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  • She also won Album of the Year

  • thisisahughes
    Apr 7, 07:44 PM
    Money talks... :apple:


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  • Let#39;s look @ Miranda Lambert.

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 06:39 PM
    I don't know where you get your statement than the "iPhone had a higher resolution than macs"

    Resolution is a function of both pixel count and screen size. While there were less pixels on the iPhone screen, it had "higher resolution" in the form of higher DPI ;)

    However, the person you are replying to is still wrong. The math behind the "retina" display (as explained here (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2010/06/10/resolving-the-iphone-resolution/)) is that indeed, 300 PPI is the magic number at the viewing distance you usually hold a phone away from your eye in order for pixels to not be distinguishable.

    As such, the older 320x480 iPhones did indeed have quite visible pixels (and yes, I can see the pixels on my 3GS just fine).

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  • miranda lambert album artwork.

  • Squire
    Nov 26, 04:43 PM
    The likelihood of an Apple tablet increases with time because the technology gets better. Here are some of my rumblings from some similar threads started in 2005.

    I think the tablet idea is plausible. Here's why:

    -Many people wouldn't think twice about buying a new iPod. One problem is everyone already has one. Another problem is that you can't do any "computing" with an iPod.

    Enter the tablet. It has a pod-ish name to keep people interested. It plays video, if that's your thing. It's cross-platform compatible (files and stuff) and the bundled software is amazing. Non-Mac users weren't afraid of buying an iPod. Non-Mac-using iPod owners will not be afraid to buy this. It will give them a little taste of what OS X is all about.

    I think Apple needs a product like this, especially with Palm's new LifeDrive out (a PDA with a 4GB hard drive).


    hmmm....maybe it's some sort of glorified remote control with a touch-screen interface to manage all your media via wi-fi and/or BT between yor mac, airport, stereo & tv?

    Some random thoughts:

    Good point. I seem to recall reports of Steve just grinning when asked about the problem of getting up and walking to your computer to change tracks (Walt Mossberg referring to the AirPort Express).

    The thought of a video iPod doubling as an AE remote, although initially interesting, seems a bit out of whack. I wouldn't want a remote control any larger (width-wise, anyway) than a normal iPod. And I wouldn't want an iPod video any smaller than the current iPod.

    Ever notice how Steve gives a reason for almost everything they do, especially if they were originally against doing it?
    * entering the mp3 market: The devices had a limited capacity and/or terrible UI.
    * iPod photo: Finally there was some content to display (while there was no content providers for portable video players) [Now, of course, there are music videos.]
    * Flash-based mp3 players: They have crappy little screens and cumbersome controls. Solution= ditch the screen and make simple controls.
    * Tablets: Who knows? They'll refine them or give us a good enough reason to want one. Same goes for video iPod, I guess.


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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 5, 11:28 PM
    It sort of makes you think what it would be like if Apple took a hand at other industries. This theme is absolutely fugly. Toyota basically turned the iphone into a zone.

    What if the tables were turned? If Toyota can make the iphone so unappealing, then how much better would the design of a Toyota be if Apple redesigned it?

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  • Glideslope
    Mar 28, 10:55 AM
    You can update hardware silently on a different day and still dedicate time to the two major OSes. I don't see the big deal. The MacBook Pros got Quad Core/Thunderbolt treatment but there was only a press release. Shame the iPhone cycle will be slightly extended this year though but oh well.

    Sept 2011.

    iPhone 5 / iPad HD/Wi-Fi/3G/ New iMacs with SandyBridge Quads.

    Sept 2012

    iPhone 6 LTE / iPad 3 HD/LTE / Tinted/Smoke Transparent Aluminum. :apple:

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 10:49 AM
    Free MobileMe as an iAd platform? That sounds about right. Paid MobileMe without the iAds? I think we're getting somewhere now...

    The problem with this idea is that it's based on the assumption that Apple wants to be like Google and suddenly become an advertiser.

    They purchased Quattro and developed iAds because it represents a mutually beneficial deal for developers on the app store and Apple. Apple designs the ads and runs them on their servers and developers get to deliver free or .$99 apps that can actually be profitable. Quid pro quo...Apple gets more apps hopefully that don't suck and the developer gets to reap the rewards of the success of the app store.

    That same play doesn't come into effect with Mobileme. It's not dependent on 3rd party developers delivering content so thusly you will not see iAds in Mobileme.

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  • Bye Bye Baby
    May 7, 01:01 PM
    I must say that mobileme is essential for me. Laptop, desktop, media centre mini, iphone and one day an ipad- i need a way of syncing contacts/ email/ calendars/ documents and settings that no one else offers so easily.

