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  • chaanakya
    08-24 12:59 PM
    The AP is truly an amazing conundrum. I will try to clarify.

    1. When AP is filed, you need to be in the US. No if's and but's about that.
    2. If AP is used at the border for entry, it DOES NOT invalidate your H1. Only using EAD to switch jobs does that.
    3. Lets assume you have an AP valid till Jan 1. You apply for new AP on Oct 1. However, you need to travel on Dec 25. Now there are two scenarios:
    3a) you return on Dec 30 - you can use your old AP as it is still valid. The fact that you have applied for a new AP and left the country DOES NOT abandon your new AP because your old AP is still valid.
    3b) You return on Jan 3 - You need to have the new AP in hand.

    If there are any more questions on AP, please feel free to PM me :)


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  • Thecardnyc
    07-19 11:57 AM
    PD: Feb 04, EB3
    I-140 Pending
    I-485 - Delivered on July 2nd, 9.01 AM; NSC

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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 12:27 PM
    As usual you twisted my point to make it out that I dont have any "cultural values," as you define it.

    I think chandu and paskal in their subsequent msgs got my point exactly that we should promote happy of all regions/traditions rather than focusing on the majority one.

    That would promote IV's agenda rather than distract from it.

    Its people like you with your misguided "cultural values" that are the cause of problems around the world. You are like the Indian version of ALIPAC.

    Happy Diwali to you.:)

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  • dba9ioracle
    09-08 01:55 PM
    Do you know many of the deals/contracts are done in a golf course ? That's why your account manager has marketed you with higher rates. Rate is not always based on skill sets.

    You should start playing golf and you can market yourself too..


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  • maverick_s39
    06-30 12:38 PM
    this is preposteruos, i was never denied entry on a train or bus just because i am asian, usa is much better country when it comes to racism than most of the asian countries (including india),

    But Gandhi ji actually did something when he was humiliated , unlike MOST IV MEMBERS" who just talk.. yes right TALK

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  • go_guy123
    07-02 10:27 AM
    another angle is that if the law itself violates the constitution - there is a separate procedure to appeal against such a law (like may suits going on in state courts on laws related to gay rights) - however USCIS would not be party to such a lawsuit since USCIS does not make laws. one would need not only a good immigration lawyer but also a constitutional expert for a venture like this.

    Yes true. This is the only angle that is viable in theory. All that can be done is challenge that the per country quota violates the constitution. Then the judge can strike that clause off.

    Besides this it needs a law change.


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  • Jaime
    09-22 03:25 AM
    sounds funny and will make news, but I am not sure it helps in our campaign to get the system fixed.

    It would get attention and help in educating (legal vs illegal) and would be done in conjunction with other things like:

    -sending more flowers
    -a huge rally in Silicon Valley
    -candlelight vigil at congress
    -mass letter mailings from all of us
    -human chains
    -hunger strike?

    We have to attack simultaneusly (but SMARTLY) from all angles in order to be effective!

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  • sargon
    08-28 10:49 PM
    Can somebody answer this question of mine please.


    I filed my I485 in Texas service center because at the time of filing it I was living in a state which was in TSC's jurisdiction. The application is still pending in TSC.

    I have not filed any AP so far. I am filing it first time now.

    Now I have moved to a state which is in Nebraska Service Center's jurisdiction. So should I file my AP in NSC or in TSC?


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  • sanju
    02-23 04:44 PM
    allow me to illustrate my point



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  • snathan
    04-21 02:21 PM
    After reading the OP, I was rotf...I dont know why you guys are discussing it very seriously.

    I recommend immigration 101 for the OP.


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-19 01:45 PM
    You will also see "Approval notice sent". It means the card is on the way to your mailbox.

    I feel for all of you whose EAD is not yet receive. When my EAD was pending for more than 90 days, I wrote an email to the Ombudsman. I don't know if it helped or not. I just got RFE notice 4 days after sending the email. After replying to the RFE (photos), I got my EAD with no problems.
    When does the "Approval notice sent" status appear, it is about 7 days since I got the production ordered.

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  • jayz
    07-02 01:28 AM
    You can find the link on the US Consulate website for Mumbai, under appointment information.


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  • sidchhikara
    05-14 06:38 PM
    this is my 10th year in the US & never had a single incident along the racial lines.. probably I lucked out.. However, I don't subscribe to this opinion of removing moustache..... I am proud of my bushy moustache & have had women admire that at/outside work.. But I do agree 100% on all the other points you raised..
    Brother, I take the moustache part back, I put that in from the point of view of popular culture, because I have heard that the ladies like clean shaven men!! But If the opposite works for you - Enjoy and I hope you get lucky!!

