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  • krishmunn
    05-10 10:07 AM
    So the question still remains. Which is better school for MS with a little lesser load on the pocket.

    I wonder why every dicussion has to take a E2 vs E3, regional discrimination and other such things. Can't we have a proper engaging, fruitful discussion on any topic. Learn to respect and appreciate others. In God's scheme of things nobody is greater or smaller.

    Good luck.

    If someone is looking for a Masters just to upgrade to EB2, any accredited program will do. Verify the accreditation (of school and program) using the link which I posted earlier

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  • aadimanav
    07-17 08:07 PM
    In US Congress, following two are Senators from California:

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- CA)
    Senator Barbara Boxer (D- CA)

    I think the senators which you mentioned are from CALIFORNIA STATE SENATE (State Government).

    Try the following websites


    Hi aadimanav,

    Yes, They are from California. They represent the district I live in.

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  • sanju
    01-13 04:41 PM
    we know what you two will do after getting your GC/Citizenship..
    hopefulgc will join the republican party.. you will join the ACLU :D

    ACLU is too 'far right', need to think of something else, something better.


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  • urdost
    07-19 01:38 PM
    EB 2 / PD May'05 / Reached NSC on July 2nd'07 @ 9:01 AM

    PERM Labor approved in '06
    I -140 approved in '06


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-06 11:58 AM
    I was at USCIS this morning, followed every thing you suggested. My IO officer was actually a desi guy.

    1) They completely refused to look at the received date, I had my EAD (765) receipt, but the IO said he only cares about the receipt date. I even has the print out from USCIS.gov in which they have mentioned that they will honor the date on which applications were received in the mail room but he did not budge. His argument was " That update is in the over all scheme of things, but for EAD they have specific instruction to follow only the date they entered the data in the system"

    2) I was not allowed to see a supervisor, the IO did talk to the supervisor but did not let me see her.
    I am probably waiting for the longest here for EAD, my app received on July 2nd at NCS. Called numerous times, sent form 7001, emailed senators twice, 3 infopass appointments, still no progress. I submitted expedite request based on humanitarian grounds last week, have been calling daily to check status of expedite and still remains pending. My case now pending about 157 days. Anything more that I need to do ?

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  • mbawa2574
    09-06 12:02 PM
    It's just bad luck to get that kind of CBP officer. It's upto you to ignore this or escalate it. In my opinion behaviour of CBP officer was wrong.
    If you want, You can write letter to Commisioner of CBP about the incidence, following is the address :

    That IO must be a knucklehead who just hates "Specific type of people" or someone who does know the f** he is doing. I have entered using AP at Boston. San fran, Seattle and never had problems. Only once they asked me for EAD/a valid H1 petition and that was just a question.


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  • xlr8r
    03-15 10:35 AM
    Fill out the G-639 form and take it to a notary. Have him notarize the document when you sign it in his presence. Worked for me.

    Can someone share how to get Notarized affidavity of identity.


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  • apnair2002
    01-16 02:43 PM
    I paid 50$ through pay pal...Once again thanks for the great effort


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  • kevin08
    04-17 11:09 PM
    Unique Transaction ID #5L468486F2892453U
    I am in for $25 for one month.

    Guys, please contribute and show support to YOUR own IV.

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  • a2006
    06-12 09:17 PM
    IV core,
    Keep up the good work. We have seen a lot of people asking for "action","results" and "transparency" in the past without doing really anything for it .:-)


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  • bheemi
    03-03 10:08 AM
    one more thing when I need to add in bill pay do i need to select company or person..
    pls let me know immigration voic contact ph no also..


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  • ramaonline
    05-22 12:28 AM
    The contributions page shows one-time contributions starting from $100 onwards. If you wish to make smaller one time payments, go to paypal.com -Click Send Money - In the To field enter - donations@immigrationvoice.org OR Select Immigration Voice in the merchant list.


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  • h1techSlave
    07-23 10:50 AM
    I know my lawyer had sent all our cases to NSC. But did NSC send any cases to TSC?

    PD : March 2004
    Category : EB2
    I140 - Approved
    I485 - Filied on July 2 10.45am

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  • paskal
    04-09 05:33 PM
    i'll break my word for one last piece of advice for my sensistive friend:

    "The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve."

    no lawmaker is bothering to read this silly thread. Please stop dreaming. if you want to influence, go meet them! that remain's iv's official word on the matter too...see the meet the lawmaker campaign. and if you already have...you have my respect, you are too good in that case to waste your time complaining about this stuff.