    I do not like google as a company. I simply don't trust them and don't like their business model.

    Both back to my mac and the iphone locator have beed precious tools for me.

    there is a lot there but I think they could upgrade the service for us.

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 02:38 PM
    Having used MobileMe to keep my iPhone, iMac, Macbook and work iMac in sync, I pretty much can't live without it.

    With it, I know if I plug something into my calendar with an alert on it, it will definitely pop up (multiple times and in multiple places, often to my annoyance). I can also quickly keep all my dashboard widgets, bookmarks and everything else in sync. Walking into the Apple store, upgrading my iPhone and having practically my whole phone (minus the apps) synced up by the time I get back to the car is definitely nice as well.

    Of course, I know people's individual mileage may vary.


    The people talking about "Google is free and enough " don't realize the scope of MobileMe and how liberating it is. I could lose my phone ..buy another and be back to 100% in a matter of minutes.

    I doubt I'll have any qualms about renewing next Feb.

    miranda lambert album white liar. Miranda Lambert White Liar
  • Miranda Lambert White Liar

  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 01:56 PM
    Thanks MR for generating discussion around a pretty lame topic. That said, Id rather have Toyota spending their extra time perfecting that little acceleration/braking glitch that affected a "couple" of their cars, than making a lame a$$ Scion theme for Cydia.

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  • Jape
    Nov 30, 01:47 AM
    I wonder if it will actually come this time

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  • The single is Lambert#39;s first

  • Funkymonk
    Apr 5, 06:03 PM
    still being nazis as usual...

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  • NewbieNerd
    Jul 21, 03:59 PM
    there are other improvements besides more cache. core duo 2 has seriously beefed up vector-units, advanced memory prefetch and other goodies. iirc, it should be about 20% faster, clock for clock

    He's not comparing 1's to 2's. 2's are being offered in 2MB and 4MB versions, and those are being compared.

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  • blow45
    Mar 29, 07:51 PM
    A better battery is highly improbable. However if you only look at the dark side of an event you pass up any chance of benefitting from it. Certainly it isn't good to have your nukes melt down but this is also a learning opportunity. That is if people can look at what is happening objectively. If all you see is people getting irradiated then you aren't looking at the bigger picture.

    yeah we should all be glad we 'll be getting that good japanese radiation soon, and that Tokyo which isn't the closest place to the nuclear disaster is 1.1 times the alarm limit in radiation. Leave it, your comment is very, very callous in view of what the Japanese people and humanity in general are facing. Btw, were you making the same comments for Chernobyl? That, sure it's bad, but we are going to learn from it so that's good? Let me tell you something, cause you seem young, we can't afford to learn by nuclear disasters, we should have learned already what we needed to have learned (back in the cold war era), because you don't get many chances with radiation, and even one disaster, is one disaster too many. I am sure people born with severely damaged internal organs, or with dysmorphias and teratogenesis will appreciate your "argument".

    Well, I'm glad to see that Macrumors and Apple are at least able to focus on the big picture: product availability.

    lol, very true, and funny, in a very tragic way of course... while this site is steeped in pc, it's obviously very much lacking in common sensibilities and a sense of shared humanity, if I were (god forbid) one of the thousands of homeless or people being irradiated (I shudder to think btw what pregnant women must be feeling like in Japan...the dread is unfathomable) in Japan, and I came here to read about product availability with not an inkling of the suffering and cost in human life, I would really, really want to slap a few people around after that....

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  • As Miranda Lambert has had one

  • munkery
    Nov 2, 09:29 PM
    Java on any platform is able to download payloads for Windows. Most likely Windows malware that the AV software found. Java can usually be turned off fairly easily in client side apps, as in Safari, if you don't use it. Beyond turning Java off, user knowledge can keep you safe from trojans. For example, don't provide password and authenticate for installers that you have not explicitly double clicked; then the payload is not able to install itself in your system. Java applets should not require password authentication so that is a good sign of a malicious payload. You can clean it out manually via finder or on demand scan using ClamXav.

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  • iansilv
    Mar 29, 12:44 PM
    Great move by amazon to bring out a service that competes legitimates with Apple in this space. In fact, on paper at least it destroys it.

    Really, really stupid move to not let iOS devices connect. that is an idiot move.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 4, 11:03 AM
    How many people plan to dump their Core Duo Macs for Core 2 Duo Macs? I don't plan on dumping my 20" iMac Core Duo until some other new feature are added besides just a processor upgrade. Specifically I would like to see 802.11n, Firewire 800 and Possibly a TV Tuner (Elgato's products are pretty good already so I can live without that feature). What would make me jump immediately is a 23" iMac with 2.66 Ghz Conroe and a X1800 or X1900 Video card. Of course the thing would cost $2999.

