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  • shingi70
    Apr 2, 12:52 PM
    apple only produces mac commericals when a new computer comes out.

    still culd be worse

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  • MacCoaster
    Aug 19, 09:10 AM
    They suck!

    No not really, I prefer the one that looks like an "o" better though. But the concept seems a like far from Apple and macrumors. I mean, a rollercoaster? where's the link? The whole MacCoaster seem stretched. But they still look cool :)
    The avatars don't have to have anything related to MacRumors. My #1 and #3 have more relevance in that area, but this one is just something to show the meaning of my nickname.

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  • eawmp1
    May 5, 08:07 AM
    I would like to keep my iMac for at least 5 years.

    Then get the new iMac.

    Macs are typically the best value new. Yes, the refurb is cheaper, but $158.06. Over 5 years that is $2.63/month.

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  • zuihoush
    Apr 27, 10:25 PM
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  • jet_silver
    Jul 9, 10:53 PM
    My iBook, purchased new in June, is my first Apple computer. Since OS X has a FreeBSD userland I can cope with parts of it, but what I cannot figure out is how to calm all the white and white-with-grey-striped real estate down in Aqua. I would like these to be a light blue-gray, in keeping with every other desktop I have ever used, but not even very many themes control this.

    What do I do to simply colorize these big white spaces slightly? The stripes are irritating, and I would like to get rid of those, but all that white space is just glare-y.



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  • iShater
    Jul 11, 03:00 PM
    Holy crap. The line out here is nuts! :eek:

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  • jelloshotsrule
    Aug 29, 05:26 PM
    am i the only one who saw this thing but had no idea what the heck i was looking at??

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  • elppa
    Jan 31, 07:31 AM
    LOL funny post!!! Who is being negative?


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  • ulbador
    May 30, 05:15 PM
    I'm not really concerned about the loudness, loud things don't bother me that much, and I probably won't have it turned on that much.

    Ha, I don't think you appreciate how loud these things get.

    When I am configuring a server I set it up in a corner of my office. While the thing is running, I can't even listen to any internet radio out of my iMac that sits 4 inches from my face. The poster that was saying they could hear it through floors wasn't kidding.

    It really is a "If this thing is within 10 feet of me in the same room, OSHA probably requires me to wear earplugs" sort of deal.

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  • island
    Jun 28, 07:02 PM
    I also have one available, it's on eBay with auction # 250262417485 but if you want to make an offer just PM or AIM me.

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  • LoveBrisk
    May 7, 12:14 AM
    My 3G is a 5K lol O_o this a bad thing? The digitizer took a **** on me a few months ago but I replaced it myself.

    Could I milk Apple for another?

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  • phairphan
    Feb 1, 05:56 PM
    It still shows all instances of duplicates for me. Are you sure you don't have the list sorted in some way that the duplicates are appearing elsewhere in the list (i.e., not by track name)?

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  • Enigmah
    Apr 27, 11:16 AM

    I need a link to 4.3 firmware

    just got a refurbished 3GS from apple which has iOS 4.2.1 on it and i cant back up my restore point as it was done on iOS4.3
    if I try to update in itunes it downloads the latest 4.3.2 which may also not be compatible with my restore which was last done on iOS4.3

    I need to update the replacement iphone to 4.3 then restore my 4.3 backup and then obviously put the latest 4.3.2 on it !


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  • JacketOff
    Mar 17, 11:26 PM
    How is this even racist? It's on almost every news site related to japan tsunami/earthquake.

    I'm not making fun of the Japanese. I'm talking about the ipad scalpers. Karma is a real bitch I guess.

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  • sectime
    Feb 18, 09:20 PM
    I wonder how they got to that screen on the Verizon iPhone? I can't find it anywhere on mine. Not that it is a huge deal, just wondered how they got to that screen?
    Settings/Phone/Verizon Services

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  • JoshTritone
    Dec 4, 05:42 AM
    Christmas albums.

    Egg nog for the soul..

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  • cantthinkofone
    Nov 14, 08:16 PM
    Amazing. Thanks for the link!

    Yeah, but I imagine it would look just as cool with more efficient, more directed lighting. Plus, just think how much better our view of the stars would be.

    I think there is a sad tree in my back yard....

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  • Glenn Wolsey
    Feb 2, 01:55 AM
    Nice idea, I'm going to start working hard on the guides in the future.

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  • caveman_uk
    Dec 15, 05:16 AM
    Sound cards, usb, firewire....Just wondering if I'm going to have to worry when I want to add stuff to my Mac
    It's patchy and depends on the card and the chipset on it. For example OS X supports USB 2 cards with NEC chipsets on them. With Firewire it's another chipset. The best bet is to plug it in and see if it works. If it doesn't see if the vendor has drivers for it or google for it.

    Dec 29, 03:18 AM
    Some sub-forums such as Politics, Religion, Social Issues don't count toward your total post count

    Oh gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

    Mar 2, 05:00 AM
    Why don't you try to put this into the official theme download page for safari themes?

    Oct 26, 04:07 PM

    May 30, 10:03 PM
    I merged "Using Grapher" into "Grapher" because both articles were short and it was redundant to keep them separate. However I can't "move" "Using Grapher" to Grapher, which I'm trying to do to redirect the page to the main Grapher article where all the same information is located. Um, is there a way I can redirect a page without a move operation?


    Jul 5, 01:20 PM
    now that is cool! Happy Birthday!!!!

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