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  • chicago60607
    09-17 12:10 PM
    Voting on the amendment is going on (HR6020)

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  • sadshaq12
    10-24 01:35 AM
    Need only one year tax return"

    I got RFE today asking company's 2001 return
    basically ability to payproffered wage that year
    wage were $53000 per year.
    Join the company actually in 2002

    There was a company change change with same dba xyz ... in year 2001,(means employer close the company and open another one with different name at same location)
    Same Owner and same business location so company file two taxes for company 1 and company 2

    Company 1 2001 tax return shows net income of $25,500
    Company 2 2001 tax returnshows net income of $28,300

    company bank account also shows over 100k in 2001

    I call my attorney already and did not hear back from him yet on this issue

    Can my attorney submit both tax return and claim one is the succsseror company(means employer took all acids, inventory and liability of old company of all the company) and presented to RFE office and
    is it very complecated case or simple case ?
    please help.
    I need your folks input

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  • Dipika
    10-27 01:52 PM
    Same Here !
    I got 6 months wait letter too. My wife (Dependent) for 60 days letter.
    EB2/TSC .
    I m lost as well!!!
    i filled up #7001 form and also E.mailed a follow up letter today.

    i had opened SR on 4th sept, same reply - case is preadjudicated and under review, wait for 6 months. my case is at TSC. i have taken infopass for 4th Nov to check again.

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  • Bush
    02-13 04:25 PM
    I realize that there is no point in telling you guys anything. When you don't have an open mind, you can not accept the facts. It's like banging your heads against steel wall. When you are not even ready to diagnose the disease, there is little hope you will be able to cure it. Denial is a beautiful thing.

    So I apologize for my comments.

    Here is something you will love:
    Congratulations IV and the core team! Keep up the good work.

    Please dont bang your head on the wall.The wall will break.Please dont apologize.If you really mean it can you please start actively participating in activities which will help everybody.I dont mean that you have to be with IV forum.I know that you are disillusioned with the IV forum.You can take some responsibility and start educating the law makers and people who are in your area.You can do this on your individual capacity you need not represent any forum.This will benefit everybody including ,you ,me and lot of other people who are undergoing this pain.

    We have to all work together to achieve our goals whether you are in IV forum or not.


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  • for_gc
    12-09 10:29 AM
    lud--last updated date

    One more followup question. How do we usually know LUD ?

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  • forgerator
    04-19 02:58 PM
    Nothing ever is super-fast. Certainly not the green card. You had your share of waiting. Its just that you suddenly see light at the end of tunnel and before you realize you are out of it. So it feels like a dream.

    There have been folks who have got their greens in two years flat. Not because they were the smartest workers around. That is lightening fast.

    Congratulations to you.

    Actually I know someone who got it even faster.

    This Pakistani guy came to the US in 2004 fresh off boat to do Masters. Completed Masters by mid 2005, immediately landed job at MS, they started his GC immediately in EB2 ROW and by end of 2005 he had GC in hand. It was ridiculous.


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  • akred
    05-24 02:04 PM
    if a background check reveals that you had been on H-1 you won't be eligible for Z visa. You have to come up with a new face, new name, and new ID. Looks daunting but less daunting than getting GC legally.

    Hey hey, I don't have to apply with my current legal name do I? ;)

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  • walking_dude
    11-28 12:19 PM
    Let's also E-mail the Sponsors! If we can get the sponors to backout may be the show will be cancelled.

    Malace Solutions
    Larry Malace II ( President )

    248-720-2500 (Extn 105)
    E-mail :

    Franklin Bank

    Craig L. Johnson ,
    President & CEO of Franklin Bank
    E-mail -


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  • Aah_GC
    07-18 11:03 PM
    We should gather again and fight for the common cause of improving the GC process time. We should all be grateful for the interim benefits we would get, but we should not stop here. Let us gather again and fight for the next big thing.

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  • arkrish68
    03-10 07:11 PM
    620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status are pending applications y09.pdf


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  • wait4ever
    10-30 07:38 AM
    What is this reverse brain drain ? there is no such thing - folks who are here are going to hang on tooth & nail to stay here come hell or high water - the only ones who are going back are the ones who have no other option.

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  • freedom_fighter
    11-02 12:27 PM
    For all of you who have send me a pvt. message asking me how to reach IO @ TSC, here are the steps:

    1) Call Customer Service @ 1 800 375 5283
    2) Continue in english, hit 1
    3) To check the status, hit 2
    4) Know your receipt number, hit 1
    5) Enter Receipt number, and then for SRC, hit 1
    6) Confirm Receipt Number, hit 1
    7) You will now hear the status of your case. At this point, hit 3 to "Report a problem".

    Here is the trick - now you will hear 4 options. I believe # 3 is "If your case is outside the processing time..." and # 4 is for "If you have filed several cases and have received a decision on....". You want to hit # 4 and you will be connected to an IO at TSC.

    Just a word of caution: You will be talking to an Immigration Officer @ TSC so please be very polite. Some officers will tell you that they cannot give you any information, or you should be calling Customer Service number, simply say 'Thank You' and hang up. It might take days/weeks before you reach an IO who would be willing to help.

    Again, the sequence is:
    Call the customer service number.
    Press 1, 2, 1, Enter Receipt Number, Hit 1 for SRC, Hit 1 to confirm RN, 3 to report a problem, 4 to connect to an officer @ TSC.

    Can you tell me how ? pls


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  • wikipedia_fan
    03-31 12:55 PM
    We have to understand that there is a myriad of laws; INA, CFR's; USCIS policy binding memos; internal memos; appeals decisions, court cases, precedent aao decisions, precedent legal cases.

