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  • LxHunter
    Nov 14, 01:50 PM
    Thanks, will stay with Sophos

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  • navguy
    Jan 2, 03:42 PM
    Been using the TomTom car kit since Xmas ... very useful ... and i have no problems with rotation when hiting bumps :)


    when window mount, there is a small slightly domed section that looks like it houses the GPS antennae (total guess); however, when i dash mount this section of mount faces down into the dash ... does anyone know where the antennae is? and whether dash mount negatively impacts the receiving signal?


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  • itcheroni
    Apr 17, 04:59 PM
    Hello all, I just wanted to make another point about capital gains. Capital gains are applied to the "profits" from sale of something you bought. As I mentioned earlier about inflation, the government could choose to create money rather than impose an income tax. Everyone would keep the money the government would have taken, but that money simply won't go as far because the difference in purchasing power will appear in inflation. So, what does this have to do with capital gains? Well, if I buy a gold coin for $1000 and then sell it for $1500 a couple years later, I would be subject to a capital gains tax. But I didn't really gain anything. As gold critics often say, gold just sits there and doesn't produce anything. What has changed is the value of the dollar, which has fallen because the government has diluted the money supply. This is the reason the stock market is going up, not because the economy is improving.

    If you bought an apple on Monday (your cost basis) and, before you bite into it on Wednesday (the point at which you realize gain), the price of apples go up, should you have to pay a tax on the difference?

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  • vincenz
    Apr 23, 08:07 PM
    It would be nice for the redesigned 2012 MacBook Pros :D

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 25, 10:40 AM

    You may not track anyone. But you can. We'd like to know you cannot.

    Please address that issue.


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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 16, 11:55 AM
    Exactly...a 12 incher with Core 2 Duo, backlit keyboard and a reasonable GPU is all I need...nothing really fancy.

    That would be nice, but it seems unlikely. Apple seem to consider the black MacBook the small "professional" laptop. Maybe it'll get a descrete GPU though, that would be pretty good, no?

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  • MacRumors
    May 7, 10:02 AM (

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  • Satori
    Apr 25, 09:43 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I don't get the big deal about it. If you want to be anonymous, get off fb, twitter, macrumors, etc. Then cancel all Internet plans you have and your cellular plan. Then no one will ever know where you are unless you tell them.

    And also make sure that you don't leave home without a heavy disguise in case you get tracked by a CCTV camera.

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  • Chaszmyr
    Nov 22, 01:22 AM
    Just because Palm thinks it's that hard to make a phone doesn't necessarily mean that Apple would have had the same difficulties.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 3, 12:08 AM
    well i agree that 64-bit is something, but considering you can't put more than 4 GB of RAM in a Macbook now anyways, it's not going to help that much.(i know i'm just using the Macbook as an example) and by the time you need 64-bit because of software, it'll probably be time for a new computer anyways.....right?Merom:

    Almost Twice the Battery life - 1.67 x
    Twice the L2 cache - 4MB
    20% more calculations at same speed.
    Same price as Yonah.

    Why not have these improvements ASAP? If you want to buy a Yonah Mac for less, just go to the refurb page. They are all there. If not, the one you want will come back soon. I monitor that page regularly and everything is in the refurb cycle now including most recently the 17" MBP.

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  • Tones2
    Apr 26, 02:33 PM
    If in fact Apple waits until September for the iPhone 5 and even then only have a speed bump and a slightly better camera, this picture is only going to get worse. They need 4G, a larger screen, a microSD slot or a bump to 64 GB, a USB input, and the rest of the MODERN hardware features that HTC phones are putting out almost monthly.

    It's NOT about the OS - who the heck cares. The OS is transparent at this point. They are close enough not to make a difference. And the Android app market is catching up tp the iOS app market at least in terms of bigger name quality apps (not so much the 10,000 iOS fart apps out there), and that difference is shrinking all the time.

