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  • mdlooker
    Apr 7, 09:31 AM
    Apple seems to have a choking mechanism at every corner. First innovation then price, market saturation and now production! Seems like a chess game going bad or even turning all the houses into hotels on every street. lol

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 11:50 AM
    If the demand for touch panels increases then the manufacturers of touch panels will rejoice and expand their business thus increasing the supply. The real problem here is that RIM probably wants terms on touch panel production that are not all-too-inspiring to the manufacturers to warrant expansion. For example, Apple is confident that they will sell X units of iPads in Y units in 2012, and so on. So Apple prepays for what they need.

    RIM is not as confident with their Playbook. They probably need contingencies in any long-term orders they place to ensure they can get out of buying touch panels they won't need. If these were 9.7-inch panels then the manufacturer could care less. Anything RIM walks away from, they can turn around and sell to Apple (very smart of HP). However, who is going to buy all those 7-inch panels if RIM's Playbook gets off to a false start? Samsung? Nope -- they make their own panels from what I have heard.

    Supply and Demand.... When there is real demand for more touch panels from consumers than those being supplied to Apple for iPad then the manufacturers will expand their production and take advantage of the opportunity to increase profits. The real problem here is that RIM's attempt at media hype is not equivalent to real customer demand. The only tablet with a large amount of customer demand right now is the iPad. That is part of why I tend to believe that the "media tablet" category is a figment of the imagination for market analysts. Market analysts assign a level of demand to the "media tablet" category and make projections, but the difference between the "iPad" category and the rest of the "non-iPad media tablets" is staggering. The iPad category is flourishing, the "non-iPad media tablet" category is a fledgling state at best (if not failing).

    If not for Apple's success with the iPad how many manufacturers would have already thrown in the towel with "media tablets" and once again written it off as "the technology for tablets is just not there yet for mass consumption". Tablets failed in various forms for over a decade. iPad is the first and only mass market success in this area. If not for Apple, there would be no such thing as "Honeycomb" or HP Touch Pad or Playbook -- these guys are hoping they can figure out what Apple did right and find some way to ride the same wave the iPad is on -- while technical specifications are there, they have not yet figured out the "magic" of iPad -- ease of use, awesome software market, and the emotional response Apple manages to evoke with their user experience. Just a few examples of emotional response.... There is something delightful about pinching a stack of photos to spread them out across the screen or the way Apple's tiled app icons and folders gets adults to collect apps the same way their kids collect trading cards -- these are very emotional things that Apple seems to understand.

    Next time you should try formulating a more organized post:p

    Well said sir, well said:) Stay well!

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  • BC2009
    Apr 26, 03:04 PM
    There are phone models that run some variant of Android from ultra-cheap to ultra-high-end. That clearly makes Android-based phones applicable to a wider audience. But what's more is that some manufacturers have developed their own operating systems based on Android source code without the Google services -- basically using Google's code as their own jumpstart. All these phones are counted as "Android" -- the sheer size of the umbrella that is known as "Android" clearly makes this the new defacto standard for any manufacturer other than Apple, Nokia or HP.

    The problem with these statistics is that they make the assumption that there is an "Android Experience" and an "iOS Experience" -- this is hardly the case since the Android experience is varied, and Google does not benefit from every Android device sale, where Apple does benefit from every iOS device sale.

    Certainly, one can cite the fact that every manufacturer puts their own spin on "Android" and they run a specific version with a specific UI overlay and they have a specific set of supported resolutions with a specific set of apps that will work for that device (hardly the Microsoft Windows scenario of the 1990s). These manufacturers will likely be falling in line with Google's new rules with regards to timely access to the latest Android version and will continue to produce good and better phones with less-varied experiences.

    But looking further than that, Android (pre-Honeycomb) is open source and many have taken the opportunity to force Google completely out of the Android equation.

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  • ftaok
    Apr 25, 11:13 AM
    For the record, I don't see what the big deal is ... however, this could all just go away if Apple were to disclose the nature of the db file and what it's used for. As long as the explanation is benign and plausible, I'd think everyone would be satisfied ... except for the folks that are just looking to disagree.

    Anyways, unless there's a strategic or proprietary reason not to disclose the nature of the file, then they should just come out and explain.

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  • pizzafunghi
    May 7, 03:45 PM
    Then they better improve the performance first. If they offered it free then more users would really bog down the current MobileMe

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  • coolwater
    Apr 9, 08:34 PM
    Same brand scientific calculator, two different answers. :rolleyes:

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  • beangibbs
    Apr 22, 01:01 AM
    Pros and cons to both.m
    On desktop, you don't risk kicking it...but it takes up space that can be used for other stuff...speakers, screen, scanner, printer, wacom...
    On the floor, it's out of the way, but more risk to kicking it, or, if you have a cup of coffee or something on the desk, you risk it spilling and going in the tower.
    I'd put mine on my desk if I had one just because that's how one of the desktop design labs is set up at the college, and I'm just used to that.

