broken toe

broken toe. gifts with a roken toe.
  • gifts with a roken toe.

  • tablo13
    Oct 17, 07:02 PM
    Cases by Switcheasy that aren't hard? Define hard.

    By hard, I mean like hard shells, like Griffin Reveal and stuff.

    broken toe. Along with a fractured toe and
  • Along with a fractured toe and

  • cocomv
    Aug 24, 09:38 AM
    I like the whole idea, it works for me - until I realize I'm stuck with Mac, what am I suppose to do with my MP3 player? I guess the logical answer would be, buy an i-pod? Who has the money to go buy everything as soon as it is on the market? Come on folks, give us MP3 users a chance!

    broken toe. resulted in a roken toe.
  • resulted in a roken toe.

  • Reser
    Apr 23, 10:25 PM
    i could be going, however if its 21st of may or later ill just buy it in the US.

    Erm it is LATE May, It is going to be after the 21st for sure. Pretty much a no brainer there. they always leave at least 14 days for preorders.

    Depending on the day I might be there to get some accesories. I cracked and Imported an Ipad that should arrive next week.

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  • gopher
    Sep 30, 10:02 AM

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  • Trophy with roken toe

  • 5th
    Apr 3, 07:15 PM
    I'd say a flashed 7800GTX with 512MB is the fastest.

    Sorry, saying isn't knowing.

    And it's true, especially in gaming.
    False. Tell that to the reduced framerates and skipping animation.

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  • Anna#39;s Wedding Camera

  • Applejuiced
    May 1, 04:37 PM
    Good luck dude.
    After the update you will know for sure.

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  • Broken Toe Image

  • ZballZ
    Mar 16, 08:08 AM
    Well, these people are of the "creative" kind, and I have tried explaining over and over again how they need to handle these things. No luck :-). Also, I just found out that they have only tried playing the files directly from the DVD I burned for them. Obvoiusly this is no good for high-bitrate-files. I've tried to get them to use VLC, but I am not sure they have the technical skills to download another app and play the files from that :-)

    BUT; I do think that I've found something out. In Handbrake the "high-profile" preset seems to have issues with PC's... Perhaps I'll just stick to "normal" preset from now on, and avoid the rest...

    broken toe. The Tale of the Broken Toe,
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  • MacRumors
    Aug 19, 01:59 PM (

    AppleInsider is reporting ( today that Apple's iOS 4.1 beta contains references to several unreleased iOS devices, including "iPod4,1", "iProd2,1", and a curious "unknownHardware" entry.Apple is internally testing the first material update to its iOS 4.0 mobile operating system against a handful of new devices, including next-generation iPod touches, an iPad revision, and an "unknown" product, AppleInsider has discovered.

    According to people familiar with the matter, the latest beta of iOS 4.1, due to ship in the coming weeks, includes three new "Configuration Descriptors" within its USB configuration files -- all of which pertain to devices that list "Apple, Inc." as their "manufacturer" -- as can be seen in the screenshot below.The significance of the report is unclear, however, as all of these references have been known for quite some time. The iPod4,1 and iProd2,1 references first appeared ( in iPhone OS 3.2 back in April, with the iProd widely believed to be a second-generation iPad device. The iProd2,1 designation showed up again ( just days ago in configuration files showing devices that could be auto-activated for field testing by carriers.

    The "unknownHardware" entry, while curious, is not new either. The exact same entry popped up ( in iPhone OS 3.0 way back in March 2009. It also carries some significant differences from entries for Apple's other devices, including a lack of a name and description and a five-digit product ID number compared to the four-digit, mostly sequential ones used in other entries. As such, it seems likely that the entry is a placeholder or sample code of some sort, and it is nearly impossible to read much of anything into the information.

    Article Link: Model Identifiers for Next-Generation iOS Devices Again Appear in iOS 4.1 (

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  • time says roken toe,

  • gnasher729
    Apr 15, 07:46 AM
    Just for your information:

    PBS News Hour (

    Just for your information: If you had bothered to go to Apple's website, look around a bit, and find their annual report about working conditions for employees of their suppliers, you would have found that Apple investigated the case long time ago, Apple's supplier fired a contractor who was found to be using illegal methods and reported that contractor to authorities in China, and everyone whose health was affected is now actually back to work.

    Old news? They just broadcasted the story yesterday. :confused:

    Yes. They re-broadcast a year old story yesterday, about a problem that has long since been resolved.

    Its not just iphone production or Apple either. Foxconn makes stuff for every major electronics manufacturer.

    So this is not an Apple issue. It's Foxconn's issue and the fact that the Chinese government allows them to get away with it.

