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  • eb_retrogession
    02-28 10:27 AM
    Dear members,

    Thank you for all your support thus far.

    IV currently has around 950 registered members. If every member were to contribute $100 each, we should have close to 100K today. We think that is a very realistic picture. In fact we were banking on that kind of support when we started this effort. We are not even close to that number.

    Guys, the core team of IV have really slogged to reach a point where our voices are being heard. By not contributing, please don't do a dis-service to yourselves and all others involved.

    This is an appeal to all the members that haven't contributed yet, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE AT LEAST $100. Most of EB workers have decent jobs and enjoy a decent lifestyle. $100 is not too much to ask, for what is at stake right now. Given the number of people affected, one would think acheiving the contribution target is a piece of cake. PLEASE STEP UP NOW!!

    We are relying on this support to move forward. There may not be any other chance for your issues to be heard at the level we are trying.
    If you have any questions regarding operational issues or need more convincing, please send a note to

    For the effort we are putting, atleast give us a surviving chance to fight the battle!!

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  • AabTuAgaGC
    06-18 05:10 PM
    ***Sigh*** There goes my plan of traveling this winter. :mad: :mad: Even if I file for AP this month, i don't think i will get it before an year. What is the damn use of this AP when you can't travel for one year:mad: :mad:

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  • ashkam
    05-13 12:51 PM
    When there is a overflow, I strongly feel that it should flow to all the categories and that is called equality. Some inefficient people in Decision making authority at USCIS framed a rule on visa overflow and they are following it. If the rule is not much logical/ethical to most of the people, then anyone can voice their rights against it.

    Just for example, a team consists of one project manager(EB1), two tech leads(EB2) and 6 Developers(EB3). The demand is based on no. of vacancies exists on the market, that means a lot of EB3, less EB2 and few EB1.
    As per this rule, USCIS is not actually feeding the hungry.
    Regarding the country quota, US is not favoring/helping the foreign countries by giving GC to those people from them. So, it makes no sense at all when it comes to immigrants but I can understand the bureaucracy behind it.
    If they are implementing the country limit then it should be like 0.00001% of that country's population, I feel.

    What are you talking about? There are a limited number of green cards each year. The US wants the best of the best to get these green cards. Therefore, more preference is given to those with a higher degree or more experience. What's unjust or unfair about that? The trick is to look at things from the American perspective and not from the immigrant perspective.

    And for the record, I am an EB3.

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  • greencard_fever
    08-23 12:51 PM

    I have seen lots of posts about do we know if any case has been pre-adjudicated or not?...recently i got an RFE on my spouse case for Marriage Certificate and Birth certificate bonafide..there is no RFE on my case and had an FP done on 08/11/2009 second time and noticed soft LUD on my case on the day of FP...dose this means they are working on my case...:confused::confused:


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  • mmanurker
    12-31 01:28 PM
    So does this mean I am stuck with Company A till I get Garbage Can I mean GC ?

    You are not alone in this situation...I switched couple months back while I am on 11th yr
    H1B. I was with same employer for 8 yrs and applied for 140/485 but both got denied as attorney made a mistake in labor and 140 stating that I will be working only from my employers chicago office and eventually my employer closed chicago office before my 140approval and USCIS raised RFE for that and denied stating that my application is no longer eligible due to closure of office....So I hired an new attorney and filed appeal. Meanwhile I started all over again with another employer and got new labor/140 approved and switched recently. Now I am on 11'th yr H1B.

    Now to answer ur question on what if previous employer revokes your approved 140, it will not effect and you can still retain and port the PD to the new employer at the time of filing a new 140 with another employer....what that means is that you can still switch the employers and still retain ur PD

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  • kaisersose
    12-06 03:20 PM
    This is like the banana joke in an old tamil movie, it is over 157 days and the USCIS now wants to go by processing times which mention july 3rd processing date, which is still late, but then they will say it is just one day over your receipt date.

    If I were planning to use my EAD now or in the near future I would just cough up $380 and apply for a fresh EAD instead of chasing USCIS.

    If it works, then it is money well spent compared to running back and forth to USCIS offices, calling them daily and all the painful aggravation involved.

    I will gladly spend 380 instead of risking the possiblity of picking up Diabetes or Blood pressure due to stress.