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  • miththoo
    11-04 02:19 PM
    One simple suggestion which is less comlicated than all those above.
    BTW you don't need rbi clearance.
    You can send an overseas wire from india through your bank a/c where the cost would be minimal( only exchange rate diff and cost of wire($25-50).

    Your parents can safely gift you $100,000 a year. Your bank only would need a letter from them saying its a gift.

    I have tried this to repatriate my assets and it works all the time.

    No need to open nre or nro a/c or anything.
    ps. don;t entertain any solicitation on this site for reverse hawala or anyhthing as you don;t know who will cheat you!
    just my 2 cents

    I know this is possible although I did not try this. I think you need to get a certified letter from CA. But can you give the money from your account and again have them gift you ? I mean wouldn't the bank check this is the same money that you gave to your parents previously.
    Btw, you can get upto $100K from your NRE account without RBI's permission. Also you deposit your Rent, interest etc that you get in India, into the Repatriatable NRO account and repatriate here in USA.


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  • miguy
    05-18 11:47 AM
    I opted for the CP option as well. My I-140 was approved in Oct 06 and thats when my attorney received the package for Consular processing from NVC.
    Although my PD is not current yet, my lawyer asked me to pay the fees so that they can send the packet back to NVC. I am not sure what to do as my PD is not current yet.

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  • eb3stuck
    05-11 12:53 PM
    So bottomline is we are stuck as usual ...watch for Bulletins releigously on second week Fridays...and get ready to pack your Bags....as Sept,2006 approaches...


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  • ronhira
    05-29 02:05 PM
    First of all, you dont have a binary choice in the matter such as either you learn 50,000 words and their spellings or go smoke dope. There is a middle ground here.

    Secondly, why do I see in company after company, especially in the knowledge industry that a straight A student, like your Kavya here, working for a manager who had been a B- student who in turn works for an executive who was a C- student ?

    Get educated ... that's fine. But dont get over-educated such that you are a cripple who cannot think outside the box. Too much education, too many straight As, too many spellings will make you incapable of thinking outside the box, taking risks. Anyways, that's my belief and my opinion and everyone is free to raise their kids in whatever way they deem fit. I for one, would never ask my 2 children to participate in any spelling bee contest.

    As far as your desi company thoughts go, it has nothing to do with spelling bee topic. However, let me tell you this. By being holier than thou and telling other people "I got a degree from here and you dumb asses have never been to an American college, so get lost you idiot, this job here is mine..." does not help anyone. Also, no desi companies put a gun to the head of anyone - Indian educated or US educated - to work for them. And let me remind you, there is AN ENTIRE GENERATION of US educated US masters degree holders who had no job after graduating and have been to a desi company to get trained on the real-world software applications. I am sure you know some people yourself, just as I know some people in that situation. If the US masters degree made them super-duper smart, then they would not be knocking doors of desi companies for education after graduating.

    I am no fan of desi companies, everyone here knows that. But don't preach a holier than thou sermon to everyone who doesn't have a US degree. Because your US degree isn't worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to getting a job.

    I guess you are speaking like Tom Peters. But in the end, it all depends on where one wants to be and what is the world view of someone. If one thinks that just because someone is a manager over others, that makes that someone better and more successful than others, and if most B- students manage A+ students (which is fuzzy maths), yes, in that case it maybe that its better to get a B- grade than A+, and there is no need to go to business school either. If the world view and the objective is not just to become a manager or make 100K instead of 120K, but actually do something worthwhile in every stage of your life, rather than just having an objective of becoming a manager, maybe its about learning a language and words, then why not. Strong vocabulary is the first stage to clear expression and clear expression is the corner stone of a successful and satisfying career, including bring a manager. I don't see anything wrong with learning more words, or loving parents or obedient children. Everyone has a different age in their life when we revolt against the environment, just to break free. Its not necessary that one must continue to revolt an entire lifetime to be creative or be better than others. Bill Gates or Steve jobs never wanted to become just managers, they wanted to re-invent the future. College dropouts, but successful. But how many Gates and Jobs do we have? I guess there is no clear definition of success and different people gauge success differently, but most people, more so in this crowd on this forum, relate success to level of education/university (US masters or Bachelors from India), and title at work place. But maybe the key is not how others gauge your success, but how you gauge yourself. Maybe you have set your eyes on squeezing most number of lemons or maybe being fastest eater of a water melon, or climbing on top of rhinoceros back, whatever it is, if you have done it and you feel satisfied, you will see yourself as successful. So whatever is the definition of success, whatever is anybody's opinion or world-view, the fact is, these kids did well with the goal they had set for themselves. And if that is how they feel satisfied with their hard work, they are successful. The fact that there were so many other contestants wanting to prove that they were better than others, and they weren't, makes it a recognizable achievement. Its that simple.

