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  • Prashant
    07-10 10:32 AM
    A shipment of 100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies, ProFlowers, was delivered by FedEx for Emilio Gonzalez at the requested address of

    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW ,
    Washington, DC 20529

    on 7/10/2007.

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  • gccovet
    05-21 01:36 PM
    I don't know about it true that i can get interim EAD after 90 days???

    Not sure if this rule still valid (some websites still has them , including murthy),
    check this out


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  • rajchadha
    06-03 09:10 AM
    This is called waste of brain power ... cramming as much as you can from the dictionary and god knows what. It would have been much better if a child learns some skill or diverts the mind towards exploring a problem or invention . What use is cramming the dictionary when it is available right on your phone now . If you have the internet all the world's knowledge is searchable.

    There are much better uses for the brain power.

    People can have different opinion about this ---cramming or not cramming but matter of the fact is that is still a great achievement .
    Proves that we indian rock in whatever we decide to do in life and that can be medicine/IT/Law/ working to do some invention / spelling or whatever. People can have different intrests in life but matter of fact stays same that we indians are one of the most hard working race.
    Good job---Sukanya Roy!!!!!!!!!!! you make us all feel proud !!!!!!!

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  • wellwisher02
    05-03 10:51 AM
    Folks...cannot wait...any options left....
    Boring....india is better it looks....waiting for GC then going to be a hell....inflation is high....


    Agreed it's frustrating to go thru a roller-coaster ride as far as GC is concerned. I believe members of IV are leaving no stone unturned to tide over the GC hurdles by speaking in one voice and acting in unison.

    Literally, we must have the 'staying power' to do this. If people wanna go back to their home country, it's their personal decision. Impatience and frustration should not be the driving factor for people to return to their home country.


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  • vbkris77
    07-02 12:20 PM
    To make an impact, we need in the order of 50,000 to 100,000 letters with their personal US address on it. Anything less doesn't hold any water..

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  • mirage
    03-19 11:07 AM
    You really cannot ask for more EB3 numbers or 'treat EB-3 fairly'...Laws are made by the congress and they provided certain numbers to each country & category. USCIS has to follow these norms and apply those numbers and USCIS has followed the rule and have applied the allocatd numbers to EB-3. Problem is not that they are treating us differently or we are getting an unfair treatment. The problem we are facing is because we are just too many in number and the problem is Congress didn't make any laws to provide relief to people if one country or a category becomes hugely backlogged...unfortunately, the Last time they did any law for EB immigrats, it was in 1999 or 2000 when they brought AC21. Since then there has been huge surge in immigration but everytime anything immigration related legislation was brought in congress, it has been shot down..In my opinion we can get relief only if congress acts upon it, USCIS is working the way there were tld by the congress
    Well said. I agree with most of you here.

    This can be a move to ask for more numbers for EB3 and to be treated fairly. My EB2 friends with 2007 priority dates are hopeful to get it next year and here I am in EB3 with no hope. There is no reason to be hopeful if we go by last 3-4 years of data as to what happened with EB3,.
    One guy here provided with some numbers and logic. If its true that there are many more in EB3 than in EB2, then we must ask for more numbers. Its pure nonsense that an EB2 waits for x years and Eb3 waits for 3x.
    MOst importantly we must fight togheter for anything, but commonsense definitely tells some things which this greencard guy noted. As he says there is no reason to hope for anything in EB3 with spillover or anything. It will not spill into EB3. We must ask for fairness and at the same time push for removal of quotas for everyone.
    There is no reason why EB2 get upset and if so, then we cant help. We cannot hold our GCs at hold to make you happy. Hope you agree.


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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 09:44 PM
    Getting expungemen t wouldnot help in his case.
    For immigration purposes, his conviction stands.
    Everytime when he visits consulate for a visa or enters USA at POE, he needs to indicate this on documents and provide explanation (if asked ) with relevant documents.

    Yes, I do agree with you but he asked a specific question related to travelling, and his expungement will help. He need not to declare at the POE about his case but as you said he will have the side effects of this case in various other stages till he is admitted as PR.


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  • laborpains
    08-05 11:20 AM
    If your application is an SRC then:
    call (800) 375 � 5283 then 1-2-1-recpt number-1-1-wait for recorded status-3-4 speak with customer service.

    Thank you for the info!


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  • styrum
    02-08 08:25 PM
    So for a position classifed as a jobzone 4 and an svp between 7 <8, which of the following job requirements would be a better option for EB-2 filing:

    - MS+0 / No BS requirement
    - MS+0 / BS+5

    And by better I mean less chance of an audit or proof of business necessity requirements.

    I am afraid I am missing something. According to the worst case interpretation you can't require more than 2 years even for BS for zone IV.

