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  • swamy
    05-13 04:17 PM
    Following the rules as they are doesn't imply there's no injustice or congress can just shut shop and go home. Giving unused visas from EB1 to EB2 is just following rules as they are - just as giving preference to Non-Indian's first is. I get to meet plenty of EB1 & EB2s who are just plain retards so its not 'obvious' that they're going to 'benefit' the greater society at large though the rules were framed hoping that would be the case. Also, EB3s def. have to be labor certfied so they're not displacing anyone - the whole system is such a mess and is being abused so much that things that ought to be obvious & taken granted for have to be reiterated again & again so its just dumb to say 'EB3 is the least qualified of the three and is also the most likely candidate to displace an American'! And if theres a sudden glut in the labor force and plenty of native born well qualified work force is available, there shouldnt be anyone in the GC queue to begin with so there'd be no reason to do away with any quotas - unless one presumes people will be abusing the system all the time.

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  • axp817
    06-09 07:03 PM
    I have lived in Nevada before. I think in that state and many other western states (where guns laws are more liberal) you have to have passport, I-94 and utility bills proving you have lived in NV for 6 months. That's it. You don't need hunting license to get a gun license.

    Here is the biggest irony:

    IN order to own a gun, FBI needs only 2 days to check your background.

    IN order to get 485 approved, FBI takes months or years to do a background check.

    I guess green-card is a more lethal weapon than a handgun.

    I have been reading your posts for a long time now, and looking at your signature, and your views on legal, responsible firearm ownership, I have to say that your forum handle is very appropriate.

    My respect for you (which was already very high) just went up 10 fold.

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  • msyedy
    02-07 10:42 AM
    Might be he/she is from the EB- ROW.. Ah!!

    True .. True .. I agree
    did not think of that

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  • amitjoey
    07-09 01:32 PM
    Guys to make more people aware of it, in US and abroad shall we start text message in cell phone about flower campaign. I am ready to loose few more bucks to make it success.

    I mean, if it is not a bad idea :cool:

    Text message to friends, do it!!


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  • eb3retro
    01-12 04:12 PM
    The link is still not working. But I did make a payment to your email id. Please check it out. and let me know.


    I tested it now and it is working. Earlier, PayPal's website was very slow and probably that caused some problem for you. Can you check it now?

    If it is still not working, our PayPal email id is "donations at immigrationvoice dot org"

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  • deba
    07-09 12:01 PM
    What do you mean by working? Is this just your idea or you have some information on the effects of this campaign?


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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 08:28 PM
    Please contribute so that we can work/lobby for changes


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  • ashkam
    12-31 02:30 PM
    I find your ideas illogical, but I respect your opinion. Those who seek God will find Him.

    If you deny facts, however, the facts do not change because of your opinion. People once believed that the Earth is flat.
    You cannot deny that the American nation was found by those who where seeking religious freedom. Also read biographies of G. Washington, A. Lincoln, J. Adams and other founding fathers. They were sincere believers. I cannot explain America's greatness by simple luck. The founding fathers started builidng from scratch about 300 hundred years ago, far behind Europe and Asia. Now the US is the richest country in the world, despite the fact that it's neither the biggest nor the most populous.

    As for your questions, I cannot prove that God exist, just like you cannot prove that He does not. Either way, it's a belief. I chose to believe in God.
    God is the omnipresent, omni powerful spirit who fills the universe. If you want to know more, just ask.

    The question isn't whether God exists, the question is, how probable is God's existence and since it is extremely improbable, it would be a mistake to assume his existence. Read Dawkins for more information.

    Also, your revolutionary war anecdote appears to suggest that God is American. Why is the rest of the world worshiping him then?


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  • dollar500
    08-14 02:50 PM
    So as per USCIS a total of 600,000 applications were pending until June. We can add another 600,000 for july-aug... total now 1.2 Million

    08/14/2007: USCIS I-485 Workload Statistics

    The applicants of I-485 are expected to experience delays in obtaining the green card for two factors: One is the visa number cut-off date movement in the Visa Bulletin. The other is the processing delays within the USCIS field offices, including Service Centers. Accordingly, "current" of their visa priority in the Visa Bulletin may not assure them immediate adjudication of their I-485 applications depending on the I-485 workloads and the processing backlogs within the agency.
    The following statistics reflect a steady increase in the number of I-485 applications (including family-based and other cases) during the months before the July VB fiasco hit the roof as is shown in the following table:
    Month New Receipt Total Pending
    June 2007 69,098 597,844
    May 2007 68,265 594,706
    April 2007 59,266 580,507
    March 2007 62,020 572,779
    February 2007 45,554 574,783
    January 2007 52,082 583,682
    December 2006 50,411 588,039
    November 2006 53,016 578,805

    At this time, it is anybody's guess as to what the figures will look like for the months of July and August 2007 which have yet to be made available. It does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out a totally different digit in the new receipt numbers and pending numbers for the next two months. These cases will have to be processed and adjudicated generally in the order of receipt in each queue for those cases whose visa numbers will become current in the future. The new statistics for July and August 2007 will add a body temperature to the new I-485 filers with the realization why it would be so important that the political leaders and the Congress should act and pass a legislation to reform employment-based immigration system coming fall. Without such legislation, their journey for immigration will remain intolerably painful.

