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  • gcisadawg
    09-06 08:20 PM
    No need to use AP to travel when you are in valid H1 status, and are continuing to work with the GC sponsoring employer. You can use the valid h1 stamp to reenter without any risk to the pending 485

    Spouse can travel and reenter on H4 even if she has a valid AP provided that you maintain H1 status. Note that H4 is a derivative of H1 status. H4 status ends once EAD is used for work purposes. If the EAD is used for work, then it is safest to travel and re-enter on AP.


    Thanks for your feedback. We dont have valid H1B stamp on the passport although we have a valid H1B approval. My wife needs to go for stamping.
    My question is, Can I enter thru AP after a 4 week period whereas my wife can apply for a H1B visa at US consulate and enter using the stamp on her passport. I would be using H1B and working for GC sponsoring employer and wont use EAD during this period.


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  • ilikekilo
    04-14 09:48 PM
    Thanks ilikekilo for the information. My husband medical coverage will start on the same day of his joining date. There is no waiting period. We need to find out what kind of healthcare plan they are providing and check whether my hospital and OB is under there network.

    there you go, good for have nothing to worry about then, worst case you may have to change your OBGYN...start looking for good references in the area...

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  • terriblething
    06-12 12:44 PM
    Thanks for your suggestion! Buddy.
    We will try to request a court interpreter.

    I am sure the jury will say that you are not guilty if your wife supports your side of the story. Remember, the verdict should be unanimous. So go for jury trial and request a court interpreter to make sure there is no language barrier.

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  • mpadapa
    10-11 09:32 AM


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  • lazycis
    12-11 02:57 PM
    Send email to who ? Can you pls describe in detail what email they need to send and what reason they need to put in. My local office always says NSC is processing July cases so you should have it soon, but that "soon" has never happened. It is 160+ days since I applied.

    If you haven't tried it yet, try to follow the procedure I described on the 1st page

    The only reason you need is that yor EAD app is pending more than 90 days. Ask for a receipt that they followed procedures outlined in memo. They have to contact service center where your I-765 is pending and request expedite processing. You can also print federal regulations

    Section 274a.13(d) sets that 90 days deadline.

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  • Macaca
    09-22 02:55 PM
    first to understand,
    then to be understood
    Stephen Covey


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  • sunny1000
    07-09 02:57 PM
    Aaj nahin uthogey toh kab uthogey....
    If not today, when shall you wake up????

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  • gc_check
    02-24 12:23 PM

    Need ur participation... I'm not an active member, but have done my part.

    As you all know the famous saying, "Make hay when the sun shines", we have to act on right time to succeeed in our efforts. I see 800+ registered members.. Counting atleast $100 each, we should atleast be close to 50% of the target.. but it not the case here, Most of us have been in this country for years and also are planning to make this our home... Contributing $100, should not be a big deal.. Folks please join hands together... and help the folks who are actively working on this... .

    Also each of us, already members in the group, atleast should try to get minimum one new member to this groups within next week time, we should be able to increase the membership rate dramatically and the contributions too....

    "United We Stand"


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  • caliducas
    07-20 11:30 PM
    EB3 delivered on 07/03 at 9:03AM via FEDEX

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  • 21stIcon
    02-19 04:48 PM
    This is not even good for long term due to hefty financial charges of insurance companies, you would not know about this until you buy one ,my sincere advice would be do not even get into this crap in US. these guys rip you off.

    As I mentioned before Prudential charged 70% premiums as a finance charge every month and only 30% went to savings. It would never make sense and do n't listen to people who never owned these products before.


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  • mrsr
    05-22 12:34 AM
    Processing times are based on Received date or Notice Date?

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  • delhiguy
    07-06 12:33 PM
    What if USCIS doesnt return the applications , and releases a press note ,s aying that all applications are being accepted , but they would be processed later (not approving EAD and AP). That would be creating more havoc in our lives.


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  • map_boiler
    07-06 12:54 PM
    CAdude, possibly you're the person in DENIAL mode. You are free to take the chill pill or any other pill you want (I am not seeking your advice for that purpose anyways). If you have a direct response to the point I made, feel free to respond, otherwise, please don't bother...

    All you guys in DENIAL mode. Like Home seller in todays market. take chill pill and enjoy the life (what ever left after fisaco). :)

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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-24 10:43 AM

    I applied in Feb 2006..My H1 Expired in Dec 2006. Canada ppl came back saying H1 should be valid for at least 1 year.

    Now when I get my H extension and reapply - can I use the same Police clearance from Indian Embassy and FBI that was sent in Feb 2006?

    ANy clues?


