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  • skellener
    Mar 22, 07:52 PM
    Still rockin' the 2008 24" Core2 Duo 3.06 Ghz iMac. Best Mac I've ever owned. Next Mac will be whatever the largest screen they make and fastest chip they have whenever this one dies. 100% sold on the iMac.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Sep 5, 11:01 AM
    So with those numbers, a 720p stream with 5.1 audio should easily stream over even a 10 mbit network device. So I can easily see this working over 802.11g.

    Your numbers are good but you assume 10mbps is easy with 802.11g because they advertise '54mbps' on the box.

    In practice, you see half of that max, right next to the access point, without protocol overhead.

    By time you get half way across a typical house from Mac to TV, you're lucky to see 3-4mpbs. I've tried this using 5-600kbps codecs and current wireless just doesn't cut it outside the lab.

    That kind of reduction ratio on 802.11n is going to be fine for h.264 streaming. Apple won't wait a whole 'nother year for the standards committees to get their act in gear. When the chipset manufacturers are certain the shipping silicon will handle the release spec, Apple will release a pre-n unit. The stuff that was on the shelves last year probably is going to wind up not being upgradeable to the standard, due to silicon changes, so they were wise to wait. The timing is right.

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  • TheKrillr
    Sep 5, 05:53 PM
    Tell ya what..If I want to watch a full length movie I'm gonna do it in my living room in front of my TV NOT wherever the computer is.

    Exactly why there'd be the video equivalent of airtunes... haven't you been paying attention?

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  • milo
    Mar 30, 12:47 PM
    I didn't need to hear it before. It was always generic.

    Well, whether it is generic is a matter of opinion, that's what's being debated in this case. I argue that if it truly is such a generic term, there should be prior art demonstrating use of it before Apple came along.

    I don't understand why the other companies have to use that term - why not just have the Android Store and the Windows Store? Seems like that would be less confusing anyway.

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  • phatspider
    Sep 14, 10:44 AM
    Is that wise? The camera in cellphones is at best a sorry excuse. Introducing a crappy camera at photokina... I don't know
    Still I would love to see the iPhone.
    Think we've moved on some what from the crappy cameras in phones

    My latest phone has a 3.2 MP cam - with optical zoom.

    In fact - its better than my camera was last year!

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  • yg17
    Sep 14, 12:29 AM
    Would you prefer us to go back to the PowerBook G5 rumors instead? :p ;) :D

    Dude, those are totally coming out next Tuesday.

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  • Kariya
    Apr 25, 02:06 PM
    ...which is still a bottleneck.

    So what's your point? You like moderetly better bottlenecks?

    I'd rather eliminate them altogether.

    ...and you think most people who buy a MBP won't swap out the drive for a 7200RPM drive or an SSD and max out their memory? genius level thinking!

    an SSD is a moderately better bottleneck?

    Also storage is more important than outright speed to some people on the go. Why do you want to take away their options?

    Great. Since Apple puts that crap hard drive in there.

    And Apple's SSDs are sooo awesome right? :rolleyes: About the only thing they really have an edge at is booting up and you can thank Snow Leopard enhancements as much as the SSD for that. For all other tasks...average. The kicker is, you can't even upgrade them to something better/larger down the things currently stand anyway.

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  • cozmot
    Mar 14, 11:12 PM
    Bull�hit. It asked your permission, you just clicked through without reading.

    Not so much Bull�hit I encountered this before and you have to opt out, not in. This is trickery. This is another method that McAfee gets their beastly code propagated, since their scare tactics don't always work.

    There are so many updates that we have to run all the time, that you can't blame the hapless user for occasionally letting a sly scheme like this slip by them. I wouldn't buy a condom from McAfee, much less their anti-virus software that in my opinion, is worse that the problem they attempt to protect you from.

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  • bdkennedy1
    Apr 25, 01:27 PM
    Whatever the design, I'm sure it will be magical!

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  • BWhaler
    Aug 28, 10:59 PM
    I really hope it takes until november or december. Watching you all squirm and making positive posts predicting a swift release for your own peace of mind is entertaining, and probably educational.

    mmmm...nothing like a little troll late in the evening.

    Go back to or or or whatever...

    And have a nice day. :)

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 1, 11:40 AM
    wow. would that be the biggest mainstream desktop around?
    Biggest, yes. Mainstream, not even close.

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  • La Porta
    Apr 4, 11:49 AM
    Everyone decrying the head shot, if you read the better of the two articles, you will see that gunfire was exchanged. The guard didn't just open up on people running away with loot. They opened up on the guard in the attempt to get away. If that happens, all bets are off on what the guard can do.

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  • Slix
    Apr 22, 11:48 AM
    Awesome. I want a current MBA, but they're a tad too much right now. This will lower those prices.

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  • TomCondon
    Mar 30, 12:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    There's a place in my town called "fresh fish".

    Now THAT is a generic term.

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  • iCrizzo
    Apr 20, 10:59 AM
    Um.. if someone gets my phone or MB then they are going to get a lot more useful information than what cities I have visited in the last 6 months. How is that useful?:confused:

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  • HarryKeogh
    Apr 25, 02:42 PM
    Could just be me, but I think the design is perfect. Apple is still way ahead of the competition with the unibody design. How much better can it get?