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  • X2468
    Mar 30, 10:30 PM
    Lion is ready to Roar (almost)
    Don't hold your breath, it's neutered & softened courtesy of iOS, there'll be no roaring.

    Perhaps there will be modified fart app that sounds like a fake roar.

    The simple minded will love it, no thinking required.

    The tech enthusiasts, not so much.


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  • inlovewithi
    Apr 26, 02:15 PM
    Who cares? I thought this was macrumors not android news...

    It's just the name of the website. The truth of the matter is that in reality it's Apple rumors, or Apple news. Can't be superficial and limit something just because of its name.

    And the story here it's about the iphone moving back to second place. So it's an iphone/Apple related article.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Aug 11, 10:40 AM
    This is good news for future Macbook owners. I'm interested in when the iMac will get Conroe. A friend of mine is switching from Windows and wants the iMac but is waiting for Conroe in the iMac. I only hope they go with the desktop processor in the iMac and not Merom since he's not interested in the mobile processor in his desktop.

    Well, hopefully the iMac will be updated sooner than the portables. Conroe is out and available in quantities now where as Merom won't be as available in quantities until the end of this month.

    Same here. I want a new iMac but I don't want to miss the Get A Free iPod With a New Mac deal.

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  • sisyphus
    Sep 10, 11:42 PM
    Ignore, double post...

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  • Cougarcat
    Apr 23, 05:02 PM
    Good article on the subject: "Consider The Retina Display" (

    It's linked in the post (but judging from a lot of the responses here, nobody's read it.)

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  • shelterpaw
    Aug 2, 11:30 AM
    what about people who work in environments where you can't have cameras (i.e. some pros) what about people who have dual monitors etc...I can't see it being feasible. Just disable the ones who are not suppose to have them. Company policy. Dual monitors, well then it's either a wasted expense or it could be a feature. :P

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  • steve_hill4
    Jul 30, 05:04 AM
    My contract exprires at the end of September, but I doubt I'd go for this too soon. Depends on what features it would have if it did materialise. However, good news Apple may still be positioning themselves for mp3 phones as well as smartphones, (that would play back mp3/aac). As Zune arrives, the market has already moved on.

    This also reminds me, I need to go and pick up some AAAs for my Newton. ;)

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  • milo
    May 4, 03:39 PM
    What I don't understand is even if it's distributed through the Mac App Store, does Apple expect us to burn it on dvd or make a bootable usb?

    I don't know if every mac user will even be able to do that, this may work for those looking to upgrade, but a fresh install will require dvd/usb..

    There's no reason Apple couldn't make creating a bootable recovery disk as easy as the installation itself. Make it a menu item in the install software, then ask the user to insert the blank disk.

    So will this mean waiting in long lines and trying to beat scalpers?

    For something that's also available as a download? Extremely unlikely.

    what makes you think that you can copy it to a USB drive or disc? I have disc for Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. None of those disc can be copied, some of them can only be used on their original machine (or the exact model). the past 3 OSes can't be copied, and so far there's nothing to suggest we can just make backup copies of Lion.

    The new version will be a download as opposed to the previous releases on disk. That's what makes me think it can be copied to other disks. And you probably can copy any of the previous OS install disks, I'm not sure why you assume it's impossible.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 7, 07:36 PM
    After some serious thinking I have come to the conclusion that $5K for a Rev. A is a bit too much of a gamble for me, especially considering the "normal" expected Rev. A snags. I wish Apple had better quality control.
    However, I might get a Rev. A MP if early adaptors doesn't report too much of glitches.

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  • nologo
    Sep 16, 02:16 AM
    Internal Sony 5.25" ATAPI EIDE Blu-ray Drives Cost $750 At Fry's. So an internal mobile Blue-ray probably cost over $1,000. Plus I agree with all of the above. It's too soon. Blu-ray blank media is incredibly expensive - Prohibitively so - almost $1/GB - IE about $50 per 50GB and $25 per 25GB Blu-ray blank.

    Conventional Single Sided DVD blanks are down to about 5�/GB. I'd say that's a fairly large MEDIA COST GAP that only time will reduce. Until then, we've got quite a wait until the professionals drive up demand to the point where prosumers can rationalize a higher price of <20�/GB or so - IE where the $1.50 price of 8.5GB Dual Layer DVDs is now - about $10 per 50GB and $5 per 25GB Blu-ray blank. Make sense? Or do any of you see it another way?

