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  • visves
    02-11 06:52 PM
    Absolutely not. AC21 only removs the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand is less than the total of available numbers. In the present calendar year, the overall demand is defenitely more than the total of available number and AC21 priviledges would not apply.

    DOS would clearly violate the 7 percent limit if excess EB2 ROW numbers flow to EB2 china/india. Don't want to get into an argument here, so I will leave it at this. Each person is entitled to his/her interpretation just as DOS has its own. Peace.

    What ever you are saying is absoutly true till year 2000,ie before AC21 act.

    But after 2000, the simple answer is NO. The unused numbers in EB2 shuold go to retrogressed countries in EB2 first, and if any numbers are left then it should go to EB3-ROW.

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  • gsc999
    07-11 07:05 PM
    I'm more of the opinion that White shirts and Denims should be fine. Suit in bay area makes no sense. We are all after all geeky engineers after all.. like some one said!

    Weather forecast for Saturday at this venue = 82 degree F. Partly cloudy.
    Today's humidity level was 46%. As many locals will agree, this is not conducive weather for formal wear.


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  • sc3
    09-24 12:42 PM
    Well, you did not give your easy example, nothing about affirmative action, nothing about representation or overwhelmed by Indian and Chinese thing, and absolutely nothing about preferential treatment. So in-effect, you totally skipped the entire debate, I guess my trick played well, you are now overwhelmed by Frank Caliendo, just as you are overwhelmed by Indian or Chinese.

    And while you "hinted" that we are all equals, you did not say - if we are all equals, then why should there be PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for one group of people over others, unless someone is still practicing APARTHEID. Last time I checked, practicing apartheid is a crime in US and it can land you in jail, not sure if you knew that.

    And while you continue to apply for your green card, you are still charging "India" for that because as per you, your country of charge-ability is India, right? If you are actually from India, have you ever heard of Ron Hira. If not, check it out, you will know who he is. You are Ron Hira of country limits, if you know what that means.

    Hope you liked the stand-up comedy this time. Oh Frank is just too good. I mean this guy could make you laugh when actually you should be crying, you know what I mean.

    Sanju, I did not promise to give you any more examples - easy or otherwise. People have made up their minds, and arguments against the stand devolves into character assassination. While I myself dont care about the dots, and seeing that the discussion started off, at least in part, about unscrupulous distribution of dots, I find it very ironic that I am getting insulting words thrown at me. Either these people cant understand irony, or they really are just learned "angootha-chap", or they are addicted to red-doting people (pretty much bringing the prophecy of the original poster true).

    Ron Hira? I dont know much about him, just saw that he wrote a book about outsourcing, am I Ron Hira of per country limits? maybe I am. But, you assumed that I like the per country limits. I hate a lot of things but I live with it. There are lot of things that we hate but are there to help regulate the environment (among others).

    The point I am trying to make is that such an action will not be "fair" to people who are in queue (who rely on the 7% cutoff to get their GCs). If the congress makes changes to the rule, then people will have to live with it (fair or otherwise)... by the way, most rules are not made to be fair to everyone. But the thing is such action will have a negative impact on ROW, and it is a pity that many ROW dont realize it. They seem to blindly following IVs call of action. There is some saying about blind faith that escapes me at the moment, but the bottom line is that blind faith is a dangerous thing.

    So am I escaping form expounding on my thoughts. Yes, and No. I think I have made succinct argument (based on the laws) as to why things are as such, so I dont see the need to argue further.

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-31 10:32 AM
    The cut-off date is determined by #485, not LC.

    Hi waitingGC,

    Could you please elaborate? I am not talking about I-485 at this point, and I do not know what cut-off date you are talking about!


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  • whoever
    02-06 02:05 PM
    which country you belong to?

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  • fatjoe
    09-15 06:27 PM
    Could we keep calling, even after raising one SR?
    Raised an SR on 08/25/2009. Took infopass on 09/02/2009 and came to know that mine, spose and the kid got pre-approved.
    Recd a response for my SR on 09/04/2009 from uscis saying that my case is being actively processed. Called uscis again on 09/04/2009 and got good scoldings from the 2nd level CSR saying in a rude and harsh tone, that I have already raised an SR and am supposed to wait atleast for 60 days before calling again.
    Could I still persevere and call uscis? I was never so anxiuos or dissappointed before at not getting email.
    Actually, I thought what the heck and tried it from my personal email. And they responded in 2 days. The response was all BS...full of grammatical and factual errors with strange sentence constructions...seemed to have been texted by a highschooler.

