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  • Stella
    Mar 30, 12:49 PM
    back here in the UK Hoover were able to trade mark Hoover as their name despite the fact that hoover is the generic term for a vacuum cleaner!

    Isn't "Hoover" the reason why the word "Hoover" became a generic term for a vacuum cleaner? The power of the brand name itself. Much like its common in the states to hear "Xerox" to describe a photo copier? Or to "Google" to search on the internet..

    Or, Sallatape ( spelling ) for "sticky tape"...

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  • res1233
    May 1, 12:54 AM
    Call me clumsy or whatever, but I hate the 'corners': I accidentally trigger them all the time on a frien's machine. Mostly because I use the Apple menu a lot. I DO miss the old mouse's side buttons/center button!

    Experienced mac users know to assign modifier keys to those corners to prevent that. I have the top left corner set to turn my display off (good for porn), but only when the command key is pressed.

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  • iBug2
    Apr 22, 03:57 AM
    I think this will be more useful for accessing your music/videos from your macbooks, more than from your iPhones/iPads. So when I travel I won't have to carry my entire collection with me, I'll just take my MBP and access my music from wifi. At least that's how I'd use this service.

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 22, 06:42 PM
    time to get the purchase order put in the system :)

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 05:25 PM
    Did you read the post? iTunes doesn't do that, right now apple doesn't have an airport with *video* output. And look at the picture again, that mockup has a remote that talks to the airport, you don't have to leave the room.

    You miss the whole point of this. Why would you want to have an expensive box next to the TV when you could just have a tiny airport, and let your computer do the heavy lifting from another room?

    You're assuming they won't up the resolution when they start doing movies. What makes you so sure they'll do that?

    Milo.I have my MacBook sitting next to and connected via S-Video to my TV and use iTunes sharing via Airport to watch videos almost every day..

    The key to good quality over iTunes sharing is to make the movie hinted.
    And it streams just fine..

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  • SC68Cal
    Aug 28, 06:57 PM
    They're not. You're seriously whining about "taking so long" when the first announcements came *earlier today*? Really? A "delay" of HOURS is something shareholders are going to freak out over???

    Why don't you read the rest of my statement, fanboy?

    If Apple announces that the new Merom laptops are available and are ready to ship that day, then it isn't a big deal.

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  • kavika411
    Mar 22, 01:19 PM
    Newbie question - please don't flame me.

    How big of a transition is this, as compared - for example - to the Intel chip back around 2006? What I mean is, after the transition to Intel, certain software and eventually the newest operating system itself could no longer be run on the old chip. So, is this transition as significant as that, or is this more of a speed boost kind of thing?


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  • Koodauw
    Sep 15, 05:46 PM
    A shame about scrapping the idea of a ground up design - I hope that doesn't lead to a lack of innovation. That's what really leads Apple along! Although if they just make a killer phone (I'm sure they will at some point...) it's bound to sell buckets loads!


    It just said it was going with off the shelf parts, so hopefully the design can boast innovation.

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  • KPOM
    Apr 14, 01:59 PM
    I think my next computer will be an Ivy Bridge MBA with Thunderbolt. My 2007 Macbook is getting a bit long in tooth.

    I have a Rev D MacBook Air (11") and also think the Ivy Bridge will be a worthwhile upgrade. There is now no reason why that one shouldn't have USB 3.0, or Thunderbolt, plus Ivy Bridge, unlike Sandy Bridge, will have a GPU as fast as the NVIDIA 320m.

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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 05:18 PM
    So why can't you use an official Apple API on the iPhone? That's crazy.

    He's taking the fact that Apple has the legal right to object and extrapolating that it somehow makes sense for them to do so.

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  • SilianRail
    May 1, 03:56 AM
    Crap... I just ordered a 27" iMac from store.apple.com Friday morning. It hasn't shipped yet as i did some custom changes. I am going to call in the morning to see if I can hopefully cancel the order. I also purchased a 27" Cinema Display but that has already shipped. And doesn't look like it is in this upgrade round.If only there was a buyer's guide for Apple products on this very website. :rolleyes:

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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:27 AM
    i`d once bought an unlocked T-Mobile Sony T610 in India and it worked absolutely fine with all the GSM providers I tried. So in case even if this iPhone is exclusive to Cingular we`d still be able to get it to work here(fingers crossed).

    I'm willing to bet that Apple won't use the same techniques as other cell phone manufacturers use to lock their devices as the OS will be developed by Apple. It'll be much like the Sidekick, which is locked to T-Mobile in such a manner that it's a pain in the ass to unlock it and even then a lot of the features are crippled since they won't work on any other network.

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  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 1, 11:59 AM
    Great. This seems to be it. Hopefully we get Merom MBP announced this Sept 12. Cant wait.......

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  • MattyMac
    Oct 12, 08:49 PM
    The red is looking very nice in that Photo! Hopefully I'm not tempted.

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  • SeattleMoose
    Apr 30, 03:20 PM
    for a couple more years.....

    Thunderboy is still "bleeding edge" and nobody wants to go and have to buy a bunch of new peripherals (as if there were any yet....:eek:)

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  • Kelmon
    Sep 14, 01:00 PM
    Gee, I love that a thread about a photography event has been hijacked by wishes for a new MacBook Pro. As far as I am concerned the release of these laptops can't come soon enough. For the last month the money has been in the bank for the biggest, bad-ass MacBook Pro that Apple will release so I'm just waiting and hoping now. Following the announcements on Tuesday I may throw in an iPod (3-years+ of Mac and I've only held one once...) unless my wife catches me first.

    Bring it on.

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  • Mal
    Apr 4, 12:29 PM
    Interesting how a security guard is allowed to have a gun. Interesting to see what happens to him.

