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  • GQB
    Apr 26, 04:29 PM
    I'm really tired of the common 'wisdom' that looks at current phone-only numbers (dominated by Android 2-fers) and declare the inevitable, eternal dominance of Android, particularly in light of articles like this...

    That's 59% iOS over Android when you count the whole platform. (That's 59% MORE, not 59 apple, 41% android).
    That's a single iOS ecosystem that includes THE platform of the future (the only 'finished' tablet currently available), compared to an Android environment that's fragmented even in phones, and completely disjointed with its beta (of course) tablet platform (fresh out of the oven, no muss, no testing.)

    Just as the media pumps up the underdog in a political race to sell more ad minutes (no one wants a boring horse race), Apple MUST be taken down a notch if there are going to be page hits.

    My money is where it counts... on AAPL.

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  • MacAddict1978
    Apr 25, 10:46 AM
    And they can get that data directly from the telecos without access to your phone. I highly doubt this database exists for that purpose when there are much more seamless/invisible ways to get the information. (Waits patiently for someone to down vote this reply since I mentioned the government getting information from the telcos...ignoring the fact I never took a position on it personally. So much for staying informed.)


    No... they use a third party company to hack the phone, and have been for the past year. It's funny this just not became newsworthy as the cops have been on this since the 3GS and have convicted people with the location data. Sorry about your alibis.

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  • gugy
    Aug 2, 01:45 PM
    I know that everyone thought 30" would be too big before they were released, but still, 40" for a desktop screen? That's bigger then most TV's. Think about cost as well. 42" LCD's (not plasmas) run at least $3K, and are usually 1366x768. There's likely a few 1080p screens, which would be probably around $5K. Considering the 30" is 2560x1600, we're looking at something around 4000x2500 (or whatever the ratio is). That would be WAY too expensive to ever be feasible to anyone except for a SMALL percentage of people/companies.

    Yes, it would be expensive but some people out there and companies could afford. I bet the price would be the same when they introduced the 30" $3,500.
    If you think the advantages of such a monitor for Pro people, I don't think $3,500 is so bad. The monitor would pay for itself quickly.
    Bring it on Apple!

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  • JapaneseMonkey
    Mar 29, 09:49 PM
    Well screw Japan
    now Apple is being ruined by Japanese again ;;

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 25, 08:47 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/25/steve-jobs-on-ios-location-issue-we-dont-track-anyone/)


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  • mikechan1234
    Apr 20, 07:39 AM
    I hope they change the back of the phone. Prefer the 3G/3GS style :)

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  • PlaceofDis
    Jul 21, 01:55 PM
    up the chips in the MBPs and up the speeds in the MBs?

    seems likely to me.

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  • crudsponge
    Aug 4, 09:50 AM
    EXCLUSIVE: Leopard Feature Set Leaked


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  • HBOC
    Apr 5, 01:01 PM
    this is interesting.

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  • gnasher729
    May 6, 01:37 AM
    There's no way that Apple is gonna switch to ARM for their Mac lines when it already took them a decade to make the transition from IBM to Intel processors.

    You know how long it takes me to create an ARM version of my code on the Mac App Store?

    Two minutes.

    Now, OSX Lion is coming, and it appears to contain the beginnings of a convergence and consolidation between iOS and OSX. If we try to imagine where those OS's will be, say, 3 years out (and the hardware as well), by THAT time, it may be as simple as flipping a switch and hey-presto, you're on an ARM device without missing a beat...

    What makes you think that ARM implies iOS? Apple had a version of MacOS X running on x86 processors four years before Intel processors were released. I'd bet that Apple has a version of Snow Leopard and Lion running on PowerPC (which they don't sell, just to make sure all code stays portable) and a version running on ARM (which is actually a lot easier than PowerPC).

    This is the biggest load of ************ I have ever seen on this site. Why would Apple redesign everything in their notebooks to make this switch? What is gained by switching?

    Cost - ARM chips are really cheap. Battery life - they don't take any power at all. Want an MBA with 20 hours battery life?

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  • gtgrad95
    Apr 25, 09:35 AM
    Yeah the nerve of Apple and Google!

