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  • vinodmp
    02-11 12:26 PM
    " i think you should post it on the attorney forum and talk to a attorney "

    Yes. My attorney has this paper now. Hopefully I should here from in a day or so .


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  • ragz4u
    03-27 11:07 AM
    Dish, this is for someone who has contributed to the US economy and is currently stuck.

    Cabal, we will get to you soon.

    Maverick, would you happen to know if the firm's folks are stuck or were they stuck earlier? We need someone who is affected by the red tape currently!

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  • sayantan76
    07-06 12:36 PM
    Why not? Although I have applied for GC, I have no desire to take US citizenship, just to let you know. The majority does not mean the whole world and also does not mean everyone. There are Indian citizens that love India. Parents should be able to make decisions for their kids until they are 18. The kid can take US citizenship when he is 18 if parents have opted for Indian citizenship.
    well said my friend and i agree with you completely. although, i grappled with this issue when we had a baby.......the question where i got stumped was - if i got Indian Citizenship for my child (born in US), what would be the child's legal status here? and, also if we were traveling outside the country - how would the child reenter US?

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  • nixstor
    04-25 07:20 PM
    Possibly congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's own ideas.


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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    03-26 09:10 PM
    Man, everyone gave me REDs for opening this thread and I am surprised it is keep coming to the top. I can see this going to several pages :confused::confused:

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  • jackisback
    03-04 04:33 PM
    I had a question on the experience at POE if one has used AC-21 and working for an employer who is doing the W-2 but the person actually works at the client site.

    All the posts I see here have been that people were randomly questioned on POE about whether they are still working for their sponsoring employer or not?

    What about my case? I had filed I-485 during July fiasco, had an approved I-140 then. Changed jobs on EAD using AC-21 in Oct 2008, and again changing now second time.
    The first change I did was when I was working with the same employer who had given me
    the EVL.
    I never travelled out of US during this time.

    Now I will be working at a client site, which is different from the employer's address. Just want to know if there could be any issues?
    Or is it advisable to not go to India until GC comes... which could be infinite number of years...


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  • McLuvin
    04-07 04:13 PM
    Thanks Karthik but I am just an MS :)
    But one thin I enjoy is problem solving and this is one of the hardest out there as it is dynamic.

    With Eb3 India the Horizontal spillover methodology kills most hope as there is the large Eb2 India backlog. In 2007(I think) the vertical spillover methodology was followed and Eb3 India got 17000 or so visa numbers. So with Horizontal spillover and no number increase I am sorry to say movement is limited.

    Thanks AGS123, I was just trying to make fun out of the situation. Thanks for being a sport.
    Well you might be logically rite... but u know with uscis each and every individual has the right to live in a world of unlimited fantasies ;)


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  • amitga
    08-25 04:03 PM
    The poll shows that there are substantial number of cases from Yr 2004 or earlier. This shows that the Dates will be going back in October Visa bulletin. If the number of applications are 50 times of the polled numbers, then also it will take 2-3 years to clear the Yr 2004 and earlier applications.


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  • yabadaba
    10-10 03:44 PM
    India EB-2 moved by approx 6 months. China EB-2 did not move. Actually, EB-2 India has gone back to where it was before it became unavailable last year. Unfortunately, we may not see a lot of further movt in EB-2 India if all those labor numbers (cleared) are correct. But this is good news for those who applied for labor in late 2002, but their application was pending for a horrendous amount of time and just got cleared. They can get EADs.

    china moved by 15 days

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  • kf9009
    06-25 02:34 PM
    Can anyone please answer this?


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  • nb_des
    10-12 03:04 PM
    Kaka you really have a win-win situation. If somehow something gets passed in lame duck then you will be happy with your GC. if nothing happens and priority dates don't move forward then you can always tell others " I told you it is scam and you did not believe it".

    When I said this is a SCAM and they just don�t want us to have Greencard. Everybody got mad at me.
    Lets see when we will get Greencards��God Knows.

    KAKA will not say anything�

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  • Caliber
    03-19 03:05 PM
    Instead of finding his faults, wouldn't it be easier to show some empathy to the point he is raising?

    IV has to do something specifically for EB3 I soon or else we'll lose the confidence of a lot of supporters. 2001...are you kidding me?

    We could not even pool $10K for FOIA. For lobbying, one needs lots and lots of money in the range of 100K -200K. What can IV do? Can you explain what you mean by "something'? if all of us EB3's can pool 100K, then we can request IV to do "SOMETHING". Hope every one understands this.


