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  • Eidorian
    Sep 9, 12:08 PM
    What is to be skeptical about? Seriously Intel continuously improves its hardware, they have to or end up getting trounced on by the competition. In fact recent history with respect to AMD demonstrates what happens when they don't take a serious look at their hardware.

    The issue with Merom and this iterations backward computability is that it gets INTEL 64 bit hardware to market fast as frankly they weren't even competing in that realm. For Intel 64 bit is serious issue as they are behind the eight ball or this one. It is an example of Intel being asleep at the wheel as they focused on who needs 64 bit instructions when a good part of the market demand was for addressable ram.I'm skeptical that Napa64 is a different chipset then the standard Intel 945 mobile series. Core 2 Duo works in the same socket as Yonah but somehow you need a Napa64 chipset to get full 64-bit addressing? They haven't changed a thing with the 945. Napa64 is just the 945 chipset with a Merom instead of a Yonah. We won't see any real change until we hit Santa Rosa.

    Frankly I haven't followed Kentsfield that much, more of an AMD man, but what is interesting to me with respect to this thread, is that MEROM the platform has a long way to go yet.

    DaveKentsfield is two Conroes on a single die. They don't share cache like the previous Pentium D chips. So they'll each have 4 MB of cache and then communicate over the front side bus.

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  • GregA
    Sep 15, 10:44 PM
    '07? They've been planning for for years is seems like and '07 is the best they can do? It seems that Apple has a choice.

    1) Make a simple phone, make it look good and work well.
    2) Take phones to a new level

    I'd happily have a #1, but if their choice is #2 they may be trying to achieve things that mobile phones haven't done before.

    The most obvious of these would be to be a wireless VoIP phone - for use at home (ie iChat over Airport), as well as at work, at hotspots they've negotiated with (possibly a big play in conjunction with Google wireless?), and roam to 3G cellphone networks the rest of the time. This sort of thing may be a little complex :)

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  • MacAddict1978
    Mar 23, 05:18 PM
    Personally I find it hard to believe that so drunk as to warrant avoiding a checkpoint will be collected enough to use the app effectively in the first place.

    Anyone saying pull it obviously doesn't EVER drink. In just about every state, 1 beer technically puts you over the limit. Find me anyone who is impaired to drive after 1 beer, or even maybe 3. DUI check points pull EVERYONE over.

    I'm totally in favor of things like this as long as organizations like MAD keep lobbying for ridiculous laws. Don't get me wrong, MAD is a very great organization, but kids aren't supposed to drink at all, and are not going to be any less likely to have an accident with a drunk driver because of these apps. Most adults are responsible enough to have a couple of cocktails. Our laws punish everyone, not the alcoholics that really are super drunk and well over the limit. The higher limits that used to allow someone 2 or 3 beers still punished the alcoholics. But to the OP's point... no, really plastered people wouldn't be using this app. They're the ones driving into the phone poles or people that will be on the roads anyway

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  • CalfCanuck
    Sep 14, 04:43 PM
    One thing I noted on the old page 2 thread was the possibility of a REAL Photo iPod - more like my Epson P-4000. It could double as a video player for the new "higher res" iTunes video downloads.

    But back to the photo crowd. Wouldn't it be sweet to have a larger Photo iPod that was integrated into Aperture ...

    1. High speed internal CF and SD card inputs in this larger case

    2. Full support for RAW and RAW zooming

    3. Under a pound / 450 g in weight

    4. Large, bright 640 x 480 screen

    5. Killer feature: Aperture keyword / ranking / stacking functions on the iPod!!

    You're on the road shooting, and traveling light. During breaks you upload your CF/SD cards to the new "Aperture.iPod". When you're sitting in a cafe, back at your hotel, or taking a train home you whip out the Aperture.iPod and using the Keywords.plist you uploaded from Aperture before you left you start Stacking, key-wording, and ranking images.

    Next day you head to your studio, upload the new images from the Aperture.iPod to your MP 3Ghz (w/16 GB RAM and 3 TB of HDs!), and the first pass of your sorting is already done!

    Aperture is SUPPOSED to be about meshing cool software with Apple hardware to make the professional (and dedicated amateur) photographer's life easier. I'm 99% sure this press conference will be about how Aperture and Apple hardware let's you focus on creative shooting, not IT issues.

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  • djrobsd
    Apr 11, 03:29 PM
    I'm very excited to see this come to XBMC. Cannot wait!

