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  • pappu
    01-21 08:19 PM

    With me having a pd even prior to of Mar 2002-EB3I, I thought I will join hands with IV to make something happen. To the extent I went and joined the IV chapter too.

    Unfortunately, starting with the forum to most of the news that is being discussed seems to be not related to immigration at all. Example, accidents, investments, real estate. I feel the admin should be able to control and strictly adhere to what ImmigrationVoice stands for and delete any other unrelated threads.

    Anyway, long story short, I feel IV has lost its focus and feels like for people who are looking at a proper approach to resolving problems, the web site does not give any reason or confidence, to follow or join hands for IV activities.

    Just my opinion. Feel free to agree to disagree whoever would like to.

    Not trying to blame anybody here, but sharing a viewpoint. In my opinion IV was great sometime back, but feel now there is a lack of direction.

    I understand there could be lot of negative & positive comments about my reply here or me joining activities etc or not joining IV initiatives etc. I will explain my stance on those later.


    We totally understand your point of view.
    We feel we have more experience now than before and more members to take part in action items.
    However we have felt that it has not been enough to bring the relief we need. For that we need more active members and more resources. I disagree that IV has lost focus. Few unrelated threads do not mean that is the opinion of IV. We would rather spend time doing IV work in this important year than policing the forums and banning people.

    Infact through new features and upgrade of the site we are trying to provide what our members need on this site so that there is more participation on the effort when it is time. Our past experiences have told us that we need more numbers when it comes to letter writing, calling or rally. This is the reason we are trying to add new features on the site and look into the needs of the community. This is going to be our strategy this year and we seek member's help to get everyone outside of IV on IV platform. If someone wants to seek answers on immigration questions, they can join IV forums, if someone wants to track they can use IV tracker, If someone wants to blog, we have blogs etc etc

    We really need critical mass of people this important year for us. Please try to help in any way possible to spread the word about IV at this time.

    If you would like this to become an action item, some members can take the lead and help send chain emails, posters or any other innovative means to spread the word about IV. I think that is the need of the hour in order to launch a big campaign this year.

    IV is you and me and we need to shoulder the responsibility to make something happen this year.

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  • go_gc_way
    05-11 11:06 AM
    :) This is good news, I believe our amendments would be carried in.

    Kindly elaborate what this means to us and if any of our amendments would be carried for voiting. :)

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  • sargon
    03-31 01:25 PM
    Real movement will come in the last 3 months of this financial year (july, aug, sep bulletins).

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  • belmontboy
    02-15 03:58 AM

    Now that Desi consultant companies are under scanner, i hope employees working for them get their long overdue justice.

    H1B has become synonym for visa abuse bcoz of these moron's. I hope the system comesout clean.


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  • thankgod
    06-03 12:16 PM
    snathan, dig up the history of these winers and lets see what they have accomplished or contributed to this world. Being the first would indicate that person (according to your definition of power) would be extrememly powerful, right? Now ask them to pen an essay on any issue and lets compare that to another class topper who just exels in creative thinking. Or lets just give these two candidates a project to work on and lets see who comes up with better ideas or greater problem solving skills. I personally know a kid who did not make it to the final round but just fell short (this year) and honestly I can tell you that the only skill (yes, the only skill) she has is this one. She is not involved in music lessons, does not participate in science olympiad, advance math or anything of that sort. Now I have to admit that this is the only one candidate I know personally for this year. Let me be honest from the depth of my heart that there is no issue of jealousiness or envy here. This is just a frank opinion and as we have already seen, there are an equal number of people who dont think this is a competition that is to be given the importance it is being given.

    Simple fact. I agree with you.

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  • Suva
    05-26 09:13 AM
    How can we contact him?

    Members from NJ, NY contact laborchic asap. Thanks


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  • chanduv23
    10-02 04:57 PM
    Will be there

    Glad that you will be there :) Please take the poll

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  • gcandgc
    06-03 04:50 AM
    Sukanya Roy is America's spelling bee champion | Sukanya Roy | 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee | Indian Express (

    WASHINGTON: Spelling tongue twister "cymotrichous", Greek for having wavy hair, Indian American Sukanya Roy has won the 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee crown to retain the coveted honour for the community for the fourth year in a row.

    Roy, 14, an eighth-grader at Abington Heights Middle School, Pennsylvania, said she knew as soon as she heard "cymotrichous" that she'd get the word right and win the championship Thursday night.

    "My heart started pounding, I guess," she said. "I couldn't believe it. . It's just amazing. It's hard to put into words."

    It was Roy's third trip to the national spelling bee, and she had credited her past experience with keeping her calm and relaxed heading into the finals. She tied for 12th place in 2009 and 20th place in 2010.

    Roy speaks Bengali and every summer travels to India to visit family. She hopes to pursue a career in international relations.

