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  • leoindiano
    07-02 05:56 AM
    upgraded to PP on 19th. No news, No LUD so far....Even though, they saif July 2nd is cutoff date. Something went wrong around 6/20. Dont see any approvals after that.

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  • shimul99
    10-24 03:56 PM
    It was current for July. so i mailed my application on june 29, 2007, expected to reach USCIS on july 2nd, 2007.


    first of all congrats. but i have a question.

    you said you are EB3 ROW (Bangladesh) but you applied your I-485 on June 29, 2007 with a Priority Date of Feb 06.

    But on June 2007 (just before the VB fiasco) the Visa Bulletin for EB3 ROW was caught up to June 05 ( But your EB3 ROW PD is Feb 06. So how is that possible?

    Only EB2 ROW is current. Are you sure you are not EB2? You can confirm this by looking at your 140 notice. Otherwise you must have sent out your application June 29 (Fri) in the hope of reaching USCIS by July 1 or 2 (Sun or Mon). That's the only way I could make sense of this.

    Either way man, your stars must all lined up or something man. You are indeed very lucky.

    the reason I am pestering you is becoz I too am EB3 ROW with PD of Mar 06 and I filed on Aug with an approved 140. I am now kicking myself for not mailing out June 29 Fri.

    FU*K*NG USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ashkam
    05-13 03:19 PM
    I am talking about a person (like 485mbe - the one who has posted next to yr post) who has a PD of 2001 ..I am not saying that they should give Eb2's quota to EB3 ..but they should try to pull the category that is worst affected..or atleast give EB3 something ..
    my question to you is ..say in the year 2010, would u support a situation where all categories are current or at 1 year difference ...while a particular category (eb3 I in this case) is at 2001 ??.. even if you do feeling is that USCIS will try to pull EB3 - I (if something like above happens)..but then they are just a govt agency ..and in the end they are similar to govt agency in India ..only difference is that maybe little better
    can I force them to do something just --No. can I pray for it -- maybe ..should I be ready for it (i.e. Eb3 - still in 2001 - 2002) - definitely !!

    "but they should try to pull the category that is worst affected"

    See, again, you are looking at it from the immigrant's point of view. Look at it from America's point of view. Immigration isn't like charity. America isn't in the business of helping immigrants, it is in the business of helping itself. No longer does America accept your tired, your poor, your huddled masses (, your wretched refuse anymore. The fact is that it is a matter of irrelevance to the US whether it is EB2 or EB3 that is retrogressed. It is only interested in retaining the best labor force in the world. EB1 and EB2 happen to be the best, at least on paper, therefore they are the chosen ones. The moment the US gets more self sufficient in so-called "high skilled professionals", it will make the green card opening narrower, perhaps even get rid of the EB3 category altogether. And would that be fair or just? Yes. Why? Because America is looking out for its own interests, not that of the immigrants. It's what every government does and should do.

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  • gc_mania_03
    08-28 02:23 PM
    1) 2-passport size photographs with your A#, name written on the back.
    2) Letter justifying the need for AP.
    3) Copy of I-485 receipt
    4) Copy of old AP.
    5) Copy of Passport information page (or) DL
    6) Copy of Confirmation notice of e-file.


    I need some advice on AP filing.

    I E-Filed my wife's AP last weekend and promptly sent the documents. But, just now I realized that I did not enclose the passport-photos with the packet.

    What do you think can be done now?

    I plan to send another packet, with a cover letter stating that I had forgot the photos and they are in the packet. I also plan to enclose the confirmation receipt with the packet.

    Should that be enough?


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  • chanduy9
    07-06 12:53 PM

    Based on what exactly ??
    Nobody here even comes close in identifying which are the eligibility criteria. Everybody hopes for one or the other.

    Meanwhile one thing is for sure:

    Every application filed after July 2nd, is filed AFTER they closed the doors oficially! How are we in the same class as the people from July 2nd ??? Just because we prepared for filing ??? Isn't that a bit weak in the eyes of the law ?

    Just talked to my lawyer..he said even if we win the case...eligibility is based on the court order...court order may allow every one or only limited people who are in the class action...and in they clearly mentioned that, USCIS MAY look at the apllications very closely who are in the class action....who wants that..

    Send flowers on JULY 10TH....the count is reaching 100.
    just my 2 cents...

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  • whiteStallion
    05-27 04:20 PM
    Lets hope for the best on this bill !


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  • imneedy
    06-25 10:30 AM
    Guys, I eFiled for EAD and AP renewal yesterday. I am not clear about documents to be sent for AP. Also do I need to send pictures?

    Appreciate your response.