    This happened at a contractor who produced parts for iPhones, so Apple actually made it their issue and resolved it. You can say all day long "problems in China are not Apple's problems", but Apple disagrees strongly with you. And maybe the Chinese government lets companies get away with things, but Apple doesn't.

    Old news. And yes, it is awful. But unfortunately, it's China, so nothing will be done about it.

    Nothing will be done about it in the future, because something has been done about it, months ago.

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  • of roken toe | Coroner

  • Billy Boo Bob
    Apr 27, 11:02 PM
    I could see maybe earlier on with the iPhone being the deception, since you're probably more likely to see more users who are new to computers and/or never used iTunes (until they got their phone) and not knowing how Apple updates work on Windows, but I don't see too many iPad users falling for it.

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  • Broken Toe

  • skaiwoka
    May 6, 08:17 PM
    Here ( you go ;)

    thank you!!
    I am about to order 27'' i7, I still don't know if 1gb or 2gb video ram. I think vram is useful for virtualizing windows seven: 512mb vram for virtualbox, the rest for mac os x.
    I changed 4 imacs i7 2010 because of yellow tinge issue. I live in Italy, so maybe Apple will send me an imac from the same stock of your one: did apple send it from cork, ireland?
    I hope so

    broken toe. as he had a roken toe!
  • as he had a roken toe!

  • keelay07
    Jun 23, 08:58 AM
    ANyone? Ill be there at 530am

    broken toe. mum died of roken toe
  • mum died of roken toe

  • MontyZ
    Sep 14, 01:25 AM

    broken toe. Broken toe tricking session
  • Broken toe tricking session

  • Thanks Chester
    Apr 21, 01:57 AM
    Hi All,

    i really appreciate all aspects of everyones comments, i do apologise also, i was in a hurry and should have conveyed my request a little clearer as well as posted an image of exactly what i meant!

    to ezekielrage_99, i respect your opinion and everyone else's for that matter!

    i look forward to to the next thread when we can all meet up again.

    now lets all just HUG it out!

    Thanks Chester.

    broken toe. roken toe!
  • roken toe!

  • Morena20
    Apr 27, 10:47 AM

    I have a Nikon D3100 with a lense 55-200 AF-S Nikkor. I spoke to somebody who recomended me to buy a Sigma lense x2, which can double the lense zooming capacity by two.

    I would really appriciated if anybody could advice me on this option. (i.e.: Is it possible? , Will I be able to use the Auto-focus function? Will it effect the lense sensetivity to light? etc.)


    broken toe. cast Se roken toe,
  • cast Se roken toe,

  • VideoCave
    Mar 16, 04:35 PM
    If you are using FCP you should have QT Pro which means you can encode to an h.264 mov and and many other things.

    If you don't have QT Pro you can purchase as a standalone upgrade from QT for $30. All you do is buy a Serial Number from Apples Website, and open QT's preferences and enter it. You're DONE. Not QT-X this is a newer version of quicktime but doesn't have a pro version yet.

    Now fore people that are stuck PC's. And instead of creating some type of h.264 encoded video.

    Get Flip4Mac. This is a plugin for QT Pro that adds another option for encoding to Windows Media. That way there is no problems viewing on a PC.

    Also you can export right from FCP using QT conversion exporting and choose Windows Media option and adjust settings that fits you.

    broken toe. a toe fracture diagnosing
  • a toe fracture diagnosing

  • Merzie
    Mar 14, 01:53 AM
    edit: it appears to be the reed switch tha tI need to trigger, and it's in the trackpad. Only problem is that my trackpad that I yanked off the enclosure appears to be broken. So target disk mode is the only answer.

    update: also, can I use this program if I don't have the pram battery board connected?

    broken toe. Jessie#39;s roken toe before
  • Jessie#39;s roken toe before

  • wordoflife
    Feb 24, 10:31 PM
    The clickwheel basically is what makes an iPod an iPod.
    Now they aren't iPods, they are coolapplestuff.

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  • Broken Toe

  • ajohnson253
    Apr 16, 05:14 AM
    I figured 2 would be the highest vote. I have one. It is the incase snap. Probably the only case I'll use.

    Apr 26, 09:54 AM
    Thank you, I will try those things.

    Apr 18, 06:53 PM
    2. I've purchased a Splash Cruiser and received the Incase Snap for free through the case program. Had an Apple bumper and an electron s4 but got rid of them.

    Mar 22, 12:17 PM
    Glad to hear Jackson won't be directing the Halo movie. He did great with LOTR, but I hated King Kong. The movie would have been far too long with him behind the wheel.

    Apr 30, 11:58 AM
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    What are the chances Of that happening since they just basically refreshed it? Look how long it took them last time...

    Why are there so many drunk people in the Mac Pro forums?!!

    Apr 30, 06:35 AM
    I am

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