    When my mom was a cool, happening chick in the early '70s and added avocado green appliances to replace those big, white 50's-era appliances she looked around her new kitchen and thought to herself "Wow. Gorgeous! How much better can it get?"

    And I'm sure in 15 years my kids will tell their friends "Ugh, my parents have that 2010-era stainless and granite kitchen. So hideous".

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm hungry.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Jul 14, 07:25 PM
    Did anyone pay attention to the power and thermal requirements of Conroe?

    Is it more than a G5? I see someone posted PowerMac processor power consumption, but those were dual processors in a PowerMac. I want to see how much power the single G5 in an iMac consumed.

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  • Reverendrun
    May 3, 10:20 AM
    what about target display mode on the 21/24" models?

    I'm curious about this as well. Can you use the target display mode on the 21.5" model?

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  • camomac
    Sep 15, 05:44 PM
    there are a number of phones out in Europe already that have 3MP cameras, Nokia N73 and the sony ericsson w800i to name a few.

    Edit: its the Sony ericsson K800, not the w800

    why is the US so far behind Europe with this kind of technology?

    (edit: maybe it isn't i haven't shopped for a phone in nearly a year)

    Oct 27, 02:08 PM
    I'm all for protecting the environment, but sometimes it gets out of hand. Greenpeace should be there, but it is evident that Apple is already working on being more environmentally friendly. Greenpeace should have been kicked out for violating their contract.

    +1 for Apple


    Apr 22, 08:28 AM

    --Dependence on an internet connection. Deal breaker right there. Subways? Forget it.
    --Buffer times
    --Connection instability/loss
    --Already way overstrained data networks contributing to the above
    --Battery life will suffer if it's wifi
    --And if it's 3G, well there's another bill in the mail every month. A recurring bill in the form of data charges to listen to my music I already paid for? No thank you. No, no, no thank you.

    Since when did every device in the house need a monthly bill to go with it? AT&T provides a pretty crappy service as it is to begin with, why shuffle any more money right into their pockets?

    Dependence on an internet connection and a bill in the mail are enormous deal breakers.

    To the people saying "Oh, well Apple isn't taking your hard drive away", no, they aren't, but this is the first step. In 20 years hard drives will be obsolete, as everything will be cloud based, and you'll be forced into the cloud whether you want to be or not.

    This service is a completely stupid idea for anyone who has an iPod with a big enough hard drive to store their stuff. I can see the appeal for those with more than 160 GB of music, but other than those people, I see literally zero benefits to be had by this, and a slew of problems/frustrations to be gained.

    Oct 12, 07:00 PM
    Who cares what color an iPod is. Shouldn't really matter. Color does not affect funtionality. What matters is what is on the inside.
    Yeah, where are all the camo colored MacBook Pro's and magenta Mac Pro towers huh? Come on Apple! :p

    Sep 19, 11:46 PM
    ... between you, the uber-eager-Apple-poster -- and -- the guy-who-represents-the-other-90%-of-Apple's-revenue.

    Yes, while *every* *single* *one* of Apple's bread-and-butter customers aspires to be like you, the truth is, (s)he's not -- instead you'll find her/him getting by on her/his basic broadband + CRT TV + non-Home-Theatre System +local Best Buy and Blockbuster.

    Apple relies on the pioneers (that would be you) to take the arrows, but on the 90%+ of follow-on homesteaders to get the land (and generate the revenue).

    But, speaking as I am as one of "you," that's the way it should be in any Cult! :)

    I too would love the collection/library to increase, but for me, the cost of a DVD is virtually the same. It is not like music where you can buy one track off an album.I have a fairly high end system with a 50" HD Plasma, and just got the 80GB iPod which for me is only for music. I love to take a whole collection on the road with me. 20,000 songs!!!.

    I also have a pretty good size DVD collection and the quality and lack of limitations for me to play that DVD ....ANYWHERE is worth a few more bucks. The music I already play at home from my iMac and backup hard drives and even though not the same quality as a CD. it is great for background music or parties.

    I also live in a fairly big City (San Francisco) with one of the best record stores in the World: Amobea Music, where I can trade or sell the CDs or DVDs that I don't want. They have the most extensive collection of new and used DVDs of anywhere I know.

    So say I buy a turkey or simply tired of a film, I can sell it for maybe 3 or 4 bucks or better yet TRADE it for store credit of about 4-6 bucks. That ends up being cheaper than I would pay via any online source abut then I would end up getting a new film for a net cost of under ten bucks. Sometimes even less. If I tire of a download...there is no way I can trade up..

    Mar 23, 04:41 PM
    Funny, I just read in USA Today I beleve it was, that law enforcement officers actually prefer people use the apps...saying that even if the app alerts the driver and they change their driving habits for a short time, say, slowing them down from speeding for a few's a good thing, and they encourage it.
    Besides...who the h*ll is the government to tell Apple what they can and cannot do with their business? Regulations are one thing...such as safety regs and such...those are needed, but Christ...this is over the line.

    This has been reported on multiple times. Even before apps certain stretches of road are well known for the speed traps they (usually) have. The result is people always slow down (annoyingly to like 10 mph UNDER the speed limit) just in case the cop is there. Same thing with the apps. People go "Oh no! a speed trap!" and slow down. Since the purpose of the speed traps is to enforce speed limits it still works for them, they just don't get any money for the tickets.

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