    What do you think they do with the data? Maybe Steve likes to see his herd of iPhones sparkle by the 10's of millions across the planet? I'm sure Google is also setting up the fortress of solitude so they can wield their web ads at will to all Droid's as you meander in your average life! :eek:

    The nerve of them both and I bet Microsoft is doing this too! :rolleyes:

    How freak'n ridiculous.

    Yeah, who really cares if someone can see where you've been anyway, unless you are cheating on your wife or have committed a crime. And in the latter case, this information is available from the cell company anyway via a court order.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 6, 07:14 AM
    Just because you know how to design a computer user interface doesn't mean that you also know how to design a car. Cars are much more complex than computers -- all cars have computers built in, but no computer has a car built in.

    Also, most of Apple's products look better than they are user friendly or work well. Their keyboards and mice are horrible, for example - every Microsoft or Logitech keyboard or mice blows the Apple competition out of the water when it comes to ergonomics. And ergonomics is something that's VERY important in a car. Apple very obviously sucks at that.

    If you want a car that looks and feels like something that could have been designed by Apple, buy a Smart (Diesel). They're great and affordable city and short distance cars, I love them. The only difference is that if Apple would have designed the Smart, it would cost as much as BMW.

    Well I don't quite agree that Apple, if tasked with designing a car, couldn't add to the industry. You say a car has a computer in it but that does not mean Toyota knows how to make a good looking GUI for an OS. They tried and it looks horrible. But they didn't have to create the OS to try. Same thing for Apple in this hypothetical. I'm not talking about Apple designing brake systems etc. I'm talking about what it would be like if Apple had the chance to take control of the design elements with feedback from engineers in the field of course.

    Apple brought design elements to desktops and delivered us from the tan box tower. That has been the appeal of Apple for a while now. So what would the people at Apple do if tasked with modifying car design? A better job that toyota did with iOS I''m sure.

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  • heesey1010
    Jul 21, 08:59 PM
    I hope Meroms end up in MBs by the end of this year

    And this is a little off-topic, but is it too late to speculate a release date for any other products? Only thing I can speculate is that something might be released in/around September, because the Mac + iPod rebate ends September 16th, and if anyone recalls last year, the Nano was intro'd in September.

    I think it's too early for updated MBs, but I wish there'd be some. Either that, or cheaper MBPs with Merom.

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  • dr_lha
    Aug 11, 10:23 AM
    They are already available, these are standard PC parts now remember.

    There is no current Mac that this chip can "drop into", apart from maybe a Mac Pro, but going from a Woodcrest to a Conroe would be a downgrade in that case.

    The Merom that should eventually go into the iMac, mini, MBP and MacBook are currently not on sale to the consumer.

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  • strausd
    Mar 31, 09:59 AM
    Hey Devs, any info on TRIM support for Lion?

    Ya I am wondering this too, especially for non-Apple SSDs.

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  • JGowan
    Mar 29, 01:56 PM
    Not much good in hyping up new products if many of your core components are unobtainable.Don't know if this is a blanket statement or if you're talking about Apple specifically. "Hyping" is an odd word and very negative. If you're talking about Apple marketing and advertising a product, that's hardly fair. Why? For one, it's their product so they need to advertise it. Secondly, they hardly advertise. I see from time to time a commercial on TV and from time to time, an ad. Hardly "hyping". They get most of their best advertisement from happy customers and those predicting Apple news. They're one company who doesn't really have to remind people that they are around. When they want free publicity, they just hold a press conference and the message gets out.

    The Japanese are resilient, but it will take years for them to fully recover.For some, yes. But for those that are dynamic to the economies of other big companies/countries, they will get the support they need to get back into production of all the things that the world needs.

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  • GoodWatch
    Apr 21, 03:23 PM
    The rack mount format is just for that: to mount in a standard 19" rack, along with other equipment and even a rack-mount UPS. That's not the realm of a Mac Pro. It's the realm of servers. I like the current, and brilliant, case design very much. It's an example of form follows function and great industrial design.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 28, 10:48 AM
    It doesn't make sense that there won't be a new iPhone this year.