    Roy is the ninth Indian-American in the last 13 years, a run that began when Nupur Lala captured the crown in 1999 and was later featured in the documentary "Spellbound."

    The winner will be awarded a $30,000 cash prize, a trophy, a $2,500 US savings bond, a complete reference library, a $5,000 scholarship and $2,600 in reference works and other prizes.

    Anamika Veeramani had scored a hat-trick for Indian-Americans in taking the crown last year.

    Roy was one of the six Indian Americans - Sriram Hathwar, Arvind Mahankali, Prakash Mishra, Mashad Arora, and Dhivya Senthil Murugan - who made it to the last 13 in the finals.

    The youngest finalist was 10-year-old Dhivya Murugan of Denver, who was born in India.

    The spelling bee kids just keep getting better and better. Even words like chlorthalidone," "dreikanter," "renminbi" and "helichrysum" couldn't sufficiently narrow down the field in the semifinals, which needed 95 minutes of overtime earlier Thursday to whittle the competitors from 41 to 13.

    The week began with 275 spellers. A written test Tuesday and two oral rounds Wednesday reduced the field for the semifinals.

    According to the Scripps Spelling Bee's website, this year brought contenders ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old from all over the world.



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  • dpsg
    03-27 07:17 PM
    PCS would be best person in my view, As midWest manufacturing
    woes are used to bash off-shoring. His work will be great example
    How immigrants with technology/business skills can help remove the
    joblessness crises in midwest and also move that region into high tech

    Great work PCS.

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  • nk2006
    03-03 12:39 PM
    Bulls eye. this is what I am thinking.

    I am looking for an answer in general for all.

    As Chandu pointed out, in general, AOS (pending 485) status gives some protection in terms of maintaining legal status in between jobs. 'Technically' once six months are completed at the employer on whose job the I-485 has been submitted - we should be good. But the issue is AC21 process is not a well streamlined one - no forms etc. Earlier the volume of these cases might be very low for USCIS; now after the July 2007 there are lot more people in the I-485 stage and recent economic conditions could have contributed to large number of people using/potentially using AC21 process to change jobs. Heard many issues - hope USCIS will streamline the process for AC21 job change issues.


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  • pa_arora
    07-20 06:11 PM
    I think its already failed. Needed 60 votes to pass and 5 didnt vote(i guess they dont wait for the people who were absent while voting)

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  • gaz
    04-20 12:15 PM
    it may be so in some scenarios - but i'm not sure if thats the rule rather than the exception. but then again - i'm speaking from my limited experience in this area, which does not include a consultant position (have always been a full time employee), and could very well be wrong about how this works in the consulting world.

    my intention is not to preach - just bringing up what i've been told and have read on IV regarding the letter and spirit of the law around filing - and that the OP should be aware of this before deciding on a course of action.

    Sure. h-1b is now; labor is what you are going to do when greencard gets approved.

    try telling a consultant who is qualified for eb2 that the job dictates it is eb3 and they won't sleep or eat -:).

    Reality of the process and how it works is quite different. If you really wanted to pick on things; DOL assessment of education and experience dictate that all of the IT positions should not require more then bachelors and four years of experience (ever IT labor filed with eb2 requirements it to be answered that the job requirements are NOTnormal for the positoin.

    If companies don't want to file eb2 then employee will not stay (they cannot fathom waiting 10 years for greencard).

    Maybe people don't want to hear this but that is reality of the situation.


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  • jfredr
    07-19 01:43 PM
    EB2 Reached on 2nd @9:01 AM

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  • funny
    10-03 02:19 PM
    even if IOs dont know and even if they reject it, we can at least enforce it through MTR, courts etc if they ever walk into this grey area and actually decide to deny the case based on non-intent to undertake permanent employment... right?

    this is great...

    so does this Q8 and the response mean that the intent of continuing with full time employment applies at the time of applying for I-140 and not at the time of adjudication?????? if that is the case, it will be GREAT!!!! hip hip hurray.. then i really dont need a green card... in a way at least...

    Me too.. I will start my company and work for it....enough is more getting scared..oh what will happen if the IO doesn't like my face..ot the way i dress....:D:D


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  • Madhuri
    08-01 01:49 PM
    Exactly! You can not expect them to do equally well in Indian school system as what they are performing in US. The school system focus is completely different and there is no easy way out for kids/parents to adapt to it. I am not criticizing either school systems. Both of them have pros and cons. And all this discussion holds true when you have option to move to Canada. If you don't, then it's better to pack before the kids grow older.If you have kids then its easy to move to India before the Kid goes to 2nd or 3rd grade ie before they are 8 or 9 yrs old. After that there is no way you can take a kid out of school in US and expect them to be competitive in India.
    This is based on US public school system standards (if you are homeschooling its different). I had friends when I was in India who had lived all their lives in Middle Eastern countries and even though they had studied in Indian system they felt it difficult to compete there.

