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  • malohkan
    Jul 24, 06:00 AM
    I never bothered to update my iPhone 3G to iOS4. I thought it would slow it down. Yesterday, I picked up my iPhone 4 from the Apple Store. iOS4 is great on the iPhone 4. But my iPhone 3G still hasn't been upgraded and I don't think I'll ever update it to iOS4. I'm afraid it will slow it down.

    I installed iOS4 on my 3G right away and it was great. Definitely not slower in any way, and I still got to use all of the new features besides multitasking and orientation lock. I did get an iPhone 4, but my sister is using the 3G with iOS4 every day and neither of us have noticed any problems.

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  • LethalWolfe
    Jul 1, 05:57 PM
    Go to File-->Export-->Final Cut Pro Movie and when the export box pops up check the "make movie self contained" box at the bottom. This will make an extact copy of your movie which you can then take to your friend. Of course you'll probably need a FW HDD or something 'cause it's gonna be full DV res (I'm assuming your project is in DV).


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  • superosky
    Apr 5, 10:44 AM
    Are u using SSL mind you that will change the ports and thus not use smtp 25.
    as far as the mail are you mail to or if you are using the last one you have to change this in the mail server. also a lot of iso providers will not allow you to send from smtp port 25 so you will have to use their smtp as a smart host.

    so SSL on smtp will be 587, imap incoming SSL on 143

    domainname servername

    also did you forwarded the correct ports to your server?? wan ip port -> server internal ip

    p.s wan port 143 -> lan serverip port 143

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  • TMRaven
    May 4, 12:43 PM
    They all use discrete mobility 6k amd radeon graphics.

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  • jiminaus
    Apr 1, 11:45 PM
    Maybe the easiest way would be to have a program that creates a shuffled playlist which you could then open in a player. Most playlist formats are plain text and fairly simple.

    If your player of choice can accept a playlist as a command-line arg, perhaps you could automatically launch the player and have it start playing the shuffled playlist.

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  • iGary
    Nov 1, 07:31 PM
    However right or wrong that person is, it will teach you the basics. Keep reading and then check the web for quirks in the different browsers.

    Well I also have "The Zen of CSS Web Design" and "Cascading Styles Sheets The Definitive Guide" by Eric Meyer and O'Reilly.

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  • patrick0brien
    Jul 11, 12:58 PM

    I'd also look into GIMP Print if all else fails.

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  • Penn Jennings
    Apr 28, 02:14 PM
    If they didn't care about your mother, they wouldn't sell a family pack.

    Yeah, the guy at the Apple Store mentioned that :-)

    Technically, they do (or did) want you buy another CD. It's only $29 so it's not a like cheapest version of Windows which is $199.

    I will admit that my position is probably wrong but for my mother, I'd just do it if it worked. I have a hard time believing that Apple really cares.

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  • molala
    Apr 7, 05:01 PM
    Yep, the MacBooks are due for an update. Not sure I believe the black rumour, as Apple has so many 13" laptops now. But I'd be very tempted to get it.

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  • Techhie
    Nov 29, 03:57 AM
    Billy Joel
    The Beatles
    The Doors

    These three make up a significant percent of addictive songs =)

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Apr 22, 01:05 AM
    I just got to 200, I cold of swore it was 200 not 250.
    Was this changed recently?No, it's been 250 for quite a long time, the current Marketplace went live in according to the Marketplace Rules.

    Guess I could just post stupid fluff/crap like the people that get it in a few months.
    That would not be a good idea, as it would violate several rules and potentially get you in trouble.

    If you see people overposting or making useless post or any other violation of the rules, please report the post(s), so the moderators can delete them and - if necessary - issue warnings or worse...

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  • macg4
    Dec 11, 08:22 AM
    i may be interested.

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  • gonyr
    Apr 16, 08:33 PM
    "Quick, does anyone here happen to be a marine biologist? We need a marine biologist!"

    The sea was angry that day, my friend ... like an old man trying to return soup in a deli.

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  • thesmileman
    Apr 30, 07:43 AM
    Hey Everyone ,

    I'm outside the Fashion Valley Mall Apple Store and No one else is here.

    Come on Down Folks and join US.

    Apple iPad 3G Lauch Today at 5pm

    Glad to see others are getting out early. I am first at the frisco, tx store. Got in 45 minutes before the mall opened because i was outside and it was raining and one of the security guys let me in. The manager in the apple store was already there and waved. Honestly i thought there would be a ton more people here

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  • arn
    Nov 2, 12:48 AM
    actually, there's a "Tunes" button on everyone's post (see the bottom bar on their posts). Click on that.

