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  • belmontboy
    03-19 04:44 PM
    Ye...we all see your moral standard here.

    You reputation has gone up because you are supporting a shoplifter over hook...? wow. Support sex offenders, rapist and drug addict and kidnappers... you would get even more reputation.

    Each of our past has its own dark stories buried somewhere.
    Who are we to decide whats wrong and what right? are we that "good" to say that OP is "bad"??
    Have we lived a honest and sincere life?? we should ask these questions to ourselves before weilding knife at OP.
    Give the OP guy a break. He is expressing remorse for what happened [again i am not getting into the discussion of whether he is innocent or criminal here].
    But do remember that all "shoplifters" are not criminals. Some go through misunderstanding process and get convicted. So without understanding what exactly happened, don't start judging people.

    OP: you are showing remorse, you are one step closer to forgiveness from god.
    Regarding immigration issues, please consult a criminal immigration attorney [they do case analysis and give you memo kind of thing that describes whether you case falls into CMT or not, and whether you are admissible or not]

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-15 10:55 AM
    Thanks for adding the poll.

    GO IV GO.

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  • dilipb
    06-23 01:06 PM
    My EAD is set to expire Oct 8th 2008.
    So I applied for renewal on Jun 16th via USPS express overnight mail to Texas.
    I live in Pennsylvania so had to post it to TEXAS.
    USCIS already cashed the check and sent me a receipt notice!
    Seriously that was ultra fast.

    Since they recently announced about 2 year EADs which will be issued from Jun 30 onwards, I am concerned that the fact that they cashed the check so fast, do you think they will also give me a EAD fast, that too before Jun 30th ? If they do will that be valid for one year or 2 years? If they wait for issuing, and if that happens after Jun 30, will that be a 2 year or a 1 year one?

    Feel free to comment.

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  • kdprasad
    07-09 02:35 PM
    I just sent the flowers to reach on 10th. BG it will make a difference.!!


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  • Macaca
    06-17 10:15 AM
    The Ombudsman agrees with the assessment of many case workers and supervisors at USCIS field offices and service centers that the FBI name check process has limited value to public safety or national security, especially because in almost every case the applicant is in the United States during the name check process, living or working without restriction.

    The Ombudsman recommended in the 2006 Annual Report (at p. 25) that the FBI name check process be re-examined. Delays in the name check process actually prolong an individual’s presence in the United States while the check is pending. In this sense, the current USCIS name check policy may increase the risk to national security by extending the time a potential criminal or terrorist remains in the country.
    Name checks do not differentiate whether the individual has been in the United States for many years or a few days, is from and/or has traveled frequently to a country designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, or is a member of the U.S. military. Many individuals subject to lengthy name checks are either already green card holders or have been issued Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). These documents allow them to receive Social Security cards and state drivers’ licenses. Most green card applicants are also eligible to receive advance parole enabling them to travel outside the United States and return as long as their cases are pending, which can be for many years under the current process. (page 43)
    As Dawn Lurie, a Vienna immigration lawyer, put it: "If there's a security reason [for the delay], then what are those people still doing here? . . . And if there isn't a security reason, then why are we making them wait for so long?" (Washington Post (
    FBI name checks disclose information to USCIS that is otherwise not available. Information contained in 39 [percent] of the FBI positive responses (letterhead memoranda) received in FY 06 was not contained in IBIS/TECS, USCIS’ primary background check tool. . ..

    Use of the 39 percent positive response rate as referenced by USCIS to justify continuing this program may exaggerate the value of the FBI name check. It is unclear how many of the FBI name check “responses” also were revealed by one or more of the other security checks conducted for the applications. To date, the Ombudsman has been unable to ascertain from USCIS the total number of actual problem cases that the agency discovered exclusively as a result of the FBI name check. The Ombudsman understands that most, if not all, of the problem cases which would result in an eventual denial of benefits also can be revealed by the other more efficient, automated criminal and security checks that USCIS initiates.
    While USCIS declined to provide the number or percentage of annual name checks that result in denials, the FBI has reported that less than 1 percent of 1.5 million names are ultimately tied to potentially damaging information.(Washington Post (

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  • rimzhim
    05-24 03:46 PM
    How bad it can be for those with approved I-140?
    Earlier it was 140K times 7% = 9800 with everybody and now it is 90K times 10% = 9000 with most of them gone into new merit based system.
    I still don't get it?
    what do you mean? Who are these rest who will go into a new merit-based system? Even if you count only the number of people here who have approved I-140, that alone is enough to delay us for a very long time even with the current quota (140K). Otherwise we would not have had retrogression.


