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  • jettredmont
    Sep 5, 03:20 PM
    I'd be surprised if Apple did anything with TV tuners.

    With the variety of TV services that people have (analog cable, digital cable, satellite TV, Verizon's TV over fiber, terrestrial HDTV), coming up with a device that can tune most folks TV doesn't sound easy, even for Apple.

    This is a situation dying for a solution. Oh, yeah, there already is one:

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  • danbolling
    Aug 31, 12:49 PM
    Some things are coming together that are not pointed out in the post about the upcoming new iTMS (iTunes Media Store)

    1) If the movies are only available in the US (at least initially), then this explains why Apple would not announce it at Paris Expo.

    2) Movies will be larger resolution, of course. This now makes the "Advance -> Convert Video for iPod" command make a lot more sense. This will be the easy way to get downloaded movies onto old (smaller resolution) video iPods. And, maybe new iPod nanos which will do video with smaller screens.

    3) And, of course, an updated video iPod is no surprise at this point. The details and the specs may be, but the update is not.

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  • maflynn
    Mar 23, 04:32 PM
    The seemingly only purpose of this app is to avoid the checkpoints could be dangerous to those of us who don't drink and drive. They should pull any app.

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  • AdeFowler
    Oct 13, 04:22 AM
    It amazes me how people can't miss an oportunity to slam Apple, U2 and anyone else related.

    All I see here is at least somebody somewhere is trying a different angle to help others... is that such a bad thing?

    Why not capitalise on a bandwagon product such as the iPod in order to fund something positive?

    And those who say yeah yeah donate money directly and get the tax waiver on the donation.. brilliant a great idea but isn't that something that already happens and will continue to happen with or without the iPod.

    Oh and how much have those who raised this point donated to this cause?

    I really do struggle sometimes to understand some of the sanctimonious comments around here.

    All I can say is, kudos to Bono, Apple and anyone else doing anything they can to help people in need.... its more than most of us.
    Wish I'd said all that. Great post.

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  • 0815
    Apr 20, 12:56 PM
    Presumably with a warrant and not on the fly at the side of the road without a warrant. Although I remember reading about some sort of site the gov has set up with the carriers where they can get info without warrants (patriot act thing).

    Still they store it and can access it - nobody except my touches my iPhone and my Laptop. I actually enjoyed looking at the map. Nobody can access it on they fly on the road.

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  • Buschmaster
    Oct 28, 09:04 AM
    It isn't like I "hate the world" or anything, even though reading through this thread some people might thing so just by my saying this...

    If I payed all that money to get into that expo (it is as expensive as the ones in the States, right?) and someone was being annoying? I'd want them gone, as well. We just got rid of all solicitation on my floor at college, and it isn't like every candidate who stopped by I hated, but they were sure hoping they could make it that way. And the vegans... man do they not give up. I wanted to start heating hot dogs in the microwave just so they'd get out!!

    If I'm enjoying myself at the time they come in, they can change some of that. And I don't know the whole story, but if people were complaining about them, then they should be kicked out.

    Maybe they're still just searching for Elaine Bennis...? They never leave a message undelivered, I hear.

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  • Eidorian
    May 3, 12:46 PM
    Sigh... It's a shame really, I don't need nearly the kind of power that even the lowest Mac Pro has, but it's the only desktop mac that I could buy at this point.It is not the first time where the iMac has more CPU power than the entry Mac Pro. Seriously, it does. If you get the 6970M (HD 6850) you can beat the video card as well.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 16, 10:47 PM
    I can't wait to see what people will come up with for Thunderbolt. I am disappointed that Apple hasn't released a cable for your iPhone/iPad though =/

    It would be pointless until an iPad/iPhone came out that supports Thunderbolt. The current dock connector is limited to USB 2.0 speeds.