    It's all about hardware now - and the iPhone is currently woefully behind -and probably will remain until mid next year.


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  • gnasher729
    Apr 7, 04:16 PM
    I absolutely expect MS to wedge their way in, they just have to come up with an adequate OS (it doesn't have to be the 'best' OS). They have tons of cash, distribution channels, developer communities, and 00's million of desktops install that they can leverage. Look at how much money they 'blew' on Bing, Zune, Xbox to gain a tiny foothold.

    What Microsoft has doesn't transfer to the tablet market. Ok, they have cash. They have enough money to give away 80 million tablets. If they do that, over the next three years, the cash is gone, and Apple + Android will still sell more units :D

    Distribution channel? What distribution channel does Microsoft have for hardware? They don't. Zune was a failure. XBox and tablets are two completely different markets.

    The developers are writing iPhone / iPad apps.

    And how would Microsoft go about "leveraging the desktop"? People throw out computers and buy an iPad. People don't say "well, I have a Windows PC, I will buy a Microsoft tablet to go with it". They say "well, I have a Windows PC, I will buy an iPad so I can get rid of that old PC".

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  • CalBoy
    Apr 20, 11:47 AM
    All of these September iPhone rumors leave three possibilities:

    1) Apple failed to plug all of its leaks and there are genuine sources providing this information, and as a result, the iPhone 5 will really be out in September.

    2) Apple is intentionally testing the waters to not only see where remaining leaks are, but also to encourage iPhone 4 sales to not drop off during the late spring/early summer.

    3) The original September rumor began from an untested source and spent enough time on the merry-go-round to be viewed as "legitimate" by larger media outlets.

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 26, 04:47 PM
    Re-Read your Porsche history.

    Your understanding of the Porsche / VW relationship is backwards. It is Porsche that owns a stake in VW, not the other way around.

    Actually, they are merging, and that's because of the huge debt that Porsche got due to trying to take over Volkswagen. (BTW, the current CEO of Porsche AG is from Volkswagen, that's not generally how you do it after you've taken over another company, more like what happens when you've lost.)

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  • E.Lizardo
    Apr 20, 07:12 AM
    If you can have a bigger screen without a physically larger device size and weight, then yes, it is necessarily better.

    Emphasis on same size device.I don't want an Android size brick.

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  • msb3079
    Apr 20, 11:21 AM
    Really? So we just disregard the ACTUAL start and end times of seasons now? June 21 to Sept 21 is summer.

    Calendar wise it is... but most people don't view the middle of September as "summer". Meteorological summer is over by then, and that's MUCH more important, IMO.

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  • Kristenn
    May 7, 01:55 PM
    Free sounds good to me. I mean, it could be like Apple's Windows Live only everyone says Mobile Me is better and does other things. I would like to have a .me or .mac (whatever) email address like PC users have .live or .hotmail addresses for free.

    And syncing will probably be something my dad will use... even though I think he already pays for mobile me anyway O.o

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  • Chris.L
    Nov 6, 12:01 PM
    Blah blah blah. Lack of AV software makes Macs very unattractive to business settings.

    One of the barriers to integrating Macs into corporate and business environments is the lack of anti-virus tools. Yeah, you can dismiss this as FUD (and maybe there's some truth to that) but the fact remains--someday, one way or another, there will be a Mac OS X virus. I defy you to find one IT dept. in the country that wants to be caught off-guard by that. If you're going to have Macs in a business environment, the IT staff needs to know that they're protected in the event of an OS X virus outbreak. Whether any OS X viruses exist now or not and whether AV companies are trying to sell products with FUD is irrelevant in that context.

    Those of you who want to see wider adoption of Macs in business environments ought to be happy to see this kind of thing showing up, regardless of whether you personally need it or not.

    Agree completely.

    And not just any old AV solution either something with a respected name and centrally managed. Something that will be a requirement for any half decent IT Dept/Corporate. How if I could just get a VMware client for OS X I could ditch my work HP. Oh, and a docking station...

