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  • nplima
    Sep 11, 11:46 AM
    Hi all

    This debate about video downloads, DRM, small screens vs. big screens, etc. just makes me suspicious of one thing: the iPod brandname is just too good to take chances with it.

    As Steve Jobs said in the original presentation of iPod, music is something that relates to everyone. this product can be sold to anyone, and the related services have to make sense from the point of view of Mac and PC users alike. This doesn't happen with video, IMHO.. there are just too may details that prevent TV and video to appeal to everyone.. different film ratings, different availability of broadband, NTSC vs. PAL TV sets (to plug your "vPod" to), ...

    I an't wait to see what is coming out of this new presentation, but I'm hoping for something less revolutionary. It's not the fault of Apple Computer that things are complicated sometimes... the iPod product is good as is, it would be strange to taint its name with a launch of a video service with 1/10 of the reach of iTunes/iPod...

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 15, 11:10 AM
    I'll only add to what mcrain wrote by saying that what you're describing is a race to the bottom. If capital gains taxes were so corrosive, every government should logically keep them at 0%. Is that really the logical conclusion you'd like to make with this line of reasoning?

    Investors have already been investing in Asian markets for decades, and it has nothing to do with taxes; it has everything to do with how rapidly those markets have been growing over the past 40 years.

    Keep in mind I'm not saying what things should be (I believe everything moves in cycles which cannot be avoided). I'm just saying the presumed benefits and consequences of higher taxes are misunderstood. It is always a race to the bottom/race to the top (depending on your perspective; "bottom" carries with it a negative connotation. if someone were arguing for a "race to the bottom" he has already lost rhetorically). Why has America had a history of immigrants coming to seek prosperity? Every rising nation has a wild west phase.

    To answer your question, any country that genuinely wants to improve their economy, as well as the lives of its citizens, would have 0% taxes on capital gains, income, and corporations. Most countries don't do this, not because it isn't true, but because it isn't human nature. Politicians seek power, approval, legacy, etc., all of which require taking money and spending it.

    Now, I finally get to use the phrase "beg the question" in its correct meaning (a pet peeve of mine; Jon Stewart and Conan O'Brien always use it incorrectly). Saying that investors are investing in Asia because of growth and nothing to do with taxes, is merely begging the question. Didn't I mention in my previous post that taxes hamper growth? China was a communist country, in effect, a 100% tax. Call me crazy, but I think the change in that tax rate has contributed significantly to China's growth. Hong Kong was one of the first regions in Asia to grow. Let me give you one guess why Hong Kong has been an economic powerhouse for several decades now.

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  • archipellago
    Apr 26, 04:29 PM
    What makes a product "Best" in its category is defined by different people differently. For some people "best" is a free phone because they can't afford anything else. Some people pour over the specs and select the "best".

    For me, "best" is the phone that operates the most intuitively to my way of thinking. I want something that I don't need to refer back to the manual to use its features. My Android Incredible came with a 8" x 11", 73 page manual that I need to use to operate the phone... that fact speaks volumes to what separates the Android from the "best."

    or perchance your overall level of intelligence..?

    Any normal person (i.e. with thumbs) can use Android or iOS well within a day.

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  • kaneda
    Aug 3, 11:46 PM
    I guess we are not going to get new casing for Intel MAC...

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  • bradc
    Aug 7, 03:15 PM
    Just ordered my Mac Pro!! :D

    Quad 3Ghz, 4GB ram, 250GB HD + 500 GB HD, X1900 XT 512MB, Bluetooth+Airport, wireless keyboard and mouse, 1 Superdrive (holding out for BluRay) 30" ACD... $8264.23 :eek:
    Estimated Ship Time... 3- 5 Weeks :eek: :eek:

    This is gonna be good.

    I went Quad 3Ghz, 1GB Ram, 160GB HD, X1900XT, Bluetooth and Fibre-Channel, 2-Superdrives. Then I'll buy more RAM and a bigger hd when it gets here. I am sooooooooo pumped!

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 20, 06:37 AM
    I'll take it!

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 7, 09:46 AM
    I have an invite to a launch party for the Playbook. I just chuckled.