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  • freedom_fighter
    06-30 11:29 AM
    Chalo ye idea bhi gaya.. aur koi hai bhai with new idea. This place gonna make a guiness record of busting maximum number of ideas.

    Some actively some passively by not participating. I rest my case here Finally :confused:

    Something tragic/humiliating on big scale happens to some of the ppl in EB community. Its sad, I guess even Gandhi didnt do anything until he really got humiliated in south africa.

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  • visli_com
    09-11 05:45 PM
    Yes , I bought house,2007. PD aug2003 EB3


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  • smc
    09-22 01:40 PM
    It may be a little too subtle.

    Most people will wonder why high skilled immigrants are sending plumbing equipment around the place.:confused:

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  • desi3933
    07-06 10:26 AM
    >> The members of the class will have to compete each other for the numbers

    The question that comes up - is this fair?

    Not a legal advice.

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  • bkarnik
    11-06 01:14 PM

    What I have done below is present a couple of races that are interesting to follow tomorrow from the immigration perspective. This list is not all inclusive and only includes the House races that have been listed on the Cook Political Report ( as competitive. I went through the list and compared that with the representatives on the "House Immigration Reform Caucus" as chaired by Rep. Tom Tancredo. Here are the results:

    The 10 following races are considered as toss-ups.
    J.D.Hayworth AZ-05 LOST
    Marilyn Musgrave CO-04 WON
    Geoff Davis KY-04 WON
    Gil Gutknecht MN-01 [/B]LOST[/B]
    Charlie Bass NH-02 LOST
    John Sweeney NY-20 LOST
    Charles Taylor NC-11 LOST
    Jean Scmidt OH-02 POSS.WIN
    Thelma Drake VA-02 WON
    Barbara Cubin WY-AL TOO CLOSE TO CALL, leads by 822 votes

    The following 6 races are considered lean republican
    Rick Renzi AZ-01 WON
    John Doolittle CA-04 WON
    Brian Bilbray CA-50 WON
    Hefley (OPEN SEAT) CO-05 (WON by another GOP (Lamborn))
    Otter ID-01 (WON by another GOP (Sali))
    Randy Kuhl NY-29 WON

    The following 5 races are considered likely republican
    Ric Keller FL-08 WON
    Bilirakis (OPEN SEAT) FL-09 (WON by the son, another GOP Bilirakis)
    Jeb Bradley NH-01 LOST
    Robin Hayes NC-08 (TOO CLOSE TO CALL, Hayes leads bu 468 votes)
    Pat Tiberi OH-12 WON

    The following one race is considered lean democratic
    Bob Beauprez (OPEN SEAT) CO-07 WON by DEMOCRAT

    Bottom line: The current house immigration caucus boasts 104 members. Of which, 4 will be gone come January 2007. From the remaining, IF all the tossups were to go democratic, the list would come down to 90 members.

    I will update the thread with the final results Nov. 7th.

    Nov. 7th update: As seen above, from the original 104, the list is now down to 95 members. With the House majority in the Democratic hands, this loss in the caucus is likely to be magnified since they are now the minority in the minority.

    04-08 02:39 PM
    Going back might be a good call. But the truth is, no matter how much money you got, how secured you are, the bottom-line is that the call has to come from the individual.

    I will share my concern. I was 23 when I moved here and I already spent 10 years of prime life here in this country. After finishing my college, I worked in India for a year and half, and as any young adult I grew up thinking one day, I will change the way life operates in India. There is a system which operates India. It is powerful, normal human like you and I cannot overcome the system. People like Gandhi could, they are willing to sacrifice them self for the best of others. Or you could if you are like our current politicians who know how to work the system. People like lallu, Jaya, Karunanidhi, Naidu etc, they grew up as a part of the system. For them even when killing someone, they might not feel the remorse. But you and I cannot even bribe without feeling bad, which is good. But the question is how long can you sustain that? I am not 23 anymore; Now, I know what responsibility is all about. I have 2 kids; I don’t know whether I am hard enough to fight the system at this current stage of my life.

    There is a famous quote, which states that there is a breaking point for every human, once we are pushed beyond that point, your action does not originate from your brain. In other words you will become part of the system.

    For me this is the main concern. When I talk to people here who wants to go back, they say that they will buy a house in some close community and they will live a happy life inside. For me that’s a fools dream. You cannot shut off from others, may be for a month or two, soon you have to face the real world.

    So the answer for your question lie in this question. How are you going to handle the system in India? I do not believe that things will change. May be in 25 years; Not anytime soon. So until then you have to live a life where in you have to adjust to the system.

    I do not have an answer to the question. How will I manage the day to day life? If you know the answer let me know

    - ;)

    05-21 12:57 PM
    I can also see only April dates...

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