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  • vand0576
    Aug 11, 09:32 AM
    If they are truly planning this for the MacBook, then they are surely planning to bump the iMac to this chip too or better the Conroe. They continually refer to the MacBook and iMac as their "consumer line". I have been planning to buy an iMac for some time now, and this is definately an upgrade I would like to see. I'm most likely waiting until after MacWorld Expo to see what updates they will have for the iMac. The chip should be upgraded much before then, but I bet by that time they will have a few more upgrades for the iMac.

    Mac Pro and Xserve have the Xeon (Woodcrest).
    MacBook Pro, MacBook, and iMac will be upgraded to the Core 2 Duo (Merom) with iMac possibly being Conroe.
    Mac Mini will probably keep the Core Duo (Yonah).

    This sounds perfectly reasonable. Things are definately more interesting with the Intel chips because they are being rolled out so fast, unlike the PowerPC chips from Freescale/Motorola. It has only been about 6-7 months since the Core Duo was unveiled, now Core Duo 2 is here. Since Apple prides themselves on using advanced hardware, it only makes sense that they should upgrade the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac to the Core 2 Duo (iMac=Conroe), and continue to upgrade to the best available chips Intel is offering at the time (aside from the 'extreme' editions).

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  • -aggie-
    May 3, 08:19 PM
    From what you wrote in the rules, the healing treasure could be awhile.

    I think whoever understands this game the best (e.g., DP) should make our first decision. We can evaluate it after and learn from it. We�re obviously learning in this game. BTW, my fav video games are the leveling types with HP/AP (don�t have XP in this one). We could do a lot with this format if it�s successful

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  • siderealxxx
    May 6, 05:11 AM
    Any chance of a PPC to ARM bridge for OS9?!


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  • Cavepainter
    Mar 29, 09:40 PM
    I really do like the concept of having an enormous amount of online storage, immediately accessible from anywhere.. but ultimately I see this as an issue of me having to pay someone else for granting access to things I already own.

    Do you like paying a fee to your bank when you take out YOUR OWN MONEY from the bank? Your bank says its because its a "convenience", which of course it is....but when I have to pay them money to get something that is mine, I have a problem with that.

    Remember when television was free? We just had to put up with advertisements, and for that, we got free TV. Now many people pay 79 bucks a month or more to get cable or satellite TV. Time have changed. Now we are paying alot of money just to get tv, something that once was free of charge. Oh, yeah, and we still have ads. Funny how that works.

    Of course companies like Amazon and Apple are not in it for your convenience, they're in it because if everyone eventually has all their files stored online in the cloud, there's TONS and TONS of money to be made- for ever. If I have a computer, phone or music listening device with ample amounts of storage space, these companies don't make any money off of me after I purchase that music from itunes or wherever. (And if I have cds or blu ray movies, they don't make any money on me at all). This cloud concept provides some convenience, but more importantly guarantees a steady flow of income for these companies for many years to come.

    Flash memory storage capacities are growing yearly.. and prices are continuing to drop. Now companies are starting to ship secure digital cards with capacities of a staggering 128 GB on a tiny compact flash card! Ultimately I think most people will be able to have enormous amounts of files locally on their own phone or portable computer.

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  • Josias
    Aug 7, 03:01 AM
    You can't do video or audio chat with Adium, and won't be able to for a year or two at least. :(

    I'm just hoping for some official support sooner or later with iChat or the official standalone clients. :)

    How is iChat actually? Ya know? Compared to MSN? I discussed it with someguy yesterday, ironically over MSN:p , and he said Adium is better... How is the GUI and also userfreindlinesses?:)

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  • chadley_chad
    May 6, 08:12 AM
    ... Arm haven't got a leg to stand on!

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  • xpipe
    Apr 6, 05:36 PM
    I just bought the Xoom a few days ago. I had considered purchasing an iPad 2, but instead of more-or-less duplicating my previous iPad purchase, I thought I'd try something new. I have mixed feelings, but overall I am quite happy with the purchase.

