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  • cube
    Apr 22, 07:10 PM
    - Thunderbolt is not replacing USBs, it's a supplement to DisplayPort (and can connect to both display and peripherals simultaneously)

    Thunderbolt is not a supplement to DisplayPort. It is a downgrade to DisplayPort.

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  • jimmyjoemccrow
    Jan 12, 01:10 AM
    And is the alleged attack proceeding through the Mac community? No.

    Once again, targeting and successfully attacking are worlds apart.

    Oh, and the "time" needed to identify that you're on an Apple (or other) operating system is essentially zero. All you have to do is look at the user agent ( header.

    Thanks for reminding me to put you on ignore. I know how easy it is to identify an operating system, but if they bothered to make a message just for Mac users it stands to reason they made malware for Mac users too. Or would they just make the message for fun? We all know what funny guys malware writers are.

    It doesn't matter if it hasn't propagated, it never even would have happened in the past. The more malware attacks there are on the Mac, the greater the chance of one of them actually becoming a widespread nuisance.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 18, 06:32 PM
    In any case, it's clear to me there are some really delusional people on these forums. Instead engaging in an utterly pointless argument with a bunch of stubborn fanboys that couldn't be convinced USB3 was a good thing unless Steve personally e-mailed them, I'll just leave you to your false sense of security and just smirk the day you find your identity stolen, especially those that feel the need to insult other people (2 cents comments, etc.) based on their own ignorance.
    Talk about ignorance! :eek:
    USB3 ( is slow and puts too much overhead on the system. Wake up and join the twenty-first century, where the future belongs to Lightpeak (

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  • elgrecomac
    Mar 29, 12:31 PM
    First let mes start by saying I use and like Microsoft products: Office Visio, MS Project and Windows 7 (under Fusion...the Vista they SHOULD HAVE released). I also have an Apple MPB, 30" Cinema display, iP4(jailbroken, of course), iP2, airport express and extreme and , if we include my wife's computer, a 27" iMac.

    But when I see an article predicting MS will dominate the smartphone market in 3 years, well, I find it totally amusing given Apple and Android's overall adoption rate today and the the fact that Apple, more than any company on the planet, really understands the 'user experience'. People like the iPhone and iPad not only because Apple Marketing is extraordinary but also, the SOFTWARE is great and the App Store is not bad either. After 25+years of being force-fed a weak OS (Windows, Windows 95, XP and Vista) I am not one to bet the future on Microsoft's ability to write a great, wildly accepted OS on any platform.

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  • obeygiant
    Apr 11, 01:22 AM
    Ikea's doing it because they can get away with it. They know labor laws in the US are there to protect the employer, not the employee. They couldn't do this back home in Sweden.

    Who is passing all the anti-union legislation? The right or the left?

    Are you referring to the public-sector unions that workers must join and must pay dues to? Because Unions exist everywhere in just about every field. How would the recent push against public sector unions collective bargaining effect this private company? It seems IKEA has the power to mistreat its employees because they're desperate for work. They've even hired a firm to "convince" the workers not to unionize.

    As Ugg pointed out, the 'right' has pushed for anti-union policies, including 'right-to-work' status for states like Virginia. That said, I don't think this is a 'right' or 'left' issue per se, but rather a gleeful removal of worker's rights to garner jobs—regardless of the health of a community funded by low-wage, short-term positions.

    yes, but I'm looking for evidence that the workers are unable to unionize due to a law that the "right" has passed.

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  • Macinthetosh
    Mar 23, 06:48 PM
    Most checkpoints have a warning well in advance. The government is just pointlessly overstepping its boundaries.

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  • zacman
    Mar 29, 11:43 AM
    iOS is losing marketshare for over 2 years now, so nothing really new there in that prediction. WP7 devices are available unlocked in Europe for around 250� (Omnia 7 16 GB, 19% VAT included) which is on par with the iPod touch (8GB, 210 �, 19% VAT included).

    So overall WP7 will grow really fast especially when Nokia will release their phones.

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  • iStudentUK
    Mar 29, 11:45 AM
    I think they need to learn how to do math. How can you have an 18.8% cumulative annual growth rate when your market share goes down from 15.7% to 15.3%?

    More people buy smartphones. So Apple could sell more iPhones and have a lower market share.

    Looks like they predict a 20% year on year growth for smartphones, which is quite high!

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  • stefmesman
    Apr 25, 03:50 PM
    hoping for apple te thin the screen bezel. Also hope the main build will have no optical drive. but will make it optional. I do not need one, some do.

    for all those crying for an optical drive. buy an external one. i bet most of you guys will benefit more of having an SSD+HDD instead of one of either with an optical drive.

    next year i expect, slight resolution bump. hi-res option becomes standard. Lighter/ not thinner design. A better ventilation. hopefully 2 thunderbolt ports (instead of FW800) but only if we have advanced enough with converters from TB.

    I do not expect usb3 i think apple will never, as they do with bluray. And as most of you are already very unpleased with this. The future is digital. Within 5 years 2K movies can be downloaded in minutes and also streamed. as far as usb3 apple will sell thier special Thunderbolt to USB3 converter for $30.

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  • TheManOfSilver
    Sep 4, 09:09 PM
    I'd be surprised if Apple did anything with TV tuners.

    With the variety of TV services that people have (analog cable, digital cable, satellite TV, Verizon's TV over fiber, terrestrial HDTV), coming up with a device that can tune most folks TV doesn't sound easy, even for Apple.

    There may be lots of TV options out there, but right now Apple isn't servicing any of them. They're losing potential business to 3rd Party companies like Elgato. If they released a simple box with analog/digital standard/hidef options, they would be servicing the overwhelming majority of the market (most digital, satelite and other special services require set-top boxes anyway).