    I can understand Apple moving the introductory event away from a software developer conference.

    But they have their new A5 chip, they need to amortise manufacturing costs across multiple product lines. They're not going to wait another year before introducing an iPhone 5 around this chip. Other changes may be minimal.

    In addition the competition isn't standing still - Android, WebOS, WM7, BlackBerry, etc - they're all releasing new devices all the time. They're dual-core, better performance GPUs, more RAM - i.e., overtaking the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware (but not software, but it's improving all the time).

    So therefore there will be an iPhone 5 this year. Maybe later than normal, maybe earlier. It might not be a major change - A5, maybe more storage, aluminium back. It's the software that Apple likes highlighting, so they might sync with iOS 5 if they want a big release event.

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  • iJohnHenry
    May 3, 06:35 AM
    Some things are more problematic, there are millions of pint glasses for beer


    Ah yes, the 20-oz English pint vs. the 16-oz American one. :D

    And near-beer at that!! :p


    Apr 23, 10:16 PM
    The basic fact is vector graphics aren't always appropriate. A lot of things really can only be done, or can be done much better, with pixels. For any image with a lot of detail, it's easier -- both for the artists making them, and for the computers rendering them -- to store an extremely high resolution bitmapped image, and then downscale it as necessary, than it is to make and render a vectorized version that is "truly" resolution independent.

    What about 3-D images? Is a cube-matrix better than vectors? Or a matrix of vectors????

    Apr 21, 07:53 PM
    FINALLY some Mac Pro updates!

    Very interesting....

    This does sound logical to me, its a combination of the lines and i am sure would make it convenient for sound and media pro's whom also have other rack equipment like massive disk arrays and audio equipment(them hings with blinkie lights in sound studios :P ).

    agreed, hopefully an update with the new FCP X :confused:

    Exactly! Please let this all come out at the same time so I can buy a completely new setup with the new Final Cut Studio and Lion! :D

    Here's a quick scale / mockup

    Please leave the dual super drives Apple! We pros still need those to author DVDs!

    Nov 26, 06:09 PM
    I would worry too much about the swivel joint and the connections and cables within breaking, however I do use a touch-screen display ToughBook at work
    and I can certainly see where that option might be popular
    IF the protective shield to the touch screen could be easily replaced.

    They get scratched bad after using them for a while.
    I think the swivel mechanism is build to last. I have Fujitsu T4020 and it has the solid swivel mechanism. Passive and Active Screen have their pros and cons. Passive one is like the ones you find on Palm and Pocket PC. Active one requires the special digitizer which is made for active screen. For better sensitivity, the active digitizer unit is better. It's like Wacom's Intuos (pro grade) and Graphire (consumer grade which has less "sensitivity" on your input).
    With tablet PC, you need put on screen protector; no question about it. I use Vikuiti screen protector to protect the active digitizer screen. It is un-wise to use Tablet PC without screen protector. If you scratch the screen without using the screen protector, the blame is only on the user of that tablet PC.

    Apr 7, 10:24 AM
    So you want Apple to be forced by the government to reduce its manufacturing, tell its customers "sorry, no iPad for you" because the competition needs to catch up? How stupid is that?:rolleyes:

    If Apple was found to be abusing its position... yes. But this is NOT my point... 'countries start to investigate Apple due to a shortage of components due to Apple buying up the available stock'.

    And just how could Apple be found to be absuing its position by buying what it needs to supply its customers whith product? Maybe if the iPad wasn't selling all that well but Apple can't keep up with demand as it is. Arguments like yours don't even make sense and I'll bet you some serious money that no one can produce a single instance of a company "found to be abusing its position" by buying what its needs to produce and sell its products. It would appear people like you are just angry that Apple is successful and want to take it down somehow. Stupid, just stupid.

    May 6, 06:08 AM
    What uncanny timing-- a couple of days after Intel comes out with their 3D chip thing, sending ARM's share price tumbling to artificially affordable prices, this rumour comes out which, if widely accepted, would boost ARM's share price greatly. Someone could potentially make a lot of money out of this. Especially as Semiaccurate's sources are anonymous, I reckon this rumour should be treated with great scepticism.

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