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  • f00f
    Mar 28, 10:49 AM
    Pretty confident ( there won't be an iPhone 5 this summer. The CDMA phone was just launched. It really doesn't make sense to stagger the releases (CDMA in winter, GSM in summer); it makes much more sense to unify the devices. We don't want fragmentation, do we? But no way in hell it's going to happen four months after the CDMA launch. This makes as much sense as launching an iPad 3 in the so-called "year of iPad 2". :rolleyes:

    prince william wedding invitation card. Prince William and Kate
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  • Number 41
    Apr 20, 12:33 PM
    A processor update only matters if software is written that requires it -- and no developer is going to risk cutting off access to a huge segment of the customer base by writting software that specifically requires the latest iPhone.

    So, really, you're paying for power that you can't use 99% of the time.

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  • ibosie
    May 8, 03:27 AM
    I need more space - my 60GB is full. I decided to keep a second back up in the cloud and chose Apple for no other reason than I 'feel' safe with them.

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  • coolbreeze
    May 6, 01:12 AM
    Here we go again...

    Hint: Intel is your winner, AAPL. Understand that.

    Edit: for you young'ins, this a panel of IBM G5 processors. Specifically designed for Apple. The processor partnership was supposed to be groundbreaking.

    Soon after, Apple went begging to Intel and, well, what's the processor brand in the Mac you are reading this on?

    prince william wedding invitation card. Prince William and Kate
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  • Multimedia
    Jul 30, 01:26 AM
    Perfect. Just extended my two years with Veriaon in June for a new Moto 815e. :(

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 24, 04:18 PM
    This would be absolutely amazing.

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  • ehoui
    Mar 31, 08:25 AM
    Lion looks awesome, I don't know why there is so much whining about it.

    It has more to do with the human condition than the condition of Lion.

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  • Daveoc64
    May 4, 03:04 PM
    Because it has a payment system and delivery system in place.

    But it isn't an app. It's an OS upgrade.

    So why sell it in the App Store?

    Apple isn't a poor company, the Apple Store (the website) has been able to sell digital software for years. They could set up a very sophisticated method for selling Mac OS X to people without using the App Store.

    If I was Apple, I'd sell (through their website) a licence for Mac OS X. You'd download a small App, which would give you the option to either install it to the computer you were on right then or to create a DVD or USB key which could also be used to install the OS. This App would then download the appropriate files and continue the install/make the DVD.

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  • AppleMacFinder
    Apr 10, 02:01 PM
    The official Mac answer is: 2

    We are at MacRumors! Finder says 2, that's why we should accept 2.

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  • Timepass
    Jul 30, 11:15 PM
    That is pure, Apple style right there. Of course, I don't picture this phone being a flip phones. I believe (and hope) flip phones are on their way out. They were a fad, but aren't as practical as candy bar phones. They have more moving parts that can break and take longer to answer, especially if your hands are full or you're driving your car. (All you flip-phone people out there, before you start lashing out in defense, just accept those statements as truth, because you know they are.) Nothing beats hearing your phone, looking down, and pushing a button to start talking. As far as accidently calling people, I lock my phone with the push of a button and don't have any problems.

    I am surpise no one said anything in the rest of the pages about this but I am just going to say What...

    I hate the candy bar phones and I would never get the apple iPhone is it was not a flip phone.

    Reason I like the flip phone. When talking on it it a closer to the size of a normal phone so it is easy to hold and talk on. Close it and it smaller than you candy bar phone in demition and fits in my pocket better.

    I dont have to deal with a keygaurd and forgetting to put it on and I dont have to deal with turn it off. Just close my phone and every thing is covered.
    I find it EASIER to answer them. Phone rings I glance down at the outside LCD and flip the phone open (all with one hand) and the call is answer (answer on flip) or I hit one of the side buttons to turn off the ringer all of this with out have to look at the phone. I can turn off the ringer with out taking it out of my pocket (cannt do that on a candy bar). Compare to a candy bar phone I would glace down at the LCD to see who is and then I would have to hit the talk button to answer it. yet again the flip phone wins

    And to top all that off the main LCD and keys are ALWAYS protected when the phone is not in use (candy bar nope).

