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  • cwt1nospam
    Apr 11, 05:16 AM
    Yeah, let's all waste time worrying about a "possible" threat that hasn't proved to be any significant danger in the wild. It's even better that we can worry about it in an obsolete version of the OS!

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  • aristobrat
    Sep 19, 03:26 PM
    I'm not touching it until they offer 5.1 sound. I'm sure its just a matter of time, though.
    I thought they had 5.1 sound already in the movie downloads?

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  • tekmoe
    Aug 28, 03:05 PM

    merom is better than everyone anticipated... --->

    all the people who said it's only marginal at best can stick it where the sun don't shine! suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzz

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  • kingtj
    Oct 27, 10:33 AM
    More and more devices come with "non replaceable" batteries, and it's often because this allows for more design flexibility. If your device uses a standard, "off the shelf" rechargeable battery pack, you're limited to certain dimensions for the battery compartment. Newer battery packs can be custom molded into all sorts of odd shapes - and that allows for making thinner or more "shapely" products. However, it also means they'd have to sell MANY more varieties of battery packs if they still made these oddballs "replaceable". Nobody would be able to locate the proper battery when it came time to do a replacement anyway.....

    Realistically though, almost any consumer electronics device I've seen has *some* way to open it up. And assuming the internal battery works for at least 2 or 3 years, it's not unreasonable to say "Hey... you still want to keep this device going for another 2-3 years? Ok... go to some extra effort prying it open once and do a battery swap with a custom replacement battery." That's what you're looking at on an iPod. After 5 or 6 years, are you REALLY going to keep using the same product anyway? If so, ok ... you have to hassle with prying it open 2 times in the lifespan of the product then. Doesn't sound horrible to me.

    They do build in obsolescence into the ipod as you can't replace the battery (easily). It does become a disposable item, although a pricey one at that. I do love the ipod (even though I don't own one) but this puts me off to the point where I just can't go through with actually buying one. My experience with rechargeable batteries in mobile phones and lap top isn't good.

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 14, 11:48 AM
    Now that it's part of the platform Apple has no excuse for not including it. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see a MBP with this platform that still only has 2.0 connectors.

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  • strwrsfrk
    Apr 22, 12:53 PM
    If ditching the 320M and switching to an i-processor boosts battery life even 10%, I think it will be worth it.

    People who want to play modern games on these systems should already be aware of their limitations; sure, a graphics downgrade is a bummer, but the Intel IGP is good enough for most general productivity needs. And it's already been proven to handle 1080p out.

    The general sentiment that the 2012 will be an improvement on 100% of the internals is likely accurate. However, there are four changes that will make this a 100% buy for me:

    1) Backlit keyboard (my biggest hope).
    2) Larger SSD. 90+ GB base (128 would be most likely, I reckon), 380+ GB BTO.
    3) +10% Battery life. An extra 30 minutes to an hour would be spectacular.
    4) Core i ULM processor.

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  • Dorv
    Apr 11, 08:01 AM
    Care to actually show me what app that will actually do what I was talking about? :rolleyes:
    I want to play music from iTunes on my Mac as the source, and multiple airplay devices as the target. Currently I can only play to Airport Expresses and Apple TVs (and upcoming Airplay certified speakers). I want Apple to include all iOS devices to that list of target devices.

    Airfoil does this, no?

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  • akadmon
    Sep 4, 11:03 PM
    Merom MBPs of course :D

    I second this emoticon!

    If anyone at Apple HQs is listening, please give us a revved up/priced down MBP. Merom + 160 GB/7200 rpm hdd at $1999 would be sweet. I don't care to watch movies on anything less than a 50" screen, and I sure as hell am not moved to tears by an 8GB nano that is priced at 75% of a regular iPod. C'mon Apple, it's not too late!

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  • mrdice87
    Sep 8, 12:50 PM
    Ok, my prediction:

    New nano will have to have a new name, or more than 4gb in the low end, otherwise it will be available as part of the get a free ipod campaign... i don't think apple will do that. Reminds me of a certain SNL skit.

    or... mb and mbp will be upgraded to C2D... the rebate clearly lists only core duo systems as eligible. then you won't be able to get any free ipods except with a mac pro

    there you have it

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  • Half Glass
    Aug 28, 09:28 PM
    Sorry to crash the party, but it would seem a little strange for Apple to upgrade the MacBook and/or MB Pro's until sometime after the 16th when their current college promotion ends. Promotion = clearing out old stock (of notebooks & iPods).

    Keep your mom's credit card in her purse for a few more weeks.

    This logic is flawed because just as they did with the MacPro, they will add the new laptops to the iPod promotion if they are released.

    The ongoing promotion is no reason to delay such an upgrade. As others have stated, the promotion is an effort to clear inventory for the next model.


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  • trekkie604
    Apr 4, 12:12 PM
    Breaking a glass window means you can shoot someone in the head? Wow... He may be a criminal but that doesn't mean the security guard should've shot him.

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  • macridah
    Sep 26, 09:35 AM
    Oh hey ... just my luck to have cingular. I will upgrade or add another line the minute it is available.