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  • softwareguy
    07-22 10:51 AM
    You will never be as good!!!
    Life is different, if you are not a tourist. Try working with them day in day out. And I m talking about Toronto.

    Experiences of friends says - blue collar, jobs that Canadian do not want to do you, you are more than welcome.
    But dont ever try to get a White collar job... And if you want to - work as Software engineer - and forget of any career development....

    Again -

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  • Macaca
    10-06 09:35 AM
    Macaca, don't get me started on your name

    Dr Ona stands out

    I wish they hadn't closed the blog, I wanted to post on there. I don't see any posts on the link you have provided for the H2B blog on WSJ. Am I looking in the right place?

    No one commented at this H2B blog. This blog appeared without an article as compared to the other which had an article + a blog. BTW, WSJ has more articles on H2B then on EB GC issues.

    Some blogs come and go like immigration bills on the Hill. Have writeups for all occasions.

    Mercury News blog (http://www.mercurynews.com/politics/ci_7091661#recent_comm) is still open. Blog your issues/opinions; needs account. Keep in mind that Mercury News has published EB GC articles but more articles won't hurt!

    08-25 03:49 PM
    All of you please contact your local newspaper and TV stations and tell them about your plight. This will be a good story you should highlight and will help you and everyone else in your state.

    plassey, bkr, jasmin45 since you are the people suffering, you can take the lead on this and contact local reporters. IV can help you with the interviews. Please update your profile too.

    plassey, bkr, jasmin45 please post on this thread if you are willing.

    02-28 04:03 PM
    This article was written by IV sometime back. I think this is an excellent article, iIf you have it good, please ignore this posting....

    Dude, where's my green card?

    By Salil Pradhan

    While a fierce battle is raging over immigration reform for unskilled and undocumented workers, we the high-skilled, legal immigrants are struggling for employment-based permanent residency. The wait, intended by Congress to be one year or less, can now be up to 10 years in certain categories.

    I am a high-skilled, educated, legal, tax-paying resident of Stillwater, having dual master's degrees from Oklahoma State University. My wife obtained a Ph.D. from OSU and works there as a post-doctoral research scientist. After filing a plethora of immigration forms, paying exorbitant fees and waiting almost 5 years, our permanent residency application process is still in a state of limbo with no end in sight. In the absence of permanent residency and the associated uncertainty, we have missed several opportunities of economic investment and scientific research.

    People presume that since we are highly qualified and legal residents, it would be a matter of one to two years to obtain permanent residency. On the contrary, I, my wife and thousands of highly skilled, highly educated legal immigrant members of Immigration Voice ( www.immigrationvoice.org) are stuck in a bureaucratic mess that has shattered our American dreams, stagnated our careers and prevented us from realizing our true potential.

    The U.S. employment-based green card process is in need of a major overhaul. Hundreds of thousands of applicants have been stuck in the three-stage green card process � some since 1999. These highly skilled workers take up jobs for which qualified American citizens cannot be found. Though it's hard to imagine that a qualified American worker cannot be found for some high skilled jobs, there are several explanations for this disconnect.

    More than 50 percent of American graduate degrees in science and engineering go to foreign students, a majority of whom continue to stay in the United States and work on H1-B visas. A shortage of American graduate students translates to a shortage of American workers in skilled positions such as chip design, materials science, microbiology or nursing. Also, qualified Americans may be unwilling to relocate to a particular location. This is especially true for physicians working in under-served areas.

    Many misconceptions about H1-B visa holders have been propagated by largely anti-immigrant lobbies the most prominent being that they take away American jobs and are low-wage workers. The truth is that an H1-B visa holder can only be hired if a similarly qualified American citizen cannot be found. Also, the minimum H1-B wage, determined by the Department of Labor, cannot be less than that offered to an American worker in a similar job.

    Another myth is that H1-B workers don't pay taxes. Be assured that all H1-B workers pay taxes equal to what American citizens pay, including Social Security and Medicare taxes.
    If Congress passes S. 2691 and H.R. 5744, which Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., have respectively introduced, America would undoubtedly become more competitive by ensuring availability of adequate high-skilled immigrants and by eliminating some of the red tape that plagues our legal immigration system.

    Pradhan is a member of Immigration Voice.

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