    So far is Flip phone 3 candy bar 0. I like the flip phones long before they where a fad and I will contine to like them after the fad wears off. I didnt go back to candy bar when they where back in again. I stuck with the flip phone and contine to like the flip phone for the advatages I listed above.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 11, 01:00 AM
    Common mate, the Gong isn't a city ;)

    I get ~8000kbps so Movie downloads works for me - if the price and quality and DRM are right.

    I totally agree - the Gong isn't a city, it's just a big ex-steel town with no redeeming features other than some nice beaches. I'm serious.

    Trust me, if I could get 24mbps ADSL2+ I'd be screaming from the highest peak in the land (actually, Kosci's not that high, let's go "highest peak in Australian sovereign territory" - leave out Antarctica because not everyone recognises our claims there - and go with Mt. Mawson on Heard Island.) for Apple to bring movies and iPhoto photobooks and TV shows and all the whizz-bang stuff to the wide brown land.

    For now however, I'll simply rise and give a "standing meh."

    For those of you who don't know what a "standing meh" is, it's like a standing ovation only expressing total disinterest.

    EDIT - And don't say "Common" when you mean "Come on."

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  • farmboy
    Apr 18, 05:17 PM
    So, are we talking about these patents?

    What kind of BS is that? Perhaps it might qualify for a school project but a patent?

    That is part of the disclosure, not part of the claims. The claims are what one enforces against infringers.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 18, 03:38 PM
    Apple scared of the competition and trying to sue them.

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  • Consultant
    Apr 18, 03:35 PM
    Yay go Apple. From the little guy everyone cheered for to the ... big guy that sues everyone and still has everyone cheering for.

    So you think Apple's goal is to be free R&D for the rest of the industry? :rolleyes:

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  • ftaok
    Apr 7, 02:51 PM
    I can say CONFIDENTLY that the war is NOT over. It's been what 2 years? No way. Apple may have the upper hand in the battle but has NOT won the war.

    What I'm saying is that by the time Android or WebOS or QNX catch up to the iPad, Apple will already be onto the next big thing. Tablets will have peaked, and the weak players will have dropped out.

    So instead of following Apple and forever having your products known as iPad killers, why not spend the money that you'd put into designing mediocre tablets into creating the next device? I'm sure that Sammy, Moto, RIM, etc all have some budget to develop the next generation of devices, but I think they need to spend a lot more on the R&D.

    For instance, when netbooks were all the rage, everyone was demanding that Apple come up with their own netbook. For whatever reason, Apple wasn't (and still isn't) in the netbook market. Instead, they spent their energies (and money) developing the successor to the netbook. In hindsight, we should have all seen it coming. Jobs even said that Apple couldn't make a decent 'computer' for less than $500. Apple was busy creating the iPad to be that device that folks would shell out $500 for. Genius.

    So instead of waging a long, drawn out war against Apple for a small slice of the tablet market, work on making the successor to the tablet.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 5, 02:35 PM
    Actually that's an ignorant and factually incorrect statement.

    iPhone users are more satisfied with their devices than other smart phone owners AND they sell more iPhones everyday.

    Hence the population is statistically growing.

    How was my statement ignorant? Look up the word "ignorant" ... you're one of the people who think ignorant means mean. It doesn't. In fact, your response was ignorant in the webster's dictionary sense "lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated"... because your statement is correct, that Apple IS selling more iPhones daily, but incorrect as a response to my statement. Android is presently outselling iPhone 2 to 1. AND Android OS satisfaction has increased significantly. You're comparing Apple's unchanged-in-4-years OS to Androids 2 year old OS.

    You may want to actually research something, regardless of your position in the matter, prior to arguing about it. You just sound like a fool when you argue based on opinion, not published statistic.

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  • jcampa
    Aug 11, 04:22 PM
    Dates!! I just want to know dates!! Not until september, please Apple, release the MBP with Merom processors this month!!

    And make it available inmediatly, that same day!!

    That's all I'm asking for, no more....

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  • lPHONE
    May 6, 12:16 AM
    Even if ARM DID get ahead, it wouldn't take Intel long to catch up... Then what?

