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  • Grimace
    Sep 15, 04:20 PM
    MacShrine? Who?

    What's their record?

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  • miles01110
    Aug 4, 07:57 AM
    Do you guys think we'll be able to buy merom replacement motherboards for MBP?

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  • farmboy
    Mar 31, 09:00 AM
    I reckon Lion will be the last of cat names used for OS X.

    They can't really call the next one Ocelot, for example.


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  • jsalzer
    Jul 30, 04:26 PM
    i think i'll buy a Macbook instead

    Ah, but the new iPhone can be purchased as a part of the package with a MacBook Pro - as it will conveniently fit into the ExpressCard/34 slot. It can be pulled out and used as a stand-alone phone, or it can be left in the slot to allow the user a full iChatAV phone experience from anywhere on the road.

    That slot had to be put there for a reason - and the remote doesn't fit. Right?


    OK, maybe not.

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  • Tara Davis
    Mar 26, 10:48 PM
    Here's my beef with cloud services, as concisely as I can make it:

    Data storage is cheap.
    Networking (away from home) is costly.

    I absolutely DO NOT want to rely on my AT&T data plan to get at stuff. Wi-fi, okay, when I'm at home, but then I might as well keep things on hard drives on the local network, rather than have to reach across the whole damn Internet via my DSL drop.

    But knowing Apple, they will do it anyway and wait for all their partners' tech to catch up with theirs. :rolleyes:

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  • jrtc27
    Apr 18, 03:15 PM
    You know what I think the Galaxy Line's UI does look a lot like iOS, but at the same time people follow good design standards.

    Being a Web Designer, this type of things happens on websites all the time, you will find most websites that have very similar placement of things & even similar design, for example in the vast majority of websites you will find the navigation on top & sides, simply because we read top to bottom & left to right, have a look at -, or even &

    You will see how they have many similarities, now this doesn't necessarily mean that they copied each other.. They are just following good design principles..

    So to conclude Samsung is following good UI design.. Apple did an amazing job with it's UI on iOS.. So not surprised others are following it..

    Anyway I don't think its a reason to sue, honestly Apple is doing really well in the tablet market, I don't know what they are worried about :P.. What Apple should focus on is enhancing its UI leaving others behind..

    Forget suing :P

    The difference here though is that nobody patented a website design where you have a navigation bar at the top and the sides etc, but Apple has patented its UI for iOS.

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  • Eddyisgreat
    Apr 26, 02:15 PM
    If the iPhone were buy one get two free as well then I bet those numbers would be different :D

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  • McGiord
    May 6, 02:28 PM
    Seriously it takes maybe a couple months to adjust to new systems of measure, it's really not that big of a deal and it certainly doesn't require any massive brain power to use metric vs. Imperial. The only preference I still have for imperial is food based. Can i have 500 grams of sliced ham? It just sounds wrong.

    Also they teach both systems in grade school etc at least when I was in school.

    Actually it is quite easy to order half a kilo of cheese, the question is if you wanted it grated, sliced or by the chunk, they've are pretty good at it.

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  • currentinterest
    Apr 20, 01:34 AM
    I will be buying the next iPhone no matter what it is. My 3GS is getting a little long in the tooth. I am sure Apple will provide something great and the new iOS 5 will rock. My guess is there will be larger screen in a similar form factor, though it will likely be thinner and not have a glass back.

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  • Plutonius
    May 3, 06:39 PM
    I'm confused. Are you saying that the villain gets to listen to our conversations and then place the traps? Can he place a trap in the room we're in right now? If so, should this planning be done via PM?

    He goes after we have moved and has to anticipate where we are going next.

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  • res1233
    May 6, 05:37 AM

    First step to a totally closed system. Pretty soon all our applications we want will have to come through the App store for our Macs. The day I see that is the day I turn my Mac OFF.

    I will go back to Windows in a heart beat if I am forced to buy my applications and such through Apple.

    First off, why do you care where you get your apps from? Second, I highly doubt Apple is going to make Mac OS as closed as iOS. It just makes no sense. They would have to redesign too much of the OS to make it that closed, and they'd have to take away so many features that it wouldn't be the same OS anymore. I doubt Apple is stupid enough to do that. It's true that Apple wants to have as much control over the entire process as they can get, but I firmly believe that there are limits to it. They wont sabotage their own OS because I don't think i've ever met anyone clueless enough to think that that would be a good idea.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 28, 10:31 AM
    im the opposite, this would be devastating to me as my contract runs out June this year......