    It is more conceivable that it would have a Blu-Ray ROM drive in a mobile, which would also help in starting the downward trend in price of the blue laser diodes. And basically, it seems more useful to have the ability to play blu-ray movies than burn a 25GB disc at that price and speed. Personally, of course, I don't see the Blu-ray thing happening this update but I do think that Apple wants to be a leader in this regard. The DVD-burning SuperDrive was always something that Apple touted as being ahead-of-the-curve when introing it in the PowerMacs - of course, it took them a while to integrate it into the Titaniums in a slot-load config. So yeah, thinking aloud here, but it ain't gonna happen until the Mac Pros start (at the very least) having a BTO option of a Blu-Ray ROM (but more likely a burner)

    Sorry for being stupid here, but why do you guys want magnetic latches? It just doesn't seem superior to me, but then again I haven't tried the new macbooks, I just know that the solution on my old 17" powerbook was fine.

    Magnetic latches have no parts to break. The mechanical latches still use a magnet, but a small metal hook gets pulled down by the magnet to hook the display section of the notebook to the keyboard portion. If this hook is somehow broken than the latch must be replaced - possibly requiring the display housing to be opened. With a magnet in the display and keyboard portions of the laptop, the only problems is the eventual weakening of the magnets (probably not an issue) and the fact that a fairly strong magnet is close to a hard drive and other electronic hardware that has the potential of being affected by magnets. That being said, I would think Apple's hardware engineers would have this problem covered or some Macbooks are going to have some pretty plucky HD problems. And they already use magnets in the latches of the MacBook pro's mechnical latch (not to mention MagSafe)- so the Macbook magnetic latch is just a different implentation of the magnets (and a superior one). Hope this makes sense....

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  • chris975d
    Mar 27, 07:07 AM
    The rumors talking about the iPad 3 are mostly saying it would be a different model than the current iPad. There's multiple Macbook Pros. Don't be surprised if there are multiple iPads, like an iPad pro.

    I, like a few other members here, believe this may be the most likely scenario. People keep talking of a rumored "iPad 3" being launched in the Fall, but I think it might just be a misunderstanding, and it's actually a larger iPod Touch...somewhere in the 5 to 7 inch range. Apple really pushes the touch as a gaming device, and this size (5 to 7 inches) would be great for that. In my opinion, the 3.5" size of the current touch/iPhone makes it hard to the time you put onscreen controls (virtual thumbstick, action buttons, etc), you have very little screen for gameplay left.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 25, 10:58 AM
    There could be a few reasons for the database.

    iAds - while Apple don't receive any information now, who knows if they may have intended to down the road for targeted iAds based on location. This point is pure speculation and not accusation.

    Device Upgrades - Have the database collect info on your current device, copy it to iTunes as part of the backup and dump it on a new device (Say you bought an iPhone 4 coming from a 3GS) Now the iPhone 4 knows what you're 3GS already did, so the new device is as 'smart' as the old one. Makes for a more seamless transition.

    Mar 29, 08:43 AM
    I think Apple will probably have the same deal as Amazon.

    Amazon just beat them to the punch with this launch.

    The deal from Apple will be that you will get 5GB when you open a account in Mobile Me and you will pay $20 for 20GB of space.

    This might be the revamp that everyone is talking about with Mobile Me.

    What do you guys think?

    Sep 11, 05:59 AM
    It would be one of them movie/media thingies, so my pessimistic newb bones inform me.

    Digital Skunk
    Apr 18, 03:32 PM
    Wow, that does look familiar!

    It looks just like the original Palm UI....

    Maybe HP should sue Samsung instead :rolleyes:


    Wrong... Apple didn't invent the concept of the touch UI, they bought most of what they have and own very little rights to it.

    Dang it!

    Ya'll beat me too it.

    It's nice to know though, that there are some at Macrumors that actually KNOW where Apple got most of their "innovation" from.

    And I hope no one goes mentioning the Newton . . . when a simple Wikipedia search will do.

    Mar 28, 11:59 AM
    If this is true and Apple decided to hold off until later in the year I'm expecting a big change for the iPhone 5. If it's going to be a 3G --->3Gs type of upgrade (same design/form facor, new internals) I don't see why they would not be ready this June.

    Aug 11, 10:49 AM
    I'm waiting until revB MacBooks anyway, but it's nice to hear that Apple will aggresively upgrade the CPUs.

    But if you think about it, they have to. Because Dell and every other PC vendor will be using the latest and greatest from Intel, so Apple will need to as well.

    If they can drop in the newer chip without raising the price, go for it! :D

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