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  • Rootus
    Apr 15, 09:48 AM
    It's be a good idea if Thunderbolt was capable of handling USB 3 as well, like the thunderbolt port in the MacBook Pro can also do mini display. It can, of course.

    I guess that way it'd at least be used more, but also nobody would be uncertain about getting Thunderbolt because they know even if it is a flop the port is still useful... Perhaps education is key. The fact that TB is a PCI-E orifice is a key difference from add-on technologies like USB3.

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  • evilgEEk
    Sep 19, 03:05 PM
    I just feel like there are many more people like me that will prefer to have physical movie versus a "digital" counterpart. Songs just seem more petty and i feel more comfortable downloading them, but movies... meh.
    I remember a lot of people saying that about music when iTMS first came out. ;)

    As good as this news is its not likely to appear outside the US for a LONG time... heck we still dont get TV shows!
    Honestly I think movies will come to other countries before TV Shows do. Movies are more universal than TV Shows are, each country has their own TV Shows but everyone wants to watch Lord of the Rings.

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  • KnightWRX
    Mar 30, 01:32 PM
    As posted above, "RoomStore" is trademarked, however.

    As posted above, "RoomStore" doesn't sell rooms.

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  • DeeEss
    Mar 30, 01:03 PM
    What a cunning linguist he or she would be.

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  • yg17
    Sep 26, 10:34 AM
    I'm surprised at all the Cingular hate here. At least in the D.C. area, the word is that they have the best coverage available - better than Verizon, who was the previous benchmark before the merger.

    When I was in DC, my Cingular service was horrible. Just like it was in New York City, St. Louis and New Orleans (pre Katrina, when cell towers were still standing) and every other large city I've been in.

    Yet, it works fine in the middle of nowhere. On my way down to New Orleans, I was on the phone in some tiny little town that couldn't have had more than 500 people. The only thing this place had was a gas station. I'm on my phone and call quality is excellent. An hour later in NO, dropped calls and low signal as usual. Or when I'm on the backroads in Missouri talking, again, perfect signal. Enter the STL city limits? Goodbye service.

    Cingular has their priorities wrong. They go for the rural markets, where people don't want to have anything to do with cell phones, and they ignore the big cities. And if you try to call customer service to complain about the piss poor service, or to try to fix a billing error (which are common with Cingular) then you'll be on hold for half an hour, and get nowhere with their customer service rep who's over in India. They are the worst company we have ever dealt with, and will be leaving them the day our contract is up in December. IMO, Apple is making a huge mistake by being exclusive with Cingular.

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 09:23 AM
    Woohoo! 3GHz here we come. As was mentioned before, though, a mid-sized tower priced at the iMac level (but upgradable) would be the final logical step in the Apple product line. That would leave Woodcrest to the high end MacPro with its quad configuration.I might be able to slide with a $1799 education discount tower. I want a laptop though. :(

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  • bilals
    Apr 13, 04:16 AM
    Even if McAfee tried making an antivirus app for iOS devices, App Store mods would most likely just decline it anyway, and besides, apps don't have much access to the device anyway. It could probably scan its own folder and that's it.

    McAfee's response: "But...but... users NEED it! The viruses are EVERYWHERE"

    What users NEED is Angry Birds 2

    Apr 29, 03:31 AM
    Goodbye Microsoft. Fade away as soon as possible. Unless its deal with Nokia can give first aid treatment.

    Apr 22, 03:43 AM
    if this is as slow as iDisk... no, thank you.


    I think Apple needs to forget about adding new stuff to MobileMe considering they can't even get the basics done right. I've had a MobileMe account since it was iTools and I've had more issues with the mail service than any other email provider I've had. That includes free webmail for crying out loud!

    Chris Bangle
    Aug 31, 02:01 PM
    Apple did this same thing before.Streaming it to London..If I recall it was the Front Row type invitation broadcast from a theatre..
    Anybody remember that ?

    Yeh it was the 5generation launch, they streamed it to the BBC centre i think, Sky News and BBC had the ipod as news article that night.

    Sep 16, 12:54 PM
    I'm soooo over the iPhone idea. I'm sort of hoping Apple comes out with iTelegraph or iMorse Code. RETRO IS VERY IN RIGHT NOW!

    Sep 10, 12:29 PM
    You appear to have no imagination. Kentsfield Will Go Into A New iMac Redesign. Have you not seen this mock-up yet? There are options in design that can make the iMac much cooler even with more heat producing elements inside.

    Sorry, but that mockup is just stupid. Whoever made it obviously has no concept of Apple's product line. CONSUMER = WHITE OR BLACK. PRO = ALUMINUM. NEITHER = MIX OF IMAC WHITE + ALUMINUM. Every single frickin' product follows these guidelines. Get a clue.

    And by the way, the iMac G3 design lasted, with modifications, for 4 years. The G5 design is a winning, modern, attractive design and one gets the sense there's really nowhere else to go with it at the moment as far as being a flat-panel monitor with a computer mounted behind it. There Will Be No New iMac Redesign Anytime Soon[TM].

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