    I'm confused... What will this give us in XBMC that we don't already have? Since I'm assuming you're running XBMC on Apple TV2, Airplay already works just fine...

    From my iTunes library on my PC I can stream to my Apple TV2 in the bedroom, or to my Airport Express in the living room. From my iPhone, I can stream almost any app (Napster, Pandora, Netflix, etc) to either my AppleTV2 or the living room Airport express (audio only).

    So, I'm confused what additional capability this is going to give those of us who have already invested in an Apple ecosystem.

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  • aristotle
    Nov 13, 08:42 PM
    This will continue until the Google Android threatens the iPhone. Then Apple will change their policy. Right now Apple simply does not have to care.
    Do you believe that Google Android apps are a free for all and that apps are never rejected? Do you believe that Google is any different than any other company when comes to protecting their IP? Google maps API for example, cannot be used in third party applications that offer turn by turn navigation. If you believe that Google is different, then I have a bridge to sell you and that gullible is not listed anywhere in the dictionary. :p

    I have no problem with laymen expressing their opinions but I am getting a little bit annoyed by noobs like wOOmaster telling people who earn a living developing software that they are wrong about copyright and how software development works.

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  • jz1492
    Nov 13, 03:25 PM
    So they "knew" they were Right after being told otherwise. :rolleyes:

    If I remember correctly, apps that get rejected multiple times experiment unusual delays in the approval process.

    Maybe they have never developed software for a client and so it is their way or else. Sad.

    If you want to develop for the highly rewarding AppStore you have to come to grips with the fact that it is a combination of both models -there is a client, Apple, and there are customers. Fail to please any of them at your own risk.

    On the other hand, new openings in a crowded marketplace are more of a good thing for everybody. Farewell, strong-headed developers! :D

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 23, 06:18 PM
    If you cannot "argue" based on all the evidence but just conveniently ignore anything that does not support your argument while attacking with anything that does and then pretending everyone else doesn't exist you've then proven you are not worth conversing with and thus my lack of replies to you.
    Are you talking to yourself? You've consistently argued that Mac users are complacent and need to "protect" themselves, presumably by using AV software. We've consistently pointed out that AV software offers no advantage to Mac users, to which you resort to the same tired tactic used by shills for the AV industry since OS X was first introduced: you claim that the sky will fall soon and we'll be sorry. :rolleyes:

    Let's take a look at what you need to ignore to do that:

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  • wazgilbert
    Apr 28, 04:58 PM
    Please don't fight gentleman...

    I really thought all the CCE CFCC AACE PMP PMI ZGFHABZZZ letters where a joke... What does it all meeeeeeannn?? :eek: :eek:

    Yes it's all willy-waving, which was in fact my point.

    and to Mr Winters - you haven't met me before, that comment you refer to isn't one of mine. Also it's wise to be careful who you try to belittle with 'boy' references, you have no idea who I am or how experienced or qualified I am compared to you.

    As ever, if you're new here, don't try to impress (or troll) by waving experience or qualification around to justify your opinion. We all know MS isn't dead when making 5.23 BILLION profits, hell, we all know that businesses do not ever need to make a profit. To stay in business, all one has to do is make "black zero"; as after all, pay all your costs, offset against depreciation and secure investment and then what do you need profit for? to pay the taxman? no fun there - usually it's to keep shareholders happy, end of.

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  • edcrosay
    Aug 23, 05:37 PM
    I hope this eventually leads to Sound Blaster support for macs.

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  • milo
    Sep 5, 01:53 PM
    Do you know a Tivo is a computer? It has a microprocessor and runs Linux. However, they don't try to make it a computer. That is why their idea has caught on.

    That, and they keep the cost low by subsidizing it with subscriptions. A box for sale has to be cheap, and a device that just streams video, no hard drive at all, could be even cheaper than a tivo.

    Is a streaming box really what you want? I mean, it's one thing to connect my airport express to my bose stereo system and let it play a playlist from my computer in my office, but if we have a streaming video, we still have to go to our office and start the video from the other room. If that's the case, I might as well move my computer to my living room.

    They will have to have something that allows you to access your audio and video files with a remote. Maybe an aiport express with a remote control and user interface similar, but better than frontrow.

    Right now a mac mini can do all of the things you need it to. You can stream video from another computer on the network, you can connect it to your T.V. and stereo. What would be the point of a new airport extreme if for $200 more you can get an entire compuer.

    just some random thoughts...

