng
    04-21 06:37 PM

    I just sent $100 in addition to my $200 initial contribution. It is doable to reach 150K by May 1st if we get some action from non-contributing members.


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  • Phogs
    08-11 01:27 PM
    EB3-P Nov'04

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  • prasadn
    10-30 05:00 PM
    Will it be ok to take zerox copy of Green card both Front and Back of the card. I am not sure whether I can take copy of back side of the Greencard...

    Can somebody post their experience.


    You want to know the "experiences" of people on how to take a photocopy ? I believe you got your GC in EB-2 category, so you should be skilled enough to know this.


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  • ilwaiting
    01-30 07:51 AM
    Atleast this new rule would help speed up that process. 45 days is certaily achievable. attorney must do a good job while asking for the documents upfront.

    I dont think companies are really geared to file for 140 within 45 days of labor approval.

    Most of the companies take 4-6 weeks to just send the documents the lawyers request for filing 140. Then the lawyers, most likely forget something and request more documents. It takes another 2 weeks for company to send those.

    All in all, on average I think companies need 3 months after approved labor to be ready to Fedex that 140 petition. No malicious intent on the part of employer, its just how things are. 45 days is going to make things difficult for many companies and many of the lazy, slow, procrastinating law firms.

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  • sc3
    09-24 01:55 AM
    You are right, it is very hard to digest, even for you, who seems to support it. And, if I may add, your example it too "complicated" for me. Try giving easy example for me, I am kind a slow, maybe I should get some "preferential treatment". Yes, that's the word, "preferential".

    Country quota is NOT affirmative action, nowhere even close. If you are socio-politically dominated by Indian or Chinese, yes, then it is affirmative action. But if you do not come from a place there Indian and Chinese imperial powers have taken over the country, then how are you socio-politically dominated by Indian or Chinese. And if you are not dominated by Indian or Chinese in the country where you came from, then how could it be "like" affarmative action.

    Maybe you yet don't know, but Indian and Chinese EB applications cannot vote and they do not have any representation in the US government. So its not that you are "not properly represented" and Indian and Chinese have all the representation. WE ALL HAVE NO REPRESENTATION. Just so that its clear.

    Your next argument is that you are "overwhelmed" by Indian and Chinese so there should be country-limits. Well, I can understand that, we are very overwhelming people. You see 40% of the world population gets 14% green card, we tend to become "overwhelming" for other.

    Observation: Each time, I reply to each and every part of your post. But you totally ignore what I write. You did not answer whether you think you are equal? inferior? or superior? That is the question. Hope you answer that.

    Quota system treats everybody anything but "equal". And this is not just the question of equality, because I am sure you agree that we are equals. It is the question of PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT. You are in the category getting preferential treatment, so you oppose any change, you "create" arguements that you were "promised" a system when you came, and thus any change to the system, before you get your green card would be WRONG and UNFAIR. So you should continue to get that PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT. And PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT to you is NOT WRONG AND UNFAIR. Right?

    BTW, hope you liked the You tube video, Frank is really good. I do not want you to go, so that's why I posted the video. Hope it helped you to stick around. Now don't say you have the right to watch it 5 times and I can watch it only once because I am from India and you are ROW :D


    I did answer you question, though not explicitly. I hinted that all of us are equal. And BTW: I am an Indian!! (with India as my chargeability area).

    Everybody: no posts about frogs pulling down frogs, alright. This discussion is anything but.

    And Thanks for the vid post. I am a sucker for comedy (anything to get out of the tragedy that is GC process).


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  • Nickjr
    09-24 11:32 AM
    [QUOTE=gcformeornot;292719] :mad::mad:

    We are all protected under first amendment (freedom of speech) so one is free to express their opinions. However I must say that IV never promises to come and get quick solution.Per my understanding it offers members to come share experience decide on stragtegy and with colloborative effort we can surely make a difference.Now if IV is not able to desired result which emans we asa member are not playing our part which we were expected to play.

    Its really easy to blame but it takes really hard to come up with solution. If the author of the above post has some plan of action he/she could share in thsi forum. Again assigning dots is individual choice IN admin never assign points good anology would be when you speak to group of people some people like it some may diagree so why to blame IV..

    Guys lets appreciate efforts of IV .Blame game can never be a solution.


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  • GCneeded
    12-15 04:29 PM
    Posted my story and highlighted our cause.