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  • Bengt77
    Aug 4, 06:42 PM
    We can all hope! ;)

    Yeah, that's probably what it will turn out to be: hope, rather than reality. But when an iMac comes out with any Core 2 Duo processor and Leopard pre-loaded, I'm buying. An updated graphics card is higly welcome, as is more standard RAM, but the processor and OS are most important to me. Too bad Leopard is still quite some time off...

    Does anyone know, if a new OS comes out soon after the release of a new computer model/revision, how long that 'soon' may be for Apple to offer a free upgrade to that new OS to all buyers of that particular computer? (Is that still understandable English? Worse, is it still English?)

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  • ccroo
    Sep 11, 12:21 AM
    If there is no new case design (maybe SR will bring one) it might be easy for Apple to just slip Merom's into the MBP line beneath the iPod/streaming/video fanfare. Without a new look, how big a deal is a 10% speedbump and 64 bit chips that IMACS for Chrissakes have already had for a week?

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  • Cobrien
    Jul 30, 11:39 AM
    I cant believe the problems which I have seen with phone companies in America. I have never had a dropped call in my life, my signal is almost always full and in Britain, almost every phone is available on all networks and sim free except for some phones on the 3 network.

    Anyway I do hope that this phone comes out, my ROKR is shockingly bad and freezes every time I miss a call.

    I also hope it will have 3G. The new RAZR has 3G which shows it doesnt have to be very bulky to use.

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  • maclaptop
    May 4, 10:16 PM

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 5, 03:57 PM
    Godwins Law "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1"

    Smartphones Law "As an online discussion about Smartphones grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Android or iOS approaches 1"

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  • marksman
    Mar 31, 09:06 AM
    Ah yes can we have a decent source please not that ridiculous piece of ill conceived drivel that is the Daily Mail.

    It seems legitimate enough... Although the reality of that story is Apple chose to pay some guy who was down on his luck and he lost some patents to public domain a bit of change and a trip to California as opposed to potentially have to pay Burst millions and 10s of millions of dollars or even more on their patent claims.

    Was a pretty good move on Apple's part.

    In every release of Mac OS X, there have been a separate client & server editions, so this is nothing new. Not sure why Apple bundled the 2 together for preview 1.

    Yeah but one of the features of Lion is server will be included with it, so it makes sense that they ultimately be bundled.

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  • Zombie Acorn
    May 7, 01:40 AM
    So, ask for 'half a kilo'. Problem solved. :)

    Sounds like a drug order to me.

    Aug 7, 03:36 PM
    No iMac update (but added expectation of one with the pro-sumer-sized 'gap' people have commented on) is good news for my wallet and my patience. :rolleyes:

    Nov 22, 01:29 AM
    They do know whom they're talking about right? I mean they say PC manufacturers yet palm are producing windows mobile pieces of junk. Windows mobile is the biggest piece of shite operating system - it would not be hard to come up with something a lot better (for Apple at least). And the Palm OS is very dear to my heart, but not exactly cutting edge and palm don't even own that anymore.

    Palm are washed out, end of story.

    Sep 11, 01:46 PM
    I just want to laugh at everyone when they release the Quicktake videocamera with a 60Gig HD and HD 1/3 CCD. What a beautiful videocamera. Life is good. Of course probably won't see this till Photokina but oh, well.

    Apr 25, 09:35 AM
    Nothing really to see here except that someone made a nice app that can parse this file and list locations on a map where you've been. And if you encrypt you're iphone backups(good practice) the consolidate.db can't be even read by the app or Apple unless they bruteforce it.

    All someone has to do is instead check system logs to see if unencrypted consolidate.db files were being uploaded to Apple or used in any shady ways.

    Apr 25, 09:32 AM
    Almost EVERY cell phone that's ever existed has tracked your phone in some form of fashion and stored it on the device. This is nothing new but just because it's an iPhone it's a big deal.

    People need to find other things to worry about cause this shouldn't be it.

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