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  • MikeDTyke
    Sep 11, 09:02 AM
    how about this for a scenario

    quiet release of C2D MB/MBP at the start of the expo - similar to the imac/mac mini

    then his steveness can deliver the full its showtime reel at the special event.

    announce movie store, with ipod updates, and full ipod video as 'one more thing'

    I think its fair to assume at this stage no macbook/pro updates will be shown tomorrow. All they do is distract from the media/ipod announcements. best you can hope for is a quiet refresh towards the end of this week.


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  • strausd
    Mar 31, 09:59 AM
    Hey Devs, any info on TRIM support for Lion?

    Ya I am wondering this too, especially for non-Apple SSDs.

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  • wizz0bang
    Jul 23, 12:24 PM
    I too am holding out hope for a 13" MBP. The 13" MB isn't powerful enough graphically and the 15" MBP is too big.

    Besides, the aluminum is just stylin!

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  • fxtech
    Mar 30, 06:35 AM
    Who cares? There are greater things to worry about than iPods at the moment..

    Yeah like where the heck is my iPad 2? According to the latest email manifest, at 2:03 am it was somewhere over the pacific. This isn't near enough information. I'm thinking of chartering a jet so I can fly out and track it's progress myself. Anyone else want in?


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  • AppleIntelRock
    Sep 16, 01:27 PM
    Well i just gave in an ordered my MBP15" so i would get it before uni starts and well its going to ship on monday and delivered by wednesday UK store still has 24hrs shipping on all MBP's.

    Still i cant wait for it to arrive. im like a 4 year old at christmas when i get a new mac :P


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  • sixthdimension
    Apr 25, 10:42 AM
    Who cares if they know where you are. There are millions of iPhones, what are they gonna do? Track you down and shoot you if you switch to an Android device or something? Doubt it

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  • aliveandknowsit
    Apr 26, 03:54 PM
    I've watched Apple go from "outsider" to The Big Heavy in The Room, innovating about as quickly as a battleship takes to turn around, focusing on beauty, beauty, beauty as Android allowed its system to be used in some butt-ugly phones that -- hey! -- actually seemed to work pretty well, to the point where they are refined to become exciting looking, versatile systems that JUST GET THINGS DONE. The iPhone has become a Thin Fashion Model, and we are all just paparazzi awaiting her entrance/exit at Cannes each year (San Francisco). I've had it, and will be happy to pick up a great Android system phone this year on Verizon. (Oh yes, and MobileMe was a total bust; after upgrading it wouldn't pick up my contacts anymore....)

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 18, 04:56 PM
    Apple *have* patented the look of icons: and Samsung clearly infringes on them.

    (I'm not sure if a similar, US patent exists.)
    You can't patent the "look" of an icon in the U.S.
    You copyright it. :rolleyes:
    And I'd seriously doubt many of them would survive a court challenge.

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  • ssk2
    Apr 18, 03:40 PM
    Show me something that works as well BEFORE Apple demoed the iPhone.

    Technology =/= usability.

    If you hate Apple then why are you doing here?

    You can't protect (or indeed measure) 'usability'.

    People come here because we use, have problems with, or are considering buying Apple products. Not all of us are absolutely crazy in love for for anything that Jobs has touched.

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  • Seryph
    Mar 31, 06:24 AM
    Sounds just like some bloke from Apple. Snow Leopard's the last of the true desktop OS's. Lion is the bridge, and whatever follows will either be primarily iOS, or so close it's of little consequence. I'm so glad I hung onto my 2010 MBP.

    Let's not forget it was the iPod that saved Apple and marked it's beginning as a gadget & entertaiment company. I had a nasty feeling then it would mark the decline of Apples great computers & here we are. How ironic it is that most people are unaware that a Brit actually invented the iPod and like so many other things, Apple stole the thing and ran with it. True "innovators" at Apple, yeah right.

    Please educate me - I am apparently one of the ironically unaware people. Who invented the iPod? Are you talking about MP3 players in general, or specifically the iPod with scroll wheel, white design etc? Or are you just talking about Jonny Ive? I am intrigued by this fact that you are aware of but most other people aren't.