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  • vikki76
    10-30 06:44 PM
    It wouldn't hurt to verify which 140 is getting picked up. I got paranoid because when I contacted USCIS through service request, POJ and ncsc follow up email in September, I came to know that my application is awaiting visa number when clearly dates for my PD were current since Sept 01. Then I tried calling USCIS repeatedly until I got confirmation that both 140 were indeed in place.
    After I initiated these requests, my app moved from "awaiting visa number" to " assigned to supervisor" after October 1st. In fact, on Oct 6th,there was LUD on 485 and on Oct 28th, a Hard LUD on my approved 140.
    InfoPass won't help much. Usually they just brush people off saying that wait till your PD is current but IO's on phone give more information.

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  • Maverick1
    11-09 04:12 PM
    EAD & AP is luxury & aggressive. Keeping H1B active is being conservative and playing with probability and backup. It depends on your nature. Go for it!!

    If you are planning on a big investment like buying a home or something like that. It is better to stay on H1B so you have a backup if something goes wrong with GC.

    I have seen problems with cases using AC21 when they apply it asking for more details and also sometimes ur I-140 is revoked by your sponsoring employer and USCIS may trigger a NOID for you. Ofcoourse you can file MTR and prove that them that it is legitimate to change jobs using AC21, but if you have H1B also then you have a piece of mind.

    Also for the first job change use AC21 and do H1B transfer also and see for 6 months so that USCIS is already aware that you ve changed company. You can address any RFE/NOID. But later on you are on ur own.

    Okay I like the reply.
    Big investments like house is another point to consider. Right. It is not easy to sell off your house and leave in case AOS is rejected.

    I know it goes without saying that it is individual's choice whether to keep H1 or EAD/AP. As I said I want to know what Keeping H1 brings to the table.


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  • grupak
    06-13 12:45 PM

    2. I have told this before but would like to repeat now... I don't contribute because there is nothing for CP filers here. VISA recapturing is the only effort that would benefit CP filers but anyway the chances of that bill passing is close to 0.

    In my opinion, the biggest sufferers are people in EB3 India or China and who have opted for CP (now guys, don't start lecturing on CP vs. 485. We have heard it enough).

    willwin I understand from your posts that being in CP with retro dates is very tough. No point in trying to compare whose situation is tougher.

    We have a few bills that will help everyone. Instead of getting disheartened, follow you handle and participate in IV efforts.

    The way I see it, if we take action, chance for success increases no matter how minuscule it might seem.

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  • ujjwal_p
    08-19 02:55 PM
    Congrats man! Happy for you and your biggest fulfillment.

    By any chance, are you originally from INDIA? If so, we're pleased to strike off one more suckup from our list of billion people.


    lol.. nice one.. anyway, congrats dude.. biggest fulfillment.. hmm.. sounds like gollum and "the precious".. this is further proof that the first stop after attaining gc/usc needs to be a shrink..atleast for some of us..

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  • gk_2000
    04-22 05:19 PM
    Well per=country limit is part of the iNS law. So its legal.
    From an immigration perspective, green card is a privelege extended to "aliens" and it is the prerogative of the law to ensure a formula thats best for the country.
    INS family based immigration law was the one that conjured up the per-country limit to prevent folks from one country from flooding in. Unfortunately, this formula made its way into EB immigration and we are stuck with the consequences today.
    So if anything, we should bring up the fallacies in per-country limit as far as skill-based immigration is concerned and get the law changed.
    A lawsuit isnt the answer to everything. The chinese EB folks learnt that after spending thousands of dollars and few years on their lawsuit, the judgement they got back was that 'the law is being followed'.
    And the comment below about the constitution forbiding anything, with respect to immigration law, is pure nonsense.

    1. Constitution overrules any law and has the power to render any law invalid. No nonsense here (which means all that you said about INS,INA etc etc is nonsense)
    2. The last para is just your OPINION, so I let it pass

    3. Pls refer to my answer to Bugs Bunny, and let me know if you can extend the discussion from that point

    09-17 01:55 PM
    I dont see this going anywhere. Looks like we will be stuck on HR6020

    2nd order amendment -seems related to illegal immigration and deportation of convicted criminals

    03-10 06:16 PM
    It may be pending i140 from India data.

    I just checked USCIS Processing Times Information pages.

    - I140's are processed only at Nebraska and Texas; Not in Vermont and California.
    - Vermont and California process EB based 485 applications. (So if the data is for 485 then there should have been columns for Vermont, California service center.)
    - The table provided in the letter says "Pending EB applications from India".. in my communications with my attorney, the term "EB (visa) Application" was mostly referred to filing of i140 in EB category.

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