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  • stevieg83
    May 6, 04:30 AM
    At our company we have a proxy, I'm trying to tell my MBP to ignore calls to domain.local for MAMP - works fine when I set those rules manually in Firefox but not when I set them under network settings.

    Any ideas why?

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  • igmolinav
    Apr 10, 08:19 PM

    A group member previously asked about which brand names for lighting equipment are good. He got his answer here:

    I wanted to ask this question a bit differently. As the title to my post says: How did you "get trapped" with the lighting equipment or "choosing" your lighting equipment !!!

    Many of us, don't live near a large city that offers a lot of brand names to check them out. One kind of goes by gut feeling, and/or the "research" one does prior to the purchase. And then, one just mail orders. At least, that
    is what I will do.

    As I am doing my research now. I wanted to say that if I were to buy any lighting equipment today, I would feel very attracted to know which brand or brand names may have been used by the following photographers. (I have heard that "to the discriminating and experienced eye - not my eye! - is quite easy to determine the brand name used just by looking at the picture" :eek: !!!)




    Thank you in advance, very kind regards,

    igmolinav : ) !!!

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  • devman
    Dec 29, 05:10 AM
    ditto re: max altitude's warhol.

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  • garry12
    Jan 15, 04:47 AM
    I always liked the name Showtime. It was suggested when Apple announced movies on iTunes.

    Nero already has an app called Nero Showtime so that's not gonna work

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  • mnkeybsness
    Aug 29, 06:01 PM
    also the P58 is tested at 167 MHz...just another thing i found on those pages...a disk image entitled P58_167MHZ.img the disk includes a system folder, inside is "Finder" that will not launch, "Core2001 Firmware 4.4.5b7," and "System"

    i would fool around and replace my finder with this finder, but i don't want to mess up my system...anyone wanna try? pm me

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  • Karpfish
    Feb 14, 07:27 PM
    The celeb was Lindsay Lohan. She dropped it when she crashed her mercedes. That means that there must be at least 1,2,3,4....well too many to count out there, if you know what I mean ;)

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  • Joshuarocks
    Mar 18, 04:55 AM
    While everyone else plummets, Apple gains :)

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  • CanadaRAM
    Jan 23, 10:52 PM
    Still no company address on the iEmulator website. I still have the same reservations about sending money to an unknown vendor. Especially without knowing what value they bring to the table beyond the freeware its based on.

    Note that in their FAQ they say 200 MHz (under Windows) - 550 MHz (under DOS) Pentium (not P3 or P4). You can take for granted this is best-case scenario.

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  • philipma1957
    Mar 19, 12:38 PM
    Nice setup. Who makes the speakers?

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  • clientsiman
    Apr 12, 07:28 AM
    I think you better ask in the Ubuntu Forums (http://ubuntuforums.org/). I always find a solution to my problems with Ubuntu there.

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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 27, 01:21 PM
    The writer could be an Italian.

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  • Shadow
    Mar 28, 01:51 PM
    Eeek that takes hours between formating and applying all the updates. Not to mention restoring your files and stuff like that.

    I generally try to keep my format & reinstalls (the windows dance) down to every 6 months but I've done 4 over the past 2 weeks. :mad:
    4 in 2 weeks is nothing! I've done 4 in 2 days...! I can't remember why now...

    Anyway Kazza for Windows is crap. Dont even BOTHER thinking about the possibility of a chance of maybe downloading it. Get Limewire instead. :D

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  • eece
    May 1, 08:40 AM



    Download: http://eece.github.com/MenuBarFilter/MenuBarFilter.zip

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  • Natalia81
    Oct 19, 09:09 PM
    Ok...so I put one of those clear sticky PDA screen protectors on my ipod. It was on there a few weeks and when I took it off today, it did not come completely off. It left behind some of the sticky stuff. I was able to remove it all but now there's that foggy/glossy leftover crap. Any recommendations on household products that can remove this, that won't mess up my ipod?

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  • Pipper99
    May 4, 06:15 PM
    I was jailbroken on 4.1, and I upgraded to 4.3.2, and ran the Redsn0w jailbreak. The jailbreak was successful, but when I plug my iphone into itunes, I'm given the option to set up as a new phone or restore from backup. If I do either of these, won't I lose the jailbreak? I thought that I'd be able to just sync my phone after the jailbreak.

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  • zelmo
    Sep 18, 08:06 AM
    Macworld (get it at work ;) )
    Play (it's the closest thing out there to my dear departed Next Generation)
    Official Xbox (for the disk, baby)
    Official PSM (ditto, baby)

    I'll pick up the occasional Business 2.0, Time, or Newsweek, if I see an article that looks juicy. I'll pick up most any music mag that has a cover feature on Marilyn Manson (surprise, surprise).

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  • Maxiseller
    Apr 15, 05:43 AM
    And that is why they have our jobs.. hence another reason why we are in this mess for the long haul.. and it won't heal itself in one day.. try maybe several years, or perhaps longer than that.

    They're not your jobs. How self centered of you. And the guy who just said meh...there is something seriously wrong with you. I'm constantly disgusted by lack of compassion of fellow human beings.

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  • MacHamster68
    Apr 17, 05:43 PM
    i think they changed it ...because they didn't want to offend switchers who still want to run mainly windows on the new mac's

    but every keyboard you find in shops has the windows key so it would only be fair to have the little apple key if you are using a apple computer :)

    i really miss this little apple on the new keyboard ...at least on the bottom side is a apple... ok you have to turn the keyboard upside down to see its from apple , like apple would be ashamed of its design :(

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  • leomac08
    Nov 12, 10:53 AM
    i think i just found a new iPad wallpaper..... :D

    wuuuu (bug looks at light)

    Oct 19, 08:21 AM
    I'll be there around 5.30! getting me a family pack. Funny, I start training the very next day as a seasonal mac specialist

    Sep 9, 02:53 PM
    *Ghostly whisper* *iGary! I'm trapped in the Apple Store. Please rescue me, it's so cold and lonely in this box! Free me!*

    Oct 17, 06:15 PM
    Anybody going to Rockaway to pick it up on the 26th???:apple::apple:

    Apr 26, 09:15 PM
    It is shocking how ignorant and backward many of our lawmakers are.

    Is it really that shocking?

    Does this mean we can force those bastions of "traditional values" to pony up any pay due property taxes on their multi-million-dollar facilities?

    That's the real way to fix the deficit, make churches pay property taxes.

    Nov 2, 01:37 PM
    Well I also have "The Zen of CSS Web Design" and "Cascading Styles Sheets The Definitive Guide" by Eric Meyer and O'Reilly.

    That's all you need.

    Any book or other source that teaches you to code for one specific browser, one way or the other, is garbage.

    The idea of CSS-based design on the internet is to bring nice looking pages to people all over. Not the users of one particular browser.

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