    A streaming box is DEFINITELY what I want. I assume they will have a remote available for this, not having one would be a deal breaker and I doubt they'd release this half baked.

    A mini can do this, but starting at $599, it's going to be more than $200 more than an airport video. And I'd much rather have my mini somewhere else in the house so I don't have to try and read the menus on my NTSC TV, or have a monitor next to my TV.

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  • BlindMellon
    Apr 22, 06:32 AM
    How does streaming music to my iPhone help me, when O2 cap my Internet usage, and then charge when you use more.

    this service is for apple fans who will swallow anything apple sells and ask for more, even as they pay extra data charges to listen to music they already own.

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  • BornAgainMac
    May 3, 12:45 PM
    I bet the future dedicated display will be Thunderbolt driven only. It would reduce the number of wires from 3 to 2. It would be nice if power can be drawn from the monitor to power the laptop and just dock it with a single wire.

    The monitor would still have USB ports just not feed from the USB port on the Mac.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 19, 09:30 AM
    There are people trying to paint this as though any tablet or mobile phone is similar to the rest so Apple has no case. Not true. Apple is suing one company for a copy so close that it is hard to see the difference.

    Looks like Apple copied palm just changed the background to white and the icons to a square!


    LOL - right. And that pinch and zoom feature on the palm was tremendous.

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  • cirus
    Apr 22, 08:54 PM
    An important detail is that one needs to add the graphics TDP to those Intel numbers, so there's still hope for some Llano goodness.

    uh... They already are included. The graphics processor is on the die and the TDP of the chip is for the CPU and the GPU. So do the Llano CPU.

    At least wikipedia it.

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  • masterthespian
    Sep 14, 11:41 AM
    Haha, now you're going to have me thinking about this while I am in mass next Sunday. :p

    couldn't help myself.....:D :D :D ...first thing that ran thru my mind when everyone said it's on a sunday....;) ;)


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  • SeaFox
    Sep 26, 09:42 PM
    Cingular is one of the only GSM providers in the USA. This is great news!

    Yeah, one of the only ones besides T-Mobile, AllTel, and AT&T Wireless (who they bought out). :rolleyes:

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  • kresh
    Sep 19, 03:43 PM
    I think Apple should seriously consider offering rentals too. Its dumb not to try it out :)

    If it destroys their whole business model, then it is not dumb to not "try it out".

    Apple is clearly not interested in the subscription or rental business models.

    edit: Clarity

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  • jwdsail
    Sep 16, 09:49 AM
    Hmmm that is an intresting thought. I saw a demo, over a year ago, of a wireles VoIP phone at Dartmouth University that did just that. They wear them around their neck or use a clip, but it was voice activated, and they actually called them their "Star Trek badges".

    So a quad-band gsm iPhone based on the new clip shuffle? Perfect! Speaker phone mode or BT headset .. voice activated.. Sync the phone number and voice dialing through an updated AddressBook. Perfect!



    Chupa Chupa
    Sep 12, 03:27 PM
    what do you mean my windows is close not to upgrade??

    and also, is there any chance that i might be succeeding in returning it... or even getting a refund??? i mean i took the vinyl cover off and just totally used it... can i return it right back to the apple store??

    You can return or exchange it but you'll have to pay a 10% restock fee ($25 or $29 depending on which one you bought). If you bought the 30GB just stick with the "old" 5G. If you bought the 60GB version then $30 is worth the price for another 20GB of storage. But my question to you is, what were you thinking buying an iPod the night before an Apple Special Event focusing on "it's showtime?"

    Aug 31, 11:38 AM
    ... Who cares about iTunes?

    I've been putting off a new mac for YEARS! Gief Core Duo 2 iMacs!

    Sep 13, 09:18 PM
    I said I'd bet, not give. As in you pay equal money if this turns out to be right. And it's a figure of speech. :rolleyes:

    Well, I for one wish apple would come out with this thing already. I would pay my savings just to end the anguish (figure of speech, hat tip QCassidy352)! Bury the Chocolate! I hate seeing that iPod wanna-be!

    Nov 13, 01:04 PM
    Lets see how long they will stay away. There are buckets of DOLLARS waiting to be made in the App Store.

    Apr 28, 04:17 PM
    Don't worry, Windows 8 will be even better. Its going to have a built in PDF reader called "Modern Reader." Too bad Linux and OSX have had built in PDF readers for a decade now. Typical Microsoft, "if you can't beat them, copy them!"


    Another nickel in the bank.

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