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moon phases names. Full names of all moon phases.
  • Full names of all moon phases.

  • homerjward
    Feb 25, 08:08 AM
    wow. i really love that new coloring. when i saw on the apple online store that the click wheel buttons were colored i didn't believe it, but that's really cool. probably my favorite part about the way it looks. it makes the click wheel look clear in those parts or something :D

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  • Stelliform
    Mar 7, 04:58 PM

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  • trainguy77
    Dec 8, 05:25 PM
    I don't understand the need for the security.

    Well if any application could send anything to any other applications your asking for viruses crashing and all sorts of issues. You need to have them sandboxed to some extend and have meditation for what can communicate. To get around this you use the network but the address

    moon phases names. Moon phases.
  • Moon phases.

  • Cyclone Chris
    May 4, 10:54 AM
    Why didn't you guys go with something that had worked for many people like the gevey adapter? Instead of taking a chance with something unknown?

    I'm not a fan of constantly dialing 112 if I reboot. In the UK 112 is actually 911.

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 28, 10:59 AM
    You know who will fall for that? People who fell for the iPad in the first place.

    What makes you think that? Surely anyone with enough brains to spend $499 on a useful device instead of $299 on a useless netbook wouldn't fall for an obvious scam like that.

    On a crappy netbook you might fall for a message in crappy English. An iPod user would take one look and say "surely this message cannot be sent by Apple".

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  • brap
    Jan 23, 12:11 PM
    If they're using QEMU as the base, not a hope. Closer to 50MHz if they're lucky.

    I did a Win 98 install on QEMU about 6 months ago and it too 48 hours. Once you go to use it, it's better, but still nowhere close to VPC7.

    Still, it is a very impressive piece of work.
    I grabbed QemuX a couple of weeks back, and after working out the "quirks" got a Win98 install in, ooh, about 4.5 hours. It's still not lightning fast, but damn good for a freeware emu. Doesn't support savestates, though, which is a pain.

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  • Names Of The Moon Phases: 1078

  • Flying Llama
    Aug 14, 10:57 PM
    Another thing--could you shrink the sig?!!! Thanks! ;)

    Sorry 'bout that! :o

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  • ninocarlos
    Aug 1, 05:35 AM
    You can use a product called DBVISUALIZER. Here is the link

    This is a java app which run on any platform and it does the job. At my job, we are an Oracle shop and I use this daily. There is a free version to try out with no experation date.

    Good luck

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  • boneca
    Sep 26, 10:42 AM
    Hi guys,
    The time came to buy a new laptop. I really want to get a powerbook 15" with Superdrive but what I do is requiring allot of PC power. I need it for work and what I do is (Actuate reporting, DB2 clients, Oracle clients, Sybase clients, IBM apps such as Lotus notes ect. and ClearCase and some other Rational stuff, also Java web stuff)
    I know I can't have it all on Mac it's just won't support all this stuff written for MS.
    Is there a way to install an app such as advertized on this forum Pc on Mac to fully support all the apps I need or I might run in to many issues in the future (such as drivers ect.). If I can't do it with Powebook I will have to get Thinkpad T42 or T43 that will run me pretty much the same amount of money. (Thinkpads are good actually very good if not the best but I really wanted to get Powerbook if I can do all I need in it)


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  • Moon Phase Diagram: GIF;

  • kingcrowing
    Nov 25, 12:06 PM
    the model is an RG270 DX, and heres a pic, more are avialable upon rquest:

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  • missing moon phase name under

  • robbieduncan
    Jul 26, 04:16 AM
    4.1 ain't out yet, so no use telling me that.

    It is as a developer-only beta.

    Elaborate on what you mean by "quick switch" please.

    I imagine he means the fast task switching part of the "multitasking" APIs.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Oct 17, 03:02 PM
    You must get sick a lot since your body has no germs to practice on. Washing your hands in a public restroom is almost completely negated the moment you touch the door handle to leave...but good luck with your sterile lifestyle.