    I have had this installed since release day, and I can honestly say it hasn't slowed my MBP at all. I would actually forget it was there at all except for the little icon at the top.

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  • baleensavage
    May 4, 03:42 PM
    I am all for buying software via download. I rarely get boxed versions of anything any more. But the OS is a different story. You need an external media for maintenance/reinstall. Also, the Mac App Store is not friendly to businesses yet. Until they have robust setups for master accounts and per seat licenses, it's not a viable distribution method for business customers.

    And while Apple is also selling physical media with this version, it's pretty obvious that they won't bother with it next version of the OS. It's the same thing they did with the switch to DVD media in 10.4. To get CDs that worked on the DVD-less computers that were only a couple years old, you had to send Apple your DVD and get CDs mailed to you, which was a major pain. Apple has a long history of killing technologies quickly and giving the customers with older computers the shaft.

    Even if they charge more for physical media, they should continue to offer it in the long term. I'd love to see something like the USB stick that comes with the Macbook Airs and I'd be willing to pay extra for it. Optical media really needs to just die already. DVDs and CDs are awful for data storage.

    May 6, 02:45 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Umm guys? OS X already runs on ARM. It's called iOS. The developer tools to create this from standard obj-c already exist in Xcode.

    Retiring or updating certain legacy API would be pretty easy (with a 3-5 yr time span) to make Xcode easily compile fat binaries that run on either architecture.

    Also, what does apple pay for 1k ARM CPU bs intel? Far, far less. This would give apple a very competitive price advantage.

    An ARM MacBook air for example could run 100% cool for a very long time.

    Finally, heavy utilization of grand central dispatch and open cl (which modern apps like final cut pro x support) could even do all this with adequate performance.

    I think the rumor source is making stuff up, but this isn't as far fetched as it sounds and actually fits with apples strategy. Don't be so fast to knock it.

    Jul 23, 11:46 PM
    Anyone waiting for MBP Merom should be prepared to wait until November/December.
    This better not be the case. There is NO way I'm waiting untill then for a MacBook Pro. I don't think apple will wait that long, I think WWDC is likely, and if not I would say at Paris.

    Nov 26, 08:41 PM
    November 23, 2006 CNN
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Cell phone owners will be allowed to break software locks on their handsets in order to use them with competing carriers under new copyright rules announced Wednesday.

    Given the above news, NO cellphone company may soon be subsidizing ANY phones.

    All it says is that cellphone owners can break the locks. It doesn't say cellphone operators have to help them. It also refers to specific instances where the software itself has to be modified to unlock a phone. It is already legal, because it's not a copyright violation, to unlock, for example, Nokia phones, whose locking code is actually algorithmically generated and therefore requires no copyright violation to use.

    Truth is, most countries have no laws against breaking SP locks, and many countries, notably most in Europe, have laws forcing operators to unlock phones on demand. And yet most countries still have operators that sell subsidized phones in exchange for contracts. SP locks are there not so much because the phone is subsidized so much as to help enforce the contract, and reduce churn by making it more expensive to switch carrier.

    So no, this change will make no difference as far as subsidized handsets go.

    Mar 29, 03:02 PM
    Not everyone has decent internet at home, you know. And those that do might not keep a computer on 24/7. I know that I'm in that situation. Leaving my MacPro on and not asleep 24/7 adds about 400-500 dollars a year to my electrical costs.

    I could get the 500GB paid amazon cloud storage account for that much!

    What do you stream? ok, if it was everything and plus you don't have great internet at home, it might make sense.

    If you only stream music, I can see getting NAS and just stream from home. But ok, it could make sense for someone like you.(weak internet and only mbp which i wouldn't use my precious mbp to be served as server either no matter how good my internet is)

    Nov 4, 07:25 AM
    I'm looking at this. But then I'm not sure.

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