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  • inthehole
    08-27 03:29 PM
    Infopass appt for Interim EAD was not helpful at all.
    They suggested the same that I did earlier, ie to fax USCIS hotline about my situation along with letter from emp saying that I am at risk of losing job.
    I have done that several times, still no luck.
    My EAD expires on aug 30th (yah, just 2 more business days).
    Did everything in my hands, now just prepared to lose my job.

    Surprising thing is I saw 2 soft LUDs on aug 25th and and 26th but still no approval nor RFE, case status still pending.
    I know they are looking at my case, but doing nothing.
    My wife's EAD was approved a month ago.

    I asked my lawyer (from a big firm) if I will have a case on USCIS in case if I lose my job. She said, USCIS is famous for this kind of processing for 1000's still the cases wont stand against them.

    I wld appreciate any suggestions/thoughts?

    You can check your senator's website. There will be some information on how to contact them. I think usually, they have someone in their front office who takes care of this request.

    I requested to expedite and i got an email last week saying the request was accepted and will get result within 14days.. its been already 10 days and so far nothing happened.

    Did the email you received specifically say that your request has been accepted and you will know the decision within 30 days?


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  • EB3_SEP04
    05-29 11:25 AM
    This is the third time an Indian American has won the competition in a row.

    BTW, the huge number of Indian American partcipants is not due to the fact that " Indian Americans" are brilliant... These children (at least most) are partcipating not becasue they have talent but they are being forced to by the aspirations of their parents.

    All the Indian American children are crying, sitting on the lap of their parents etc... See any other kid who lost, they were cool.

    How do you support your statement? and how many Bee contestants have you met/talked to?

    in studies you can not force someone, you can only help them stay focused, having lived in NJ for 6-7 years i have met dozens of india american teenagers, very rarely have i heard them going to so caled "teenage clubs" where they do all the kinds of nasty stuff. teaching kids how to stay away from things that would hurt them in the long run, and spending enough time with them is what most immigrant(not just indians) parents do.

    15 years from now when you see more than 50% neurosurgens are of indian origin, please stand at times square with a banner "these neurosurgens are not brilliant but they were forced by their parents" :p

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  • h1vegas
    06-25 03:56 PM
    While I Wrote The Check For Ead Renewal
    I Wrote It To Department Of Homeland Security And Not
    Us Deparment Of Homeland Security
    Is It A Big Problem

    Just an update guys ..checks cashed today


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  • chanduv23
    10-07 06:26 PM
    couldn't attend this time ...

    No problem :) hope to see u next time :) Take care of ur baby

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  • snathan
    04-21 03:01 PM
    Mother fucker I am not married and I dont have kids.

    huh...Now I understand why you are after PlainSpeak...Good luck.

    But if she already have will become a baby sitter. What
    a strange world though...:D:D:D


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  • chapper
    10-23 09:34 PM
    Congrats! - I'm happy for you. Thanks for sharing.
    Did you get any LUD between I485 application and approval.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 03:07 PM
    I went through the Federal Firearm Law and here is what I found:

    (d) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person�

    (5) who, being an alien�
    (A) is illegally or unlawfully in the United States; or
    (B) except as provided in subsection (y)(2), has been admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa (as that term is defined in section 101(a)(26) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(26)));


    (y) Provisions Relating to Aliens Admitted Under Nonimmigrant Visas.�
    (1) Definitions.� In this subsection�
    (A) the term �alien� has the same meaning as in section 101(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(3)); and
    (B) the term �nonimmigrant visa� has the same meaning as in section 101(a)(26) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(26)).

    (2) EXCEPTIONS: Subsections (d)(5)(B), (g)(5)(B), and(s)(3)(B)(v)(II) do not apply to any alien who has been lawfully admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa, if that alien is:
    (A) admitted to the United States for lawful hunting or sporting purposes or is in possession of a hunting license or permit lawfully issued in the United States;
    (B) an official representative of a foreign government who is:
    (i) accredited to the United States Government or the Government's mission to an international organization having its headquarters in the United States;or
    (ii) en route to or from another country to which that alien is accredited;

    101(a)(3) The term "alien" means any person not a citizen or national of the United States.
    101(a)(26) The term "nonimmigrant visa" means a visa properly issued to an alien as an eligible nonimmigrant by a competent officer as provided in this Act.


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  • belmontboy
    08-11 01:09 AM
    EB2-I was Aug 2006 in sep 2008 VB.
    EB2-I is May 2006 in sep 2010 VB.

    Looks like we are moving backwards :(

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  • sriswam
    06-28 03:21 PM
    I live in Tx..If I file today...would it help if it reaches tommorrow....for PP-I140??...Where is tjhe form for applying PP-I-140...somebody plz answer....