    Mmmmm, no, you use the paper towel to open the door, and discard it afterwards. :)

    Or you hit the power door, with your elbow. ;)

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  • wolfboy
    Oct 17, 01:39 PM
    Are you talking about the Griffin Outfit Ice?

    I would assume so. It's still silicone, generic or not.

    Ah yes, Griffin. It looks nice but no shock protection based on this video

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  • brandonlamb25
    Apr 25, 07:41 PM
    just installed the original ipad in my truck and I need the airview app which was pulled from the app store. anyone got it to share?? thanks

    cant reply to a PM. Ive been a member for over 6 months. have 5 posts. whats the problem here ppl. Shardey I got your message but cant reply. you can email me at

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 26, 12:11 PM
    Activity Monitor > Network will show you the speed, if you transfer a large file from one Mac to another.

    moon phases names. Phases of the Moon
  • Phases of the Moon

  • bitsoda
    Apr 30, 04:43 AM
    I really hope this rumor is true. There is most definitely still a place for at least one more refresh of Apple's entry-level consumer laptop. The plastic MacBooks are the ultimate college laptops. They pack a full-size hard drive where the MacBook Air's SSDs would come up short. Moreover, it nails that important sub $1,000 price point. Also, my current laptop is falling apart and would gladly welcome the return of the BlackBook. I could see Apple refreshing the iMac and MacBook lines in tandem in May. *Fingers crossed*

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  • for God#39;s Name,

  • Queso
    Jan 11, 05:20 AM
    I assumed he doesn't like Starbucks and so chose them to be the butt of his joke. No idea what kind of reputation Starbucks has, but isn't it kind of coffee McDonaldization?
    I wondered whether Starbucks being from Seattle was the choice there. Yet another Californian dig at Washington state ;)

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  • Daily Moon phase option.

  • mkrishnan
    Jun 8, 05:27 PM
    I love the game and for the price tag I will buy today.

    OMG, post a review, n00b! :D (I might get it, too :o ).

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  • gks
    May 3, 07:48 AM
    i can do anything with beejive that i can do when i've used whatsapp, but have the advantage that i can also talk to people that don't have smart phones.....

    BBM is a gimmick that is dying, look at the fact that RIM are now working on making BBM work on android and iOS... desperation there....

    This is a rumor. Do not get some crazy idea that this is coming until it is either announced or is actually in your hands.

    I really don't think it'll happen.

    Apr 23, 06:15 PM
    Hey all,
    I'm trying to insert Dynamic Headings into my 2011 Word header/footer.
    I go to Insert>>Cross Reference and set
    Reference Type: Heading
    Insert Reference to: Heading Text

    but in the "For Which Heading" box it lists out all my actual headings, so I'd have to pick one rather than just pick a generalized <Heading> so it places the appropriate chapter heading on the correct page in the header/footer.

    How do I make the "For Which Heading" box dynamic?

    Apr 30, 03:34 PM

    And make it Dunedin lol:D

    Yup they should stick one in each major city: Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland :D

    Sep 29, 11:58 PM
    love it. funny stuff.

    Sun Baked
    Oct 17, 11:43 PM
    Anybody else trying to go to the iPod lounge and getting forwarded to Apple Insider?

    Check it for yourself:
    http://www.ipodlounge.comFunny I click on that and get the...

    Might be a DNS update or your cache needs a flush.

    Oct 5, 11:58 AM
    I have a GeForce 4 MX, by default, and the 4MX has 64 MB RAM not 32 as stated above. For the latest games its quite good:
    Warcraft3: 1280 res all details: great!
    UT: even 1600 res all details is still cool, but resolution overkill IMHO
    Q3: 1280 all details: couldnt be much better
    Black&White: 1024 all details: does its job really good. Dont know if UT2003 will still be good with that card, but it should.

    Yeah, the PC has games as dogs have fleas, but to the Mac come only the cream of the crop games :D
    I dont even miss CS...!

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