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  • iMacZealot
    Jul 30, 11:44 PM
    So far is Flip phone 3 candy bar 0. I like the flip phones long before they where a fad and I will contine to like them after the fad wears off. I didnt go back to candy bar when they where back in again. I stuck with the flip phone and contine to like the flip phone for the advatages I listed above.

    I don't think the flip phones are fads. Look at all the phones on the market, and the most of them are flips. The most desireable ones are usually the flip phones and have been a while. I remember the first Nokia candybars were extremely popular but those never had that good of features and were cheap. In my opinion, flip phones are more durable (in most cases) and look better.

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 24, 11:49 AM
    I'm going to be using my laptop for teaching in the fall, which means some fairly strenuous 3D molecular rendering, large movies, wireless internet and standard keynote (all simultaneously, of course), as well as the standard day-to-day chores.

    I could manage with my ageing G4 AlBook (it continues to run like a champ, but it's a bit slow for the 3D molecular rendering, and it staggers a little with the big animations) but it occurred to me that, even with daily backups, should I have a catastrophic system failure, I couldn't get a replacement in time for the next lecture. So I've decided to buy a new laptop, and keep my venerable G4 AlBook as a backup system.

    But I want any new system to be 64-bit, and otherwise as 'future-proof' as possible, so I'm going to hold out for the new memrom-based MBPs. I'm really excited about the possibility of going top-of-the-line for the first time ever. I'm hoping for a system that looks like this:

    17" anodized black MBP, with 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 1 GB RAM, a 7200 rpm 120 GB HD, 802.11n, and a blu-ray Superdrive. Should be just over $3k with my educational discount, right?Some of your feature list is not imminent. Blu-ray is too expensive. 802.11n is still another 6+ months off. Merom tops out at 2.33GHz for now. :)

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  • ShnikeJSB
    Aug 11, 01:45 PM
    Yeah, and it would really put all those heat issues MB and MBP owners are complaining about in perspective...

    HAHAHA!!! So true...

    "And only 14 pounds and 3-inches thin!"


    Aug 7, 06:34 PM
    Also, if you hit the EJECT key on the keyboard while you have two optical drives installed, will they both open?

    Questions, questions...

    On my dual G4, the Eject key opens the top tray, and Option Eject opens the bottom. I suspect it is the same...

    Sep 16, 02:07 AM
    I've also had a look at the apple store shipment times, and I'm sorry to say that the 15" mbp's are still shipping in '1-3 business days'. I hope they won't restrict the processor/platform update (if there would be one) to the 17 model.

    Aug 2, 03:33 PM
    Actually, my guess is that Apple/Jobs thinks the whole idea of banning cameras from PCs in the workplace is nonsense anyway. Being a bit of a trendsetter, Apple probably will go ahead and put them in all of their products so the majority who don't mind them will reap the benefits of no-hassle video teleconferencing and so forth.

    Nowdays, it's so *easy* to build a digital camera into even the smallest, most discreet places, that it's pretty much uneforceable if you're going to dictate "no cameras" in a work environment of any sort. It's just like the places that no longer allow USB flash drives or iPods to be brought in, for fear someone will steal data and take it home. You can get a USB key built into a watch with retractable USB cable, or combo pens/USB flash drives. Do you think security guards at the door will really be on top of every possibility for those?

    The *real* answer has always been to only hire employees you trust, and keep them happy and fairly paid for their work - so they don't have an interest in leaking out your company's secrets.

    Well until the Department of Defense starts trusting its 3rd party contractors (the citizen of the United States) this will be the rule.

    No security guards can't catch every camera, but if the employees are ethical and play by the rules they will not carry these for fear of going to federal prison (if one of the device accidentally snaps a picture).

    May 8, 04:55 AM
    It's naive to assume that Apple won't use MobileMe data in the future to serve you ads.

    the moment I see an ad on mobileme is the moment i stop using it.... it's a "perk"

    Given the [lack of acceptable] performance of the current service, all of these things are just going to be painful to use. If they can devote some more bandwidth to them, I could see it being a hit.

    http://www.macrumors.com/2010/02/22/aerial-footage-of-apples-north-carolina-data-center/ maybe?

    Mar 31, 07:10 AM
    Some older iMacs with Core 2 Duo were not supported in the first Lion Beta. Has this been changed or updated with this release?

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