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  • DVK916
    Sep 17, 08:23 PM
    ok.. see, i never said TECHNICALLY it was crap. OK, so CDMA can have higher speed than 3G GSM. ITS A MOBILE PHONE. what the hell do you need 14mbps for?

    a jet car that goes 300mph on a drag strip is NOT better than a Audi/Merc/BMW/Bentley/etc that only does 250mph, but can drive on a normal road.

    for consumers, it (CDMA) is crap. you are so used to having to choose a phone based on what your carrier supports (or vice-versa) that you can't see how that is a problem. GSM (which uses a SIM card) offers so much more flexibility. hell. I can take my phone to any country with a GSM network, put in a sim card, and VOILA i am connected (not that i need to worry anyway, with vodafone global roaming)

    WRONG GSM does NOT work in Japan. You can't go to any country and use it. Japan doesn't have GSM.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 12:53 PM
    The unibody was already a giant leap forward. How much better can Apple get?

    I'm more interested in the specifications, and hardware (electronics) not so much the casing.

    Well they arent going to get worse are they!!

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  • Cooknn
    Sep 6, 01:09 PM
    HD is not going to happen, at least not next tuesday.I can't see Steve releasing anything but HD if it's meant to be viewed on a big screen. If there isn't a new 48-inch screen or a way to get the movies to a Hi-Def television I would then venture to guess they'll keep the resolution the same as it is currently :cool:

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  • Multimedia
    Oct 12, 06:16 PM
    Give me a palate of colors to choose from and tell me which one to eleminate from my choices first. My choice would be Red. :mad: :p

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Sep 9, 09:01 AM
    With the decent graphics and these C2D's they make the iMac a formiddable machine. Alot of PowerMac's are going to be replaced by these new iMac's i feel. Probably Apple's most impressive, solid and reliable machine at the moment

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  • CalBoy
    Apr 25, 01:54 AM
    And then there's a thing called the speed limit. Doesn't matter if she did 45, 55, or 65. She's still in the right.

    Well that's not entirely right either. Driving too slowly, especially in the fast lane, can get you a ticket as well.

    It all comes down to reasonableness and safety. I don't think most posters in this thread object to drivers who go faster than the posted limit when they are cautious, calm, and experienced.

    The OP's attitude is shocking because it is full of youthful arrogance of the type that usually ends up in a Red Asphalt video.

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  • Eidorian
    Sep 9, 12:56 PM
    Well if it gives you 64 bit memory addressing then it certainly is a newer chip I'm not sure what you where expecting an new front side bus maybe? Maybe the chip set (945) is a modest upgrade but in the case of he IMac if it were implemented would have resulted in a larger address space for the PC. That is a real change. It is interesting that Apple apparently didn't implement Napa64 in the new iMac, I do wonder why as the release dates almost coincide.

    As for Santa Rosa what there is so important to you that you want to wait? Just curious as I'm far from being in a position to purchase a new PC at the moment so this discussion doesn't really matter. It is more of a technical interest than anything else.

    That sounds like a description for the old D model but you are saying a single die. Frankly it sounds like a dead end processor to me. Communications between the two subsections should be via a separate communications path. I have this feeling that the manufactures are rushing to quad core a little to fast.

    DaveYou are correct it is a rushed quad core. At least we get more cores out a little faster. Though it's not the best implementation.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 24, 01:14 AM
    It seems like if you can't beat them join them.

    But it would kind of make sence for Apple and Creative to make this disappear ASAP with a paltry gesture and "join" forces in the iPod war against Microsoft and the other crappy non-iPod players out there.....

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 3, 06:50 AM
    Maybe the 'antivirus' for iOS.. will be more of a barrier, since they are wireless and bluetooth enabled etc... Isn't it pretty simple for certain programs to scan for vulnerable iOS devices.?
    Seriously, how do you not get this? It is infinitely hard to scan for vulnerable IOS devices because they are not vulnerable! You can't be a barrier to viruses if a better barrier already exists (the OS itself) and is sitting between you and them.

    The only way to get a virus onto an IOS device is to get it approved to be sold on the app store. If you think that's possible then you also have to believe that it's possible to write a virus that no anti virus software can detect, since Apple has better knowledge of the inner workings of IOS than any AV company.