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  • chanduv23
    05-13 02:50 PM
    Thanks for your advise and i agree with your thoughts.

    I thought of leaving this company several times, but I am working in this company for 6 years and the only company I worked after coming to USA. I invested so much for this company, like working beyond work hours, working in the weekends, making up the project deadlines for the incompetitive colleagues etc. etc. and now just waiting for my Green Card. There were so many times I thought if I get my Green Card I am going to leave this moment. Years passing by and with this retrogression thing, there is very little hope of getting it soon...

    The positive thing is, my direct supervisor is very nice and I can voice my opinion and she understands me and completely supports me. I am just praying god that I should keep working for her till I get the GC.

    I would only say "Hang On", or move on if you can. A lot of people in same situations, never want to discuss issues openly.
    Patience does help, and maybe all the good is stored for future.

    Most important is how you deal with stress associated with racial slurs, difference in treatment, and all the above issues. This has direct impact on health and many people in these conditions are victims of stress.

    The h1b - GC situation is well known to everyone and they know you are indentured, some managers are called problem solvers (they pretend to hear ur voice, help you from their side and get the work done and try to ease pressure off you if they have an option), whereas some managers are called problem creators (they add additional pressure on you and make u miserable so that they get the work done). The reason companies support their American workers who involve in racial slurs is to avoid issues. It is easy to kick you out and blame you rather than catering to ur problem.

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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 03:57 PM
    If that's you criteria for judging the existence of God..I am amazed..
    With One anomaly you decided on his existence...When there are gazillions of his amazing creations that no human can create. Human himself being one, We should be thankful for his blessing
    � Thankful that we get more than what we need to eat, Ask a starving kids in Darfur.
    � Thankful for Eyes he has given to See, As blind man
    � Thankful for Limbs, Ask people who lost that.
    � And Millions of other things that he blessed you with
    � And you want to compare all this with GC (green color piece of Paper)

    answers my questions if you can

    1.GOD is he or she?
    2.As per Hindu shastra there 30 Million Gods+some(or one) for Christians+some(or one) for Muslims+few more for different people -- who is correct GOD here and whom should we follow.

    What % of people around the world get more than what we need to eat.(90%? or 50%? 0r 10%?)

    Other things we are blessed with are because nature.Don't say who created nature -- nature created nature which is created by nature and so on...


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  • Jaime
    09-26 09:56 AM
    Any more opinions on this?

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  • rjd1234
    02-23 03:58 PM
    I came to US on h4 i applied for H1-B Visa.again I would like convert to H4 Visa.
    My H4-visa stamped until 09/30/2007
    My husband H1-B Visa stamped until 09/30/2007.
    My husband applied for his H1-B extension But we didnt receive approval notice.we have recipe copy.

    Is there any chances to reject my h4visa(boz only 2-3 months left for my husband h1-b expiration)

    Hi sertha1,
    I have a similar situation. Can you please tell me how you resolved this problem?


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  • smc
    09-22 01:40 PM
    It may be a little too subtle.

    Most people will wonder why high skilled immigrants are sending plumbing equipment around the place.:confused:

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  • mallu
    09-06 10:04 PM
    That IO must be a knucklehead who just hates "Specific type of people" or someone who does know the f** he is doing. I have entered using AP at Boston. San fran, Seattle and never had problems. Only once they asked me for EAD/a valid H1 petition and that was just a question.

    Amen. There might be some Anti-immigrant nut cases among them.