    Can somebody remind me how BSs can still qualify for EB2? I heard this BS+5, but don't see how it can fit into zone IV and qualify for EB2

    It looks to me the only way for zone IV would be MS + 0.

    I am still puzzled why DOL accused me of having only 5 yrs of SVP on my first PERM. There I required MS+5 (stupid me - hoped to supply "business neccessity" later), which means 9. But they didn't say "you put 9" they said "you put 5" on the denial notice!

    Per 9089 instruction for Section H, item 5: "Do not duplicate the time requirements." So one would think experience is counted separately.

    Do they not follow their own rules?

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  • laborchic
    05-07 01:32 PM
    Is something being arranged on the chapter level as well?

    I was there for rally and will also join for this one.


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  • pappu
    04-25 06:38 PM
    Tuesday 05/01/2007 - 3:00 PM
    2237 Rayburn House Office Building
    Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law
    Hearing on An Examination of Point Systems as a Method for Selecting Immigrants
    By Direction of the Chairman

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  • va_il
    11-09 04:00 PM
    Assuming this congress and senate would favor CIR...
    is CIR good for us. Last time around when we discussed we concluded that it would overwhelm USCIS with work and they would not be able to attend our application for a while. So i wonder tagging along with illegals is going to speed our cause?


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  • eb_retrogession
    02-24 09:35 AM
    Dear friends,

    As many of you are well aware, it has been about 50 days since IV was started. Since then, we have come a long way in setting up a platform to voice our concerns. We also established an able alliance with QGA to have a powerful channel for our voices to be heard on the hill.

    It is now game time!!

    Two very significant legislative vehicles, namely the PACE bill and Comprehensive immigration bill are right on the corner. PACE is scheduled for discussion end of Feb, and the comprehensive Immigration bill beginning of March. In this dynamic legislative climate, it if very difficult to predict which of these potential vehicles could bear fruit, or even predict the timeframes accurately. IV�s strategy is to pursue both the bills and push for our goals to be on them.

    We are in immediate need of funds for that very purpose. We are seriously low on gas right now, for the journey ahead that we are only just starting on. We have only raised $30,000 in the last 50 days; even more alarming, fund raising has gone down drastically in the last 2 weeks. At our current burn rate, we will be out of money in a month or so, just when we expect the bills to come up for discussion on the Senate floors. As you can expect and appreciate, there is a cost for achieving anything politically. IV has already demonstrated a great deal of leadership and persistence to work on retrogression relief and labor backlog elimination. Many IV members will start making trips to DC in the coming weeks to meet lawmakers at the hill. We need your help NOW!

    Members that have not yet contribute money, please do so TODAY! And members that have already contributed please consider another contribution. We need all hands on deck. Also pass on the message of the immediate need of funds to your friends.

    If you have questions, as always, please send a note to

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  • Ruth B
    08-27 09:16 PM
    Hi, I applied for AOS with my wife for EB3 on July 25, received all my receipts today with 08/23/07 receipt date. The checks have not been cashed yet. I'm wondering if someone else is under the same circumstances. It seemed a little odd as the most I see people talking about is having the checks cashed but no receipts. Any help will be appreciated.



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  • Blog Feeds
    10-09 12:30 PM
    President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Solving seemingly intractable international problems is chief on the President's foreign policy agenda. Hopefully, solving the immigration problem will remain chief on his domestic agenda.

    More... (

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  • sheela
    11-09 10:55 AM
    Happy Diwali to everyone.


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  • jonty_11
    06-28 12:26 PM
    makes sense...they are expecting alot of 140/485 combine filings in July and by issuing this bulletin they have stopped people from filing 140 in PP

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  • priderock
    04-11 11:01 AM
    is the answer :-0). Remember in life you have to have an attitude of respecting others, if u think you need to be treated specially cause you have lived in America 10yrs then u would be definitely disappointed. A lot of my friends have relocated to India and I am too early next year. The only answer is attitude.

    But there are cases where you expect to be treated like a human , and you are not. That is the most difficult thing for some who returned and regret doing so.

    And it is a bigger dream (than dream about getting GC) to expect people to leave en masse .

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  • reddog
    02-23 12:23 AM
    “All my life, I had the option to choose between hate and love. I chose love. And that is why I am here today.”
    AR Rahman after winning his 2nd Oscar on Feb 22, 2009.

    That truly is the thought of an average indian, outside India.

    10-11 04:38 PM
    That quote is very inspirational man, just love it :)

    "Oye, PavanV", Do not worry. I believe in "Sawa Lakh se Ek Ladaun Tab Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun". :)

    10-28 04:53 PM
    Correct, there are problems with the online status with TSC.
    My AP status say pending since 10/04/2007, I got my AP documents from attorney this afternoon.Still the status says pending.


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