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  • vollspacken
    Oct 17, 04:46 PM

    Hi, this is my first post here and I'm just writing because I can't stand the pressure anymore...

    I started with a IIci, had a beige G3 266 and until August a crt iMac and never touched PCs since my dad gave me the IIci.

    Apples product policy is awful!
    C'mon, where is the Powerbook update???

    I'm from Germany and before I came to the US to study, I sold my beloved tangerine iMac DV 'cause I wanted buy a PB over here in the States (about 1/3 cheaper than in Germany...).
    O.K., I have the money and I'm willing to spend it on the lower model, but only on an updated version. The current one is IMHO definetly not worth the pricetag (even compared to home...).
    Most of the people in this Forum want a Superdrive and/or ddr, but I disagree. Just put in the new radeon and better cooling, maybe bluetooth and that's it for NOW. I would buy it the minute it came out.
    I wouldn't mind a small speedbump, but didn't matter to me. Bring a major update in January (redesign, faster processor, fake-ddr, Superdrive, whatever...) and everybody would be happy.

    I'm afraid there won't be any update till January and even then just speedbump, Radeon and Superdrive (at increased price, of course... :()

    All rumors are useless, because noone seems to know something substantial. I definetly won't buy something now and sell it when the updated PB comes out (it's a question of money for me), so I think I have to use the college lab until then what is annoying, because they moved the cubes they had and replaced them with PCs. The only macs left are some b&w G3s in a poor condition (crashed my Firewire harddisk twice :eek: ).

    Sorry for another PB post, but I'm just frustrated...

    ...wish I had never sold my C-64;)

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  • roadbloc
    Apr 16, 04:43 AM

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  • Peter.Howard
    Feb 8, 04:26 AM
    So what happened?

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 19, 08:39 PM

    If photographers behaved how some of you guys do, I would quit every single forum...

    Q: "Hey guys, took a few shots, looking for some pointers on where to improve..."
    A: "!#!#%#!!! Blah blah blah school 10 years undervalued degrading industry blah blah !#%@!!!!! eff off buddy!!!!"

    But in crankypant's defense, it is helpful to include an image/example in the Original Post so we actually know that you are not simply "Trying to get free work done".

    OP: I would go with citenzens idea of the birds, otherwise I have found that the only good way to "Create" clouds (besides excellent freehand draw/paint skills) is to clone existing clouds and use a combination of brushes and layers to blend them. into the shape you want.

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  • quigleybc
    Nov 21, 08:20 PM
    Heat into energy :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    What's next

    Turning corn into fuel ?? :rolleyes:

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  • Celtic-moniker
    May 1, 08:57 PM
    Most happy with this idea.

    This'd give me a store nearer to where I am.

    And it will also be the final the death-knell for the dreadful Mac1 store in the Valley. That used to be a great store, but then they got in a bunch of GenY snots who had an astonishingly arrogant attitude to operate the place. I've even been in the shop when I've seen staff actually SNARL at a customer, then belittle them when they left the shop. They were only there to pick up a repair that they'd actually already paid for. . The attitude was so bad I almost dropped the purchase I was making at the time, and walked out the door. I probably should have.

    Chermside is a major pain to get to for their apple store, and the place is usually so full of schoolkids (not that the CBD wont be) that it's impossible to move. Usually staff there are so busy just keeping an eye on the kids they are more or less baby-sitting, that it's often hard to get service.

    Brisbane CBD: Beautiful building too. I've got high hopes for these guys.

    Shame about the great bookstore that used to be there. But oh well.

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  • Sean7512
    Jul 7, 05:32 PM
    I'll be there as well. I am going up about a half hour before the mall doors open. I am not sure what time that is yet, I have to get that confirmed...

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  • chown33
    May 5, 03:37 PM
    NSBundle *resourcesBundle = [[NSBundle mainBundle]init];

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  • pdjudd
    Apr 5, 11:38 AM
    Once Lion comes out, will it also ship with refurbs? or will refurb macs (2010 models) continued to be shipped with snow leapord??

    They might not be pre-installed, but you should be able to get a drop in disc for free or a small fee.

