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  • johnggberg
    07-18 04:00 PM
    dude you dont get this kind of oppertunities again and again, do a register marriage and get her on h4 and apply for 3rd stage

    dont miss this oppertunity

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  • bheemi
    03-03 10:08 AM
    one more thing when I need to add in bill pay do i need to select company or person..
    pls let me know immigration voic contact ph no also..


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  • nixstor
    07-11 11:04 AM
    Spoke with Amit at USINPAC. Looks like the dude doesn't know any thing and might be a summer intern and Mr Robinder Sachdev is in India right now, I asked for his contact info and he doesnt have it right now. He is trying to get his contact information and also escalating with his higher ups. He said that he is receiving a lot of calls from IV members. Dont fire up on this guy. He is just taking calls. I told him that its unfair to grab/steal credit with out mentioning the source and also pointed out how IV has been renamed to Emigration Voice in the original story.

    IV should have a own press release refuting their claims, if we do not hear from them in a day or two. That way we can expose them right away and stop them from doing so again in the future. Other wise, this might become a common thing for them

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-09 12:08 PM
    I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$

    Running away is not a solution. Fight for justice, fight for truth.


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  • teachamerica07
    08-25 09:30 PM
    Go to the Trenton DMV . Take your ORIGINAL receipt and a letter from your employer . They will give you extension for 240 days . I got it done in May 2007.The draft of the employer's letter is as follows

    The Motor Vehicle Commission

    I hereby certify that ________________ is currently employed by ____________ and has been employed since ______________.

    I certify that, on ______________, I filed an H1B petition extension and application for extension of stay on behalf of this individual (see attached receipt notice from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)).

    Pursuant to 8 CFR 274a.12(b)(20), this individual is authorized to continue employment with ____________ for a period not to exceed 240 days beginning on the date of the expiration of the authorized period of stay (as indicated on the immigration documentation).

    I further certify that if I receive that the USCIS had denied the application prior to the 240 day period and if , ceases to be employed by ________________ during the 240 day period, I will notify the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), in writing as soon as practicable. I will send such notice to:

    Legal & Regulatory Affairs Unit
    Motor Vehicle Commission
    PO Box 162
    Trenton, NJ 08666-0162


    Signature of
    individual certifying
    the information

    Print Name & Title

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  • snathan
    08-10 10:46 PM

    I am taling abt the state depts official site


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-25 01:34 PM
    I went thru TSC-EAC-TSC cycle. I did quite a bit of research online :) and found they did approve those cases, if PD is current. So, that shouldnt be a hurdle. Key is make sure you have all the checks are passed and current.

    Well, there you go. Good news to sdrblr.

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  • amslonewolf
    05-18 08:25 AM
    From - http://www.hooyou.com/consularprocess/procedures.html

    What are the steps in Consular Processing and estimated processing times?

    The USCIS forwards the approved immigrant petition (the I-797 Notice of Action) to the National Visa Center (NVC) if the alien indicated his desire to apply for consular processing. Otherwise, he/she has to file a Form I-824 to request consular processing; (6-8 weeks)

    The NVC sends an information and forms packet (Packet 3) to the alien when an immigrant visa number becomes available; (2-3 weeks assuming the immigrant visa number has become available)

    The Alien and his family complete the Packet 3 and return it to the NVC; (2 weeks)

    The NVC processes the Packet 3; (6-8 weeks)

    The NVC notifies the State Department Visa Office of the completed Packet 3 processing and requests allocation of visa numbers for the alien and his family; and (2-4 weeks)

    The NVC schedules an immigrant visa processing appointment for the alien and his family at the U.S. consulate which issues immigrant visa. (6-8 months) The alien must attend the appointment at the U.S. consulate abroad.


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  • eb3retro
    02-28 03:46 PM
    Made my second contribution today. I am telling this for those members who have not contributed yet, that this is the LEAST we can do to help those IV folks who are fighting for a common cause for all of us. Please if someone is reading this message and who have not contributed before, please do so, it helps you and all. Thanks IV folks for doing a great job.

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  • roseball
    02-10 01:45 PM
    Thanks for all the inputs. I still have not received the letter ( probably because of winter strom - delay with traffic) .