    Now; the ac21 memo is a memo that uscis officers have to follow. However; the memo is not in accordanc with INA 245 or AC21.

    INA 245 states that a valid and approved 140 is needed for a person to get lawful permanent residency.

    ac21 says that a person can change jobs after 485 has been pending for more then 180 days.

    The above two things are the law.

    In ac21 law; it doesn't say anything about the scenario if 140 is revoked by employer. It is totally silent to it.

    USCIS in their memos realized that ac21 law would not have any meaning if the employer still controlled the 140 if a person was eligible for ac21; therefore, they issued the memo (memo is not law but binding; memos can be changed; however, there has been nothing public about any possible change).

    Memo is clarification which they have been following for many years and as far as I know still binding.

    Thanks for the clarification. I wish my issue gets resolved soon :)

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  • Rajeev
    01-31 04:27 PM
    I sent that question in for the debate about 2 weeks ago. Glad it is on the list. I cannot access this link now for some reason

    Excellent job sant1975


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  • raj2007
    06-16 01:10 AM
    Has any of you guys heard of "Follow to Join". I believe that if you are "legaly married" before filing I-485 then you should be able to bring your spouse in whenever your GC is approved. If your GC is not approved by the time you get married i think she should be able to come in under H4.

    Not before filing I-485 but before your I-485 approval. You are safe even if you marry 1 day before approval.

    I'm in a similar situation but more complex. My fiancee was in the US on J-1 visa and had to go back because of 2 year Home residency requirement. I have e-mailed my attorney but she's on vacation until next week. I have my 140 approved and am not sure what next step is as my fiancee's j1 2 year HRR is not up until Jan 2008.

    What's your PD?

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  • msp1976
    03-10 07:57 PM
    Friend of mine (to whom I contacted regarding IV) is in USA for 7 years and knows how lobbying & party funds are raised (including Watergate) and also very much aware of "Retrogression" and problems of being "Legal".

    Also, he is aware of cause of IV and appreciate that but he is un-comfortable because whenever he login to IV, he noticed that:
    - more than 40-50% respondents are talking about money/contributions & signatures showing how much they have contributed as of today,
    - 10-15% are talking about blocking non-contributors(calling by Free Lunchers etc..),
    - 5 % are Pseudo intellectuals (talking BIG but dont know immigration basics like - PD, issues of I-140/I485)
    - 5% are always trying to shutdown others, accusing/calling by names to other forum members (he says "Highly skilled" in accusing!!)
    - and remaining are "Positive" contributors for IVs retrogression cause (talking about - I spoke to senators office, can we arrange rallies, when to Fax/fliers, when State chapters are going to meet, posting excerpts from senate/CSPAN/News etc..)

    Is our audience is so? Can we focus on our cause? pl be together like.. Like-Minded!!!

    First of all We are not into any 'gate' here...We are not creating any 'watergate' or 'immigrationgate'...
    All activities we do are legal and you would eventually get the expenditure report too...

    Now If you try to build any organization that is non paid completely volunteer...basis, all kinds of things do creep in...
    There is no avoiding that....
    Your 'friend' has a very idealized version of public organization in his mind....
    But the fact is that all public volunteer based organization(especially the ones so heavily populated by 'high skilled' ones) are going to be chaotic....

    The only public organizations that are not chaotic are either the Chinese communist party or paramilitary organization like fire fighters and police departments..All other organizations are going to be how you described...the different %ges..

    Now you have 2 choices.....
    Choice 1. Try to work with the chaos and have some voice in the legislative process...
    Choice 2. Shut your self out and not have a voice at all and mind you one less voice makes our collective voice weaker....

    The choice is yours to make.........


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  • vamsi_poondla
    11-06 02:28 PM
    Well Said! I support you 100% and agree with you totally about this. Fraud is any program is unfair and unjust on everybody, including the H1 holders themselves.

    Your company is not a sample of the entire population. The H1B program is not on-demand program. It is once in an year annual event (because of the demand). US based companies when they get a new project which needs a position, if they cannot hire locally, cannot get H1B worker from overseas when they want. So, in anticipatory mode they have to get some numbers and utilize them and we do lose some H1B visas if they cannot bring them for various reasons.

    Is it fair, may not be. Is it widespread waste, I don't think so.

    Coming to market reality - how many US workers will join a desi consultancy company or India operations based company?

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  • raju123
    07-11 06:09 PM
    My 2 cents

    Please contact international students from local universities.

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  • wikipedia_fan
    03-30 02:40 PM
    Forum Gurus - I got a denial letter on my 485. I am a July 2007 filer and applied for AOS in July 2007. My 140 was revoked by ex employer in August 2008 and immediately I got a NOID from USCIS and responded to it in a timely manner and my case processing resumed.

    But now, I got a denial stating that my 140 has been revoked in August 2008 and thats why my 485 is denied. My Attorney is filing for MTR and says it is a mistake on their side and will be resolved through MTR.

    It just baffles me that the person who sent the denial letter never looked into the system to see my case trail and blindly issued the denial notice. My Attorney says, it is very much possible that they do not look at RFEs or responses - they just issue denials when they browse through the 140s.

    I am EB2 India with a priority date of March 2006. I think some kind of pre assessment is going on. There are no LUDs and mine is at the TSC.

    Is there anyone else in the same boat? How long does it take for MTR to get processed?

    12-03 11:04 AM
    I like to see people who give me red for that:)
    I wouldn't mind getting red dots then.

    The $5 fee is for giving someone a negative rep point and not for wrong answers

    06-01 12:24 PM
    :lol: Got me beat mwc... I wish I could get that as a real skin :P

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