    But, yes, there should be user search as well as a user list of people with recs.

    coming soon. :)


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 26, 04:04 PM (

    In the wake of a highly-publicized disclosure ( last week regarding iOS location tracking and discussion of similar activity found on Android-based devices, All Things Digital has gone back and cut together a video clip ( of comments from Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google mobile boss Andy Rubin on privacy to remind readers what key executives have said about the issue in the recent past. Jobs' interview took place at the D8 Conference ( last June, while Rubin's took place at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference back in December."We take privacy extremely seriously," said Jobs, who addressed the smartphone location data issue in particular. "A lot of people in [Silicon] Valley think we're old-fashioned about this."Rubin's comments focused on the basic Android operating system, reporting that there is nothing in that code that sends data back to Google. But obviously Google's own services and other extensions built on top of Android could report such information given the touted open source nature of the platform.Both Jobs and Rubin make some pretty strong privacy-related statements in these videos, so it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.We reported yesterday ( on an apparent email response from Steve Jobs to a user claiming that Apple does not track users, but Apple has yet to issue a more thorough response in the face of increasing questions from users and inquiries from government representatives and agencies in a number of countries.

    Article Link: Last Year's Comments From Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin on Privacy (

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  • MacNut
    Apr 15, 11:38 AM
    MacNut --> <--Google/Arn.

    They both collect, advertising revenue. They don't 'pay'.

    Not in the business model, sorry. ;)How much advertising are they losing getting when a popular video gets pulled. Lets say a possible 500,000 views that the record labels want taken down. It is in Google's best interest to keep these videos up.

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  • AppleNewton
    Jun 25, 01:00 AM

    1) Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard:

    Price: $45 shipped [standard shipping]- SOLD to asencif!! thank you!

    2) Apple Mighty Mouse Wired:

    Price: $30 Shipped [standard shipping]

    Both are still in original plastic wrap

    PayPal only, PM for details.

    Sold here before, and 100% eBay feedback

    thank you!

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  • Scotty362
    Apr 3, 08:31 PM
    Hi, just wanted to ask some first time advice.

    My iPod nano 6th generation got dropped and th screen is completely smashed, it is still working but little shards of glass come out all the time. I have tried looking for replacement glass online but haven't managed to find a new one - Has anybody managed to purchase a new screen online, and is i easy to replace.

    It only dropped a few cm, but this is possibly the costly consequence of a minature touch focused iPod.

    Any advice appreciated, Thanks

    Jan 24, 07:41 PM
    Thanks for the fast reply guys. To answer your questions I did order the Mini with BT and WiFi however I absolutely do not want any wireless devices. The USB ports are not a problem since I have a 4 port hub built into my desk. I don't think i'll really need the two mouse buttons but I really like the scroll wheel for browsing the web. I will consider the MacMice and the Apple KB. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Apr 5, 10:23 PM
    I dunno man, but for $200 more the 13" MBP is a much more solid machine than the MB (hence the value is there). The i5 CPU and graphics card are powerful enough for all the tasks you require and it's pretty much as portable as the MB.

    However, if you have access to an iMac at home, then I agree with the post above that the MBA would be a pretty sweet pairing to that iMac. You can do all your content creation (music) and gaming on the iMac, while consuming content (videos, surfing, etc) on the MBA (while chilling on the couch or just about anywhere really). I don't believe that the MBA is powerful enough for heavy content creation, but it's display is very crisp and awesome for surfing and videos. The only downer is that the 13" MBA is way more expensive than both the 13" MB and MBP.

    Now.. You mention iTunes.. If you are storing a heavy content load, then I wouldn't recommend the MBA, as the cool flash memory does not grant a lot of storage space unless you upgrade the capacity and that'll cost you a couple more bills.

    IMO, as far as 13" Macs go, the BEST VALUE right now is the starting factory model MBP (Intel Core i5 2.3 Ghz CPU, 320 GB disk, and 4 GB of RAM).

    Whatever you decide to go for, it'll be a sweet experience when switching from a Dell ;)

    May 2, 02:22 AM
    Can i just correct those who have used "1020p" in their posts...

    ITS 1080p!!!!!!

    1020p is not a resolution used in video in any shape or form.... :rolleyes:

    May 6, 05:13 PM
    I just bought an MBP a few weeks ago and I want to add it to my active directory server. I read only there is suppose to be an application under Applications/Utilities but I don't seem to have it. Do I have to download something from Apple? Can I add my Mac to AD? Any help is appreciated.

    May 4, 10:29 PM
    yeah this is what i read

    guess we will see.. maybe this year maybe not!

    Author was simply misinformed.
    "Intel would not give any specific dates, but said we'd see these devices sometime in 2012."
    "The new chips will debut in 2012 and will be available for mainstream computers as well as servers."
    "They indicated the first microprocessors would likely be targeted for high-end desktop computers and server systems and arrive in early 2012."

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