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  • ndialani
    07-22 01:29 AM
    I-485 mailed on 7/13/2007
    Reached USCIC Nebraska - 7/16/2007
    PD:Aug 2004/EB2/CA
    Receipt: waiting

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  • rkgc
    04-16 11:09 AM
    gcbikari, the link that you have provided is great, I just looked up a company and saw that the company owner got arrested last week, whom I would have joined. Man, he was doing a sugar coated talk when I was looking for job, and through out his speech he was talking only in millions, like we bought this company ABC last month for 20 million, and in walks in the owner of ABC Company with ragged clothes, really! man who has 20 million.


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  • realizeit
    05-26 04:27 PM
    Salient features of Bill: S.1085

    After analyzing this bill, I found the following:

    1. This bill will recapture all those unused employment based visas (gcs) from 1997 till 2008 and it will add those recaptured visas to this year's employment based quota.

    2. After the passage of this bill, any unused visas will rollover to the next year. So, no more wastage of visas as we go forward.

    3. Per country limit will be increased from 7% to 10%, so more folks from over subscribed countries would be able to come under the normal yearly quota.

    4. We will be able to avail the benefits of the recapture after 60 days of the passage of the bill. That means, if they are able to recapture 220,000 (approx) employment based visas, the employment based category will be able to use all those after 60 days of the passage of this bill. USCIS is pre-adjudicating all I485s pending and if this bill gets passed in say for eg by October 30, almost all (80%) in this community (who filed 485) would be able get their GCs in Jan and Feb of 2010.

    What makes this bill much more interesting is:

    1. This is not a bill targetting the issues of Employment based category - So there won't be a huge backlash against this in the name of the economy and recession. The provisions for the employment category are just one item in this bill.

    2. Family based immigration reform has a wider range of support from all kinds of groups unlike Employment based immigration reform. Just search for this bill "Reuniting Families Act" in google news and you can identify all those organizations supporting this bill (they all have a news release).

    Complete Text of this Bill:

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  • gconmymind
    07-31 01:08 AM
    Forget September, can any member say with confidence that dates for October will move forward at least 3 years for each category compared to August Bulletin?:rolleyes:

    I can say with confidence that dates for October WILL NOT move forward 3 years for ANY category compared to August Bulletin.

    We will be lucky to see 1+ year movement for EB-2/3 India/China. My 2 cents..


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  • Michael chertoff
    12-30 08:49 PM
    I always loved this board for what it does - especially the Gurus who always spend their precious time giving input to member's queries. Well... this is not query. I just want to vent my frustration, helplessness to fellow friends in this board. In spite of graduating from a reputed univ with a Masters and very good GPA and also having 7 years of professional experience, I am bound to be a slave to my current Employer without any promotions, career growth or anything remote to that for next (God knows how many Decades) several years. ppl who are junior to me in every aspect are growing left and right and are also getting brighter opportunities. I dont care if you guys think I am jealous of them.... But does God really exist ? sorry for wasting your time with this depressing note. I guess there is a limit to how unlucky I can be !! call me a cry baby but I am one real unlucky individual !

    How old are you my dear friend?


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  • go_guy123
    07-30 02:59 PM
    That may be the unofficial version. Officially you can apply even you haven't worked or studied in Canada if you qualify as a skilled worker with a year of experience. You get extra points for having a job offer from a Canadian employer but not having one does not disqualify you automatically. I'm not talking about getting the GC. I'm just talking about the application process. Some kind of processing is needed even to reject an application and I do not think USCIS is capable of handling the increased traffic that switching to a point based system would result in.

    No its official. From Feb 2008 federal skilled worker class is restricted to people with 1 year Canada work or student experience or 38 occupations only.

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  • anandrajesh
    05-11 11:59 AM
    Having seen so many stunts in the last 6 mos or so, i am hoping this one is for real. Let us wait and see.

    03-26 02:12 PM
    Any one for the Guess
    Keep the hopes high :)

    07-11 11:16 AM
    Guys the news is from Yahoo India website. The reporter is for sure homebred for the Indian Express newspaper and you also have to note Immigration is spelt as Emigration there. The reporter must have been an amateur who must have takes notes while on phone without bothering to verify the spelling!

    Also note the spelling of Program is spelt as Programme in the article, which shows the roots of this article. Maybe we are blowing things out of proportion.

    Just relax, drop it an move on !

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