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  • kfury77
    Apr 28, 02:00 AM
    Was very busy down there, a lot more so than I expected. As I approached the Apple Store at about 8:50am, I saw a smallish queue of about 100 people and thought, not too bad, shouldn't take too long to get one.... and then I found out this was actually the iPad 3G queue... and I was directed across where there was a huge queue of perhaps 400 or more people stretching right back.

    2 hours later, I was inside paying for my 32GB black wi-fi model. Grabbed a blue smart cover afterwards. I've synced everything up and had a good play around. Wow, what a beautiful device. So fast. The screen brightness and colour reproduction is fantastic. Apps I tested and thought were great so far, Dead Space HD, Flipboard, Korg iMS20.

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  • drumpat01
    Jun 19, 08:57 AM
    i use to live in Denton and on launch day for the 3G I went by the att store up there and there was a little line. I live in fort worth now so I'll be at the University Park Village Apple Store. Still get there really early at like 4am. They'll open at 7am probably. It will be worth it.

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  • rdowns
    Nov 9, 04:49 AM

    I would be excited but I am still waiting to see what Apple does to counter the Xbox360 HD movie salvo that MS fired yesterday. The 'iTV' isn't looking too hot these days�

    Yeah, MS fired a good one. However, I think people are far more likely to buy a $300 box to attach to their TV than a gaming system for digital media.

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  • pilotError
    Feb 1, 01:55 PM
    wondered whether Starbucks being from Seattle was the choice there. Yet another Californian dig at Washington state

    Probably some connection to the Rumor that Starbucks wants to put iTunes downloads in its stores.

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Jan 26, 05:29 PM
    I have a G5 with OSX 10.3.7 and I'm having the worst time with it. It wasn't so bad before but for some reason now, the WMV3 Codec is appearing in almost every video I want to watch on my Macintosh. Usually it gave itself away when files have the "WMV" type attached, but lately the codec is masking itself into even my trusted AVI files.

    I've tried every possible solution, I've tried Windows Media Player, VLC Player, MPLAYER, etc. I've even tried converting the WMV file type to something else but the programs on Macintosh can't do it. I tried calling Apple Support but they wanted $50.00 just for me to talk to somebody. Is there any way to play this type of file? What, am I going to have to run out and conform to a horrible PC because of it? It's bad enough Macro Media Flash Player is trash on the Macintosh, but if I can't even view movies....what's the point anymore of having Macintosh? God knows I love the thing but really, this is just annoying :(:mad:
    You probably weren't aware that Flash files (.swf) can be played in QuickTime Player just like any other movie, were you?

    Regarding Windows Media format...

    1. Microsoft makes a version of Windows Media Player available for Mac users just because they're probably required by law/contract to do so.
    2. Microsoft cripples the Mac version because they can, and because the part of Microsoft outside their Mac Business Unit wishes the Mac would just go away.

    This is why I avoid Windows Media format like the plague. I avoid AVI for much the same reason - there's no easy way to know what codec the AVI uses. IMO, AVI is a stupid idea - having a container format that can use just about any codec is bound to cause confusion. The QuickTime MOV format, the RealPlayer format, and even the WMV format are better than AVI because you have a much better chance of being able to play the file assuming you have the latest version of the player.

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  • ValSalva
    Jun 9, 04:34 PM
    Great. But I care about 1 thing: fix the Spaces issues.

    The Office applications (both 2004 and 2008) are the single WORST performing applications I have ever used on a Mac.

    Seriously, for a company with the resources that Microsoft has, is it really too much to ask for spaces to work properly? Every other app works with spaces without a glitch, why doesn't office?

    Switch to another application in spaces and go back to the previous office document: document moves to god knows which space. Same with the toolbox: have it open and who knows what might happen.

    Will this ever get addressed?

    Sadly probably not. Have you been able to test the Office 2011 Beta? Supposedly MS is focussing on making Office 2011 more like a native OS X Cocoa app. I'll have to try my copy of the beta in VMWare workstation to see if spaces works any better.