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  • Dorkington
    Apr 25, 09:24 AM
    IMO, progressive does not equal big government. In fact, progressives and conservatives probably want the same overall size, but weighted in different directions. Social vs Defense.

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  • Much Ado
    Sep 8, 01:40 PM
    I remember that SNL skit too. That was great.

    Introducing, and i'm thrilled about this- the new iPod invisa.


    Nov 13, 11:56 PM
    Come off it, cmaier has a darn good point. Apple is being utterly ridiculous in this debacle between themselves and Rogue Amoeba. There was no reason at all that such a debate should have evolved into a 3 month conflict, nor was it that it should have ended with Rogue Amoeba having to indulge their customers in a battle with Apple over icons. Having user interface unity is something Apple strives for in all of their products. By giving 3rd party developers the ninth degree over something so ingrained in this product is simply stupid. It does nothing to help the end user, ingrain the confidence of developers, or aid Apple. It just brings out end users and developers with grievances and sharpened pitchforks.
    Dude. You have a double standard. If Apple were to infringe on the copyright of someone else, you would be here pitchfork in hand screaming for blood.

    If you look on other sites like macnn, you will see that the airfoil app does not only display Apple icons but rather the icon of whatever browser is configured as the main browser. They cannot make the claim that they have to right to use the Firefox, Camino or Omniweb icon in their app. It is not "streaming" the icon data, it is copied over and displayed superimposed on another icon which is presumably an internal OS X bundle. The audio is streamed but those icons are copied over and superimposed on each other on the phone. That is a clear violation of the IP of other programs in a manner that is not consistent with use on the mac it was pulled from.

    Apr 30, 03:53 PM
    Besides abolishing the ability of your graphics card, there are other interesting features of the processor. The hardware giant has confirmed that Sandy Bridge was designed with an integrated content protection to prevent piracy of high-end digital quality.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I do not understand what Tampa Tom has said. Abolishing the ability of your graphics card? Sandy Bridge was designed with an integrated content protection to prevent piracy of high-end digital quality? What does that mean? It doesn't sound good. What type of content? Thank you, in advance, for any replies.

    P.S. There are quite a few comments here regarding USB 3.0 and Blu-Ray. I think that if I go out and buy a brand new computer and it has USB that it really ought to at least offer the newest version. As far as Blu-Ray, I think that it would really be nice if Apple would at least offer it as an option for those that want it and are willing to pay a little extra. Just like extra RAM or a larger HD.

    Sep 26, 10:48 AM
    Cingular is by far the worst cell carrier in terms of customer service and I will never go back to them (nor will they have me back, I suspect). If true, it's too bad Apple decided to go this route instead of just providing a selection of phone types like Palm with the Treo. With the Treo, you can get a Sprint, Verizon, Cingular or unlocked phone so everyone who wants one can have it.

    The worst part about this being for Cingular is that they will NEVER let you unlock the phone and who knows if Apple will do it for you (I HIGHLY doubt it). I tried and they gave me the run around about not unlocking the phone because it could allow malware from other phone networks to get on their phones. That's a load of BS.

    This really stinks since I'm tired of having a huge Treo, eventhough it's a great phone, and smaller phones just don't have the features. I was hoping that Apple's offering would be the perfect compromise. I guess instead of getting our underware in a bundle, we might as well sit back and wait until the iPhone is release... if it's ever released.

    Mr. Gates
    Mar 23, 04:44 PM
    Looks like I have a new $#!T List

    Sep 14, 09:51 AM
    You guys are just delusional at this point.

    MBP C2D IS going to happen. sometime between now and (for example) a year from now. saying "there is no way they will get announced on the 24th becuase its a photo event" is quite simply ignorant. it most certainly MAY happn, and the other machines that were released at the last photo event as mentioned above proove there is even a precident for it happening. i personally think its seems reasonably likely it will happen on the 24th, tho i would not bet on it.

    edit: removal of an uneccesary comment

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