    Now if the Deniel is because of AC21 and 140 revoke , when we reply with MTR, should I sent copy of the AC21 letter we sent before or do we need to sent a fresh one ( employment verification letter ) ? The reason I ask this is when we originaly filed AC21 docs ( in Feb 2008) I was with Company2 . Now I am with company 3 ( just 2 months ). And good part of is company3 is well aware about the "same or similar " letter and is ready to issue the letter .


    Its better to send as much documentation as possible in a systematic way. What I did with my friend's appeal was I created a document in a tabular format with each row referring to the points mentioned in the denial notice and providing a brief explanation and referring each point to an Appendix which contained detail explanation and corresponding evidence/documentation (W2, pay-stubs, exp letters etc) supporting the explanation. You can do the same. Infact, I encourage you to provide evidence of your AC21 filing with Company1 which affirms that you indeed followed the AC21 guidelines from your perspective. Do also provide evidence of continued employment in same or similar occupation till your most recent/current employment.

    One more thing you should keep in mind is the deadline for filing the appeal. No matter when you receive the denial notice, usually, you only have 33 days from the denial date to file the appeal. So, I would encourage you to do whatever possible from your side to know the reason/s for denial so you can start working on collecting the appropriate paperwork for the appeal. Maybe taking an InfoPass appointment might help. I am not sure of any other options.


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  • bigboy007
    05-28 06:58 PM
    Your point is very much valid, But ok lets for a min assume H1b is eliminated completely. Do you think these big IT firms or even small consulting firms stop doing their business ? No. if not H1B there will be other way bringing ppl for short term. they will be some other way to do it. H1B is not designed keeping us in mind its designed keeping US Citizen employers in mind. and also it is adding to USCIS revenues. if you see even in current fiscal year i have seen all of my friends who did premium got thier H1b approvals.

    The reason i said H1B outsourcing will start is most H1's are held by Big IT firms of India. If they do some thing that will hurt it they will do something else or reduce onsite avail or make it short term there will be some other workaround but no way these jobs will go back to americans.

    Key point we have to argue and keep on doing it is the fact that , drawing a comparison between us and illegals. Even illegals have marched on streets and expressed their concern of not leaving USA if so why we paying millions of taxes adding source to housing market and GC in a valid stage , should ever even think of losing it ?

    Exploitation is there everywhere. Illegals are being legalized for US employers but this will have disastrous consequences. Now with illegals only working behind the hood and will come out and did these americans ever thought of what will happen to all the ppl who work in restaurants etc and their wages. Yes all desi companies does the same thing becoz thats the only they can be in business. If you see many reasons why corp america is against merit based sys is there is no way its associating it with TIE-UP of h1b with them.

    I dont know about others but saying 50% of h1b can be done by americans is lot easier to say rather make them work like that. I 100% validate your point as every system has its pros and cons. I would say rather 30% only.

    But key point is we are already here . We are in the process of GC and its the key point that is to shed away ppl who are trying to shut doors. Corp america will some how take care of H1B i think [ even though its part of our resp] but key point is GC .. Eliminate or atleast reduce backlog to atleast where it was.

    when it comes to laying off , many companies have laid off in 2000-01 , some are unlucky and most americans becoz of reducing fat in the company there used to be lot of benefits everything got screwed up . But rather they again started hiring but not left and right as they did earlier but very calculated decision. I am talking about Big comp not consulting. Consulting is mere consulting they wont bare the costs of H1b if they are bench more than 3 months even big 5 consulting .

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  • jayz
    07-02 01:20 PM

    here's the one for July [PDF]

    yes tons of EB3s and just 2 EB2s. I guess this, and the information on trackers would make us think USCIS has cleaned up tons of EB3s from 2001-2003. I wish hey had cleaned up EB3-ROW too, so numbers from there can roll over into India...

    You are right on it. I thought the same. There are over 150 eb3's. So, I am guessing they are from the June Bulletin. Otherwise, only two cases of EB2 does not make sense.


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  • NKR
    09-29 10:29 AM
    Guess What from NOV - 08 to July 09, the VB will have older Cut off dates and after July 09 DOS will open the flood gate and move the cutoff of to 2007 or even 2008.

    USCIS will start approve the cases with later PD's and the leave the older PD's on the air.

    It is a mess. I don't have any trust in USCIS

    I understand dude, there is no fairness in the system. My PD is close to yours. I couldn�t apply in July and applied to August, as if that RD was not enough, they moved my case from TSC to NSC and reset the RD to Oct. Not only are they not following PDs, they are throwing away RDs according to their whims and fancies� I have lost faith in the system.