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  • GooblyWoobly
    09-12 09:57 PM
    welcome to the world of retrogression. it is only going to get worse from here on out.
    with the deluge of filings in june/july and aug. this year....the retrogression will get worse. USCIS will not make the same mistake again.

    I see this prediction every now and then. Why don't you guys get your facts straight. Retrogression will remain the SAME. The pace at which they process GC's is not going to change. It's just applications moved from your home queue to the USCIS queue. Why would that make retrogression worse?? Think before you talk!!

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  • meridiani.planum
    08-24 02:12 AM


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  • superdoc
    09-22 10:00 PM
    I think your plan may work out just fine. I would make a couple of suggestions:

    1. If you are taking LOA from original employer, for practical purposes (for USCIS), you are not employed with that employer any more (they go by pay stubs). But if doing so helps to avoid revocation of 140, go ahead and do it that way.

    2. Because you will actually get your pay check from new employer, you are employed by them (and you will work on EAD with them, make sure that this is mentioned on your I-9 form). No matter how much ignorant your employer is, they will have to have I-9 on file and it must have your EAD (not H1).

    3. After doing this, you will be on I 485 pending status (no longer on H status), and so make sure you have current EAD and AP all the time.

    4. If something goes wrong with your I 485 (very unlikely); you will have to leave the country and enter back on H visa and work for H visa sponsoring employer (probably your old employer).

    5. It is perfectly fine to not file AC21. AC21 is needed only if you do not plan to join original sponsoring employer after GC approval. However, if you do want to file AC21, you do not need much documentation from your new employer. It just needs the simple letter stating your job position as a "physician" and brief job duties (briefer the better!) and salary (should be proportional or higher). If you do not file AC21, you may just keep that documentation on file with your attorney (which I would do to be on safe side). The implication of having this is as follows:
    --If you have this documentation (even if not filed with USCIS), at the time of approval of your GC you will have the option of just staying with new employer or going back to original employer.
    --If you do not have this, you will have to go back to original employer after GC approval with a "good faith intention of permanent job".

    PM me if you have questions about what I said above, and I will be happy to talk to you.

    Good Luck.
    very helpful reply..I guess i will go ahead and take the plunge next year ...who knows if the stars are right we may all be greened soooooon.!

    gave u $$..thanx

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  • sss9i
    05-24 08:48 AM
    Excellent analysis!! and I will agree with you
    Thank you


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  • chanduv23
    11-08 08:17 AM
    Happy diwali to the many IV members who celebrate the festival of lights with joy and happiness.

    On this wonderful ocassion, lets all look back at what IV has done and continues to do as an organization. Lets look back at the July fiasco and how IV members united for a cause. Look at all the legislative efforts IV has been working and continues to work for our cause.

    Lets all start becoming more active and continue with ongoing grassroots efforts.

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  • kshitijnt
    05-06 09:16 PM
    Very well said..I have many desi ppl at my work place who gag about H1b slavery blah-blah..Not giving GC early..

    People need to understand. (Offcourse its frustrating to wait for..but no one forced us to stay here..or come here)

    What about the false promises and carrots and propaganda of liberty, equal opportunity and land of opportunities? Of course they wont say its land of indentured servitude. Its our fault that we didn't figure this out, isn't it?


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  • villamonte6100
    04-11 11:26 AM
    I don't care what you feel from bottom of your heart. The very statement "why can't people like Dawood Ibrahim (after all he is also indian and successful in his own profession). " makes you STUUUUUUPID.
    I cant explain my disgust on this in words. Two wrongs can never make a right.

    This is exactly what I'm trying to point out. As a non-Indian, what the hell this subject got to do with immigration in America and getting a green card. This is about politics in India.

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  • walking_dude
    03-17 03:19 PM
    With all due respect asking Bernanke to increase visa numbers of to do visa recapture is like asking a very successful lawyer to do a by-pass surgery.

    Congressmen (senators included) make the law and President signs it into the law. President is also the head of executive (which includes USCIS), hence he is the boss of USCIS. Its basic civics 101.

    Even if Bernanke is convinced 100% about your points, there is nothing he can do to help us. He doesn't make the laws, and USCIS has no reasons to listen to him (he isn't their boss). So what you suggest, my friend, is that we bark up the wrong tree, instead of approaching the right people - who are the only people who can fix our problems.

    In America, people gets recognized when they offers a solution for a problem faced by the country. Whiners are (who write to Bush or Senators) do not get noticed nor are respected.