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  • meltedcaramel
    Feb 18, 10:22 PM
    First impressions:

    I like the version with the blue colored area.

    The placement of "consultant" seems odd to me. I'm not sure if you're a Sales Rep Consultant (and it didn't fit on one line), or if you're a Sales Rep and a Consultant.

    I'd be curious to see what the card looks like if the letters within the blue area were black rather than the light color.

    Thanks for your opinion.

    I have added image with black text replace the lighter colour. (Image 3)

    I added consultant there because my role is kind of both, but more of a rep than a consultant (mainly added it because I wanted to cover the empty space).

    Also, I added a green business card for a fruit and vege business. Is it too green in your opinion? As you can see Im a fan of 2-3 colours per image only ^^''

    Again, appreciate the help.

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  • liketom
    Oct 21, 09:17 AM

    A final edit of my original "Tune your run" video

    : added - voice and new font

    enjoy :)

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  • Hugh
    Apr 27, 03:01 PM
    There are billboards around here Erie for months too. Like I said before, when I get the time and remember my camera I'll take a picture of it.

    Have you seen the Atheists billboard in Cali and other places? (I'll try to dig up a pic of it. I saw it on CNN.) It basicly says party with us on May 21 & 22. LOL

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  • adversus
    Apr 26, 01:30 PM
    BTW, what do you have? What do you use? What's your workflow look like? Do you do any windows development?

    Most of my work right now revolves around Windows development or Database development (which can be done in either platform, I usually just use Mac OS for that):

    MBP: "Main" computer, mobile work machine, handles all my daily tasks including email, writing, etc.

    MP: Number cruncher, when I'm at home I use this for Windows development (VMWare Fusion, Win7 64-bit, Office 2010). If I'm building a large project in Windows I'll boot natively using Bootcamp and let it crunch away for a few hours.

    I also use my MP for my three hobbies: photography (a few terabytes of high-res photos), music (a few terabytes of samples/libraries), and gaming (WoW, Steam, SC2, or boot into Win7 for Call of Duty MW2).

    I use Back-to-my-Mac using Clear 4G to get to my MP at home, and it'll even load a 150gb project file no problems (takes a few minutes to load, but it's workable).

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  • seerex
    Apr 24, 01:10 PM
    Thank you for ur reply!

    Sorry for not reading the stickies, i've been so stressed trying to figure all this out and registered for 3 different forums where as this was the only one actually answering :)

    I know theres a steady learning curve on learning new programming laungage, as i've done some c++ console programming before. I also know that you can start putting some things together pretty early on, using the different things you've learned as you progress (atleast that was the case in c++)

    I was thinking of this book
    Or maybe this one actually
    I might be reffering the most to the last one, any takes?

    It states it assumes no prior programming knowledge to any other language, not C either. It will cover both a bit of C, objective C and some of the cocoa frameworks.

    thank you for trying to help me, i'd just like to get the best start possible :) Sorry for being a pain and taking away your time, but i sincerely thank you for helping me out :)

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 8, 11:41 AM
    Honestly, given the current prices of the entry-level Macbook Pro.. the need for a Macbook is not necessary.. Just look at how powerful the entry-level Macbook Pro is and its only like 150.00 more than the MacBook.. Not worth it, I think Apple should dump the Macbook and just use Macbook pros.

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  • Phat_Pat
    Sep 23, 05:37 PM
    why can't america get topless girls in newspapers :(

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  • uspp144
    Apr 24, 01:18 PM
    I know one can get a refund on there mac but can one get a refund on a Applecare that has been registered? Read everything on it including the fine print about the product but no mention of refund policy unless I missed something.:confused:

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  • Wicked1
    Apr 14, 01:17 PM
    Ok so I have a 2009 uMB which has the OS Installer Disk and Applications Disk, then I have a 2009 Mini which has both OS Installer and Applications, however I am trying to reformat my new HDD to use in my uMB but I can not find the disk, is the disk that came with the Mini the same application installer disk until I find the other disk, I need to get iLife 2009 on the uMB and that is what is on both Application installer disks.