    Why shouldn't he be allowed to carry a gun? If you're supposed to be guarding something and those you're guarding against are statistically likely to be carrying weapons, then you should definitely be carrying yourself, for your own personal protection if nothing else.

    Also, to everyone saying he should have just wounded the man: If I ever fire a weapon at someone (and I hope I never have to), I will only do so if I am willing to kill them. There is no such thing as "shoot to wound", because no one is a good enough shot at range with a handgun to insure they will only wound and not kill. You aim for the largest target, which is center of mass, and you only fire if you're willing to kill the person you're firing at. That doesn't mean you would prefer if they didn't die, because the loss of any life is a sad event, even scum like this, but you don't try to do that. Especially in the heat of the moment as you're being shot at.


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  • cube
    Apr 22, 01:43 PM

    The MBA looks bad as an ultraportable? L.O.L.

    The MBP is for people who want a powerful notebook. People who want a laptop capable of using parts that equal 85-watts or higher.

    I don't want a MacBook Air. I want a MacBook Pro without an optical drive that is slightly thinner than the current MacBook Pro.

    If you think the only thing that separates the MacBook Air from the Pro is an optical drive then I'm wasting my time arguing with you. Clearly someone that thinks a 15" Zacate notebook with an optical drive makes a 15" MacBook Pro with a quad core 45 watt CPU and a 25W+ GPU without an optical drive look bad is someone that knows little about what they're talking about.

    I don't see HP Envy owners complaining about their lack of an optical drive inside their machines nor do I see people knock that particular fact about the Envy.

    So, ONE netbook which has an optical drive. Which makes the MBA look bad because it doesn't have one.

    Actually, most netbooks make the MBA look bad because it doesn't have gigabit ethernet.

    And a 15" Zacate which is not a notebook because the CPU is too weak, it's not a netbook, and it's not an ultraportable because it's too big would make an MBP without optical disk look bad because of the price, even if it has little reason to exist (unclassifiable in a bad way).

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  • Analog Kid
    Apr 20, 01:15 PM
    Wow, this is really, really bad. I've no idea how any company would think this was acceptable. There's no way this was simply an oversight.

    Absolutely unacceptable.

    Mar 22, 02:56 PM
    I don't know if they can make the iMacs look better, IMO. They look really nice. hardware improvements would be the best way to keep these machines alive. unless ofcourse they pull of something amazing like they always do lol.

    To each their own, but in all reality, these are the best looking "all-in-ones" that i have ever seen.

    How about folding a 27" in the middle?

    54 inch screen , sweet:-)

    Aug 31, 06:59 PM
    **Edit, IMO i think its silly because whos gonna pay $14.99 for a movie on a tiny screen, and if they make it to watch on your computer then its just going to take hours and hours to download if you have a slow broadband connection

    $14.99 for new movies, but $9.99 for older films supposedly.

    Some movies aren't much longer than hour long TV shows, and people have been downloading those regularly from iTunes. And like I said, there are a lot of people out there already downloading movies from the internet. My guess is there are also a lot of people who would love to have an easy option to get their movies online, but aren't tech savvy enough to know what bit-torrent is, or where to find illegal torrent sites, etc. Those types of people would probably jump all over an easy to access and use movie downlaod site. iTunes already has a great reputation, so consumer comfort is high with Apple in that regard.

    Honestly though, it remains be seen until people are able to use the new service, but I have a feeling it will do quite well, even if it is geared for a small screen (with the option to watch fullscreen in iTunes on your computer.) Who knows though? The PSP UMD movie format is dead. But I think that's due to Sony's poor marketing and DVD comparable cost of UMD movies than anything else.

    And yes, go ahead and sell your PSP. You'll feel better. I did, and I do. :)

    Aug 31, 11:33 AM
    Merom MacBook Pro + Conroe iMac + speedbumped Mac mini + iTunes movie downloads + widescreen video iPod

    Maybe black iMac?

    Jul 17, 06:23 PM
    I'd bet it all that the iMac gets an Allendale with maybe a Conroe top-end option.

    That makes sense, it offers some product differentiation, and saves Apple a few pennies allowing them to offer a lower priced consumer desktop. Mac Pros will likely get at least one Woodcrest dualie model on the top end and perhaps a Conroe on the bottom but it is entirely possible that it will be Woodcrest across the board, to achieve economies of scale both in purchase power and motherboard engineering.

    I'd actually say they'd be more likely to go straight Conroe, TDP is the same, has speedstep so it throttles back, and the Conroe has a bigger L2 Cache- just like the Meroms that would be most likely for the iMac.

    Could someone answer me this, who actually understands the Core Microarchitecture. Is the Conroe extreme edition (2.93 GHz) a better high end gaming chip than a quad woodcrest setup, say at 2.66 GHz? I've heard more than a couple comments that the Conroe is better suited for gamers than a Woodcrest but this makes no sense to me. Again please, no fanboy speculators answering this, I'd really like to know the rationale using some expert technological analysis. What makes the conroe EE so expensive? At a higher cost than the 3.0 GHz Woodcrest, it must excel in some regard.

    Well, the main thing here is its a desktop chip not a server/workstation chip. Woodcrest is the same microarchitecture and all that. Just a 1333 FSB and slightly different clocks. The woodcrest's additional costs however would be a totally different MB/Chipset, and FB-DIMM RAM.

    I suppose it may depend on how the game is written to take advantage of the cores.

    Mar 29, 01:07 PM
    We expect the first devices to launch in 2012.

    How can you predict the market share of a device that you can only predict will launch in a year?

    I simply can't imagine the relationship of Nokia and Microsoft to bring anything like the iPhone. Nokia was good with non-smartphones and Microsoft was good with Windows XP, combine that and you get... nothing.

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