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-10 12:14 PM

    07/10/2007: Response of USCIS Director to Visa Bulletin Fiasco Related Flower Campaign

    We reported yesterday that foreign professionals have been sending flowers to the heads of involved agencies with a message of protest for the ongoing visa bulletin fiasco. Dr. Emilio Gonzalez responded to such flower campaign in the USCIS site. The flower campaign appears to be a gesture from the community of foreign professionals to thaw out the tension created by the fiasco and at the same time calling the agency leaders' swift attention to the problem and sufferings of the foreign professionals and their family members. This camapaign has been initiated and pushed ahead by the group. Salute to the members of this group for the job well done.


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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 11:37 AM
    How are you sure that the "sneaking in" of our provisions with the 'undocument workers' provisions is going to alleviate our plight?.

    Note that the staff to support this overhaul is not going to increase overnight. Consider this - 100 people (just a 'supposition' - this is not a hard number) are working on 500,000 applications today; With the passage of provisions for 'undocumented workers', the same staff of 100 is going to work on 11 million 500,000 applications, atleast for the next 1-2 years. Do you understand the mess that this will create? It will be a similar mess as the 'Labor backlog center', where the applications of 2003 are still waiting for their certifications.

    Although I agree that we should work towards supporting the current provisions already in the bill, I still feel that issues such as 'I-485 application without PD current' and 'removal of hard country quota' are important, in order to ensure short-term reliefs. These provisions may not help your specific case, however it may help 1000s of other cases.

    Just my opinion from the limited knowledge that I have of, how UCSIS operates!!!

    Good luck:)

    I understand that you guys have done a lot with limited resources, but trying to isolate yourself from the issue of illegal immigrants issue is not going to help us either. We need to use the momentum of illegal issue to sneak in our provisions (which we already have with the advance degree provision, exception of spouses from cap,capture of unused visa numbers).

    I think you are wrong in stating that I do not grasp the issue that AILA is only interested in illegal immigration issue and not in EB3 retrogression. I know that more than you can imagine, which is why I have been urging the forum to stop asking every one to fax the senators with requests to remove hard limits by country or even concurrent filing of I145 when visa numbers are not current. I read on post by a junior member where that person DID GET A CALL BACK FROM ONE OF THE SENETORS OFFICE AND THAT GUY COULD NOT ARTICULATE THE ISSUE WHEN THE SENETOR ASKED HIM IF THE ISSUE WE ABOUT INCREASING H1-B’S.

    Exactly what happens when thousands of people contact senators instead of one fax from one organization with one point of contact just so that if some one actually calls back from the senator’s office we at least have some one who could explain the situation in a way that makes sense?

    Also, I know how difficult it could be to get an amendment in just as well as you and I also know the fact that the real interest is in solving the illegal immigrant’s issue. The reason for that is the issue that the U.S has is with ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION. The EB retrogression is really our problem, not some thing that is going to raise alarms in the senate. Which is why any amount of hue and cry is not going to change the situation? We should be glad that the advance degree provision, recapture of unused visa numbers and exemption of spouses from cap will make way for a few people and in the process clear up the backlog in EB3 category. We need to back this unanimously instead of trying to introduce new amendments in the last minute. No offence but

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  • smuggymba
    04-20 02:13 PM
    I agree that we MUST educate them.

    Most of them do not know anything about L1. They think only about H1. I have been to my Congressman's office several times and have written numerous letters (not emails but printed and signed letters, as they have a better impact).

    Requst one and all to do that. CIR is dead now. What next? can we debate?


    Politicians are very well aware of our issues; they just don't want to provide a solution because of the hispanic caucus.

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  • bkarnik
    11-15 02:59 PM

    Interesting highlights:

    Employment based immigration : 159,081 in 2006 of which 55.1% were dependents.

    Members interested in Statistics are welcome to peruse the Yearbook for the proportion of each country and then extrapolate it out to when their respective dates will be current (I am sure it will not be a pretty picture for India and China)

    The report is for the period October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006. Of the 159,000 or so mentioned above, 36,960 were EB1, 21,911 were EB2 and 89,922 were EB3 (I guess this number includes the 50,000 that were recaptured and given to nurses).

    Of these numbers, 32060; 20939 and 60390 were AOS.

    Furthermore, of the AOS cases, 18959; 10708 and 29537 were spouses oand children in the respective categories.


    total EB persons from India in 2006 : 17169 and 9484 from China ONLY! (includes spouses and children) with the honor going to Philippines at 23733!

    Enjoy and have a great holiday ;)

    08-15 02:05 PM
    what are the options when infopass didn't work too. My company is big so they won't allow me to work without ead.
    Can someone pls suggest

    05-29 01:03 PM
    To the best of my knowledge they make good money. I personally know so many examples where H-1s make more money than US citizens. Only exception would be the ones who are fulltime in Infosys type companies.

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