    What actually worked was POJ method of reaching NSC IO.

    9/3/09: IO was curt, but I insisted on assigning my case to an IO.
    9/4/09: IO was all sweet and honey...told me that my case had already been assigned to an IO because of my call the previous day. (This is important, folks - getting your case assigned to an IO). She was so approachable, I asked her if she could approve my case now. She obviously said no, but said she would see what she could do. This was the best response from NSC so far. Asked me to wait for one more day. It was long weekend, so had to wait 3 looooong days.
    9/8/09: IO gave the approval news. 5 minutes later, my wife called and got a really annoying IO, who instead of looking up her case, went on a tirade. That night got the email.
    9/14/09: Got the card.

    I did try 2 Senator's office, a really hopeless CongressWoman, both Obamas, both Bidens, Napolitano, Mayorkas, Pelosi, Ombudsman, two NCSC SRs, AILA (through my attorney). And nothing worked. It was funny that the Senator's office called me to wait 60 more days. When I told her of my approval, she was short with me. So, in my case, nothing worked except the POJ method and personal perseverance. Keep on calling until you find a good IO to help you. Good luck!


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  • waitingGC
    01-31 10:41 AM
    Hi waitingGC,

    Could you please elaborate? I am not talking about I-485 at this point, and I do not know what cut-off date you are talking about!

    I'm talking about the cut-off date in VB. No one can get GC if his/her PD is not prior to the cut-off date. The DOL will determine the cut-off date every month basing on how many 485 applications are submitted for processing in that month. Without substitution, VB might move faster.

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  • sravani
    05-24 01:54 PM
    This bill is getting more nuttier :rolleyes:


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  • piyu7444
    05-12 11:10 PM
    This might come as a surprise to some of you, but someone needs to say it out loud. GET A LIFE FOLKS!!!! there is more to life then EB, GC and all. it seem all we desi's can think of is how to get a green card so we can live here with peace and never have to worry bout getting laid off or anything.

    Few points:

    1) having gc is a privilege not a right.

    2) US has every right to choose whom they want to have in their country.

    3) If getting PR or citizenship of a western country is the goal there are many countries which have a fair point based system.

    4) Considering the number of fraud's committed by Indian body shoppers and people who use them, i am not surprised USCIS is extra careful when it comes to Indian applications. Anyone who got his wife with no exp with software dev an h1b visa from some cheat in Jersey knows what i am talking bout . My freind got his wife an H1 after showing she knew software testing even though her major was fine arts and all she was good at was web surfing :)

    5) have a back up. i came here in 2001 as student and have seen it all. I am on h1b since 2004. i knew we have too many people whose sole aim in life is a American GC. to avoid becoming one of those who check processing dates first thing in morning, i applied for Canadian PR, got it in 8 months and i am not even gonna bother applying for labor, i-140 and all those precious life controlling documents.

    Wake up friends, you have options. Don't let your life depend on you application status.



    USCIS has a format which needs to be followed to get a GC. We all know that how much they follow the format/procedure and how much they screw people from India/China (mostly Indians)

    There is no set goal to be just in a WESTERN Country but there is an option to be in US (or for argument UK AUS etc) but that is an option. No one forces us to be here or to be anywhere.........Arn't we here by choice?

    I am now sick of hearing about the fraud on h1b. If 20 people out of 100 are like bad apples does that gives USCIS the right to screw people from that country for GC. What is the relationship here? Why all Indians have to suffer due to some pathetic people? Why do we GENERALISE such things?

    Not defending any of those people but if someone KNOWS S/W testing and that person is skilled in it why cant that person work? Just the damn degree does not gives anything, one needs real work knowledge.

    Could write more but I guess I m done with this post....

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  • tonyHK12
    04-20 12:59 PM
    Hey GG - I did not take offense to your sentiments on B Com. What pissed people off, was your tone and disgust at the poor fellow and his qualifications, especially when you know little about his ability to carry out his job, or his background. In school, or on line -- he earned those degrees. Maybe he didn't have the financial resources to attend the best schools (I don�t know what is IGNOU). His employer has retained him, so perhaps he is good at what he does. He left his home, his family and traveled to some foreign shore to earn a living, not rob a bank. Show some respect. Anyway apologies for anything harsh I have said. Peace.

