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  • chanduv23
    10-10 12:54 PM

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  • gc28262
    07-02 03:58 PM
    Letter writing will be useless. USCIS wont give without a fight. You have to see from their point of view. This open a can of worms for them. They will never yield unless forced by court.

    I think USCIS is not the one who decides not to use wasted visas. It should be Department of State. As per my understanding USCIS "returns" unused visas back to DOS.

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  • crystal
    02-23 02:09 PM
    I know a term called "spitting the venom". It is on full display in your post.

    my dear.. pretentious pseudo middle class desi...
    i know ppl like you...
    you wear an armani to office but still carrying curd rice and pickel for lunch...
    you rejoice the success of slumDOG..with your liberal friends...with a martini glass filled with hand..because ur amma told u not to drink alcohaal..;)

    according to u ...we are losers because we dont like being called a DOG in 21st century...

    if you want to wag ur skinny brown ass ..eveytime SlumDOG is uttered..thats ur problem..

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  • gc_nebraska
    01-13 05:04 PM
    Guys ! I know couple months ago a lot of us got RFE's and the status says " response received and cased resumed" but nothing after that , do you'll think that they might look into our files even with different PD dates.


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  • spicy_guy
    10-13 07:32 PM
    Any approvals from Nebraska off late?
    Mine Sep 2nd. Nothing as of yet. Maybe too early to think about :D

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  • laborpains
    08-05 02:24 PM
    Ur ID is funny. Maybe the news that ur app is preadjudicated eases ur "laborpains"

    No, It really isn't funny, my NY labor took 4 yrs!!


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  • sc3
    11-17 07:00 PM
    My god! Check this out!

    What do you think about this? Is this something related to this discussion?

    I pity your sense of judgment to relate such a tragic event with blood sucking employers and employees (who are over their parasitic dependence on the afore mentioned employer).

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  • gc28262
    07-02 04:01 PM
    So that we get enough attention... I wrote one awhile back, still no luck.

    Instead of writing individual letters, we should approach through appropriate channels like some lawyers, AILA etc. Not sure though.


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  • Sideliner
    09-15 02:53 PM
    I came to us 02 june, bought home in 03 August. I applied for GC in Sept 2006. GC has nothing to do with house. If you can get a loan and buy in a decent locality buying any time is beter than renting.

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  • Dhundhun
    06-24 01:27 AM
    When I applied for EAD and AP (paper filed) my attorney advised to make checks payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”.

    There has been time check used to be payable to:
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security - USCIS

    Now at some places it is shortened to:
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    And at other places it is shortened to:

    I think, they are interchangeable.

    On USCIS site: Fees should be made payable to Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. refer to first dotted instruction of D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    It does not talk about putting US in front of Department of Homeland Security. Going exactly by USCIS instructions, lawyer did mistake - but it is OK
    Correction: Instruction says U.S. Department of Homeland Security, but over-riding information is above.


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 05:25 AM
    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

    ok, that really ticks me off. This post is probably going to get me a red splotch, but you should'nt have picked on Franklin:
    I think all the work that Franklin did in preparation for the Rally and then at the Rally itself makes it obvious that she is better than most of the IV members (me included) who could not make it to the Rally.

    If you dont like the condescending tone of the voice of someone who has worked hard for IVs goals, feel free to stop coming to IV and posting here. Honestly why should someone here care about whether you like the voice or not when the voice speaks the truth?

    Look at all the blog posts and pictures of the DC Rally before saying anything against any of the volunteers who worked at the rally. unlike the people who are "trying to get permanent residency on their own right" these dedicated bunch of IV volunteers are trying to get permanent residency soon for all of us. See the photos, the videos of the speeches and then talk.

    What Franklin meant by that post (I think) was that IV is much more than a discussion board for reports of who signed whose Fedex package and what was the timestamp of the package. Its very important that we all actively participate in getting IVs goals met. The rally was a big, for-the-first-time event, and still people seem more excited by tracking receipt notices, and the short-sightedness of it all has made many people ticked off. The turnout could easily have been higher (like someone said, see the lines to the doctors office for getting medicals done when the dates were current, and compare that with how many showed up at the rally).

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  • rockstart
    08-01 08:59 PM
    Sept dates may advance and some lucky ones are sure to benefit --but for their attempt to use the remainder of visa #s in fiscal year09. Now since most cases are pre-adjudicated hopefully they won't pick up randomly

    If we do not see many approvals in August I am sure Sept will open floodgates similar to what we say in July 2008 when so many 2006 apps got GC.


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  • stillhopefull
    08-27 04:42 PM
    not sure if it is too late, but I just sent to Sen. Warner and Sen. Webb of Virginia.


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  • gcisadawg
    01-21 11:41 PM
    I agree with most of the posts here ..there have been lot of ideas but everyone needs to be more serious ...IV core has to come up with a new campaign. ultimately the question is do we wait for something to happen or do we try for make things happen ..
    "my idea was to come up with a letter campaign Thanking USCIS for the massive delays and wastage of visas which has prevented many hard working immigrants from buying a house at peak values"
    it does not matter if you are a homeowner or not ..just participate (USCIS is not going to double check) ..there will be awareness that USCIS is broken just like Brown's FEMA (the person who was in charge during katrina fiasco)...and maybe USCIS will come out with facts. ofcourse some backlash is to be expected since we waited for too long and now we are in recession !! (also Obama is not going to do anything on his own so soon as he has major major problems to solve first)
    ofcourse Core has to endorse such a campaign ..if someone has better idea ..please share ..don't be an idiot and offer only criticism to other people's idea unless u have something better !!
    at the very least ..let us think and maybe everyone should come up with ideas ..and in the end let us have a poll and choose one campaign idea and go with it ..needless to say at the same time ..every member should try to spread word about the campaign and get atleast 5 new IV members (just like Amway networking)


    I agree with your idea. But time might not be ripe. I'm not sure how we can get attention for legal immigration when the economy is so bad. This is like a downtime. We can use this time to strengthen IV as an organization. We need to prepare for war (activism) when there is peace (downtime). I agree with Pappu, we need to spread the word of IV as much as possible. I've to go beyond my friend's circle as most of them have a GC in hand! :D



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  • gcwanter
    07-02 06:27 AM
    i upgraded on 6/ news yet. saw 2 times lud...