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  • nomik2
    Mar 29, 12:03 PM
    Seems believable...all those people that bought Nokia phones obviously did not care that Symbian was outdated. Why will they not buy Nokia with a much modern OS under the hood?

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 11, 05:22 AM
    Should be public anyway, why can't we have cool 3rd party devices?

    Because the 3rd party device could be in your neighbours house so your neighbour can see or hear anything that is played through AirPlay from your devices without you knowing. And you might be playing stuff that you wouldn't want your neighbour to see.

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  • thadgarrison
    Sep 19, 03:35 PM
    You want HD quality downloads but you can "stick" with DVD's? Do you understand how much information there is for a HD movie? Try one of the new disc formats, but you want to be able to download it? Crazy!

    It's actually very possible to download HD content if Apple adopts a shared-bandwidth system like BitTorrent. It was rumored that they might do so. I download HD TV shows all the time - and it's fast and they're gorgeous.

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  • pithy
    Apr 22, 10:29 AM
    I'm amazed that no-one is seeing the very dangerous path we could be heading down here. Will people only see it when it's too late?

    Are we looking into the jaws of the future where you pay, but never OWN anything? Music, Movies, Apps.

    You pay to have the right to listen/watch/use the data.

    The data is never downloaded to your device to do as you wish, it's always held by the owners. or distributors.

    I can see this coming like a flashing red warning sign.

    You're being alarmist. Besides what does it matter to you if you "own" a copy of a song, just as long as the overall cost of use is the same or less? Competition will always moderate costs. I suggest you get more sleep and relax.

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  • ryanw
    Mar 30, 11:26 AM
    By that argument, aren't windows and office generic terms???

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  • shelterpaw
    Oct 27, 11:51 AM
    Good for Apple. Get those tree hugging hippies out of there. Everytime Greenpeace complains Steve Jobs kills a baby seal.I think Steve Jobs considered himself one of those hippies. He only eats organic foods and is a vegan. He rides a bike too. We saw him ride to Stanford Shopping Center a couple months ago. I doubt he likes any group affecting his bottomline, but I bet he's pushing to make things more environmentally friendly. Plus, there's plenty of places to recycle electronics and I'm not sure why corporations are being held responsible. I'd imagine waste managment companies could offer that service as they do recycling for other products. I'm a firm believer that it's an individuals responsibility to recycle, but companies need to make an effort in the production process as well.

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  • Micjose
    Apr 25, 01:44 PM
    YESSS! Exactly what i wanted to hear. I'm waiting till the new redesign comes out to buy my First MacBook Pro.. :D

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  • JMP
    Apr 30, 06:55 PM
    Can't wait to see what they come out with. Will the displays ramp up resolution and diminish in size? Will there be a scaled down iMac? (doubtful) Will some other advances accompany Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt?

    I saw a two-year-old behave like that once... before getting his face smacked.

    Very intelligent response.

    Give it a shot pal.

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  • jholzner
    Aug 28, 01:21 PM
    Every time i read a post like this i cringe a little!

    There are so many rumors about a new ipod coming in the next few weeks/months/etc, most likely announced at Paris (maybe).

    Therefor if apple were to release a new ipod they would want to try and get rid of some older models! Thus i conclude that even if the new MBPs are announced or even shipping tomorrow then more people would buy one with the ipod offer... ...getting rid of sed older models!

    So why would they wait til after the promotion?

    Apple dont needhelp shifting notebooks but if they announce a new ipod you would bet that not many people would want the original ipod video over a new improved one!?

    I see people still talking about big announcements at the Paris expo. Considering there will be NO keynote of any kind I find it unlikely.

    May 1, 06:11 AM
    Crap... I just ordered a 27" iMac from Friday morning. It hasn't shipped yet as i did some custom changes. I am going to call in the morning to see if I can hopefully cancel the order. I also purchased a 27" Cinema Display but that has already shipped. And doesn't look like it is in this upgrade round.

    If it has not been 'prepared for shipment', you can still cancel the item online.

    Apr 22, 01:39 AM
    How does streaming music to my iPhone help me, when O2 cap my Internet usage, and then charge when you use more.

    Sep 12, 03:10 PM

    although...secretly I'm happy, because I don't want to see my 5G be outdated so quick...I just bought it!

    YES, another buddy who feel the same.............................

    May 1, 02:49 AM
    Wonder if the top of the line Core i7 Sandy Bridge iMac will be faster than many of the SP Mac Pro configurations.

    Processor wise, pretty sure, gpu wise, maybe in 2 years. :D

    Sep 14, 12:49 AM
    I think that Apple would make their phone a GSM phone to get more worldwide market rather than releasing it on CDMA. And I doubt they'd throw in 3G on a GSM phone because Cingular's 3G network is not the biggest right now. I think I read that Sprint's PowerVision is the biggest at the moment and still growing. T-Mobile just bought a TON of 3G bandwidth but isn't launching that until next year. So I don't think 3G would be in this phone because we aren't quite there......yet.

    As for UMA, I'd be surprised if it didn't have a Wifi card. There are a lot of rumors saying that T-Mobile's launching a giant UMA service, which I wouldn't be surprised with the 7,000 wireless networks they own.

    Ya, i know 3G isnt that popular in America, but i expect the iPhone at least should have built-in WiFi like many Phones in today's market. So we can use the iPhone to video LIVE chat with the other Mac users or iPhone users through the internet. Since many Universities have Wi-Fi covered the whole school, so i think it will benefit abot students. And more and more hot-spot now.

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