    I am just not sure if Apple has different software by machine, or they are all the same.

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  • Che Castro
    Oct 23, 03:37 PM
    this section of the forum is dead

    everybody has the iphone

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  • stcanard
    Jan 23, 11:46 AM
    you know, ive been reading around of people who have iEmulator.... some people are getting up into the 700-800mhz range on a G4.... but I dont necessarly know if they are actually getting that speed...

    im only getting like, 200mhz on VPC7

    If they're using QEMU as the base, not a hope. Closer to 50MHz if they're lucky.

    I did a Win 98 install on QEMU about 6 months ago and it too 48 hours. Once you go to use it, it's better, but still nowhere close to VPC7.

    Still, it is a very impressive piece of work.

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  • MacUser2525
    Aug 12, 12:11 AM
    But it misses highlights that Canadians lost the most soldiers during WWI or was it WWII.

    It would be during WW1 when the British used us as cannon fodder with a little over 600,000 serving and over 66,000 dead this out of population of ~8,000,000 at wars end.

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  • Phil A.
    Apr 7, 06:47 PM
    I had an Otterbox defender and loved it too. Unfortunately, after about a week it started creaking and moving around under the silicon (i.e. the two halves of the case would move in relation to each other).
    Otterbox were fantastic and replaced it for me FOC (they just shipped one from the USA to the UK completely FOC and didn't ask for the old one back)
    However, after a couple of months, the replacement started doing exactly the same and I ended up having to tape it together under the silicon to hold it together.
    Basically, I think what happened is that the clips stopped holding the case together tightly over time (I'd taken it out a few times), and for that reason I'd definitely recommend keeping it in the case 24/7 otherwise you could end up with the same problem I had

    May 4, 05:45 PM
    So some of you have seen my post about trying to decide b/w a macbook pro 15 or 17. But I was talking to someone today and they said that they heard that the newest model MBP may be released in September? I know this may be a stretch simply because i dont know how much anybody knows about the release date. But should i go ahead with my purchase of the quadcore 2011 version released a couple months ago or should i wait for a possible release that might not even happen?

    May 2, 02:57 AM
    Funny video, I thought it was this Angry Birds parody by "Adele":


    Apr 15, 07:32 PM
    Hi everyone,

    My Xcode 4's Organizer window shows that my provision profile should be valid for 10 more days, and yet, when I select iOS Device to test my app, Xcode reports that it cant find any provisioned devices. Does anyone have any idea how I can troubleshoot this problem? (I just installed the provisioning profile today, since my previous one had expired five days ago. I also have Xcode 3 installed in another folder, don't know if that affects anything).

    Many thanks for any info.

    Oct 14, 01:36 AM
    Originally posted by quinnbk
    Went into an apple store and asked a guy working there if he knew anything about G4 ibooks coming out. His response was a VERY official "No. We don't know anything about that. I can't tell you anything about that."

    When I pressed a little further, he basically said, "I can tell you I don't know anything or I can lose my job. What would you do?"

    Sounds like something's coming soon to me. This RAM sale definitely makes it look probable as well. I'm dying to buy an ibook, but have heard the G3s aren't so good with OS X. That, plus an upgrade seemingly soon - I'm waiting. Hurry up, Apple.

    G3s run OS X just fine, even with 192 RAM, like my 500MHz iBook has. There isn't even that bad a slowdown until about 5 or 6 apps are open.

    Nov 2, 01:40 PM
    That's all you need.

    Any book or other source that teaches you to code for one specific browser, one way or the other, is garbage.

    The idea of CSS-based design on the internet is to bring nice looking pages to people all over. Not the users of one particular browser.

    So far I like the Meyers book (he mentions Safari on page 1).

    But so far, he's way over my head.

    I think I will read the Dummies book to get a good basic understanding, and then move onto the other books.

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