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  • nnan
    05-25 10:42 AM
    Hello ,
    yesterday i was watching Cspan 2 and debate about immigration.one of the senator (i don't remember the name ) was telling about a story of a woman with six children migrated from some poor european country ten years back to America.unfortunately her husband died after coming here.She move on in life and went to idhao and opened a cattle ranch and brought up her children well.Now she is very proud and successfull business woman and mother of six grown ups whom i am sure will be well establish them selves.
    i listened the story and thanked the God that she didn't came on H4 VISA.otherwise she couldn't achieve the same.
    For H4 this land is certainly not land of opportunity.Rather i suggest all H4 including my wife to burn their masters in business administration degrees and PHDs ,start doing cleaning jobs like illegals and eventually apply for Z visa.
    Nobody is listening to us on capital hill .H4 are inanimate objects who came here to USA to accompany their fellow husbands or wife.No matter if it is for one year or 30 years.
    And in the end no reform for H4 in this bill and no hopes for getting GC to their spouse.
    I am not sure whether you should so frustrated that you should step aside and do other odd jbs just to get a "GC".

    Should be you downgrade your education because of a GC? Is India in such a bad state that after receiving PHDs etc one stands to ge nothing?

    Arise Awake ( Swami Vivekananda's quote), India is doing great.
    Yes I am waiting for GC, I understand the frustrations ( I am one in your boat), but I only have a B.E and cannot afford to pursue an MBA ( time is the cost, not money alone), & I still don't feel a B.E has no value.


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  • prioritydate
    11-09 10:25 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    I hope the festival of lights would enlighten you and remove the darkness called ignorance from you.

    Happy Deepawali everyone. :D

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  • thomachan72
    05-31 10:03 AM
    Nurses are part of EB. This nill has many benefits. More nurses will be out of greencard queue leaving others more chance. US has acute nurses shortage. It is well documented. There is not much shortage of IT professionals . Unemployment is so high. But nurses are in demand and it is important for the healthcare of the nation. Supporting the bill is a win win for everyone in EB wait.

    Really? Nurses are part of EB?? I was not aware of that. Which catagory EB3? EB2? Just curious. Either way i dont think the president is going to support this one.


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  • smisachu
    09-27 05:28 PM
    Good idea. lets do it. We need to keep the ball rolling and create awareness among public as well as law makers.

    This was discussed before and I cannot find it now..but here is an extension of the degrees idea.

    1. Get everyone involved in the GC process to make a copy of their degrees/ qualifications/ certifications/ patents/ papers/ publications/ etc

    2. Format it into standard size (perhaps A4)

    3. Get a stamp on each of those sheets that says 'TRASH' or something else - maybe 'REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN' or 'KEEP TALENT IN THE US' - we can work that out. - it has to be bold, in RED, if possible across the page.

    4. Get each State Chapter to create a binder/ maybe more if we can get enough participation.

    5. We can submit a copy of that to local congressman and senators. We can also put all states together and send that to the White House, perhaps.

    This will take a lot of coordination from all state chapter...but it is doable.
    Any thoughts???

    Please don't shoot me down if you don't like it :) I just wanted to put my 2 cents in :p

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  • cjagtap
    07-22 09:53 AM
    Approved 140
    485 Application Reached On 2 Nd July At 10:23 Am At Tsc
    No Check Cashed Yet
    No Response From Uscis Yet
    My Guess-1 More Wk
    Hope They Cash The Ckeck Before August 1 St Wk,so That We Do Not Have To Send Another Application Just To Be On A Safer Side
    Anyone Is Planning To Send Other Application If Do Not Hear Anything From Uscis?


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  • dish
    10-18 10:12 PM
    Spouse working - Yes, in theory they could allow H4 to work. However would that be any job? If so then the H4 would actually be far better off than the H-1B who is restricted by job category and employer qualification

    Long term - Yes, in theory, a 20 year H-1B takes some of the stress off. But what of Citizenship? If you stay 20 years you'd want to at least have the option of becoming a US citizen. At present I believe only a GC holder has the option to progress to citizenship.

    Employer based - This is the key. Unless an H-1B is no longer employer sponsored but self-sposored then the H-1B holder is still living on a knife-edge and can be sent back home at any moment if their employer fires them or goes under and they cannot secure another similar job quickly enough.

    So yes, they could make H-1B 20 years, allow spouse to work, allow application for citizenship and make it self-sponsored and not employer dependant. But why do that? They already have this kind of Visa. It's called a Green Card.

    I disagree, GC has more .... Like doing business in here. and no need for getting visa stamps.

    I would be happy if a visa like the TN-Visa made available to all not only to canadian and mexican nationals, though it doesn't have a Path to GC.