    I believe you can e-file form I-907. I am trying like mad to get the attorney to call me back.
    Does anyone know if there is a problem with the employer directly filing for premium processing bypassing the lawyer?


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  • Macaca
    06-15 08:00 PM
    From numerous visits to USCIS facilities, the Ombudsman has observed that adjudicators prefer to work on the cases that are easiest to complete. Adjudicators pick the �low hanging fruit� first because supervisors base performance evaluations on the number of cases completed. Consequently, adjudicators put aside the most difficult and time-intensive cases. These cases remain pending, perhaps for years, while backlog reduction appears generally to be succeeding.

    The Ombudsman fully supports USCIS efforts to quickly and efficiently complete the cases. However, the current drive to complete large numbers of cases presents problems. For example, USCIS provides field offices resources based on what is needed to complete a typical case. It is the Ombudsman�s understanding that if field offices have a workload of 1,000 cases and USCIS determines each case usually takes one hour to complete, USCIS will provide financial support for 1,000 hours. Cases that take longer than an hour to complete are not provided additional resources in the office�s budget. Offices with more than the average numbers of difficult cases or offices that try to work the difficult cases thoroughly will not be adequately funded because the number of completions will be low. Meanwhile, offices that push to complete the easy cases will see their budgets grow.

    One field office visited by the Ombudsman has a large number of long-pending cases which require substantial adjudicator hours. However, officers at that office indicate that they cannot address the older, difficult cases without negatively affecting their productivity report to USCIS headquarters.

    Ombudsman's Recommendation

    The Ombudsman has observed that newer cases are processed more quickly while cases more than six months old are increasingly backlogged. The Ombudsman supports the USCIS drive to maximize case completions, but attention needs to be directed at clearing older cases. The Ombudsman recommends that USCIS provide a clearer picture of the current backlog by providing information on the number of pending cases by form type with receipts that are:

    < 90 days;
    < 180 days;
    < 1 year;
    < 2 years;
    < 3 years;
    < 4 years; and
    >= 4 years.

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  • BMWX5
    03-18 07:54 PM
    Did you or someone you know experience such questions at POE for an advanced parole? Or are you just posing a hypothetical?

    I have recently re-entered on AP and not a single question was asked. Not only that, I was not fingerprinted or photographed at the counter like a visa holder would be. I was taken to the back office where an agent entered information from my AP into the computer, stamped the AP and gave it back to me. No questions asked. Period. This was at the JFK airport in NY.

    Parole is meant to grant entry to resume adjustment of status. Parole is not subject to employment, it is subject to a pending I-485.

    If this is a hypothetical from you, then please shake these imaginations and live in peace and enjoy EAD and AP.

    Too much thinking and too much analysis has caused this community to revert back to H1 lifestyle and they are not using EAD and AP - ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS why we were all so happy due to 485 filing.

    What is the point of having an early 485 filed, if you are not going to use EAD and AP and be at mercy of consulates for restamping and be at mercy of employers who will need to sponsor you to hire you?

    Your message and signature says that you are still waiting for GC.
    I was told that you got ur GC and left IV as orphan.
    For some reason, I believed that and I'm kind of lost hope on the community.
    This is not only my believe and whoever I knew they have the same feeling.
    Hmm, something wrong, somehow we are trapped.

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  • dixie
    08-01 01:48 PM

    I am sorry but I disagree with the "best among the best" comment. To equate success in the IIT entrance exam to being the best is a mistake. Success in the entrance exams to those Insititutions comes from focus and hard work. This does not necessarily mean that the people who go there are the best. They ARE definitely the best at preparing for the exam.

    Keeping debates on "education standards" aside, from a middle-school student's perspective its definitely not easy to get into a decent higher educational institute in India; what with reservations and the enormous competition . We cannot deny that higher education opportunities are definitely better(though more expensive) in the developed countries.

    06-23 04:16 PM
    I filed my I485/EAD/AP on August 7, 2007. Does this mean that I do not have to pay any fee for EAD renewal now ?

    The instructions say this -

    Special Instructions :
    If you filed a Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, on July 30, 2007, or after, then no fee is required to file a request for employment authorization on Form I-765. You may file the I-765 concurrently with your I-485, or you may submit the I-765 at a later date. If you file Form I-765 separately, you must also submit a copy of your Form I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt as evidence of the filing of an I-485.

    08-11 01:01 PM
    PD = Date on which your labor application received.

    My 140 says it is the date on which my labor application received. i believe it is the case with all.

    Please contact USCIS to get that corrected.

    Can some one clarify if the PD is based on the day labor application was received or the day it was approved?

    My I140 states it as the day it was approved.

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