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  • duncanbrodie1
    May 3, 09:31 PM

    Im looking at this 23" A1082 cinema display and rolling the price tag around in my head.

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  • rph105
    Jan 14, 06:15 AM
    anyone know of a live stream for tomo, i'll be in the uk, and will be glued to my computer from about 5pm, would love to watch it live?

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  • iphone joe
    May 4, 01:33 PM
    My iPhone Notes is not syncing with my gmail account. I never had this problem before up until the past few weeks.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • devilot
    Sep 18, 09:13 AM
    Rolling Stones
    Car and Driver
    (a few free issues of MacWorld)

    If I lived in the UK I'd subscribe to GoMINI but it is soooo expensive to get over here! It works out to be about $10USD per issue. :eek:

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  • franko v
    Sep 9, 11:32 PM
    What earphones with microphone are best for under $50??

    I can't afford anything over that - I've already spent too much money on two new iPod touches (4th gen) - and every review I read trashes Apple's earphones...

    Thanks in advance!


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  • joegomolski
    Apr 29, 12:56 PM
    The WiFi line for FV, started in shortly after 10AM.
    I arrived around 11AM, walked right in, at that time
    they had hundreds in stock.
    Regarding International customers I do not beleive there
    are restrictions. For example, many people from Europe
    flew to NYC bought several iPhones and then flew home.
    Kept 1 for themselves and sold the rest for profit.

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  • yoman
    Oct 19, 08:46 PM
    It seems people are buying the app. Who would've thought?

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  • stridemat
    Mar 30, 12:45 PM
    They were funny, albeit pretentious when they first started. However in my opinion were annoying towards the end. I guess the Apple PR people thought they should move on.

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  • samanthajane
    Apr 29, 03:51 PM
    After jailbreaking my 4.1 iphone 3g recently, there have been some issues with the battery.

    My suspicion is that the battery is fine. It's that the icon and percentage aren't updating.

    For example, I charge my phone and the icon and percentage do not change even though it should be fully charged by that point. So I restart my phone and the battery percentage and icon are now updated to reflect what it really is. And the battery drains as normal - nothing unusual there. It's only when I charge my phone that the battery status does not seem to go back up to reflect reality.

    Help please!

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  • imaketouchtheme
    May 4, 10:46 PM
    Check the "Location" setting under System Preferences > Network.

    Make sure it's set to "Automatic" or create your own if that isn't working. Sometimes that can happen when you go somewhere else with the laptop and manually have to set settings.

    Sep 5, 02:50 AM

    He has great lessons online, and he had loads of youtube videos for beginners to advanced. When my mates want to learn i give them a few lessons and refer them to his website for when im not around.

    cheers. i'll check that place out.

    Apr 5, 06:16 AM
    hi there,

    i have been using my ipad to download pictures from my camera (canon eos 300d). unfortunately this doesn't work since some update, and also the cardreader now says it uses too much electricity... now i'm hoping i can fix this by jailbraking my ipad? can i get my hopes up?

    can one point me out to a site / tutorial e.g. to do this? since my plane is leaving tomorrow morning (now its 7 pm here ;)) i am in quite a rush and don't want to carry my laptop with me...

    thanks a lot.


    oh and will the speed loss be significant? i'm running my ipad on iOS 4.3.1 (8G4)

    Feb 8, 05:11 PM
    You can put it on your imac/transfer it, but you can't put it in a queue behind the WU it is doing now. When your iMac has finished its WU and send it to Stanford, stop the folding client and replace the following items in your fah folder from your powerbook:
    - work folder
    - unitinfo.txt
    - queue.dat
    - fahlog.txt
    Start your client again and it should go further with the WU. You might need to restart your iMac to use the extra altivec boost.

    Apr 12, 04:34 AM
    thanks nick i will try that :)

    Kenny Pollock
    Feb 1, 02:15 PM
    Originally posted by michaelrjohnson
    .... but why?
    Hehe, I said the same thing..
    Look at the sneak peak .mov file... it's nothing to do with the site, it's a freak iPod mini ad, nothing original.

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