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  • n2b
    08-15 12:18 PM
    It would give some idea I think


    In order to determine whether the alien truthfully represented his or her intent to remain with his or her petitioning U.S. employer after receiving the green card, the USCIS uses the standard created by Seihoon v. Levy. That is, USCIS examines the “rapid course of events” following the alien’s receipt of his or her green card. The Department of State has reduced this rule to a 30-60-90 day formula which USCIS generally follows. If an alien ends employment with the petitioning employer within 30 days of receiving his/her green card, then it is highly likely that USCIS will decide that the alien’s intent at the Consulate interview was not, as he/she stated, to remain with the petitioning employer indefinitely. After 60 days have passed, it is less likely (but still risky) that USCIS will determine that the alien lied about his/her intent at the Consulate interview. And after 90 days, it is highly unlikely that USCIS will have a problem with the alien’s change of employment

    Maybe this 30-60-90 rule applies to people with Consular Processing or someone who enters this country on Employment based GC and who leaves the employer right away after coming here.

    For majority of people here in US, they might have already worked for a given employer for 3-6 years before they filed 485 and got their GC and completed their 6 months after AOS application to kick in AC21. So for such a person who has sustained abuse by working at the petitioning employer for 3-6 years, does he need to show any more intent?


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  • StarSun
    05-14 07:59 AM
    Thanks to members who are offering miles to buy air tickets for others, and for coming forward with donations to cover costs of travel and hotel. And to our DC/VA/MD members for hosting out of town members.

    However, we still need more such offers, so please come forward on this thread.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    04-21 01:53 PM
    That's not correct. Such frequent reentry after exit will certainly lead to suspicion by an Immigration office at PoE. In fact the intent of 10 year visitor visa is not 10 years of permanent residence. If there is no convincing reason for such frequent reentry you are mostly likely looking at serious interrogation or deportation at the airport. There is no substitute for a GC for your parents if you want them to be with you permanently in the US. Visitor visa has a specific purpose and intent, abusing it could put your folks serious trouble. The other issue with such long term stay on Visitor Visa is - medical insurance - unfortunately there is no good, reliable and comprehensive medical insurance that covers elderly visitors on short trip.

    Thanks ! Thats what I thought , but wanted to confirm with senior members.

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  • indianindian2006
    10-01 07:12 PM
    Absolutely wrong. Lot of misinformation here. You can very well apply for OCI for your child even if both of you are Indian citizens and the 4 steps mentioned above are just wrong. I would prefer OCI over PIO as mentioned in the other reply too, on PIO your child will have to register with the police station evry six months if stay is longer. OCI is valid forever while PIO is valid for 10 (or 5) years and OCI means you have all the rights but can't fight elections and vote.

    In 2005 my first kid got an OCI as the rules were diiferent then but in 2009 the current rule is that one parent MUST be a US citizen and I had to take a PIO for my second kid in 2009.

    Following is from the FAQ`s of Indian consulate at SFO

    6. Are minor children whose both parents are Indian citizens eligible for OCI?

    11-20 10:52 AM
    Regarding Mathew Oh comments:

    "...There is a possibility the DREAM Act could be passed, allowing the children of undocumented immigrants (who complete their high school educations in the United States)..."

    How do you think the passage of the DREAM ACT could impact our situation ? If they pass this, they would relief a sizeable portion of illegal immigrants to get amnesty through their children (few millions). I am just wondering whether the illegal alien supporters would lose steam to support CIR after this ? Ironically, they would get a sizeable amnesty, overhelm USCIS with millions of applicants and probably make the passage of a CIR bill more distant. I can't think of something less advantageous to us than this. I hope I am totally wrong.

    What do you guys think ?
    There are favorable indications from the industry that they will get increased H1Bs. There is hence a strong belief among many lawyers that the H1B lobby will provide some relief. But we need to meet lawmakers so that they don't forget about the Green cards.

    If you live in NY state, please contact bottlemani or myself. We need to organize ourselves before meeting the lawmakers. We will also have to take the trouble to drive to their offices. If we don't do this, all these pessimistic predictions will come true. Believe me, meeting the folks in the offices of the lawmakers makes a huge difference.

    06-12 01:01 PM
    Most of the folks are missing the point about the prior years approval numbers. All the approvals from 2004 - 2008 are padded with huge visa number from FB spillover and the recapture provision of AC21. From this year onwards we have to live with the usual ~3K per country per category limit. This is the reason why Charles Oppenheim is predicting decade long wait for EB2 I/C and all EB3's. We continue to beat down Oppenheim claim with our own numbers, but he knows more about visa numbers than any one of us.
    Let us dream about recapture being a panacea to the problem. There is only limited amount of visa's to be recaptured (~180K) even with that not all categories can become current. Also during that last recapture debates there where lots of suggestions to stagger the usage of recaptured visa over a long time frame like 5 yrs. Even with recapture, the date movement will not be rapid, but it will be remarkably better than what it is now.

    Yeah you are right. 180k visas will clean almost will 2006 end but then those 2007 and 2008 onwards has to live with 3k apps. removing counrty cap along with Recapture helps all ..

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