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  • dilipb
    06-23 03:52 PM

    Thanx for sharing ur experience. Could u pls lemme know the documents that u mailed along with the I-765 renewal form? As per the instructions form what we need to mail to the Service center is:

    1. Filled I-765 form (latest)
    2. Copy of existing EAD card(front and back)
    3. Check for $ 340 (for ppl who filed for EAD b4 July 30 -2007) in favour of US Dept of homeland security
    4. Copy of I-485 receipt
    5. 2 Photos with specifications as mentioned in the instructions form

    ***If one is self-paper filing its not necessary to do FP***

    Am I missing something? If so, pls let us know.

    I'm about to file my EAD extension and will be filling up the form in a day or two. I'll email u if I have any questions on what to fill. But in the mean time, pls confirm if the required documentation is correct :).

    Buddy in SFO

    You are absolutely correct, u did not miss anything.
    - fill the complete i765 form, dont forget to sign
    - copy of 485 receipt
    - front and back of current EAD card
    - 2 photos (make sure to write A# and name at the back using a pencil)
    - check payable to US department of homeland security
    - file it correctly to the right service center (dont worry if the address is different than what u filed last time)
    - nothing else (since its a adjustment of status case, there is even NO need of i94)
    - Just make sure A numbers are written properly everywhere.


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  • franklin
    08-22 07:38 PM
    Thanks for your reply. Everybody else is just teasing and making fun instead of answering a simple question.

    (1) Are these steps taken in a sequence?
    (2) Does USCIS update the status of our file so that we know where we are i.e whether our file is stuck FBI Name check or FBI Fingerprint Check, etc..

    I didn't think my answers were making fun or teasing anyone - sorry if you felt that way, I didn't mean them to be interpreted like that.

    The main problem is that no one really knows for sure whether these steps are taken in sequence. There is little to no transparency. There are procedures, but we can not guarantee that they are followed.

    To answer your second part. No, I don't believe there are any standard updates that indicate this, but I could be wrong. I think that there is an update if you clear it, but not if you are stuck in it. Make sense? Pappu has an excellent post that details the name check process

    To answer nlssubbu with the query about the "pre-approval" - I don't think it is a 1 time thing. Its a fairly standard USCIS practice. I have a link somewhere to the IO AOS processing manual. If I can find it I'll post it here.

    Do I think they have enough resources to process them all? Absolutely not, but I doubt there will be a rush considering PDs won't be current for a while (esp eb3)

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  • NKR
    09-29 10:29 AM
    Guess What from NOV - 08 to July 09, the VB will have older Cut off dates and after July 09 DOS will open the flood gate and move the cutoff of to 2007 or even 2008.

    USCIS will start approve the cases with later PD's and the leave the older PD's on the air.

    It is a mess. I don't have any trust in USCIS

    I understand dude, there is no fairness in the system. My PD is close to yours. I couldn�t apply in July and applied to August, as if that RD was not enough, they moved my case from TSC to NSC and reset the RD to Oct. Not only are they not following PDs, they are throwing away RDs according to their whims and fancies� I have lost faith in the system.

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  • sammyb
    12-16 04:39 PM
    Hello there,

    I have been wanting to make an IV contribution for a long time and here is my problem..I probably can be labeled a miseror a magpie! ..Whenever I go to the IV link to contribute and see the $50 or $100 option I panic and get out..yes I do!
    I have some desi colleagues and was discussing this issue with them at work..and they had the exact same am not the only magpie..

    But hey is'nt IV the one which is at the receiving end not getting our contributions..

    I speak from my own experience and call me a mapie or a miser..or whatever..I cant make myself make a $50 or more contribution .. thats the way I am..But I can sure make a smaller contribution (like a monthly recurring $10 contribution which really is easier to make) and I am quite sure IV will benefit from my small contributions as well as i think a lot more people will not hesitate making contributions in smaller denominations than a whopper $50+

    And really this is not related to IV effort but more to do with my own way of thinking about parting with my money..I love my money..:)...

    My history - Made $0 contributions so far..and have been wanting to contribute for a long time now..but keep backing away..

    I feel bad about your health ... get well soon :) ...

    And yes nothing come free in life and not even your GC even if your company pays for it ... by the way my company also pays all GC related expenses but still I am with IV ... just filing the application is not enough to get to GC ... in present situation we need a very strong advocacy group and IV is our only means ....

    Hope you will soon realize the truth about your GC dream ....

    07-19 02:12 PM
    EB2-PD May 22, 2006-India-Reached July 2nd, 2007. Checks Not Cashed Yet.

    12-06 11:59 AM
    I am probably waiting for the longest here for EAD, my app received on July 2nd at NCS. Called numerous times, sent form 7001, emailed senators twice, 3 infopass appointments, still no progress. I submitted expedite request based on humanitarian grounds last week, have been calling daily to check status of expedite and still remains pending. My case now pending about 157 days. Anything more that I need to do ?
    ^^^^ bump ^^^^

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