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  • RichP
    Nov 22, 11:55 AM
    I have to agree with some previous posters on here; its not going to be the featureset, but the implementation.

    I have a Samsung Smartphone, and WinMobile isnt terrible, but its far from smooth or an enjoyable use. That being said, when you have "real" internet (aka not something that is just for phone use) and "real" Instant Messaging, you begin to actually use these things. The T-Mobile Sidekick, although a bit geared to the younger crowd, its a very good device in terms of its functionality and user interface.

    I basically see the iPhone as a better designed, better user interfaced, and EXTREMELY easy to charge and Sync with a computer. Just like an iPod. All these phones lack in the sync department, Apple could dominate this (which, apart from the user interface, is the thing that sets the ipod apart. Plug it ina and it just works, no fuss)

    Expect to see it sold through Apple unlocked, around 400-450 dollars. People used to pay that for an iPod, they will do so for a phone. Especially when there are VERY expensive ringtones, songs, etc. Apple will be the more economical choice in light of the expensive "services" the providers offer.

    The industry will change. MS will release the "Pune" in 3 years to kill iPhone. In brown.

    Sep 16, 04:44 AM
    Oh and before you ask yes I have two. I retired the G4 to the misses... :D I know, I am evil. :p

    Same here except that I am not feeling quite so evil since the only other computers available to her are an old Dell P3 Latitude and an even more ancient P2 Sony Vaio running Windows 98. A G4 PowerBook Ti with a 60GB hard drive is going to be quite a step up for her and I just hope that it continues to last for many more years, although the fans have been making an odd noise for about 6-months now that worries me.

    Anyway, I'm hoping that this rumour is correct, as usual. The Page 2 ( rumour that we aren't going to see this update until next year (presumably to coincide with the Santa Rosa chipset release) was really depressing. I don't have much in the way of a wish-list for the new machines (everything upgraded would be great) but just want to make sure that I order something that won't be replaced with something better in the next month, much like my PowerBook that was superceded about 2-months later with Aluminium PowerBooks that kicked its ass.

    Aug 11, 02:38 PM
    What about the keyboard don't you like? I have MacBook and my wife has a MacBook Pro. Both seem very good. I do miss the lighted keyboard though. Almost went and bough a Pro today with Glossy screen but afraid of Sept. updates:)

    Aug 11, 03:36 PM
    Jesus! How much more expensive do you want it to be! the price diff is already almost �500 from top whitebook to bottom MBP!

    You are quoting out of context. The original post was about lowering the MB cost and retaining the Yonah cpu.

    The MBP would move to Merom and stay near the same price. Therefore the result would be a larger price differentiation and a larger performance differentiation.

    Aug 11, 10:49 PM
    I disagree with you on this. I agree with you on the MBP. Apple just revved the specs of their displays and they also released the education iMac. I think the iMac is a homerun for Apple on the desktop. Obviously the strongest Apple product right now is the MacBook. But while I think you're right on with the MBP, I think they will find a way to update the iMac for new, faster processors while retaining the current design/enclosure. Even if it has Merom inside. After all they could rev it to Merom 2.1 and 2.3 and some nice new features and I don't think many people will complain. (Alright some will complain, they always do, but that's beside the point).

    I would bet Conroe is the single processor option for Mac Pros to fill out the mid-range desktop line. The Mac Pro starts at $2,499 and that's way too expensive. I'm thinking there's going to be something to fill the gap between $1,499 and $2,499. That's where Conroe comes in.I hope you're right. My scenario is excluding the idea Apple will fill in that sub $2k tower hole they seem to be neglecting a LOT. :eek: Would make a lot of sense for them to simply extend the Mac Pro enclosure down into that space with Conroes. Mac Pro expandability is really fantastic. A Conroe motherboard in that same case would be the ticket. Or a cheaper enclosure with the same expadability capacity would work. I would hate to see them offer a Conroe Mac with less expadability inside.

    Apr 6, 06:29 PM
    Also, it is interesting that Android 2.2 makes up the largest percentage of OS's out there in use.

    Can't Android users upgrade to the latest OS? 2.3.3 is the latest phone OS.

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