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  • desidas
    02-01 01:49 PM

    Below is a recent story on travel on AP. I see many posts where folks are asked at POE by CBP offcials if they are still working from the petitioning employer.

    Can you advise why CBP officers are even asking to several AP travellers if they are still working for the GC petitioning employer?

    My situation: I am not working for the petitioning employer anymore and dont have an attorney as well and so need to get prepared to answer the CBP officails why i am not working for the petitioning employer at POE and you know, CBP officails dont understand AC-21 etc

    Please read below.

    ================================================== =
    Junior Member Join Date: May 2006
    Posts: 22

    My story...


    I feel like sharing mine as mine is the most horrifying.

    After scanning my expired H-1 and reviewing my AP, I was sent to "secondary check" where they ask you few questions and verify the authenticity of the documents.

    I was asked if I work for the original petitioner? I said no, currently I work for another employer. I showed them my H-1 approval (I-797). The CBP officer was about to stamp my AP and he was told by a "side-kick" that I have to be employed at the same employer otherwise what is the guarantee that I will go and work for that employer. I calmly explained the fact that GC is for future employment and per AC-21 I can change after 180 days. The CBP officer said wait here and then he walked in to some room. He returned after 20 minutes and I was told to go and wait and other officer will take care of the situation. From one officer to another and another to another. I was asked if I am trying to do any fraud. Finally after 5 hours of questioning, I somewhat lost my temper and told them that either send me back to home country or let me go. So after making few phone calls, they concluded that they don't have access to all my records on their system and it is very gray situation so the office in downtown will take care of the situation.
    They took my passport, AP, H-1 approval letter and told me to go to downtown office after 30 days and they will decide what to do.
    My lawyer was kind enough to accompany me as she was also upset with their act. When I went there, we were rudely asked completely out of place questions which had nothing to do with whose employer I work for or anything and I was told that "I" confused CBP officers by showing AP and H-1 and I should have just shown them AP and everything would have been fine. I am the culprit and I choose to get myself in trouble.....
    I said nothing and just saw him stamping my AP and walked out. I don't know what to conclude out of it. But A friend of mine had valid H-1 and AP and they asked "has any one applied for AOS for you?" he said yes. They asked him to show 485 and AP if he had and same story,,,one officer to another and another to another which lasted for 3 hours and finally his H-1 was stamped.
    So, again I am not sure what they are trying to get out of this but this is happening at the airport. I am not trying to scare anyone but just be prepared to deal with such situation and keep in mind that you are not doing any fraud and keep the honesty.


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  • n_2006
    06-25 02:11 PM
    H1 was approved some time last year and H1B started from 10/1/2006.

    Can employee start working without SSN? My wife received H1 approval around Oct 2006 and we applied for SSN in Nov 2006. We received it by end of Feb 2007. From March 07 we got pay stubs.

    People who switched from F2/H4 to H1 can consider their SSN application time as valid status. Right?

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  • dilbert_cal
    04-11 12:46 PM
    One of the immigration lawyers I talked to said that photocopy should be fine.

    Photocopy of your I-140 approval is the only document required. One of my friend is going for a PD transfer next month - will keep the forum posted on how it goes.


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  • mhkumar
    06-03 02:57 PM

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  • vin13
    01-14 12:54 PM
    The Employment Based Immigration section explains how they will make a task force to prevent illegal workers from being exploited. I don't see anything for legal EB workers other than this 5 year thing which will start counting after this law is passed. :mad:

    It says 5 years preceding from the date this law is enacted. Does this not mean that they will look 5 years back from the date this law is enacted?

    Also i do not see them say it is for illegals only...

    I do not think they would make it easier for illegals than legal residents.

    I am not very optimistic about this . But i would definately like to see this pass.

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  • ivslave
    09-11 10:28 PM
    I am on H1-B, Can I buy 2 underwears? It will cost me 3 dollars in WalMart. Please vote...it is really critical!

    you will consult friends when you are making big decisions like this......

    08-11 12:42 AM
    One thing that forces you to believe its true is the date itself, why 8 MAY ? it somehow paints a picture that somebody did calculated the remaining visa numbers and arrived at the exact comfortable date. Guys, chances are its fake, but you never know. :)

    04-19 08:14 AM
    Somebody knew already....

    Obama to hold meeting on immigration reform | AP Texas News | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/7527577.html)

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