    I assume you've likely never studied in India though. An bachelor's degree in engineering is not very expensive, if you have good grades.
    10 years back it would cost about $100-200 a year, if you qualified through a state ranking system.


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  • insbaby
    11-03 05:27 PM
    Only 582 people waiting. Why can't USCIS approve all of them over night? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    EB3 - 2006

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  • eb3_nepa
    03-12 07:51 PM
    I am an IV old timer and I was wondering where the IV old timers were?

    black_logs, ragz4u. logiclife, waldenpond, berkleybee, shilpa?

    How many core IV members have already received their GCs besides Aman, just curious?

    Of late is there anything of note even happening on the lobbying front? IV seems to have become another Immigration Portal kinda website where people are now posting all sorts of info, some of it not even immigration related.

    It would be nice if someone in the core team updated the rest of us, who cannot join the state chapters due to personal reasons on the website.


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  • paskal
    07-18 11:55 AM
    Based on my understanding once 485 is filed, one can only get one year H1b extension it does not matter if one uses EAD/AP.

    i thought it had to do with visa numbers being unavailable rather than 485 filing
    we should check on this

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  • rkumar18
    07-18 12:06 PM
    USCIS doesn't use postmark date. Don't sperad incorrect info and don't make other members anxious needlessly.

    July 2nd filers are fine. Don't worry. Just wait for your receipt notices. We have been through a lot of stress in last month and its time to relax now (for those who already filed).

    :D True we've had enough of this BS already.


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  • cashah19
    06-15 09:12 AM
    [QUOTE=manojp4]You cannot do CP for your spouse unless your I-485 is approved (an immigrant visa number is available for you). That is why the adjustment of status within the US is so much more preferable for most people - it lets you and the spouse get the EAD and start working without waiting for the approval of your GC.

    Thanks manojp4, appreciate your help. Just to clarify my doubt, she would need to file a 485 anyhow, before the dates retrogress again, right. Would it matter if I included her name in my filing, along with the marriage certificate. I guess all I am trying to understand is I know 100% that I will be married before I file, would that help her in anyway, lets say if the dates retrogress in August and she cannot file till then.

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  • laborfd
    04-26 05:39 PM
    Sent a contribution of $50 through pay pal
    IV is doing great job, Sincere thanks to all the core members for doing all these great work :)


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  • raju123
    02-13 05:59 PM
    I support IV

    Go IV and have solution for Retrogression

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  • fide_champ
    12-13 11:36 PM
    Could you please let me know when was your visa appointment and how many days it took before you got your passport. Mine was 6th Dec and no update from consulate yet.

    It took 7 working days for me to get the passport back. My wife also applied for H1B and it took only 2 days for her. I think it differs by case and how complicated your situation is. The reports in murthy said they should have every information after 2004 in PIMS database. Any query for the record before 2004 may not be present and it takes a couple of days atleast to update the database if a query is made. It's better if you have atleast 10 days time after the visa interview.

    The officer questioned me about my employer in US during the year 1999-2000. So it is entirely possible that they may check your old H1s/L1s etc., So plan accordingly to avoid any further grief.

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  • Macaca
    02-06 11:33 AM
    Yes--Universties--come under non-profit as per INS, hence exempted from quota, but not Elem/Middle/High schools.
    USCIS is much more screwed up then our collective imagination.

    08-01 01:35 PM
    Response for my RFE on 140 was supposed to be sent in by today. My Law office sent in the resposne using FEDEX overnight yesterday. I come to work in the moring and check the status of FEDEX and it says it is still in transit. I call the fedex office with tracking number and they say there was a big technical problem and hydraulic leak in the plane that was supposed to carry my response. Fedex says they will try to deliver by after mailroom closes today and they are ready to issue a letter stating that its their mistake. Do you guys think my response will be accepted tomorrow or I get a NOID for my 140? My lawyer says that if FEDEX trys to deliver it by today and they fail we should be ok or if they issue NOID we can always rebut back with letter from FEDEX and open a MTR .. any one of you guys have any such experience. I dont want to blame any one here excpet my luck in the whole process.

    Any input guys .. I really dont know what to do .. I am almost half paralyzed , I am in 6th year of my H1 and ends in december ..and my PD is Sep 2004 .

    Urgent any help or input ...

    06-07 04:15 PM
    Well the only different skin apple have made, the U2 one, had a red scrollwheel... so surely we should use their one as a guideline, and in that case be allowed to skin the wheel as well?

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