    I would also argue that Apple aren't necessarily innovators, but what they do better than anyone else is spot the Next Big Thing and then manage to make it look so good and work so well that it becomes incredibly popular. This was the case with the MP3 player, the smartphone, touchscreens, tablets... and those are just the primary examples.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 06:30 PM
    Bogus story because Apple would never fit graphics cards capable of outputting at that res in the iMacs or laptops

    3200x2000 requires 6,400,000 pixels. At 32 bit per pixel, we're talking 25,600,000 bytes of data. Considering modern framebuffers are double buffered, this requires 51,200,000 bytes of memory to hold. That fits into 48.82 MB of RAM. GPUs have had that much since ... hum... 2004 ? So we're good on framebuffer RAM.

    Now, bandwidth. In order to refresh the screen 60 times, we need to push out those 25,600,000 pixels. That's going to require 11718 Mbps of bandwidth. Let's see... Display port 1.1a has 10.8 Gbps so it's a no go (though it could almost do it). If only there was a DP 1.2 spec that had a 21.6 Gbps cap... Oh wait there is. :D

    So we're good on RAM and bandwidth. Now, what ATI family introduces DP 1.2 so that we can use this new standard ? Oh right, the Radeon HD 6000 series, AMD's current shipping tech! Now if only Apple would release some kind of support for these GPUs, like they did back in 10.6.7 ;) :

    So let's see if I got all of this right. We're good on RAM (have been for quite a few years). We're good on bandwidth for 60 hz 3200x2000 resolution. We're good on hardware (AMD 6000 series) and we're good on OS X support (with 10.6.7).

    What exactly is missing here ? Oh right, a hardware refresh with said hardware included, which is probably a formality seeing all of these news and facts :cool:

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  • shawnce
    Aug 4, 02:33 PM
    Doesn't the 17" use a different battery - higher capacity - than the 15.4"?

    Yes it does.

    MBP 17" - 68 watt-hour - "up to 5.5 hours of battery life"
    MBP 15" - 60 watt-hour - "up to 4.5 hours of battery life"

    Ava's Meeshee
    Apr 20, 09:13 AM
    Yes, the US is literally the entire world. There are no other countries, let alone other countries with 12-month contracts. Why, Sir, that would be inconceivable!

    Apple is an American company and MacRumors is a U.S. based forum.

    Nov 11, 09:31 AM
    As a business point of view, a company will need to have some sort of AV installed as part of company policies weather its needed or not.

    May 3, 07:55 PM
    i took the liberty to re-write the rules AS I UNDERSTANND THEM, which incorporate all the Q&A
    there are a couple of passages that are still unclear to me, which are higlighted in red:

    Don't panic: decent re-write, but there's a few comments:

    While there are certain scenarios where some heroes can win while others lose, it's possible for all heroes to win the game. And I sent all heroes PMs with their own secret agency, so they know exactly what they want the endgame to be.

    Yes, you have to both kill the Villain and obtain the Artifact to win the game.

    You're right that a team split means the other team has to move to a different room. However, if they meet up in the same room, they do not necessarily merge.

    You're correct re: the Villain being able to place more than one trap or monster during a turn provided he has enough turns saved up. But it does not have to be a monster and a trap, it can be two monsters or two traps or whatever.

    Note that the villain can wait two turns and earn two turns that round. It is not limited to one turn per round.

    Traps trigger as soon as a hero attempts to leave the room. It does not matter which turn the heroes are on that round, the only thing needed is that a hero attempts to leave the room in where a trap is present.

    Finally, the healing treasure is even better than you thought - it heals ALL party members by 5 HP.

    Apr 5, 08:53 PM
    Would have been so much better if the title had read "Apple asks Toyota to put the brakes on jailbreak ad campaign"

    Jul 23, 06:35 PM
    Personally, i'd love Apple releasing a intermediate desktop solution (between iMac and Mac Pro) sporting a not-yet-released 3.2GHz Conroe porcessor. That would be my dream machine BUT this is unlikely as its clocked higher than the top Woodcrest chip which tops out at 3.0GHz.

    I might just get a windows box and dump linux on it....after all i already own a mac (PowerBook) with lots of life left. So if i miss Mac OS X i'll simply use my PB.

    Other alternative would be to buy any conroe machine and just swap out the CPU with the 3.2 GHz chip launches. Too bad conroes will most likely be launching on iMacs though.

    Don't do it man! You deserve better!

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