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  • s416504
    07-20 03:16 PM
    Delivered July 2 @11:34 USPS

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  • sanju
    01-15 11:36 AM
    I agree - these are things that have to be taken very seriously.

    I am also hearing that desi houses are being targeted in New Jersey as ZDesis have jewelery in houses.

    Akshay was one of us and I feel saddened to read this news.

    However, this violent act could possibly be a sign of tough economy. Although, the problem is, any attack on an "India" immigrant is covered by stupid of all NDTV and times of Iindia et al. How many people died in India because of violence yesterday in India? Anybody knows that number? Anybody? NDTV? TOI? None. Noe one cares. The United Stupid of the Media don't care and don't cover that news. NDTV is just trying to get more people to click on their webiste and read their news. And people people will fall in that trap if the headline reads like 'Indian Technie was killed in a violent attack'. People from the subcontinent will then click on the news.

    The reality is, if you do math, and find out the % of population of "Legal Immigrants" if that is your concern, the crime on "Legal Immigrants" is lesser as compared to the crime involving attacks on natives. If your concern is that crime on "Indian Techie", then you can do the math and find out the % of population of "Indian Technie" to the other demography of the population, the crime on "Indian Techie" is less as compared to the crime involving attacks on any other demography. So this "news" style is flawed and "educated" people could use caution when subscribing to the conclusion of the news artiles we read, just as we should use caution reading any religious book. This cautionary practice of not subscribing to a viewpoint, just because it showed up in the newspaper or because it is written in a "book" by someone in the past, in my opinion differentiates between "an educated who went to school" and "an uneducated who went to school".

    The reason for my writing this is, very soon you will see an article on NDTV with the deadlines something like - "200% increase in the crime against Indian techie" because last year 2 Indian techies died and this year that number jumped to 4. And everyone will read that news formulating an opinion that India techies are slaughtered on the streets of AR, and some will say AR and detriot is a very dangerous place to visit. And such opinion is as wrong as the opinion which suggests other for not going to Mumbai because there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai last November.

    We should use caution with falling in the trap of the reporter/news media and not perceive the news what the news media wants us to understand, and maybe treat the news just the way the news is. That's all.



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  • srinithati
    11-03 05:50 PM
    try using Traveler checks(TC).

    One can go to any major bank and purchase TC, Upto 5000 US $ is allowed legally.

    but they may make entry in the borrower Indian Passport.

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  • cjain
    12-14 01:08 PM
    Folks I had an infopass this morning for EAD pending more than 90 days. The officer basically told me cannot issue EAD but will contact NSC to check status and gave a customer information receipt saying "Our records indicate that your I765 is pending. I will contact NSC for further review of your application"

    I was very disappointed by this. Is there anything else I can do to get interim EAD? I still don't see a LUD on my case.

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  • narendra_modi
    05-07 12:56 PM
    would be more than happy to participate in such an effort. I will be driving upto MD and will be there by train alongwith friends..go IV go..

    03-02 10:40 AM
    In short, what I am trying to say is members are doing what they can in these tough times. Definitely they can and will do more if we have some directions or flexible campaigns.
    we have what we have in terms of participations, donations etc ..why not have an easier campaign (flower/letter) which will get maximum participation and also show that something is happening.
    as for media campaign ..sooner or later more confident speakers will come forward (who knows ..maybe many present members are not confident speakers or media shy)

    The problem that we (including myself) have is work life is more hectic and tense now, since layoffs are happening in front of our eyes. and hence if we have campaigns like going to DC or to go for media interviews ..it is very difficult.

    Wow how did I miss this one. So you only want campaigns that are easy, flexible, not difficult, something we can do without moving our a$$, something that doesn't involve speaking with anyone including reporters, lawmakers/decision makers etc etc. Well thats too many specifications for how and which type of campaigns you want to participate. Do you expect Senators and Congressman to log on to this forum to find out the problems albertpinto is facing because he is a good guy, right?

    I agree things are going to get real VERY VERY bad soon. Things that most us find difficult right now will sound like cake walk as compared to what we are about to experience. So hang tight, we are in for a ride that no one has experienced before. I think things will be so tough that in the future we will remember these times as good times. So design your specifications for the "easy" campaigns and feel good about writing on some blog expecting some Senator will read your post and notice your competence to FedEx you your green card. For now lets count those fantasy land easy campaign of yours.


    04-08 01:46 PM
    I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$

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