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  • spicy_guy
    04-19 12:29 PM
    change - that is all that is left in my pocket


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  • seeking_GC
    07-19 01:08 PM
    My lawyer filed my I-485 in Texas (Dallas). It was delivered on July 2nd at 10:33 am.

    Now I am worried if he filed it at the wrong place. I read online that its ok to file at either TSC or NSC till July 30. Is that correct? Can someone please confirm??

    Also will the application now be transferred internally from TSC to NSC???

    Any replies will be appreciated!!!


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  • dummgelauft
    06-30 10:42 AM
    To put out a fire and to prevent it from happening again you need two things:

    (1) Take the fuel away
    (2) Take the Oxygen away
    (3) Make sure you don't have any sparks flying around.

    Immigration reform, whether for legals or illegals, needs massive support from the American people. Most of the people are in no mood to support a "reform" unless the president can stem the flow at the border.
    To able to get any kind of immigration relief legislaton through, the president needs to work hard and quick at sealing the border shut. Time and again "the other side" has laid this as a pre-requisite to any immigration related dialogue.
    I don't know why this is so hard to do. The border is there for a reason and it is the Federal government's responsibility to maintian its integrity, whatever it takes, National Guard, drones, US Army..whatever.
    That being said, don't read too much into this "Thursday speech by the president". It is lip service, or as go_guy pointed out...political posturing.

    P.S: Admin, deleting my posts will NOT get you your green card sooner.

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  • sayantan76
    07-02 09:38 AM
    last time i posted this idea everyone ridiculed.

    Well we desis can only follow the lead of firingis.. so firingis say that who the f*** asked you to come here in the first place and we understand their logic and tell ourselves who the f*** asked us to be here in the first place .. so we are to blame ourselves for everything and take the crap anyway..

    But that is not the point.

    The point is that me and my company and you and your organisation have paid a service fee with a reasonable expectation of service. reasonable expectation of service is subject to interpretetion based on common sense and no f**king common sense says that waiting 10 years for GC is reasonable .. unless your common sense has been replaced by self disrepecting logic ....
    i am not a lawyer but i think that when you pay a processing fees to apply for a privilege (drivers license, business permit, visa, green card etc) from the appropriate statutory authority (DMV, USCIS, Dept of Commerce etc) - the payment of fees does not make you the customer of the statutory authority - so to the extent that USCIS has not broken a law to discriminate against a particular set of applicants (class) - a class action may indeed have no merit.

    However, if it can be proved that there has indeed been gross negligence or that USCIS has not followed its own established procedures, made commitments but not honored those, lied or broken the law of the land - then there may be a case.......

    another angle is that if the law itself violates the constitution - there is a separate procedure to appeal against such a law (like may suits going on in state courts on laws related to gay rights) - however USCIS would not be party to such a lawsuit since USCIS does not make laws. one would need not only a good immigration lawyer but also a constitutional expert for a venture like this.

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  • PhysicianAssistant
    05-24 04:59 PM
    Does the bill make any special provisions for health care workers? nurses? Is schedule A a thing of the past?

    04-21 02:29 PM
    Either the OP is posting for time pass or need to read the Immigration for Dummies...

    ahhh i assume you have read Immigration for Dummies...good for you. Unfortunately we are not all as knowledgeable. If you feel its time pass there is no need to reply. But laughing and mocking is not needed

    12-31 06:46 AM
    AmitKhare77... apparently, the job title and job responsibilities have to be same as whats on labor until we get GC. otherwise no promotion.
    SGP.... you made my day ! As I did not want to ruin my friends's mood on on new year's eve, I was planning on dropping new year party plans and stay back home.... but your post just put life back into me...
    one more qn - after I change to Company B, what happens if Company A revokes I-140 ?

    No problem my friend. You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help you.
    Company A CANNOT revoke approved I-140. I have checked this with 3 to 4 attorneys & also with Gurus on this forum. Only the USCIS has the authority to cancel the approved I-140, if it detects that it was obtained fraudulently.
    One more suggestion, ask company B to file your H1 with Premium processing. Once you get H1 approval then submit resignation to Company A.

    Enjoy the party Bud. Have a drink on me!:p;). Wishing You and Yours Happy New Year.

    If you will be benefited by �I-485 filing without current priority Date�, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved.

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