    The Xoom hardware seems sturdier to me, but that could just be in my head, and the device feels more powerful to me. The Xoom has a larger, higher-resolution display than the iPad, but the iPad has a much higher quality display. That's an issue for a device that is, essentially, one big screen. One aspect in particular that seems far superior to iOS on the iPad is web browsing, which is likely my most frequently-used feature of ether device. The Xoom blows either iPad away in this regard. It offers near desktop-speed performance in its included browser, with none of the checkerboards and frequent page reloads of the iPad. I'm not sure if this (page reloads) is primarily due to the greater RAM, or the fast speed of the browser; perhaps it reloads so fast it doesn't matter. I don't want to restart the whole flash debate, but I watched quite a bit of flash-based internet video and the device didn't get hot nor did the battery take a disproportionate hit. In fact, the battery life has really been great...two very long evenings of heavy usage, and there's plenty to spare.

    Multitasking is also quite nice. One of the first apps I downloaded was a (free) great radio app, and as I was listening to the radio I intuitively started web browsing and going back and forth between a few other apps and it wasn't until I received and replied to a message from a friend that it occurred to me that I was having a really cool and full mobile computing experience. I feel that as iOS and Android (Honeycomb) stand right now, Android offers a lot more potential to serve my needs. To realize this potential, though, they need apps and Apple dominates in this area...not only in quantity but in the overall polish of their top-tier apps. Apple's iOS itself is likewise more polished, and the Android team definitely needs to iron out some of the wrinkles. Not showstoppers, mind you, but Apple clearly had the more mature, stable OS.

    So now I have two tablets. I have two computers at my desk, an iMac and a PC, and I can use both of those, but I can't quite figure out how two tablets figure into the equation. I know I'm more excited by the Xoom than I was after I first used the iPad, and I was quite excited by the iPad. Time will tell, but I'm currently leaning more towards the Xoom.

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  • salmon
    Nov 30, 07:47 AM
    I would absolutely love a tablet. I would suggest people not get hung up on what other tablet PCs are out there, because I don't see anything out there that matches what I want, and I've been searching for 3+ years now. MS attempted it, did something miserable and half-assed as usual, and so tablets are called a failure. There were lots of MP3 players around before the iPod too.

    I want something that fits the following requirements:

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  • GuitarDTO
    Mar 28, 10:58 AM
    I think 2012 makes perfect sense for the iPhone 5. The 4 is still amazing and doesnt need a processor bump at the moment. Plus, I think the biggest thing, Apple wants to include 4G/LTE in the device. There is no point in releasing a 5 with just a processor bump unless it includes 4G, and my guess is they need a little more time polishing up the 4G device. The next iPhone could very well be a big change similar to 3GS to 4.

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  • oscarmacca
    Apr 24, 03:45 AM
    I'm not impressed if this is where the iMac display is potentially going , the current GPUs can barely drive the resolutions they have now in anything other than simple desktop apps . , can you imagine what video card you would need to drive a game (say portal 2 which has low to modest requirements) at 30fps + on a screen with 3200 or higher resloution ? Well whatever that GPU is , apple will ship with the one released 2 years ago and half the RAM it shipped with on the PC .

    I love the mac OS , I love the mac design , I hate the "last years tech with a shiney shell" we seem to have to put up with , super high res screens and faster I/O ports are all well and good , but put a decent GPU in now the mac is becoming a contender as a home gaming platform .

    Think I ranted a bit then , sorry :rolleyes:
    Good post.

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  • RollTide1017
    Mar 29, 01:35 PM
    And if you stop subscribing?...What happens to your music files stored in the cloud?
    One would be an idiot to not have a local backup of stuff they store in the "cloud."

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  • crisss1205
    May 7, 05:08 PM
    I say that they make it free to Mac users and like $29 a year for Windows users.

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  • Westacular
    Apr 23, 04:44 PM
    I hope this means an increase in resolution of iTunes artwork. I know it's unrelated to the OS but one can hope!

    Does Apple set a cap on that? I expect it's up to the publishers to put in their artwork, and they're more likely to blame if you're encountering low resolution stuff.