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  • lost_in_migration
    05-14 08:21 PM
    Thanks a lot folks. Please do update your signatures so as to inspire others for contribution

    Contributed $200. I prefer one time against monthly simply coz I forget monthly bills.

    Contributed $120 to date. Cheers!!

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  • lifestrikes
    02-08 01:56 PM
    MS - Fast and Cheap.

    Fast - Typically MS degree requires 30 to 36. credits or more. Typical full time student takes 9 credits per semester. Assuming you are going to take Course Only option.

    Maximizing your Study Plan - 12 (Fall) + 12 (spring) + 9 (Summer). There you have it the Fastest way. I don't see a way to get MS faster that 1 year.

    Cheap - Cheap can be in the form of Scholarship, Financial Aid or atleast In-State Fees. If you plan to work full time and study 12 credits, get ready for a bumpy ride for 1 year.

    These days, you get RA/TA only if you work for a professor and that will take you into Thesis Option. Completing Thesis + Course work in 12 months is no simple task, when schools generally require 2 semester of Thesis work in addition to course work.

    Online MS is another option, but its not cheap. Find a nearby school where you have established residency. Talk to schools Admission office to see if you qualify for In-state Fees based on your resident status.


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  • Legal
    06-12 02:00 PM
    This is my thought process (also referred by Ron G):

    July 2007 brought in approximately 500K 485 cases.

    We do not know how many cases were pending as of June 2007.

    Fiscal year 2007-2008 USCIS used over 140K EB VISA numbers (I think it was around 155K).
    Fiscal year 2008-2009 USCIS will use atleast 140K EB VISA numbers

    so, 500K - 300K = 200K.

    Assuming USICS approval rate is 85%; 75K of 500K are denied.

    200K - 75K = 125K EB cases pending from the July 2007 cases.

    Additions: from all current categories - may be 25 K in 2 years?

    So, 150 K plus whatever that was pending as of June 2007.

    So next fiscal year, 2009 if USCIS uses the quota 140 K, most or all of the 2007 filings will be cleared. If not EB3 I, definitely EB2 I and C, EB3 ROW will be cleared.

    Depending on new filings, EB3 I might retrogress but retrogression might come within 3-4 years instead of current 8 years.

    I strongly believe, beginning Jan 2010, dates for EB2 (I and C) will move forward heaps and bounds followed by EB3 ROW.

    "Law is an ass".

    One potential loophole (I realize it could be wishful thinking on our part) is how the current law is interpreted. Let's say USCIS interprets the current law in such way that preadjudcated cases have to be approved before taking in new cases, then the country cap hurdle could be overcome without legislation.

    With the current economic situation, tightening of PERM, etc new EB-2 row applications are likely to slow down further. At the most, new approvals will have to be delayed by 12 months or less.

    Could it be legally challenged? Could someone bring a lawsuit to force USCIS to stop issuing GCs to people who have been waiting 10+ yrs or more? possible. I doubt anyone can force them to cancel the already issued GCs.

    Then USCIS could say they have enough preadjudicated cases, and are not able to adjudicate until they clear the backlog.;)

    For the politicians and USCIS this is a much better way to handle India EB backlog than to "issue several hudred thousands of foreign laborers immigrant visas when American citizens are losing jobs in millions" through recapture bill.

    I feel like I just wrote a short story.:)

    Members, feel free to comment.

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  • sorcerer666
    04-21 02:56 PM
    Yes. a law will be good.

    yes now go do some research about how a proposal becomes a law! Signing a petition doesn't go anywhere, its just one of the many steps to influence the lawmakers.
    On your other post, your comments are the stupidest ever! So please research before saying other peoples comments stupid :P


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  • Macaca
    06-15 06:38 PM
    Immigration Agency Mired In Inefficiency ( By Spencer S. Hsu ( Washington Post Staff Writer, May 28, 2007

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  • msgrewal81
    03-22 11:19 PM
    I think its only 1 time amnesty to all aliens who were present 5 years from date of enactment of this law, if it becomes a law.

    Sorry bro....they will not give amnesty to you. ammendments in bills will make sure that legal people like you and me are excluded from this amnesty. read my post above.....

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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 03:44 PM
    Please ...let us agree on this ...will get an EAD even if i-140 is pending while 485 is filed correct??

    05-10 06:00 PM
    wow he has contributed , he deserves a better answer.
    we are here to share our experiences and overcome our anguish not to poke fun at each other.

    03-17 10:30 AM
    I had a misdemenor and went to india. My case was dismissed while I was in india. I returned on AP at the newark airport and nothing was even mentioned about it..infact AP is considered the safest way to travel even safer than h1b because you are technically not admitted to US but are "admissible"..There is a difference

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