    When you attach artwork to items yourself in iTunes, it can be extremely high-resolution -- not sure what or if there is a limit, but if it exists, it's high enough not to be a problem.

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  • kevink2
    Mar 28, 12:12 PM
    This may explain why Apple is, apparently, still going ahead with the white iPhone 4. And also not obsolete some Verizon purchasers so fast.

    Maybe if they go on a little longer refresh schedule, it will match up a little better with carrier subsidies.

    On the other hand, since my intent is to skip the next generation, that may mean I wait 2 1/2 years instead of 2 years. Will the phone absorb the drops, etc, that it gets that long?

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  • Chaszmyr
    Nov 22, 01:22 AM
    Just because Palm thinks it's that hard to make a phone doesn't necessarily mean that Apple would have had the same difficulties.

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  • craigatkinson
    Jul 29, 10:42 PM
    I beg to differ. I've even heard stock analysts anticipating the release of the iPhone. It's not a matter if Apple is going to release it, its a matter of when.

    Nor, methinks this iPhone shall ever happen. What would Apple gain in becoming a cell phone provider? Its a nasty market with no concensus between camps.

    Sorry, its vaporware.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 20, 08:10 AM
    Damn it. That means I'll always have to upgrade my iPhone every September. So, I'll buy the iPhone 5 this September, then I'll upgrade next September for the iPhone 6 with a 4inch screen and 4G :D; but, is there a limited time window in which you upgrade, because I don't want to lose out 2 months of texts / calls / internet (if I upgrade in July 2012).

    Well... the iPhone 6 will probably be our last iPhone anyway. :eek:

    The end of the world is coming in December 2012 remember? :p

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  • Radoo
    Apr 18, 03:48 PM
    Annual revenues:

    Apple - $65.23 billion (2010)
    Samsung Electronics - $117.4 billion (2009)

    Revenues are equal to zero if not associated with costs. Give us the profit figures. :D

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 4, 09:45 PM
    DO you guys think the Mac MINI will get a speed bump anytime soon? A friend of mine, shes looking to come over to the Mac side and the MINI seems perfect for her needs but something faster would be nice then the current.By years end I would say so. By Jan 2007 at the latest. We need to see the iMac get a bump first. That may occur at Paris in September.I agree but think likely by Thanksgiving. I think mini will get the 1.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Combo and 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo Superdrive upgrades thus ending the last Mac to have only one core as well as the end of all 32-bit Macs. :)

    Hammer God
    Mar 28, 09:59 AM
    My thought exactly. They would also avoid pissing off 11 million Verizon iPhone customers.

    Hadn't thought of that. Also a good point.

    Having said all this, Apple often points out that they don't worry about their competition, they just do their own thing and let the market sort it out.

    But the decision as to when you release the LTE iPhone will be one of the bigger ones they make in the next few years. Too soon, not enough infrastructure/buyers; too late, you may lose ground to rivals.

    The one thing you can say about Steve Jobs, however, is that he has a very good sense of timing. He generally seems to know when the technology is ready to meet the expectations of consumers. I'm guessing he'll make the right call here again.

    Apr 26, 02:14 PM
    I thought Android was a terrible OS, but I am still extremely impressed that iOS is where it is. Considering a lot of manufactures are using Android now, this is still pretty impressive iOS is able to be the second from the top on three devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, although the report does state mobile phone usage so it might just include the iPhone and not the other two i mentioned

    Aug 11, 10:54 AM
    Could Apple technically squeeze a Xeon proc into the MBP?
    Have you seen the size of the heat sink in the Mac Pro? ;)

    Nov 22, 06:51 AM
    I remember the head of Atari saying something similar about Sony's Playstation.

    Yeah, they might even be right, but this definitely sounded inordinately defensive. If Palm's position were really secure, their attitude should be along the lines of "Let Apple do whatever it wants. We'll just keep making the best phones." But.... it wasn't.

    Mar 29, 10:56 PM
    I would not want to work in an american plant that manufactured apple products. could you imagine that?. there would probably be an apple union i'd have to join. :eek:

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